Combat Commander: Solo

Adventures in solitaire playing of Chad Jensen's World War II Tactical Game System: Combat Commander: Europe, Mediterranean, Pacific and Resistance.

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Joe C Faust
United States
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In the 13 months I've been playing the Combat Commander series it has quickly become my favorite game. Part of the reason is that for me it is very solitaire friendly.

I've been chronicling FTF plays on occasion in the CC forum and within the BGG game tracking system, and one of my regular opponents, a programmer by trade, has come up with this amusing little online app to track our contests. But there's been no place to compile my solo plays.

I had started up a Wordpress blog dedicated to CC soloing, but ran out of time to do the extensive write-ups on each game (I'm a part-time novelist, and the writing time is better served by working on the next book). Still, I wanted to compile information somewhere central. What better place to do it than BGG's own blogging system?

So this will be the central clearinghouse for information about my solo plays. Bear with me as I take the next few weeks to get caught up on accounts of old games and add new games as I play them.
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Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:59 am
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