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I spent the 80s playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu, but then went nearly 20 years without playing any games. BattleLore lured me back into gaming and I soon became an addict of the Cult of the Different. I don’t care whether the game is hot off the press or 30 years old, but I’m always up for trying something different. As a result, I’m always buying, trading, and selling games and usually try out several dozen games a year. Unfortunately, this means I usually don't get to play my favorite games as much as I would prefer.

I spent several years mostly playing Euros. While I loved the hard decisions and resource management in Euros, I burned out pushing cubes and buying/selling food/wood because most of them had pasted on themes with the exception of Martin Wallace-type games. I’ve also had a love/hate relationship with Ameritrash games. However, as much as I love fantasy, Cthulhu, and other dark themes, I quickly get tired of mindless dice rolling with few strategic/tactical decisions. So by a long, strange trip I ended up mostly playing wargames. This is actually pretty weird because I’m not a military buff. While I love history, I spend most of my time reading about powerful leaders and political intrigue; I’m usually more interested in the politics than I am the battles. With the exception of medieval sieges, I also do not get very excited about weapons and troop types and start to yawn if you start talking about different types of tanks or planes. What I love, though, about wargames is the mixture of theme, history, and tactical/strategic decisions. I don’t really care what particular battle the game is about or how well it simulates the battle, what I care most about is whether it is fun and has interesting decisions.

My favorite types of games:
1) Fantasy/historical sieges
2) Political games, especially those dealing with guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgencies, civil wars, and other political struggles for dominance
3) Card, driven wargames where the cards focus on historical events
4) Fantasy/historical civilization and empire building games
5) Heavy Euros, War Euros, and Euros with a strong historical theme
6) Spell casting wizard duels
7) Cooperative and solitaire friendly games

My grail list countdown:
1. City of Chaos
2. Magic Realm
3. Roads and Boats/Antiquity/Indonesia/Great Zimbabwe/Greed
4. Stronghold Undead
5. Albion/Fornaldar
6. Where There is Discord
7. Mushroom Eaters
8. Carrier
9. Peloponnesian War
10. Successors 3rd Edition
11. Descent Altar of Despair & Road to Legend
12. Battlelore Heroes and 100 Years War
13. God's Playground
14. Age of Renaissance
15. Citadel: The Battle of Dien Bien Phu
16. Dragon Pass/Nomad Gods
17. Siege/Guiscard/overlays/Cry Havoc/Outremer/Diex Aie/Anarchy
18. Battle of Helms Deep/Battle of Slag Hills/Siege of Minas Tirith
19. War of the Rings Collector's or Designer's Edition/Battles of the Third Age
20. Games of Middle Earth
21. After Pablo
22. Star Wars Queen's Gambit
23. Princes of Renaissance
24. Up Front
25. Empires of Arcana

Last played boardgames

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Top 10 games

Hot 10 games

Random games from my collection

In case you are wondering about my avatar, it is a part of the hell section of Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. For more information check out:

Game Reviews
I don't bother writing reviews of very popular games unless I have a contrary viewpoint. I try to focus most of my reviews these days on obscure games that have few or no reviews.

I like to trade games. I will respond to all trade proposals and inquiry emails. Some tips for a successful proposal:
1) I'm reducing my collection of Euros and increasing my collection of wargames and Ameritrash. Proposals that offer wargames or Ameritrash games for Euros are more likely to be accepted.
2) If my game is out-of-print, I'm usually waiting to trade it for another out-of-print game.
3) I will consider international trades, especially for lighter items. I will probably not ship a boardgame overseas unless it is for something out-of-print or rare because USPS rates are very unreasonable these days. The price of international shipping makes a huge jump at 4 lbs so I will not trade anything heavier than that.
4) I am willing to entertain trade offers for older games that have some damage (like boxes) as long as you clearly describe the condition when contacting me.
5) I inventory my games when they arrive and before I ship them out. I have received several games recently that were missing pieces and my tolerance is getting low. Please count the pieces rather than just assume it is complete.
6) Please package your games appropriately. Please put the game inside another box - wrapping the game in bubble wrap and Christmas wrapping paper will not protect the game from damage. Please fill up empty space in the box with styrofoam peanuts or bubblewrap - a single piece of newspaper will not prevent a game from banging around in 6" of empty space.
7) I am very aware of what games are worth. Don't waste my time with low ball offers because I will never accept them.

By the way, I am trying to downsize my collection to make room for new games. If I have something for trade that you want, but have nothing to trade in return, feel free to contact me and I might just sell it to you instead.
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Top 10
#1: War of the Ring Collector's Edition
#2: Twilight Struggle
#3: Stronghold
#4: The Siege of Jerusalem (second edition)
#5: Battles of Westeros
#6: Churchill
#7: GMT COIN Series
#8: Here I Stand
#9: Die Macher
#10: Roads & Boats
Hot 10
#1: Churchill
#2: Roads to Leningrad
#3: D-Day Series
#4: Decision At Kasserine
#5: Argent: The Consortium
#6: The Lord of the Ice Garden
#7: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
#8: To The Last Man!
#9: Orléans
#10: Planet Steam
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