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William Crispin
United States
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For those of you who meet me in real life, my nickname is 'Scot' while my given name is 'William'. I respond to either but this has led to some confusion when I have met other BGG regulars.

During my teen years, in the late 70s, I discovered gaming and spent my time playing wargames, RPGs, and some boardgames. A few years after college I discovered MTG during the Arabian expansion. That was fun for a few years. Additional children and general craziness kept me from doing much gaming for most of the next decade. I played some games with my younger kids and DMed some D&D sessions for friends. I collected RPG items during this time.

Around 2003 I decided to dust off my game collection and start playing again, now that a couple of my kids were teenagers and would play adult games with me. Replacing some damaged games started me buying games on the Internet and discovering FFG. During 2004 that led to BGG and Euro games. I was surprised to realize I had missed a whole revolution in boardgaming since I had last been involved in it. After that, I rediscovered wargames and starting using EBay to acquire OOP and rare games.

Even though I have less time than when I was a kid, I find the support, quality, attractiveness and general playability of the games to be much higher today then when I was younger.

I tend to be a games evangelist, trying to get new people into the hobby. I think gaming should be fun and I play to enjoy myself, and interact with others. I like to win but that usually comes in second to making sure the group I am playing with understands the rules and is having a good time playing.

I enjoy playing heavier wargames (used to play ASL when it first came out) and Euros but many of my gaming partners like lighter fare so that is what many of my ratings reflect.

I frequent BGG and ConsimWorld. I am known to harass family and friends to play games with me as frequently as possible. I play with my wife, twin girls and my teen boys plus three other gaming groups. I have now (2009) added most of my games here except for some abstracts and wargames. My games are divided between Euros, abstracts, wargames, and American style (AH/FFG). I am not a collector in the sense that I intend to play all games I purchase, although my acquisitions substantially outstrip my free time to play.

Okay, I acknowledge I am a collector but I am working to fight that and get rid of games that I am unlikely to play at some point.

Good Gaming!
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Registration Date: 2006-06-05
Last Profile Update: 2011-11-23
Last Login: 2016-05-02
Country: flag United States
State: Massachusetts
Town/City: Wilmington
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