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Xiangqi [Board Game Link]

XiangQi is one of the most played board games in the world.

XiangQi is also known as "Chinese Chess" and is often compared to the game of Chess. The game is played with 32 pieces (16 per player) on a 9x10 gameboard. As in the game of Go, the game is played on the intersections of the gameboard. The area of play is divided into two territories by a "river" in the middle of gameboard. In each territory there is a 3x3 "palace", in which each player's respective General/Marshal is located. The object of the game is to "checkmate" the other player's General/Marshal. The other pieces in the game include Chariots, Horses, Elephants, Advisors, Cannons, and Soldiers.

The price of the game varies depending on the material used in the game. Inexpensive sets are usually made with plastic or low-grade wooden pieces and a paper gameboard. Expensive sets are usually made with jade or high-grade wooded pieces and a wooden gameboard.

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