BoardGameGeek XML API

You can access some information from the geek via this XML API under the XML API Terms of Use. Each base URI is described and the various parameters are listed. The parameters and their values are url-encoded in the standard manner. There are some examples at the end. The resultant output XML is not described h ere, but XML is "self-describing" right? The output should be quite clear from simple inspection.


Search for games by name and by AKAs.


  • search: String to search for (required)
  • exact: Exact name/aka search only (set it to 1, absent by default)



Retrieve information about a particular game or games.


  • comments: Show brief user comments on games (set it to 1, absent by default)
  • stats: Include game statistics (set it to 1, absent by default)
  • historical: Include historical game statistics (set it to 1, absent by default) - Use from/end parameters to set starting and ending dates. Returns all data starting from 2006-03-18.
  • from: Set the start date to include historical data (format: YYYY-MM-DD, absent by default )
  • to: Set the end date to include historical data (format: YYYY-MM-DD, absent by default )
  • pricehistory: retrieve the marketplace history for this item (set it to 1, absent by default)
  • marketplace: retrieve the current marketplace listings (set it to 1, absent by default)


Retrieve games in a users collection, as well as games the user has rated, commented on, put on their wishlist, put on their wantlist, offered for sale, or offered for trade. The default behavior is to only list all games in a users collection. You may set a variety of filters to 1 or 0. If, for example, you set own=1, you wi ll get only games marked as owned by the user. If you set own=0, you will get only games NOT owned by the user.


  • own: In (or exclude for 0) a user's collection.
  • rated
  • played
  • comment: include (or exclude) games with comments
  • trade: games listed for trade
  • want
  • wishlist
  • wanttoplay
  • wanttobuy
  • prevowned
  • preordered
  • wishlist
  • hasparts
  • wantparts
  • notifycontent
  • notifysale
  • notifyauction
  • showprivate: Show the private fields (purchase price, etc). Default is 1 for logged in users, 0 otherwise, and showprivate=1 only works on your own c ollection, when you are logged in.
You may also set the following parameters with numerical values. They should be largely self-explanatory:
  • wishlistpriority: (a number from 1 to 5)
  • minrating: minimum and maximum user rating
  • maxrating
  • minbggrating: minimum and maximum geek rating
  • maxbggrating
  • minplays: minumum and maximum number of recorded plays
  • maxplays


Retrieve the messages in a forum/game thread.
  • start: Start article (default = 0)
  • count: Number of articles (default and max = 100)
  • username: Username to filter for


Retrieve entries in a geeklist.


  • start: Item to start with (0 indexed) (default = 0)
  • count: Number of items to retrieve (default and max = 150)
  • comments: Retrieve comments? (default absent, set to 1 if you want comments)


This thread contains discussion.

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