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Pre Origins Gaming...So many Games So Little Time! Flamme Rouge, Dragon's Breath, Dokmus, So much more! PHOTOS!

Steph Hodge
United States
New Hampshire
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Wednesday last week, Derek was able to spend some time and come up to NH to play some games with us! He got there before the Ron and I was able to teach him Ganz schön clever!

I was shocked he hadn't played it before then, since it has been around, but I was more than happy to teach it. He picked it up with no problem and was able to even win the game! Maybe I was helping too much or Ron when he finally did show up... Maybe! Maybe I am just super terrible at this game. He ended up loving it of course! Such a great great game. I love me some good roll n writes!

I had brought back Tweeeet from BGG Spring and I wanted to give it another play to take some cute pics with the pieces from it. I had planned to give it to Derek since I figured he would be able to get it to the table more than me. This is just not a game for the groups I attend but, I think that he will be able to with his group.

Ron was home by this time and was able to join us. We just played 3 player competitively. I wanted them to partner up, but they didn't want to. boo. It played out super quick because it is so easy.

We were all within 1 point of one another in the end and I have no idea who actually won the game. He was pleased he could keep it so that was awesome. If nothing else he could use the pieces to pimp out another game because they are amazing. I was happy we got to play!

Derek requested on learning Welcome To... I was also shocked he hadn't learned this game yet also! Where has he been? Apparently, always in the other room, it seems, when we play this.

This has been another hit for me and everyone, and we have played it a lot! Perhaps it has worn off some shine but I think it will hold up for a long while. I love all of the scoring cards. So much variety and still so many to try out. I love the advanced ones which are like impossible.

We played with one advanced on and Ron and I were both going for it. Of course, we both didn't manage to fill in the pools. Pools are incredibly hard. I had a pretty lame score since I used too many BIS cards without the real reward. Nearly certain Ron ended up winning this game. Always a pleasure!

Next on the table was the ever adorable and wonderful Dragon's Breath. In exciting news, this recently won the Kinderspiel award, which was well deserved! I have been all about it! Recently showed up and I just had to have it.

Been playing this one non-stop it seems with good reason. Fast an simply joy.

This game was brutal. I kept picking gems that scored less than when Ron picked after me. Ouch. So I was totally the last place this game. I like 3 players then you get 3 turns each vs 2 in the 4 player game. I feel like there is more of a chance. haha #Badlogic

Again, this game is one I will always happily play! MORE!

The final game of the night was perhaps the feature of the night. I recently had seen Collin playing Suburbia so I was like, we need to play that. We haven't played that in a long long time. Love this game and should play it more.

This game started with Ron off to a commanding lead. It nearly put me in a bad mood, well probably did haha but maybe Derek will say otherwise. I mean Ron was up like 30 points and Derek and I were like 5. haha I figured there was no hope for me. They were both fighting over the common goals an I was just trying to do my own. I tried to point Derek in a direction to effect Ron and Ron was doing the same. We are so evil.

In the end, I think I won by like 10 points because I got the Projects that give 10 people right away and was able to use it twice. I got my goal and maybe another one. I don't even know what happened, but somehow I managed that victory. It's a good game and one that should show up more. We were using the Inc. expansion but not the stars. We find the star expansion is just a bit too much. Always happy to get to play this one. Really enjoy it.

Saturday game day! People were showing up and I ended up in a 5 player game of Let's Make a Bus Route. I ended up playing this twice in the day so I can talk about them in one post.

This game was 5 players, and I was causing ALLLLLL the traffic. But, it wasn't as much as someone else, which is always the goal. I didn't really have a focus this time and managed to get some goals but late and would have totally won if I dropped off my tourists. Boo.

The light feel of this game just makes it a solid winner. The second game only one person was learning and we were just playing 4 players. I cause even MORE traffic and ended up taking a hit. I still won by a substantial amount though! Okay, maybe 5-10 points but it was AWESOME. I got all the goals and assigned all the people. I was well routed and boom nailed it!

Always happy to get to play this one! Bringing to Origins so I am sure it will get some play!

Because I lack better judgment, I got roped into an 18XX game in disguise called 18RAINBOWDRAGON a prototype by Joe Huber. New to me!

Man, he is just evil. I don't want to go playing 18xx games. #notfair. Shrey was roped into this one as well and we sat there like mmhmm figuring it out.

I will not go much into it other than there were Dragons that rusted and some cool companies to buy shares in like Middle Earth, Westeros, and Grigotts.

All in all still prototype so I won't get too much into it. Not really my type of game, and one I would want to play again, Sorry Joe! It was amazing efforts to get me to play an 18xx though.

Random Viticulture pic... Derek had amazing custom pieces from Michaels.

Coming out at Origins is the new release of Senshi, and I wanted to give it another play before heading out to Columbus. I was teaching 3 others how to play, and it went super fast. It almost seems like the game is too short. Not much time to build up a strategy or work with the stacks you can collect before the game is over.

I think it is clever, I just wish there was something a bit more in-depth. It is almost missing one more thing to really spark. I think everyone at the table kinda felt the same way. Almost no control, with some control.

I am still happy to play this again, I thought there were more variants in the rules but there is just one set up the difference, and I am not sure that is enough to keep it interesting for very long. We will see in time!

Next up Dan, Pat and I broke out Jetpack Joyride. New to me!

In an agreement, I am not to discuss this game much further than showing some pics, I wasn't aware of the embargo so, I will just let you stare in amusement and I will come back to this game in a month for a full on review! heart

I brought back another game from BGG Spring and it was called Dungeon Scroll. New to me!

This is a word building card game "dungeon crawl" Different levels of the game might require different types of words. I think what they are doing here is interesting. I like the different requirements, some of the rules were a bit unclear since there are common cards available and whether to change them out each round, we were unsure of. It works like many word building card games you might know of like Paperback. I would definitely suggest it for any word game fan. I love word games, I used to play Scrabble ALL THE TIME, so I was a bit obsessive.

I think Dan liked it and would play again, not sure this was a winner for Pat, but it was good to try. I would happily play it again.

Dan absolutely killed us. I missed out on one full round, so that certainly didn't help. I just needed to get a word down and not fast enough. Once someone declares a word they flip a timer and then other players have until that is over to find a better word. Word scores will pay out differently.

Cute game! Does what it wants to.

In an effort to renew my winning streak, I suggested we play a game called Climb! New to me!

Another title I managed to pick up from the BGG storage sale and was recommended by Lincoln and Scott. This game is basically twister with your fingers just as it looks in the photos. You are using specific fingers to move up this mountain you have created. Players go through 3 rounds of trying to score their best scores with each climb. The rules are a bit hard when it comes to the getting disqualified, so you would probably have to make it a bit easier going.

I think in the 3 games we played I managed to be the only one to make it to the top of the mountain at all. I was quite amazing at this game. Pat and Dan were absolutely terrible. Really really bad. I have to play with more dexterous players. You have to have patience though, which is the hard part so you don't screw up.

You definitely need a certain crowd for this one, but I am not ready to give up on it just yet. Will have to get my nimble-fingered friends to try it, who might they be? No one knows!

In an effort to keep learning more games that I acquired, we pulled out Carré. New to me!

There is basically no information on BGG about this game, and that is usually some indication that maybe I shouldn't play this game. The pieces are solid and great, so I decided to give it a shot anyway. You are really rolling dice in hopes of playing the pieces you want. Simply trying to get all of your pieces stacked on your player board. It is all around quite simple and uninteresting.

It was indeed terrible to the point where we didn't finish it. whoops. Pat was winning by a mile so we decided to give him the win. It was all around just not fun, and it was no wonder why it went unplayed. I ended up gifting it to Joe H to use for protos or whatever! This is not a game I care to return to.

I was less interested in learning a new game and decided it was time to finally play Scott's amazing Dokmus game. He has gone all out on his copy of the game and just made it outstanding. He has grids now painted to match, all the amazing pieces oh how I love it. Scott, you are the bomb!

Joe H had never played before and I recruited Shrey for a 4th player. I wasn't convinced that Joe would enjoy the game but he was interested in finding out.

This game I felt the burn. I was going first so I got last placement and it was just a nightmare going from that point out. I knew I would definitely be losing this game. I got nowhere fast it seemed. I barely managed to get any boards covered and only 1 complete board for bonus points. Ugh, everything kept moving on me. Definitely not my best play. I am sure Joe H won by a ton of points and I was 3rd I know.

This game continues to impress and amaze me. I just love it. I really want to play with more of the expansion next time. I still have to play with all of the season tiles I can't wait!

Joe was humored by the fact that had a Pinochle deck so he took it out and explained to a very confused Scott and Shrey how to play basic Pinochle. It had been far too long since my last play, and even my last play was 3 player and totally weird.

We ended up only playing 1 hand, but it was enough to re-spark my love for this game and how exciting it is. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME SO MUCH! If I could find a group to play this with regularly, it would be amazing. I would so be on it, and it could easily be a fav. This is only my 1 hand of cards. One GINORMOUS HAND OF CARDS. It is really 2 decks of Pinochle decks which means 4 of each 9-A. Imagine getting 4 of 1 type of ace. Oh better all 16 aces that would be amazing, and thrilling.

Well, I can safely say that if you enjoy standard card games like Spades, Hearts, Canasta, then you will enjoy this one. I love it so much. Need to find people to play with me and Joe.

Since everyone wants to learn this one, we played Dragon's Breath next with 4 players. Can I possibly love it more? I know I can possibly do better than I did. I didn't even break 15 points this game. It was a disaster big time. I actually think the winning score was only 20 so perhaps it was good.

I think everyone is enjoying their time playing this when I have been teaching, I am happy to finally have my copy. Love it!

I asked Joe if he remembered the rules to てづま師 (Tezuma Master) and he did! I recently acquired this game from the wonderful Chris W. so was really interested in playing it again.

I completely forgot how terrible I was at this game. It is an amazing game, that I am just terrible at. You have to draft player powers, scoring cards, and punishment cards. You will score based on how many tricks you collect and the scoring card you get. It is a super clever and difficult trick-taking game, that is brutal. Looks all lovely but it is all knives.

At the end it was clear Joe really knew what he was doing, he nearly lapped me on the 20 space board. I only had 8 points total at the end, I am just terrible at figuring out what will work. Super pumped to get to play this one more, I really enjoy it, even if I am terrible at it.

Trying to keep it short we ended up playing MetroX next. We played the Tokyo map and I just don't like this one more. It is too tangled and twisted. I can't seem to get enough of this game though. I just want more and more. Roll n Writes for the win!

I actually didn't do half bad this game and might have been my best play yet. I finished a lot of tracks and got some high scoring Stars to help! Still didn't come close to winning but I was about 1/3 away! Still feeling pretty good about this game though, and want to continue playing. I think I will get better with more plays. Love it so much!

Found some folks to give 7 Wonders a whirl. Everyone had played before so we ended up using Leaders, Cities and the anniversary packs. The anniversary packs are so interesting and different. I don't know how everyone else enjoyed them but I really like them.

I just am too excited for 7 wonder expansion this Essen. That is going to be amazing to the extreme.

This game though, I was playing Olympia and was getting a lot of great cards. I was using leaders to score big points for having most blues and reds. Booom for the win. I did very well! I absolutely destroyed everyone. Whoops! Just getting the little taste of this game makes me want to play over and over again. I love drafting. I need people to love this game so they know how to play when sitting down. Waiting for people to look up cards is annoying and prolongs the game to the point where I would rather just play the base game.

More 7 Wonders!

Since we had a few minutes to kill and a conversation started about Kung Fu Zoo, we just simply had to play! This time there were only 4 of us giving it a whirl, which is not as great at 8, but still amazing fun.

I was doing EXTRA terrible at this game, mostly because I was shooting my own dice into the holes. I did it for 2/4 of my dice. Man that sucks, I really have to get better at shooting some of other peoples dice in the holes.

This is a game I am simply always happy to play! I am glad we randomly started talking about it for the chance to play it always puts a smile on my face!

Derek had a game with him that I have wanted to play for YEARS now called Pastiche. New to me!

Once upon a time at Dice Tower Con 3, I saw this magnificent game being played and have wanted to play ever since. All of the colors and art and everything just had me drawn in wanting to know more. I am shocked it took me this long to actually get it played.

Shrey walked us through the rules and it was simple enough. You were mixing your primary colors in order to get new colors to create your paintings. It is actually a pretty simple set collection game with amazing quality and production.

Once we got going it was clear there were some minor frustrations with the game. Gaining primary colors was difficult and giving up a whole turn seemed rough. Trading in 3 for 1 mixture seemed rough too. Having such a restricting hand limit. There was a lot that just makes me think this game was okay. I wish it just ended up being something else with all these amazing components.

So I even ended up winning. I wasn't playing for winning, I was playing for Rainbows, which just happened to lead to winning. I had a good final turn getting out some major paintings so that was cool.

It is a game I could easily play again, though it might not be high on the list, it is certainly one I could photograph more of. It also seemed like the paintings didn't cycle fast enough to try and even attempt to get the duel painter bonus. Maybe if the row of paintings cleared every once around? I duno, hardly saw half of them, which is great but makes for difficult getting the set of painters.

Next up we had 6 players for Flamme Rouge and the Flamme Rouge: Peloton. New to me Expansion!

I hadn't had the chance to play this 6 players before and actually have only played it once before anyway. Racing games have always been hit or miss with me. This has some interesting card mechanics and can be wicked tight. The next expansion adds in 2 players and some extra roads like cobblestones which means for different movement patterns.

When I played the first time we played with the basic road set up and I have to say adding in the hills and cobbles stones really makes a difference. I had a much better time playing this game with those little additions.

It is hard though since 6 players takes a bit longer, having everyone on board selecting at the same time. Re-evaluating the positions etc. So for me, this game went on a bit long, I would probably play with fewer people next time.

During our play, I was very far behind. I started strong but just couldn't manage to catch up and stay there. I got lost in the shuffle. Poor Adam was going last with everything and really got super far behind. I can honestly say I don't think he enjoyed this play. 6 player is rough. Derek ended up winning the game! Nicely done!! It was a neck and neck race almost the whole time with White and Black. Photo finish

I am happy to play this one again and look forward to what else the game has to offer.

Next up kicked Dan out so we can play a couple games of The Mind.

Scott had these AMAZING RAINBOWS!!! We could use them for lives and he also made some AMAZING shurikens. They are super cool and he got me some amazing hearts to keep!! YAYAY

We were not working well together at all in the first game, I think we made it to round 4 or something. We decided we should try it again since we were only just getting in sync.

In the second game, we actually had made it to round6 this time. It wasn't bad but the 4 of us was just again off sync. we had some bad draws and it just wasn't happening to us.

Final game of the night was a 3 player game of Connections.

It amazes me that this game is from 2012. Seems like yesterday that Dan brought this around for us to play and I instantly fell in love with multi-player solitaire games.

Shrey hadn't played before but it is super easy to teach and play and I got to pick the tiles.

I like drawing the tiles, it is half the fun! It is a nice game that I love to play. Shrey absolutely killed us with game with like a score of 4 or something. I ended up getting hosed and miscalculated my pieces so I was like 13 or something. It was definitely a poor showing!

happy we got to play, however!


New to the Collection:
Let's Make a Bus Route
Jetpack Joyride
Dragon's Breath

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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Thank you.
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Most Exciting News! Also, Lots of Amazing Games!

Steph Hodge
United States
New Hampshire
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!


*Dreams come true!*

Steph Hodge joins the BoardGameGeek Team!

Most of last week I was writing about BGG, and found little time to actually play games, which was shocking! Sleep is something I do occasionally.

I did manage to get in a few games on Thursday and Ron and I learned a game called Junk Orbit. New to me!

This is a new game from Renegade Game Studios and Daniel Solis. It has a pick of and deliver mechanic that you are tossing junk from your ship and accelerating in the opposite direction. Ideally, you want to toss some junk that will land on the space it needs to deliver. Wherever you ship lands you get the chance to deliver there as well and you collect junk from that location.

It is pretty puzzley and abstract for sure. I was actually having a harder time with this one visualizing it all. I am not a huge fan of P&D but this was interesting with the ship movements. I could easily play this anytime. It plays out super quick, especially with 2 players.

Ron and I were just learning with 2, and it worked out well. I was starting out strong with a commanding lead, but he managed to use his special powers. My special power was to move exactly 1 space after I tossed the junk. Normally if I throw a 3 out I move 3 the other direction. I could choose to just move one space instead. Ron's ability could pick up from a city on either side of where he was. This was amazing towards the end of the game where there were big stacks and he always had a number of options where I was running low and couldn't do much.

It was an interesting balance and it was over pretty quickly. I would gladly play this again. I think 3 players might be the best count with 4 or 5 it might start feeling too crowded. Look forward to another game. Ron completely killed me, in the end, that time, I have to return that favor next time.

We ended up playing one more game that recently showed up called Spy Club.

I got to try this game out at GAMA so it was wicked easy to teach the Ron. It is a set collection game to collect some clues. It is actually pretty hard with 2 players. We were not working together well at all... Though, I forgot that some colors were more common than others and we should have worked on the harder ones first.

This is a campaign game, but I didn't break out the campaign yet, perhaps next time. We just played the basic game that I knew how to play. I look forward to breaking into the campaign. Maybe a few other people would be interested in trying that out.

Regardless, we totally lost this game on the final flip of the escape route. We were just 1 purple shy of figuring out the culprit. Doh! So close yet so far. Cool times.

Joe H and all of his bags of amazing Japanese titles! I was super pumped and ready to play Let's Make a Bus Route!

This was my recent pick for Game of the Month! It is a game for me, I loved it so much! ROll n Writes for the win, but really we should all ban together and get a new category for Draw N Writes! I can name many and I like it far better than Rolling. #weridright.

We got a full 5 player table going right off the bad to start the day.

This went well, and Dan only questioned my rules teach 5 times, so it was a success! I think I got it on video that we record the days I am correct on Joe R's blackboard. haha that was fun.

Anyway, all I remember is that Dan had the worst drawing lines ability and just failed! Scott took on the most traffic. Who the heck won that game, I can't remember so it was probably me or Scott since I think he managed to pick up some big points from the goal cards.

Great game I can't wait to own it!

Next up we played a game called Alpenzian. New to me!

Okay, it wasn't really that new to me since I played the Sunflower Vally game. It is essentially the same thing but you use pencils and a few scoring differences.

It was definitely interesting and SUPER CUTE. I definitely loved the dice more and the art as well. I didn't like the size of the box (huge compared) and the sheets of paper were just really big. I suppose it made for better drawings if you liked that sort of thing. I am terrible at it.

I got a pretty good train set going. I think I was far from winning this game though, I just didn't get much else.

I enjoyed this game, and would certainly play again. I would want the dice from this game and the board from the other, I know I am difficult to please. Happy to play again though!

Easily the hit of the day was Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg.

We had dueling games during this one I got to play. Some folks were arriving and joined the other table. It was definitely, getting some action. 2 copies from different attendees.

My table mostly knew how to play it, I think someone was learning. We played with all basic book items and got started. The first event card was just everyone loses 1 white token from their bag. IT WAS THE FIRST EVENT AND AMAZING. I NEARLY DIDN'T BUST ALL GAME. I still totally busted though. There is no denying, I will almost always bust. I can't help it. I just HAVE TO KNOW. I never get to roll that white die either, so not fair!

yeah, I totally lost this game. Joe H was far far far in the lead at the end of it. He was just crushing us hard that game. Sitting pretty at 35 long before people like even entered the 25 range. It was a poor showing for the rest of us peasants.

I do really enjoy this game. If everyone is owning it then I might not need to though. Happy to play though. #willneverwin'

I know it got played at least one or 2 more times throughout the day. Everyone wanted to play!

So Haba Puts on a designer contest that people can enter for $5 or something and then HABA ships out some pieces for the designer to make a game from.

Which brings me to Joes design project for them. Unpublished Prototype called New Zoo Review. New to me!

OMG look at those pieces! AMAZING!!!!! I hope he makes this game work for everyone since we need to see these pieces in a game. It was an interesting hand management and sightseeing type of game. Collect the animals in the proper order from the zoo. I had fun, and it reminded me of the photo safari game I played ages ago.

Look forward to seeing what happens next with this.

Dan had a new game called Criss Cross. New to me!

Well, it is certainly interesting and a game I would want to play if only for being a Roll n Write game! This reminded me a lot of Mosaix, but I enjoy Mosaix more.

This game you have to take the combo on the dice and draw in your chart somewhere. You are looking to get rows of the same symbol. It is super hard because there are 6 symbols! Mosaix there are only 3.

It was still interesting to try out, but it was certainly not one of my favorites. I actually ended up playing okay this time around since I got the pretty good score for the double diagonal line.

I would recommend people try this one if they enjoy Roll n wrights, since I want to hear what you have to say!

Joe had another Unpublished Prototype for us to try called Dice Chain Magnate. New to me!

I haven't played the big game, but I am always up for a dice game. This had cool customizing dice, he was building up the game with a collection of rattlebones dice.

Still in working progress, so we had some feedback for him, and I think he will continue to work on it.

Hey I won, so maybe it was perfect the way it was... Fun to try out though.

A few weeks ago I had got a new game called Spoils of War. New to me!

I actually first heard of this game from Brawling Bros, and it sounded like a fun twist on Liar's Dice, which is a classic, and you should definitely check out.

I can't bluff at all, but it is still fun to try! In the game, there are 9 rounds each with a selection of amazing treasures! There is a set collection element to the game in collecting the different colored treasures and even bonus for the full rainbow! Everyone Rolls their dice and activates any artifacts they might want to. Then players go around the table and suggest how many of a given number is on the table between all players. If you roll 4 x5s then you are looking good to place a higher bet on 5s. You must always increase the bid either but adding more dice, or going to a higher value. If you don't want to place a higher bid you can alternatively challenge the previous bid. All players must then place a bid either for the challenger or the bid that was made. the person who bid must vote for the bid, and the one who challenged must vote for the challenge, but all other players can choose. You must spend some amount of money on this.

We learn who is correct and all players on the appropriate sides will gain a reward depending on how much they placed the bid for. As the game goes along, players might gain artifacts and abilities that might alter dice and swing an outcome so it gets even more challenging to see what the correct response might actually be!

After 9 rounds, this game will come to an end and you get to add up all of your collected treasure and sets if you have them.

I have to say I had a fun time playing this one. I don't think Dan liked it though since he is hardcore Liars Dice fanatic. I thought the twist on the game was interesting, and I certainly love bidding on who I think will win the round and claim some treasures.

I didn't win a lot of the early rounds but it picked up and I managed to get a lot of end of game treasures for higher values. Still didn't win, but I had fun trying! I look forward to trying this game again soon!

Scott Alden was awesome and let me borrow a game from the BGG library for a game called Photofinish: The Final Rush. New to me!

This is a speed game to figure out the solution first. You have to look at the pips for a specific color and figure out how far each car will go and if there are challenges cars might face, but your goal is to get the 4 cars into a line up that is correct.

Once someone is done the round is over and points are awarded! It is super fast and we ended up playing 2 games!

I like speed puzzle games like this, but it wasn't a big favorite for a lot of people. It was definitely a game I could play again at any time. Pat actually won each game and was super shocked. He should have embraced it and just have more confidence and would have destroyed us even harder!

Hhaha It was fun and I would happily play this again!

We ended up playing the little card game called Marienkäfer und so. New to me!

I picked this up at the storage sale because it looked cute! It ended up being another speed recognition game where you have to slap a card to claim if it meets all the requirements.

If you claim it correctly you add the card to the bottom of your stack. If you slapped incorrectly then you lose that card and one from the top of your deck. If you have no cards then the game is over and you lose! The player with the most remaining cards will win the game.

Quick speed game. easy to play, I will end up giving it to Joe R I am sure. But, it was fun to play once. I just foresee this getting lost in the shuffle in the future.

All I remember is I didn't lose! I think Pat might have won since he was on FIRE this day!

I was set to play a game with Star and Shrey!! Yay! We ended up playing a 3 player game of Yokohama.

I have been trying to get this game played for months! It was really great to finally play it. It was the first time I got to play this year!! So the itch was wicked bad.

This game is so wonderful! I love it so much and playing it again almost rekindled my love and I want to play more and more. Maybe I can get it played this weekend. This is just super!

I wasn't really anticipating winning since I hadn't played in what seems like forever. But, yeah I got some lucky turns. I managed to pick up the tech that gives up to $2 at the start of your turn. This saved my butt! I got lots of goals completed and houses down for the goals. Shrey ended up being about 20 points behind me. I just got so many import good and was able to ship for BIG BIG points. It was awesome.


AMAZING enough, both Shrey and Star wanted to get in a game of Ginkgopolis.

This was amazing! Friends who enjoy this game! I have been playing it so much and I just am so thrilled. Shrey has been playing more and he is starting to see passing cards and how that is a HUGE part of the game to hold back the specific cards that might not be the best for you but maybe the best for another, if there are no other choices.

He could feel the hate drafting I was passing him in that game. Star was remembering the rules and basically relearning it, but he was doing pretty okay.

I was doing very well with my end scoring cards. I had a lot of majorities, and yeah, I ended up winning the game. Whoops! Well, the only way to make Shrey better is to beat him down. I had to do the same to Joe C... but he wins occasionally now so tht method works.

Amazing game and if you haven't heard, Might be a chance for a reprint! I mentioned it on the video at the end of the post!


Still some time left and Star was getting picked up so we played a quick game of The Mind.

It is not a game day without the MIND, amiright?

We were doing okay until we lost all sort of focus and had a pretty terrible round. I think we ended up losing 4 lives in one shot, it might have been in round 5 or 6.

It was a quick ending for sure. I was sad we didn't get to play another time. But, Still playing it better than NOT playing!

Somehow I managed to find 3 players for a 4 player game of Elysium.

Oh, how I love this game, and I don't get to play it nearly enough! Drafting is one, if not my fav, mechanic in a game. This is all about timing and there is potential to be super mean in this game. Ohhh so brutal!

Chris had played before but Shrey and Leanne were both learning it. I was pleased with how fast the game was moving along. This one can go a while with the wrong crowd who need to re-read all cards again on their turn, every turn.

It was amazing fun though and I think everyone enjoyed it. So there was that! I ended up scoring the most helmets for the bonus of 16 points which was pretty great. Chris actually has all of the scores, so maybe he will chime in with the totals since I can't recall at this point. (It's been a busy week).

I did pretty well, but I just didn't get a whole lot of transfers like I might have wanted, so, I feel like it could have been a better performance.

Everyone did great. I am so thrilled I got to play this game again. This game is simply stunning. Maybe if I play it more frequently I can drum up business and get an expansion printed! C'mon it would be great!

Both Chris and Leanne took off and I was able to teach Shrey how to play Five Tribes.

We were playing 2 players and this game, and it is the best at 2 players!

I was shocked he hadn't had the chance to play it, I guess he was just always missing out when it was being played in the past.

Today was the day of getting NOT NEW games to the table and I was doing a damn good job of it! yokohama, Elysium, gink, now Five Tribes. Damn, it was a good day!

Turns out I hadn't played the basic game in a VERY long time. I had no idea from left and right and expansion and meeples and blah. So we had to sort through all the expansions, many there are a lot! Worked out and we had just the right amount of time before the other table finished.

So we were playing and he was getting a lot of points from white meeples. I was collecting a bunch of yellow ones. Shrey ended up stealing away a TON of points from my blue guys I was stockpiling. Whoops!

It was a pretty close score but I managed to come out on top but a few. I got lots of palaces and high scoring tiles.

This game is so great!! Especially when I don't have to play against Ron! He makes me mad. Otherwise I might play it more! Not sure Shrey loved it but I think he definitely liked it. To me, the game is just amazing art and quality. I really love it @2p. Even Shrey was like yeah, 2 player is the best. Boom! My job here is done!

YAY Scott had his amazing copy of Dragon's Breath. Easily one of my new top favorites. I love this game so much. I just want to see all the pretty gems fall down!

I think this was a 2 player game with just me and Shrey, but it plays out in like 10 minutes or faster. Simple from start to finish, and so many beautiful colors!

I really do hope this wins the awards. If you have some kiddos this is a game for you.

I am nearly certain that Shrey ended up winning this game by like several points. So thrilled to get to play this game over and over!

Fun fun!

We were down to 5 players and I was interested in trying out North American Railways.

I had played this a few weeks ago and it was 3 player. I wanted to see the dynamics of a 5 player game and it was rough going for sure. Everyone was broke and everyone needed stocks, trying to regain controls of companies. It was like a bloodbath. The game actually seemed a lot faster too, since cards were getting eaten up. I never really felt the ramp up to the ending, it just sort of ended.

We definitely played correctly this time vs. the first time which was great. I don't think 5 players is the right number though. I am banking on 4 players being the sweet spot for this game.

I did pretty well, I certainly didn't win, but someone had crazy monies so they definitely won. #cantremeber.

Look forward to trying again soon! Interesting auction type game. Need a few more plays to really dig in.

It was getting late but I just got in a few new games and I was really looking forward to playing them! First on the table was Paleolithic. New to me!

What's so great about Shepherd Kit, Inc., is that they tie in all of the characters from their games. You have a connection to them already and even though the games are so dramatically different, you have a bond already, and everything feels right at home.

In this game, you are moving around the map and trying to collect resources. On your turn, you can either claim resources or turn the resources you have in for artifacts/huts. Every player has a different set of bonus for scoring at the end so they want to collect sets of types of resources.

You get to roll the die and collect resources from each space you are on depending on the value. But, if you have multiple guys in a location you get to add each guy to you base die roll. The more huts you build the more board presence you have the more goods you can collect.

It was not a surprise that the huts went the fastest in the game. The artifact cards are good for the set collection and lots of points, but huts give you more pieces on the board.

The game plays out fairly quickly once you get the huts on the board. We were just playing with 4 players, you can add in some expansions for more player and new animal abilities. I can't wait to try those out! The meeples are fantastic! Everything about this game is top notch and excellent quality! Perfect for kids and families.

In our game, I managed to get a bunch of artifacts and points from them and I even think I won. Ron was having a bit of bad luck on the dice rolling, but he came around. I had a great time I hope to play again this weekend!

I twisted Shrey's arm into one final game and we took out the other new game from Shepherds Kit called Adventurer's Kit: Expedition. New to me!

This is a small card game to try and dig up treasures. You are managing your hand of cards and trying to get them played in order to go on your digs. On your turn, you draw one card then choose to either, Lay cards down, swap cards from your hand with the top of the deck, or go expediting. There are event cards in the deck that might cause you to pick up cards from your readied cards or something of that nature. We were finding those to be a bit mean, and wonder how they might go over with younger kids.

So I think we were really gaming the game, which left us a bit concern. I don't think it would be that big of a problem for kids. But, as gamers, we wanted to have the best team of archeologists, before hitting the expedition. Kids might not be so thoughtful towards this. The big problem we were finding was that there were just not enough cards in the deck and we kept getting hit over and over with events and it was proving to be frustrating.

I think the solution is to either play with fewer people or add more cards. So maybe it is just best with 2 or 3 players? I definitely want to try it again with fewer. Ron was not having it, and it was late so it didn't work for him. I think Dan might be willing to give this one another shot. I definitely want to. The art is amazingly cute and there is potential here, just need to find it.

Made an appearance on a cool show!

Scott was amazing and got me some SWEET EARS!!

New to the Collection:
Paleolithic: Seafarers
Paleolithic: Dawn of Humanity

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

All images in this post are copyright, owned, and controlled by Steph Hodge Photography Unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase or use my images in any way.
Thank you.
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Steph's New to Me List May 2018!!

Steph Hodge
United States
New Hampshire
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Welcome to Steph's "New to Me" List 2018!

This year I have made the goal of learning 300 400 games!

Steph's Awesome Spectrum Rating System!

Steph's Sad Cloud Rating 1-2.5/10
Steph's Bland Rainbow Rating 3-4.5/10
Steph's Primary Rainbow Rating 5-7/10 (Solid Play)
Steph's Super Rainbow Rating 7.5-8.5 (Keepers)
Steph's Double Rainbow Rating 9-10/10 (Top Favorites)

April List

1. Fast Forward: FEAR:

Interesting card game, seems to not have a lot of choices but if you dig deeper into the deck and find a deeper strategy. Worth checking out for a light card campaign type game. Simple for the family to try out too.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

2. Fat Fish:

If you have played 6 nimmt! this game will seem very similar. Few differences, but if you like the first one then I don't see why you wouldn't like this one. It is easier to play and there isn't as much tension, but scratches the same itch. Would play again for sure.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

3. Exit: Das Spiel – Das Geheimnis der Premiere:

This is really a Promo game to give you a feel for the boxed games. I felt it was too easy, but I think it did a good job of getting me hooked. I can't wait to play another one soon!

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

4. Quackshot:

old skool game. It is in the realm of Loopin' Louie but you are shooting the chickens. It was super cute, and simple. Could play anytime.

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

5. Sorry! Sliders:

Really was unimpressed with this one. Would rather play about any other dexterity game out there.

4/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

6. MetroX:

This is awesome! MORE ROLL N WRITES!! Okay so it uses cards but it is the same idea, information everyone uses to write on their papers. Very clever and I think it is great that there are 2 maps included in the game. Simply can't wait to play it again!

8/10 After 1 play (Not Owned/Wishlist)

7. 朧ニンジャスタートリック (Oboro Ninja Star Trick):

Trick-Taking game, pretty standard. Didn't do anything really exciting for me so not one I feel like I have to return to.

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

8. Hell Village:

Dice Worker placement game with amazing art! I like that you can change up the game by changing the spaces to place the dice. Very interesting and I can't wait to explore it further!

7.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

9. Dead Man's Treasure:

Very light bluffing game. I thought it was fine, but there were no wow moments. Basically it was harmless, and over in 10 minutes.

4/10 After 1 play (Owned)

10. Lost Cities: The Board Game:

You know I think I enjoy this more than the card game. Why, because you are focusing on moving your adventurer up the tracks and it is less about the cards and more about the bonuses you can collect from the board. It puts a nice twist on the card game. Would definitely recommend this one to those who are fans of the card game.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

11. Penny Papers Adventures: The Temple of Apikhabou:

First in the series! Definitely the easiest too! A great way to introduce the series to new gamers or roll n write gamers. A lot of rules hold true through the series and it really is lots of fun!

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

12. Penny Papers Adventures: Skull Island:

The Second game in the series. My favorite of the bunch. Fun find the treasure mechanic that I really love! I can't wait to explore this one further!!

8.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

13. Penny Papers Adventures: The Valley of Wiraqocha:

Third in the series and most complicated. This one ha a lot of options and patterns to form. Lots going on and you have to be paying attention to not miss a beat. Very interesting! My second favorite in the series.

8/10 After 1 play (Owned)

14. Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Game:

Listed underTrouble but it is not really Trouble. There are cards and different Rules. Should really have its own entry on the geek. Played with a kiddo and we had a good time. Great for families and if I have to play a trouble like game, this would be the one!

4/10 After 1 play (Owned)

15. Little Big Fish:

Super cute family kids game for 2 players. Plays out quickly and is an abstract game to eat your opponents fish. Love the pieces so much! can be a bit of luck, but you have to plan for that.

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

16. Exit: The Game – The Forbidden Castle:

First time playing a boxed Exit game. Had a pretty good time playing it. We only managed to score 4/10 so definitely room for improvement. Would be interested in playing the others in the series.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

17. Facecards:

Party game, to match up the faces! Had such an amazing time playing this game. It is such a joy! You definitely need the right crowd, and fun players. I really liked this one! I love that Scott customized it to have my pic haha

7.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

18. Stumblewood:

Memory game to try and escape the woods first. Nice art and good components. Overall not much fun. Not a game I feel like I want to return to. Just ho hum.

4/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

19. Fast Forward: FLEE:

Oh my favorite of the Fast Forward series so far. Love the art/theme and interesting puzzle mechanic. Frustrated Ron, so I will need to try it with a different group of players. Can't wait to play more!

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

20. North American Railways:

Stock game but not really a train game in the sense you are thinking, or that I am thinking. Pretty light and about 45 minutes of trying to increase the value of the companies you are invested in. Very interesting.

7/10 After 2 plays (Owned)

21. Sticky Chameleons:

Silly stupid fun game. I love the tongues which are just ridiculous. Super cute. Ron's a jerk per usual, but I would happily play this anytime!

6.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

22. Senshi:

Really interesting Set collection game. Some critical choices. I wonder if it will be too repetitive after a few plays, but there are some variants that I can try out which seem cool!

6.5/10 After 1 play (Owned)

23. Poetry Slam:

Totally interested in this one. I love word party games, this one is super hard! I can't write a poem to save my life. There are just a few too many rules in this game, but otherwise I would totally play again.

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

24. Passtally:

This game is just amazingly beautiful!Nice quality stuff. Probably best with 2 players, but it will also play 3. Very abstract game, and one I would liek to explore further.

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

25. Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg:

Super stoked to have tried this. Played several times. Love the different set up rules for the chits. Love push your luck. All around fun!

7/10 After 3 plays (Not Owned)

26. Würfelblitz:

Speed dice game to recognize the patterns. Very fast and harmless, could easily play this again. Fast Filler.

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

27. Claim:

2 player trick-taking game. 2 rounds to get through the cards each a totally different phase. Loved playing this. Not sure how I ended up winning, so will want to play again to see if the game holds up after several plays.

6.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

28. Kung Fu Hedgehog:

Bluffing game with 2 opposite endings. Hard to plan and weird to play. Didn't really click with this one at all. unlikely play this again.

4/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

28. Bye-Bye Black Sheep:

ART IS AMAZING!!!! This is a push your luck set collection game with amazing art. You can pull cards from peoples hand and try not to bust. Had a great time playing this one. SO CUTE!

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

29. Narabi:

interesting co-op card game to put the numbers in order. Random set up of cards each game- Really fun trying to win this one. Would definitely recommend it to the co-op players!

6/10 After 2 plays (Not Owned)

30. Luxor:

This one was interesting. It is a race type game but a set collection game. You are running through the crypt to collect artifacts. Very simple with interesting hand mechanic. I can see it being a good family game. For me it was good.

5.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

31. Emojito:

This was so much silly fun and I can't recommend the Emojito Telephone variant of the game high enough. I loved playing this and the faces are just fun!

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

32. Funkelschatz:

Dragon's Breath- SO MUCH FUN! Simple gem collecting drafting game. Great for all ages. This one really surprised me, Love it!!

8.5/10 After 3 plays (Owned)

33. Gier:

This game reminded me of Bye-Bye Black Sheep, which I played the day before, and I couldn't help but compare. This one just wasn't as much fun. Push your luck stealing cards from other players for one big set of a number. Would play again though!

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

34. POK:

This was just not great. Bluffing and deduction type of game. Didn't end well when everyone had the same colors. Not one I care to play again.

2/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

35. Sailing Toward Osiris:

Beautiful production. Really gorgeous. would not recommend playing with 5 for the first game. 3 is probably best count. Lots of luck with drawing workers from the bag. Left it a bit sour for me.

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

36. Easy Come, Easy Go:

Simple filler, push your luck dice rolling for combos. Had fun in the 5 minute timer, ended up taking it with me. Happy to play.

7/10 After 1 play (Owned)

37. Pictomania (second edition):

Slight differences, but give me the exact same feeling as the first ed. Love this game. Always happy to play.

8/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

38. Spinball:

A game that requires many hours to master... but then you will just be great against a newbie. lots of fun playing around with it though.

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

39. Sjoelen:

Solo game, do the full game before the next player just to try and get a high score. It was a lot of fun, I like shooting lots of discs into the tiny holes. Fun!

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

40. Le Passe-Trappe:

My least favorite of the Dex games I have learned. High speed disc shooting. I feel nervous for my fingers. Not fast enough. Would rather watch this one be played.

4/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

41. Yago Pool:

This was amazing quality! Loved it! Pool but really just shooting balls to get a 3 in a row tic tac toe. Could easily play this more and more. So bad at it!

8/10 After 1 play (Not Owned/wishlist)

42. WeyKick On Ice:

Older and heftier version of Klask. I have to say I enjoy Klask a lot more for its ease of play. Happy to have played this but it really was hard to maneuver.

4.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

43. The Godfather: A New Don:

Need to play this one again. Played a rule incorrectly so would want to play again for final verdict. I liked the dice rolling and offering, I didn't like the muscle track.

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

44. Let's Make a Bus Route:

Roll n write game where you have to make a bus route that is great for picking up people and dropping them off. Try not to cause traffic. So much to love about this game and is one that I just want to play over and over again!

9/10 After 3 plays (Owned)

45. Mad Gab:

Party game with ridiculous cards to try and get you to say a phrase or idea. Very interesting, that I was just terrible at!

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

46. Compatibility:

Older party game but super fun. Everyone has the same deck of cards and partners have to try and put the same cards in a short stack depending on the clue. Super fun and could easily be modernized for todays market.

6/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

47. It's a Train Wreck!:

Short impressive co-op game where you are trying to puzzle out the situation! Had a great time playing this so I am excited to see if and when this gets picked up and where it leads!

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

48. H2Olland:

Amazing quality pieces and production. Game play needed a lot of work and we just were uninterested. Not for me at all.

3/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

49. Pyramis:

From the designer of Gemblo, a game in which I love. This just didn't work for me. The push your luck aspect was weird and the pieces were too dark. Probably could have worked out to be a better game. I would try it again, but not rushing to the opportunity.

4/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

50. Rising 5: Runes of Asteros:

Been wanting to try it for a while now. Love Mastermind, and this has a similar mechanic. Cool use of an Application in the game, the artwork is amazing. Totally have a great time playing this and would want to play again for sure!

7/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

51. Tweeeet:

Cwali game with AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG pieces! Love the food tokens and birdies so much. The game is just gather most pieces for points and win at the end. Very very simple, and easy to play. You get to play on another persons team which is cool. Would play again.

6/10 After 1 play (Owned)

52. Paku Paku:

Real time dexterity game! roll dice and try to pass them along. Dont roll a red then you have to start placing dishes up and negative points if you knock it down. Silly fun game.

5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

53. Treasure Island:

This is a new 1 v many game but the many are all working on their own to hunt for Jacks treasure! Great great artwork, and interesting deduction/ race to find treasure!I had a lot of fun with this one. I would love to play again!

7.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

54. Texas Showdown:

Pretty great trick taking game! So many suits and a range of 1-74. Interesting mechanics and a game I could see playing any time. Really enjoyed this one.

7.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

55. Junk Orbit:

Colorful and bright. Interesting puzzle type game with pick up and delivery. Very simple but could encourage people to be AP. Lots to think about.

5.5/10 After 1 play (Not Owned)

New to me Expansions!


The Tally

January: 23
February: 24
March: 48
May: 55

Total new to me games for the year 208!


Let's Make a Bus Route

For those keeping Track I Watched 13 movies in May, 7 of which were with Movie Pass. Best was Ready Player One!

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


If you like what you saw, please thumb!

I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

All images in this post are copyright, owned, and controlled by Steph Hodge Photography, Unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase or use my images in anyway.
Thank you.
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BGG Con Spring! PART 2! Lots of Dexterity Games Mixed in With Older Titles and Brand New! Sailing Toward Osiris, Let's Make a Bus Route, Rising 5! Photos Galore!!

Steph Hodge
United States
New Hampshire
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!


If you missed Pat 1: BGG Con Spring! All the Games Part 1! I take a look at Spiel des Jahres Die Quacksalber, Shaky Manor, The Mind, Luxor, Emojito, Funkleschatz, & Clever! With Photos!

Day 2

Day two started out with Gier. New to me!

I got to play some amazing games with
Michael Aldridge
United States
flag msg tools
Infinite Dreams Gaming
Warehouse 13: The Board Game
and his friend James. Amazing times!!

This game is a card game where you are trying to collect sets. It reminds me of bye bye Black Sheep. You are a crook stealing cards from another player. On your turn you get to pick one other player and steal from them. You select one at a time randomly. If you ever take two of the same number, then you bust. If you take the crook card, then you get to look at another player's hand. The object of the game to collect 6 of the same number. If at the end of the turn any player has exactly 1 card then they draw up to the hand size.

We played this game as a 3 player game. Both times Michael won! How is that fair? Michael acts all innocent, when really he is just a thief! I had a lucky few pulls, but ultimately ended up busting most of the time. Michael was the cleverest of all and ended up winning both games. mmhmm...

Have to say, I enjoyed this game, but I wonder if it was the company versus the game. If I had to choose I would definitely pick bye bye Black Sheep as the game to play. I would not mind playing this again, however. There is almost a bluffing mechanic. It was definitely interesting and would recommend it.

Next up a game called POK. New to me!

We played this 3 player is a bluffing game. You are trying to fulfill the dice requirements. Everybody selects a token that may or may not match the rolled dice. And then there is a big reveal. Players will get to eliminate their token if it meets a specific requirement. If a one blue was rolled then if only one player plays a blue token then it is okay. If more than one player tries to play a blue then the requirement is not fulfilled. Your goal is to get rid of your tokens first.

I have to say this was not a favorite game of mine. We ended up calling it because we all had the same tokens at the end it worked out that we all had one or two red triangles. Regardless, I definitely lost, since the other guys just had one and I had two. I don't think any of us or that interested in this one at the end, but, hey at least I got to try a new game.

Since I had it on me, The Mind actually was played next. Both of the guys wanted to learn this and I happen to have it, of course. I taught them the game and we had a ultimate failure in the first game. Sure, we only made it to round 3 before we were done.

I couldn't believe how poorly we played. Fortunately, Ron came around and we ended up playing four-player game. This was much better for us. It was so good in fact that we won the game! I was shocked at how well we did maybe we just got seriously lucky. A round where it was just me playing off of Ron's cards and we did excellent get up until the other guys took control of the end of the round and they totally messed it up.

So, while we had a ton of lives going into the final rounds Michael and James totally screwed us. We still totally won which was awesome. But, because I like to move into the advanced mode after winning, we ended up only having one life advanced mode.

So game 3 was, well you can guess wicked short. We tried the advanced mode I think we made it into round two and not round 3.

I think this game was a huge success I really think Michael and James love this game as I do! We had so many laughs, and a true joy to play with these guys. If only I can get them to come to Dice Tower con. Just saying'.

A game I was most interested in playing Sailing Toward Osiris. New to me!

This is a game at I believe is premiering at Origins from Daily Magic Games. The production on this game is phenomenal. Everything about it is just gorgeous it was easily my number one game that I wanted to play at Origins. I was thrilled to get the chance to try it at BGG con.

As a rule I don't generally like playing 5 player games for the first time. This plays 2-5 players, I would have not prefer to play 5 players. Because Rick was around and very interested in learning this game we invited him for a five player game. Ron was amazing and read the rules.

In the game you are collecting resources saving up to purchase the Monuments. There are only four rounds in the game but it still can be long. Everybody takes one action at a time and continues until all players have passed for the round. An action might include playing a card from your hand or claiming a building space or then actually taking the build action to build the building in a region on the map, but the most common place a worker in a field to gain you resources.

One part about the game was a bit annoying was the random draw from the bag. At the beginning of the round players draw two workers from the bag at random. Workers have to be assigned to their particular field type so, if I pull two yellows my best actions would be to claim wheat with those yellows from the field. Wheat is the most useless of the building materials you need the brick and stone in a hefty quantity. You can always send your worker to a caravan for a mixture of resources, but that might not always be available or better. I just wish this action could be more of a drafting mechanic. I felt a bit screwed over by this mechanic during the game.

It probably didn't help that I was going last and I got no benefit for going last. So with 5 players I had a terrible first round and that basically hosed me almost the rest of the game. You can pass early for turn order but even that mechanic isn't perfect. Whomever passes first goes first proceeding in clockwise order. I just didn't get great workers therefore I couldn't get materials I needed to build a building, and then I was really far behind other people were able to plop down buildings with ease. I seem to just have a much more difficult time figuring out how to play what I wanted to. Because the first round is so critical, it felt detrimental to me. So few areas available in the first round that got eaten up real fast. Depending on where the boat is, you can go in that region with a worker but you cannot send your workers to the left of the boat unless they are advanced workers which there are only 4 of. So you might even get really lucky drawing to Advanced workers from the bag. There are cards that you might be able to play on your turn, provided nobody else is already played the same card.

I was just never able to find my rhythm in this game, and I'm not sure if it was because it was five players or not. I have a strong feeling that three players is the correct number to play with and I would recommend not playing your first game with five. Edit: MICHAEL WON THIS GAME(he paid me $5 to write this edit)!!! He got like 1 million points. I am for sure I was dead last or close to it. Michael #worst

I think the table could feel my frustration with the game, which probably made it a less exciting game to play, and I apologize. Because the game is so beautiful I would want to try this again with a proper player count. I like the idea of what's happening in the game at this time I just can't see playing this game over yokohama or orleans. But man, those components are just amazing.

Since the storage sale was going on I ended up picking up a ton of games I probably don't need. In an effort to make me buy a game, W Eric Martin taught me how to play Easy Come, Easy Go. New to me!

This is a pretty old game, sort of. It looks really old, but it's not actually that old. On your turn you roll the dice and you must keep at least one of the rolled dice. You are trying to collect 3 tiles. Each tile has a condition to be met. If you ever collect 3, then each other player, gets one more turn try and take one away.

Very easy to pick up and play, and we played in just about 5 minutes. That short 5-minute game, I was convinced. I ended up purchasing this game, for like $5. Hey it's all for charity right! Feeding the addiction one-game-at-a-time.

In our very fast game, Eric manage to collect 3 but then I immediately stole one, thus prolonging the game. It all worked out in my favor considering I won the game. I don't foresee this getting a ton of play but I did enjoy it and it will be a good filler. I wonder if it's best for two players, maybe three. Games where you have to wait a full round before your turn like this, is probably not best with a whole lot of people. I had fun though.

Oh hey, there were some empty seats at CGE booth. They were demonstrating Pictomania (second edition). New to me sorta!

Okay okay it wasn't really new to me but I'm considering it new. I say this because it is a different game while you have all of the same rules, you are only using three cards instead of six. Now I know they were going for more streamlined feel and I think they succeeded. Considering I already have the first edition I'm not sure I need this Edition. However, it will have a lot of new cards and I can play it better. It is all about me anyway.

So this was still in Prototype form. everything is about done however they were still testing out balancing on the cards. So we got to help with that.

Michael had never played this game, shame on him. The game is still as fun as ever and will be rated the same for me.

It was quite an amazing time. I do think that the three cards works out great, at least for me. I can actually play this game pretty well, and I won! Somehow I managed to beat the Ron. Ron Always wins this game! But not this time!

I could simply play this game any time. This is easily my favorite drawing game so I really like that they're making it easier for people to acquire and enjoy. I am very much looking forward to this and I hope everyone can play. Even think Michael really liked it, but he was playing with me and I am fun to play games with. It really helps when the games are so much fun as well!

Next up was for a collection of dexterity games. I ended up playing six dexterity games five of which I learned. All of these games were taught to me by Aldie. There were so many more that I didn't get to play that I will have to check out next con. First up was a game called Spinball. New to me!

Lincoln and I were playing this one, and I think I was drawn to it for the Wild colors on the actual board. The game is pretty simple and you are using this and tool to spin a ping pong ball to the other side and try and get it into the center hole. Sounds simple enough. It is a lot harder than it looks.

This wasn't really a playing type of game we were just seeing how good we could get, and it took me awhile to get it. Eventually, I started getting a lot of points. I got a lot more than Lincoln so I will declare that It was a win for me! But, this really caught me by surprise, I really enjoyed trying to spin this ball into a hole. I just knew I could do it, you know what I mean.

Lots of fun and I hope I get to play it again sometime.

The next game we got to try out was Sjoelen. New to me!

It is an every man for himself game. You play the full round before another player gets to try. You have 30 discs you are a shooting down a big straightway. At the end there are four slots you're trying to get these discs into. You do get a bonus if you collect at least one in each slot and double bonus if you get two full sets. So you shoot these discs, until you have no more to shoot and then you count up your score.

Interesting game because the more accurate that you are the more points you will get. Of course, for me it all ended up with a cluster of disks blocking all the passageways for the holes. I still think I won the game though. Ron definitely played poorly and I got a couple bonus scores and a lucky hit at the end. We played a few rounds of this and we moved on.

I could easily play this game again it was a pretty fun dexterity game. Like shuffleboard.

The dexterity game that I liked the least of them all was Le Passe-Trappe. New to me!

This is a real-time Speed game that Aldie is just amazing at. I knew I only had to play one time to get the full experience. You are speed discs shooting to the other side of the board, the catch is that there is only one little hole in the center of the board to try and aim through.

Yeah I was definitely most scared of the pucks coming and nicking my fingers. Everything happened so fast and then the game is over and Aldie is declared the winner. I'm pretty sure that happens in every game ever played ever because he is that good. Now when Ron tried playing, somehow Ron manage to win, however I think Aldie was going easy on him. The second game they played no hope for Ron and it was clear who had the skills.

An interesting game for sure but not really one that I care to play again

My favorite new dexterity game from the hallway was Yago Pool. New to me!

This game was awesome! The quality of the board was amazing! You're playing just one other person and it is almost like a game of pool, except it is really like tic-tac-toe. Somebody shoots the blue ball to break triangle. The blue ball is then removed from the game. Players take turns shooting any ball on the table until scores a color. There is a 3 by 3 grid for the balls to fall into. You just are simply trying to get 3 in a row of your color. You don't have a color until somebody gets the first ball in.

This game was so much fun simply I loved it. I don't even know where one could find this game or Board of this quality but it's really cool, not that I have anywhere to put it anyway. I was terrible at this game. I got completely hosed I think I made every shot a failure. The few that I managed to get in where because I was either lucky or Scott shot me in by mistake.

Even after playing just one game where my hope was high and my spirits later crushed, I found it very enjoyable watching other people play this game. I posted Maybe 2 or 3 stories in Instagram when it was happening. I have to say this was a keeper, if I can never find a copy of this, I think I want it, hear that Ron?

Then we all play the game of BONK!

This was a different type of Bonk, called Rollet. However it's the same game, but with nicer wood. Scott and I were on a team vs Rodney and random person number one. I did not catch her name. I honestly think Scott and I lost every single round.

We ended up having played 7 rounds, or maybe 10. But, all I remember besides laughing a whole lot was how bad we were. We had such a good time though and I ended up recording the next game played but I was not a part of it. I believe Rodney might have posted it to Twitter.

This is a pretty fun game to play, but it's not my favorite dexterity game. I like having more control over how fast I can do something and picking up the ball and putting it into a little slide it takes a lot of time and consideration if you want to actually shoot it accurately. This is a game I would totally play whenever requested. It's one my family would enjoy. But to me, Klask is just a better game all around.

The final dexterity game that I learned WeyKick On Ice. New to me!

This is a game that reminded me a lot of Klask! You are using little figures that are magnetized from Below. You want to score goal on the other player using these guys. It is essentially Klask. However, the pieces are very clunky it is hard to maneuver. The little guys had hockey sticks which were great, and the board was bigger than Klask.

In our game Scott totally dominated the first several turns he was up about 7 to my 0. I had a major comeback at this time. I managed to score about 6 or 7 in a row. He might have scored one or two I managed to get all 10 points before he could. How is that even possible? How did he let me get 10 points. I must have been very sneaky or something maybe I just got totally lucky, I don't know. I was having a very difficult I'm using the hockey guys though flying left and right my magnets were too strong, so they were hard to move. In Klask everything is so light and free. This wasn't so easy to play. I would definitely play Klask over this. I would certainly give this another shot though.

After dinner was the main event. I finally got to teach Rodney and Scott how to play Ginkgopolis.

Man that dinner was awesome everyone was full and I probably was not the best teacher at that point. I think I did okay though. By the end of the game everybody had figured out how to play, the big downfall for this game is that you really need to play it again and again in order to get the rules down. Maybe I really need to make a video for this game and explain how to do everything proper and just make everybody watch a 5 minute video on how to play. Things to think about.

I was kind of mean because I didn't let Ron or Chaz play, but they accepted as it was. I think Ron went off and played terraforming Mars anyway so he was happy. But this game really only works with 3 players in my mind.

So we played and we posted pictures and everybody was happy. The end.

But, really it ended up being a close game and I think it was only about 10 points between me and Scott. Rodney is a close second. I was almost certain that I wasn't going to win this game however I managed to pick up a lot of endgame goal cards which allowed me to score lots of points.

Fortunately for Scott and Rodney. They both really enjoyed it and they can remain my friends because of that.

This is seriously the best game and I wish they would reprinted, though I know that they're not. No I cannot get them to reprint it. I wish I could. I would totally make a Kickstarter. More gink more fun!

Next up we played a game Chaz was interested in playing called The Godfather: A New Don. New to me!

I can't say the theme interest me at all and I wasn't that interested in playing but because it had a 60 Minute timer on the side I figured I would give it a shot. This is actually an area control game using the dice you have. You are rolling them and trying to get sets to claim territories on the map.

I'm actually not going to go into too much detail about this game because we did a major rule incorrectly it kind of left our game sour. Now knowing the rule however, I would go back into this game and try it again correctly. I definitely felt we're missing a big part of the game. I liked everything we were doing with the dice, and I think there's real potential for a good game here.

There was one mechanic that I happen to disagree with, which was mentioned in the forums. This is the muscle track. I think the order on the muscle track should be the order the players get to take their turns in. Right now whomever is highest on the muscle track will go first as The Godfather. When you are The Godfather everybody else has to make an offering to you with the dice behind their screen they have to choose one. You could decline and ask for something else but you might end up getting nothing. The rule we missed was once you make an offer and you actually get to put your guy on a bonus space in the on the map. This would have changed the game a lot because all of those spaces on the map do really cool things. The higher the value of the better the benefit. So if I was getting a benefit every turn there's more of a chance I can do what I want on my turn. There was still something off about the muscle mechanic though and I think I could be an easy fix if it was just the turn order.

Regardless, we're not really counting this game because we played incorrectly. This is a game I would like to revisit maybe at a different player count and I heard five players is actually pretty fun so I would like to try it there. There is a lot of interesting things happening, it's just so hard when there's so many games to revisit something that didn't make a strong first impression.

Final game of the night was Prototype- Goblins Gold & Dragon.

I learned this game back at the Gathering and it was strictly a push your luck game. Since it is still in Prototype form there have been a lot of updates I last played. The game has changed to the point where you need sleeves because you are seeing all of the cards double-sided until you aren't any more.

I ended up only playing one round because ultimately I don't think this is a game for me. You are placing all of your cards on either stack in the middle of the table in hopes that your dragon will find gold.

I guess for me I'm just not that interested and would rather play randomly to see what happens where to play randomly when you can see all the cards in your hand from either side.

The guys continued playing after I stopped, and it went on for like 45 minutes, so my 1 comment was to cut down this "fast filler" and somehow make it fewer rounds.

Day 3

Bright and early day 3 I found folks to play Dragon's Breath. I definitely wanted to share the joy of this game with others and fortunately we were able to find some kids to play with. I taught Dominic how to play too.

The game is so simple and so fast all I remember is how poorly I played. I actually think the kid won that time which is great! I love teaching people that immediately want to play with other people they know and teach them, and that is exactly what happened this game. As soon as we were done I set up the game again anticipating a second play the kid and his father brought over like a hoard of people that needed to play this game so of course I gave up my seat to let them play. It just makes me so happy because the game is so good and everybody wanted to play it after they knew what it was, it's awesome!

I wish every game ended in the same exact way. It's happened more than that you might think but it's still not enough! There's so many great games in this world and I want to play them all and I want to share them all with everybody so if I can do that even one-game-at-a-time I want to do that.

So happy I got to play this one again it was a great start to day 3.

Really though I was passing time to play a game with Eric before he took off. He had promised me a game that I have been looking forward to for at least a week called Let's Make a Bus Route. New to me!

Oh my God, when I first saw the video for this game I knew I had to have it. Now if you watched my video of rolling rides you know that I really enjoy the category and mechanic. This game is awesome! I need this game right now!

Fortunately for me, it plays out super quickly the play twice in a row just two player. In the game there are objectives that can change from game to game, each player board is unique which offers different movement patterns. Everybody has a hidden goal to try and make the route by the end of the game. Each round a card is flipped and players have to use that color route from their board and put it on a common board in the middle of the table. Everybody has the same map of the city and you will draw a line your bus route color. If you're road overlaps up with another bus route going to cause some traffic which could potentially be negative points at the end of the game. Along your route you're going to pick up a bunch of different people and drop them off at locations potentially. The tourists want to get dropped off at monuments the students are multipliers for the schools you visit. There are small combos you might be able to get.

There is just so much wonderful game in this box for such a short time frame really really liked it.

Now the first game we played I managed to pay attention to the goal cards at the end of the game. I absolutely crushed Eric this game. I think I won so hard it might have bruised him a little so we had to immediately play again.

The second game he actually paid attention to the goal cards and they weren't as easy for me to complete. I was trying too hard for my route to be completed by the end of the game and I missed a lot of other opportunities. I should have just given up on that route card and done my own thing to score other points. As it turned out I could have been one shy of completing my goal card. It wasn't even worth it for me to focus on that card at all.

That second game just did not go according to my plan, I got too rerouted for other goals.

If I had to pick a game this was my top game from the convention I loved it so much. I am so glad I bothered Eric enough so I could play it because it is awesome. I was told there was going to be a limited quantity going to the BGG store, so I would be on the lookout for that you are interested in this game at all. I can't recommend it enough.

So the storage sale was going on and all of the remaining games were less than attractive. Scott wanted me to try out some older titles while hanging out there. First on the table was Mad Gab. New to me!

This is a party game where players are working in teams to try and guess what the phrase is trying to be said. The phrases are a jumble of words that mean nothing. You're trying to figure out by getting the words and spluring them out, try and form a coherent sentence or idea.

It is definitely an interesting game and quite humorous to see people jumbling these words together mumbling to themselves trying to figure out what is trying to be conveyed.

I had a good time with this one but I am really really bad at it. I had some fun though I got to post some of these videos on so people could kind of play along with us. I didn't get much of a response but a few people actually got it correct a few that I put, so congrats to them.

This was a cute game I ended up not buying it so I don't really care if I play it again, but I totally would.

Next up from the pile of old and crusty we played Compatibility. New to me!

This Game could easily be updated to current standards and sold widely. Players are in a pair of two and everybody at the table has the same deck of cards. On the cards you will find pictures, colors, words, anything really.

Depending on where the team is standing on the board you will get to arrange some number of cards from your hand into a stack. There will be a word and then all players find cards in their hands that match the word putting the one they believe most matches on the top of their stack. Once everybody is finished this we start revealing the stacks one at a time. For each matching pair at the same moment bonus of three points, if you match anything in any order with your partner then you get an additional point.

It's really the whole game and we sat there for several rounds playing this game. I think the downfall for the game was the time it took to play the full thing which might have been an hour. It was funny because I was paired with Ron ed every had Ron would be matching Scott. Run and I did have similar train of thought several times however it wasn't enough for us to win the game. And Scott ended up winning but we were close behind. Alex and Suzanne joined in over half way through the game and they did a pretty amazing job catching up they were about halfway back though.

Again, we had a really great time playing this game and it could totally be in this market today updated rules, boards, cards, everything. I could see it happening somebody get on it.

Next up Scott found his friend Tom and we played his prototype called It's a Train Wreck!. New to me!

This game was so good that we played twice. It is a co-op puzzle type game where you are loading and unloading trains to try and get to their stations. So you're trying to get the orange Cube to the orange station and so on and so forth. The catch is that the engineer can only go one space to the right or one space to the left before having to return home to his local station. So not only are you managing the cubes for your also managing your engineer's. If you were ever to bump the train and not cubes off that's a penalty if an engineer goes too far that's another penalty.

The first game we played was 7 minutes long and it had two endpoints. We actually passed this game with flying colors. You always get some sort of score so you're two lowest scoring will multiply each other and that will be your end goal score. During the game you can really feel the tension and pressure from the seat that I was in. The other guys had it easier because they were only really managing two stations with One Direction I was managing two stations with two directions going both to Ron and to Scott.

We did extremely well, now the second time we played, tom only gave us 6 minutes on a clock but we had one connection added so we had a full circle. This ended up being a whole lot easier because Ron could now pass to Scott and we scored a ton of points.

There are definitely a lot of possibilities that can change the game with more players add more stations. I can't explain how much fun I had because you are sitting there puzzling all of this out as fast as you can cause it's only 6 minutes/ 7 minutes. That's so fast! I loved it so much and I think it needs a publisher like mercury games. Mercury games just produced Container and made an amazing production of that game which I think will soon be available. This game needs that kind of production because the trains have to have little compartments much like container does. Tom told me yesterday that I'm sending it to a few Publishers. My hope is that it really does get picked up because I really want to see this hit the market for people to play. I think it's easy enough for anybody to play, it's casual gamers through strategy gamers. I really enjoyed this one.

From the storage sale a few games to try out for ourselves. Now I think they were in the storage sale for a reason, these were our conclusions after we tried them. The first up Ron was kind enough to read the rules for was H2Olland. New to me.

Oh boy, where do I begin with this game? I'll start with the Great, because the components are just awesome. You got little windmills and people and farm houses all wonderful and colorful. You really get a sense for Holland not that I have been when there are tulips. But, I know that there are tulips.

There are several phases to the game and you do them over a number of rounds. Each round you're essentially placing tiles on the board get an income and then you'll trade in your income for buildings. There's a whole process for all of this you have to lay down some dykes. None of this is actually very simple that makes much sense. That's okay you want to put the dykes down to dry the lands, but what is all this leading to. Well the endgame is basically for all you got guys that need to go out and claim the Tulips that have been placed on the board. It is a race. Even if you don't put down the Tulip field you can still claim it. It's all very strange.

We actually didn't end up finishing this game because it was long & tedious. Let's just say that this game went back into storage and will likely be the next storage sale. There is no way that I could recommend this game unless you just want the pieces.

The next game we played was so bad. Really really bad. I think we played only one round so I suppose it's not that fair to say, however it was bad. I actually think there might have been a couple of editions of this game. It is a game called Pyramis. New to me!

You are randomly pulling cubes from a bag in hopes of not busting. Every player has a card that they can acquire some number of each color. You can push your luck far but if you bust then you won't get to play on your turn. It's your turn you can use the cubes you have collected on the game board where you're stacking them up trying to create little pyramids. You get points based on the number of colors in your pyramid. Of course you want only one color so you get more points for that.

So in the end we didn't actually play out a full game it's not that interesting. The colored cubes were kind of hard to see, but I think there is an updated version and I don't know if the rules are changed but the pieces are changed. I would give it another shot because I really love Gemblo, and that game and this game are from the same designer. The Box is just so I catching. All of the pretty colors!

Scott and Lincoln had mentioned and was carrying around a copy of Texas Showdown they wanted to show me. New to me!

I am always up for an interesting trick taker. This has what seemed like a million suits all unique numbers 0-74 I think. The highest in each suit is special and has a filled in bubble on the side. This is because if whomever plays a card like that and wins the trick, they can pass the lead to any other player.

When you lead a card you can choose any card and players must follow suit if they can, otherwise play another card. Once suit has been broken the next player/s much choose either suit at this time to play off of. The winner of the trick is first determined by how many of a specific color is on the table and then the ranking of that suit. If there is a tie then the single highest card wins.

The goal is to NOT take tricks but very few is possible.

Of course Ron was a master at this game and I think walked away with 0 or 1 each hand. I think we only played 2 or 3 hands because Scott was playing so poorly. I honestly thought Lincoln was hating this game. There were a few tricks that really didn't go his way, but in the end he said he loved the game!

I definitely loved the game and would happily play this anytime! Trick taking games are just awesome and I was so happy they showed me the game.

In an effort to play a better game than the past 2 I suggested now was a good time to play Rising 5: Runes of Asteros. New to me!

I have wanted to play this game since I have heard about it because simply love Mastermind. All I knew was this game had a mastermind mechanic. The art Is so amazing! Everything pops the color is outstanding. It really brings me in and I totally love it.

I had no idea that it used a phone application to see the results. In the game actively using characters to move around the board at attack the monsters. You need to collect keys to the door and once you have all four Keys you can make a guess for the correct combination. That's where the Mastermind mechanic comes into play.

To start the game you can use a random code and get a little bit of information. This will help you later on when you're trying to reevaluate the code. Each character has a different ability that they can use. The number of cards you use for the character on your turn, allows you to take a number of actions. Actions might be to move, fight, collect, guess. Any number of these things. If you are fighting, players might help you out by offering more cards to offset the combat.

So the game is pretty simple when it all comes down to it. We won the normal mode pretty easily. We actually made it harder on ourselves because we would draw cards to replace and then take the hit points for the Sun. So we actually won that game with flying colors. Next time I play I definitely want to play with the advanced mode, I don't know if it actually changes anything in the game. For me this game was easier then Mastermind. The hard part was figuring out the correct use of the characters. Oracle is the only one that allows you to actually change the puzzle on the board. The puzzle is pretty easy because each color is represented by a symbol so you just have to figure out the symbol for each color and then where it goes. It'll be fully gold it is in the correct spot or it will have an outline of a constellation if it's correct but in the wrong spot.

The Mastermind portion of the game seems pretty easy. So in the advanced mode I would hope that gets a little more complicated.

The actual moving around the board also seems like it might have been tacked on a little bit. In the game many people didn't actually move unless they really had to so I feel like that's just one mechanic that really shouldn't have been there to begin with. Again, this is only after one play and my initial thoughts, I definitely want to play it again.

Despite my minor complaints I really enjoyed the game and had a good time figuring it out. I think the application was great, the artwork is amazing. This is a game I would love to explore more and rate it pretty well. I am pretty sure Ron didn't care for the game or care about it, he was just along for the ride.

Pretty sure Lincoln really enjoyed it and I know Scott has played it before and enjoys it so all in all the game went over pretty well and it's one that we all would revisit.

BGG has a ceremony on Sunday to hand out a lot of prizes. During the ceremony Nikki, Ron and I play the game of Tweeeet. New to me!

This is a cwali game and it's actually a team game. You and your teammates are birds working together to collect bugs and make it back to your nest. Since it was three players I was my own partner. Each turn you take a food from your supply spend it as movement points, to the next destination picking up more food. Each food has a value that you can use with ladybugs being Five Points. You will always get change if you were to spend a 2 food and only needed 1. You are simply moving on the line of field collecting the food hoping to land in your nest with more food than the other player. Because it is teams value with their food and divide by 2. If their value average was higher than my total then they would win.

It's a very simple game and I'm really glad I picked us up at the storage sale. The components are amazing that there's a game with better components than this. they're really really really good. I definitely want to play it again and take photographs of it again, for real.

This time I think I had the advantage not being on a team, I managed to really screw over Nikki when I blocked her from going One Direction and she had to spend a lot of food to go the other way. So that helped me and I collected a lot of ladybugs near the end for big points. I think I only ended up winning by three or four points so it was definitely a close race for it.

I look forward to playing again!

I want to play a game with Ryan Bruns and he wasn't sure what to play so suggested Bunny Kingdom!

He hadn't played this game before and Ron ended up teaching it, there's another guy that wanted to play and he had just played so he was familiar with the rules. I was busy trying to get the Newbie see the board. It didn't go so well for him unfortunately. He was just not understanding how the scoring was working for the board.

I thought I would have a major comeback at the end because I had a million points in my hidden Scrolls, but the other guy was just too far ahead that I couldn't catch up. I did get a ton of endgame points though and I think that even shocked Ron a little bit. I'm pretty sure that I came in third however. We might have all lapped Ryan by 100 points or so. Have no idea how well this game went over or not, it was a total mystery to me.

I still love the game though so I'm happy to play whenever requested I love those little bunnies.

We took out a game called Paku Paku. New to me!

Before the first round really ended, Ryan B was already purchasing it from where ever! Hhaha it is a speed dex game- hard not to love that, for sure.

You are frantically rolling dice hoping to get a green symbol face u p. If you do then you can pass the die to the next player. If you roll a red face then you have to take a dish and stack it up in the center.

If you ever have 4 dice in front of you or the tower of dishes falls over everyone yells PAKU STOP! and that player must roll all the dice they have and take points equal to their valued rolled. First who gets to 10 is the loser.

yeah I was doing very well and Ron was taking a lot of hits that game. I had ONE really bad round where I took on like 7 points and it was enough to push me over the edge! I ended up losing this time. I don't think Ryan or the other guy ended up taking any points. I thought for sure Ron would lose this game. Nope!

I had fun, I would even play it again, pretty harmless.

Ohhhh the Epic games of Tichu. This time we lost Eric but gained Brent to be Ryan's partner.

We played 2 games since the first game was SO FAST! SO first play of the game Brent wishes a 4 from my hand and I play a 2... Ryan then plays a 4 bomb.

Just saying' It was that kind of game. Ron and I ende du p calling Tichu or Grand about every hand. See the 4 aces in the 8 cards pic below. I actually didn't make the grand call that game. Brent had a better hand than me! Doh!

I did however, make the grand call with the 8 cards pic below that. Boom!

The second game we played wasn't as good and Ron and I lost our awesome hands, and Ryan and Brent ended up taking the win that game! It was good though since it was on their 10x10 and it was their 10th game so they deserved it!

Always want to play more Tichu!

Day 4 Final Games

Monday was the final day to play any games, everyone was sad it was ending in the hall was clearing out. I still managed to get in a few games before our flight home. Nikki was looking for players at her booth and I sat down to play Treasure Island! New to me!

This was a game I saw at the Gathering and I was really interested in playing. It is a hidden movement game sort of. You're actually Pirates looking for treasure in one specific location. There is a 1 verse many mechanic however the players are also working as their own person. One player gets to be Jack Sparrow and he knows where the treasure is and we'll be giving clues to the players for where the treasure is located.

So, it definitely has a feeling of a one versus many however you're not working with other people so figure it out you want to find the treasure for yourself.

You know a game is awesome when there is a wolf. On top of that there was a red player who got to have the wolf as a part of his team. I chose red. I will always choose red. I suppose I'll played Jack and not be red so when that day comes I won't be red, still doesn't mean that I don't want to be the red though.

Each player has a special abilities so I had my wolf pack I could Scout the lands a little bit further that the normal people. Everybody had their own unique thing that was pretty cool.

Every turn the active player will move in a leap frog position line on a map. There might be a special symbol there telling Jack to give us a clue. Jack might be telling a lie however and we won't know until we choose to use an action to look at that clue response.

On a turn we can choose to move or Scout the area, or do a special action. Eventually as the game moves on the timer but you can do two actions on your turn. Even further down the line if we haven't found the treasure by then Jack might show up on the board from jail book it to his treasure, you definitely want to find the treasure by that point.

I was pretty tired Monday morning so it kind of seemed like I wasn't enjoying the game when in fact I was, I actually really liked the game. I think one of the players was sick so that didn't help me like that experience more. This is a game I definitely want to play as Jack, I think I can outsmart everybody.

By the end I had a general idea where the treasure was however make the move fast enough to get there. Ron made it first, thus ending the game. It was good timing too because Jack was about to be released so who knows what might have happened.

I had a great time and I would totally love to play this again.

My favorite fellows Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum decided it was time that I play a game with them again, so we got to play Menara.

This is great because I don't have this game and I really love this game. Now if you want to know who Tweedledee and Tweedledum were it is clearly Michael and James from earlier in this post.

We had a few hiccups in this game cuz I threw my token and Ron like jumps the table basically knocking the whole thing over. Okay it was my bad for throwing it but really it wasn't a throw it was more of a roll and it wasn't doing any harm. So I kind of reset up the board as it was and we started from there again.

It wasn't long after until it fell over again michael decided to play Silly. So I totally blame Michael for us losing this game. Sorry not sorry. One platform that was hanging over like the whole thing and it couldn't support anything without being too wobbly. It was a good effort on our parts and yeah we had it pretty good early but then it got difficult fast. Those hard cards, man, are really hard. You hardly ever want to draw them because you fear of getting a card you can't play.

It was still an amazing game even though Ron hates my face. I had a great time playing.

Final game of the con was a 3 player game with Scott and Jason where I taught them how to play Hell Village.

Woohoo it finally made it into the Database! Yesss!! Now maybe someone will answer all of the burning questions. Like the Designer.

I added in one of the extra tiles to change up the game slightly. It allowed for the space to draw cards and if you get one you could immediately play then you were able to.

One more space to play cards is a nice thing.

Scott loved the art and was very interested in the game. I think we are both sort of thinking it is missing that something to make it great. We still can't figure out what the dice on the side of the card is there for. But We were playing you have to play with one of the pip values in order to play the card. It is just one added restriction that hardly seemed good. There is also too much feeding costs that you can barely get things played and it is too big of a punishment. Maybe knocking it down to 2 instead of 3 etc.

This is a game I hope to play more of, but I wonder if it is just too basic. I want to use all of the addition action tiles to see how it changes it up.

I have no idea who won, but it was most definitely not me. I didn't get nearly enough points in the final count. Pretty sure Jason did though. Cool game and amazing artwork.

Now for the Misc fun friend pics!

Here is me and Ryan! My Pizza Stalker...

It is not a party without Mr Stronghold!

End of Con Game Acquisition pic!

New to the Collection:
Dungeon Scroll
Adlung Land
Marienkäfer und so
Halli Galli
Easy Come, Easy Go
Spy Club
Geschenke für den Radscha
Land unter
Ricochet Robots
Valentina: The Game – Tutto Crepax Vol. 1
Founders of the Empire

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

All images in this post are copyright, owned, and controlled by Steph Hodge Photography, Unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase or use my images in anyway.
Thank you.
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BGG Con Spring! All the Games Part 1! I take a look at Spiel des Jahres Die Quacksalber, Shaky Manor, The Mind, Luxor, Emojito, Funkleschatz, & Clever! With Photos!

Steph Hodge
United States
New Hampshire
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!


Day 0
Arrival Shenanigans

After several hours of saying hi seeing the grounds, I found Rodney looking to play a game. Since BGG Spring has a special area set up for only Spiel des Jahres games I insisted we try out Shaky Manor. This one is nominated for Kinderspiel!

I got to play this game a few weeks ago when it was brought over for game day. Really loved the game and wanted to share it. Super easy to learn, I didn't know there was a basic mode, since I wasn't taught that so Lincoln ended up teaching the basic game and we played 2 games. So the basic game is you have some of the pieces and a room color is revealed and you have to get all of the pieces in the room color. If you do then someone adds in a piece to your manor. You start collecting more and more pieces and it makes it slightly harder. First to 5 successes wins!

So we played this way and Ron won the first game. Evil glare at the Ron. Winning the first game of the con, how dare he! All I know is the second game we played with the harder version and everyone was neck and neck except me! Someone played a much better game that time. That someone was Rodney. He took the win with the patterns. I was happy with the normal rules, as I think that is the better game, but I would happily play the game either way.

There is even ADVANCED mode where you need to bring all the guys to the room that AREN'T pictured. Yah we played a few rounds of that and it was mind bending. Enjoyed it but not as much as normal mode!

Really cool game and well deserved nomination, but I don't think will be the winner. More on that later.

It was getting late so it was time for a party game called Poetry Slam. New to me!

Hey Hey First New to Me game out of 32 from the con. This game coming soon from Mayday and holds like a player count of 9 people, but it really could be more.

Actually, the more you have playing the better, mostly because it will give you more time to think about your poems that you have to create. MAN this game has a lot of rules! There is too much to remember and things to hand out for a party game. Unfortunately, I think that makes this game less marketable for the common game player/ casual. I find this would be more for the gamer gamers. You have to be all sorts of creative with this one though.

So, there are a number of rounds and each round you will be given a rule like "the last letter in your word has to be O" Then everyone writes down ANY word they want as long as they have O at the end of it. If you don't then it is okay and you will get hit with a slam which is negative points at the end of the game. Once you write your word you can grab a victory point tile from the center. These tiles have 1-5 points on them and a letter on the back which is now your punishment. You can no longer use this letter in the words you create in the future (or you get slams). part 2 is then you have to create a 2 sentence poem type phrase that will help people guess your word for points. I am sure this is the part of the game that is keeping a lot of people away. I know I can't create poems on the fly especially ones that relate to a random word I just came up with.

This was a super hard game for me. I had a pretty great first couple of rounds then I just lost everything I had for ways of the sentences. It was getting late so I am sure that didn't help me. Some folks were just amazing at this game, and I was impressed.

"The upper-class has no sass" Clue for second letter is O. I can't tell you how long the word is, but I am sure it would help. This was my first round clue for the peoples. No one got it of course. I felt it was amazing though.

Hhahaha I definitely lost this game. I was far far behind. I am not sure if we even tallied the scores at the end. There are a lot of other rules in the game that I didn't mention that I am not sure really need to be there, but are. Just feel like there was too much. I would try it again though and see if it goes over well with the groups.

Final game to the late night was passtally. New to me!

Probably not the best game to play at 1:45am the day before the Con "officially" starts. You need a lot of brain power to figure this game out. It is actually quite simple, but very abstract visually.

The game you are trying to form roads from your marker to your other marker. You have 4 markers so you can potentially score 2 roads. The length of the road doesn't matter but the height of the roads will score you points. So, if you have a very long route then your change to score is greater if you pass over lots of higher road areas. On your turn you can move your marker up to 2 spaces or place a tile. You can do 2 actions how you see fit. Then you look to see if you score points. No bonus for going first, though I think there should be since 3rd player will have an automatic advantage for scoring off the bat.

You have a choice of tiles to select from 3, or if you are me, 2, since they were generally the same choices. haha We played super quickly since it was so late. I was just playing tiles that looked good and would keep my roads in tact. I knew that there were PROBABLY better plays for me to take, if I evaluated everything little by little. It is the type of game that you could stare for hours and maybe still not have the best solution. I wasn't about to do that though. You can't plan for your turn since you aren't sure of how the board will look, or what pieces might be available to you. So you have to just wait for your turn.

Anyway, Lincoln was helping out Scott see the board and puzzle out the best situation and he was scoring a lot of points and easily won the game.

I was having a hard time getting the big points, but I tried to help me and screw up both Scott and Ron. Kinda worked at the end. Still was no match for them both but had a great time trying it out. Probably works best as a 2 player game, but can play 3 not 4. The game ends when 1 stack has run out or someone hits 50 points! You finish the round.

Love the look and feel of this game. Just gorgeous! I will have to pick up a copy when I get the chance. Definitely a game I want to explore further. Probably would recommend starting this game earlier, if you get the chance.

Day 1

Yay for Day 1! I wanted to be up and out early so I could get in some quality gaming! First on the table was Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg. New to me!

I just had to play this because several reasons. Part of the Spiel des Jahres list and because of the wonderful designer Wolfgang Warsch whom I have been really enjoying all of his game from this year already! so this is nominated for Kennerspiel and it was a game I needed to play, so I made a strong move to play it! Fortunately,
Dominic Crapuchettes
United States
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North Star Games designs party games that don't suck! Play them with your non-gamer friends over the holidays.
First there was Hearts, then there was Spades, and now we bring you Clubs. The suit of clubs finally gets some respect!
invited me to play in his game so we could play 4 players!

Ron was paying attention to the rules, I was not, since we joined in over half way through. Dominic ran through them when Martin was all finished though. The game is quite easy to pick up and learn all things considered.

It is a bag builder type of game, with a lot of push your luck. We ended up playing 2 times because the first game we actually played incorrectly. I mean we as in not Ron. He was playing correctly which is why he was so far ahead. mmhmmm, true story.

Each player starts with the same ingredients in their bag and the white tokens are not great. Once you hit 8 value for those then you bust for the round. 7 is OKAY. We were first playing that equal to or greater than 7 was a bust so it was a huge difference for us.

You are using these ingredients and placing them on your player board the value on the token, that many steps away. You want to make it far up the track for more points and more buying value. You can keep pulling tokens until you want to or until you bust. If you bust you still get a lot of great rewards at the end of the round but they just won't be AS GOOD as the other players. The person who is the highest on the track will get a special bonus to roll the die for maybe some points or a pumpkin. Good things for that person. Then you get to activate some colorful tokens if they apply. then each person gets to buy new tokens for the bags and claims points and if you bust you can't get to roll the die, and then you must choose either buy new tokens or collect points. Finally, the last thing if you have rubies you can spend 2 of them to advances on the cauldron track, or refresh your potion. The potion is a special one time use to throw back into the bag a token you just pulled.

All of the tokens used will go back into the bag and you do it again for several rounds. There is a wonderful catch up mechanism where the person in the lead will give out RAT points. you count all of the rats between you and the lead player and get to advance on the potion track so many spaces before the round even begins, and I think it is a wonderful mechanic and totally fair.

What is really cool is all of the colorful tokens do something interesting. And you can play with different rules for the different colors because there is a bunch of extra content. So easy to do and I am super happy it is available to try out all of these cool rules.

So Ron won the first game and I actually had a pretty big come back thanks to a few event cards at the end and we were then playing correctly at the end. That Catch up Mechanic is awesome. Event cards are pulled at the start of every round and usually give you some cool choices or benefits.

In the second game we played quickly and accurately. With that, I did much worse! I seemed to bust every single turn. I think the biggest down fall was the final turn, where I just pulled a few tiles and ended up busting wicked early in the round. If you see the photo below of the pile of tokens, those were all in my bag at the end of the game, and yeah I busted because I just pulled so poorly. It was a disaster.

I really liked this game, even though I am terribly unlucky. It is so simple and you get the rush of well, should I pull one more!? This is a game I would be happy to play again and soon! No surprise to find this one nominated!

Next Ron and I took off to the Library to find some games to check out and learn. First up I read the rules to Würfelblitz. New to me!

This is a very fast Dice game where you have to figure out a value before the other players. The colorful dice read that you discount that particular color, UNLESS there are 2 of that color face up, in which case you add up all of the colors values instead.

Simple speed game to get to 9 points first.

Ron was absolutely terrible at this game and I was the bomb! I think we only had to play 11 rounds before I won. It was pretty great. I would definitely play this game again, nothing much to it, but not sure I have to own it.

Next up was a request from Riley to try out Claim. New to me!

This was great because it is a 2 player trick taking game and we were playing 2p. I didn't know it was Trick-taking so that was a pleasant surprise.

There are 2 phases in this game and you are playing to win tricks since it all comes down to the set collection at the end of the game. You play half of the cards to essentially draft the next hand of cards that will be your hand for the final set collection. Each type of card has a special ability and some abilities are only for the 2nd round. The cards used in the first round aren't necessarily scored, though one type is. You are playing cards and the winner claims the face up card and the loser gets the face down (which could be better!). The second phase you are using all these newly collected cards to fight the other player and claim cards for the scoring piles. I can see why the game is called claim...

The art is amazing and the game play clever! There is only 5 real points to be had at the end of the game so you want to be sure to claim at least 3 of them by having the most in your scoring pile for each suit!

I some how was able to pull out a win with 3 majorities! I don't know how that is possible, but I would really like to play again to find out! I got super lucky with the knight majority only having 2 of them but they were higher ranked than Ron's 2 knights so I ended up winning the game for that.

Very interesting and a game I would love to play again.

We found Bethany and Aron, our friends from DTC and we got to play some games with them! First up was Bärenpark. They were just learning it and I think Ron might have gone through the rules quickly.

Great simple game that everyone should try out. I really don't mind playing it when it is out and was happy that we got to play!Hey I even ended up winning that time! I some how pulled that out of nowhere. I didn't get any early statues but I got a couple of in game scoring tokens that helped. I did get a lot of mid-raged statue tokens though. Ended up with filled boards at the end of the game.

They liked it so much they ended up playing again right then!

Ron and I took off for the Storage sale and I bought some games....

Later we found Bethany and Aron again and we played a 6 player game of 7 Wonders.

Bethany and I were both wicked shocked to find out that the BGG Library doesn't have Cities or Leaders in either of the copies of 7 wonders! How is that possible. The game has been used to the point that it needs to be burned.

So yeah, I found a fault in the library! Unacceptable and if Repos is listening... Please please please donate some updated copies to the BGG Library! With expansions! Love Future BGGCon Attendee Steph.

Meanwhile, back at the game, I got to play as one of my favs Giza! I don't even remember completing my wonder but I am pretty sure I did! We were playing with the projects from Babel since it is easier to focus on that vs the actual tower of Babel and the moving parts with 6 players!

Didn't work out for me this game since I just didn't get a proper engine, but I wasn't too far behind. I needed some higher value scoring cards in the last round. I did pick up a nice purple card worth like 11 or 12 points though. Thanks for that, Ron! Nearly certain that Ron ended up winning the game, or Aron. It was a close race. Bethany never found synergy and ended up 6th.

Amazing times getting to play with them and this amazing game even with no leaders!

I found Scott, Rodney, Chaz and Lincoln and Ron and I joined in for a massive game of Facecards. This game is just fantastic. (I love Scott F's copy of the game best though!!)

We didn't have cool custom cards with my face on one of them but we had an amazing time playing nontheless!

Ended up playing a few games since different people wanted to join in. It is just a game I could play at any time and with the right people can be super funny and difficult.

We weren't having much luck in the first game and hardly anyone was scoring points. This was because Scott was throwing 3 additional cards into the middle to make it really challenging.

At least in the second game we were playing with only 1 additional. Still super hard with max players.

I have no idea who won, (it wasn't me) but it is all about the time spent playing. Wonderful wonderful game, and I have no idea why this isn't being played by everyone. It is so far below the radar why oh why is that the case.

More people need to play this one NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW- I demand it.

Since we were there, 5 of us decided to try our hand at The Mind.

We were all on the same page! We were doing seriously amazing at this game. We didn't use a life for several rounds. I don't even think we needed to use a live until round 5 when it all went wrong. Card after card, and then we ended up losing!

I don't think we even made it until the final round 6. I don't know, but our timing was all off in round 5. Something was off, since we were doing SO WELL before that point.

Everyone agreed, my deck is the best deck!

Amazing game and should win the Spiel des Jahres, in my opinion!

Spotted in the hallway Amazing young players for this giant Villa Paletti game! They went turn after turn for like 5 minutes with only 2 balancing the bottom layer. Amazing!

Then I ran into MeepleLady and Deb! heart

Later Ron and I took out some more games from the library to try out and I read the rules to Kung Fu Hedgehog. New to me!

This has one of the cutest boxes so I had to play it! This is really a quick bluffing game, but, you are blind bidding almost on a random deck of cards in hopes that you don't lose your bet, or maybe you are trying to lose your bet. It is hard to really say. If the game ends one way then you want to have the most other wise if it ends the other way you want to have the least.

It was definitely a very strange game, but I was happy to try it out. I am pretty sure Rick won that game. It was good to see Rick again, he used to go to the Salem group from back when he was in the area. Cool to play some games with him and his friend Ed!

Next up we were joined by WEM for a 5 player game of Bye-Bye Black Sheep. New to me!

This is a push your luck card taking set collecting game! This game has some amazing and adorable art. You goal is to get 3 sets of 3 cards for 3 animals. Each turn you can pull as many cards as you want from any number of players. But, you run the risk of finding the black sheep and losing the cards you might have otherwise had. The first 2 cards you pull are duds and go into your had, but everything after 2 cards you get to put into your scoring pile! Players then draw up to 7 cards, I believe.

You keep going around and around and some animals have special action like the mole can see another players hand of cards.

In the game I kept pushing my luck and for over half of the game I didn't have any cards scored at all. There is a card floating around that will steal from peoples collection so having little or few cards in hand and scoring was almost better.

I had one final epic turn and was able to turn my slim collection of cards into a winning score! Boom, like that instant success!

I have to say I had a great time playing this one if not only for the adorable cuteness! Would totally play this one again.

Eric had a new game for us to try called Narabi! New to me!

This is a very interesting game, not in the BGG Database yet... probably soon since Eric is a big fan of it.

This is a co-op card game with all of the cards in front of people. Some cards have no numbers and other cards have numbers. The game is set up to have an action on the back of each card, and this is pre-assigned at the beginning of the game with help from card sleeves. The goal is to use the actions on the cards and get the numbers in numerical order in either direction.

On your turn you must take one action on one of your 3 cards. Depending on how many rounds it takes you to beat the game will be your score!

In our first game it was nearly in order and we managed to win in just 4 rounds! It was all random but we were incredibly lucky to have most of the numbers lined up! That is probably the best score I will ever get in the game.

The second game we didn't do as well but we did GOOD. was the result I think it took 14 turns or so!

This was a pretty fun agame and one I would definitely play again.

Eric took off and Rick offered to teach us Luxor. New to me!

I really wanted to learn this game since it was nominated! I had to learn it!! This was a very interesting game.

There is a hand management system where you have to play from either end of your hand and new cards get added to the center. Each turn you are moving one of your adventurer and moving closer to the center crypt. Each player has 2 guys to start and you get to unlock more as you go deeper into the pyramid. The further along the path at the end of the game each guy is the more points you will get. As you go you are looking to have guys land on the same spaces so you can claim treasures which is a basic set collection for the 3 types to form the sets. There are lots of scarabs you can collect for points. Lots of ways to score in this game.

It is a pretty simple game and we could easily get into it and play quickly. It is essentially a race game and it will end once the 2nd player moves into the crypt. Someone might rush there with one guy and the game might only then be half over if no one follows along to quickly end it.

Ours was perfect for me. I managed to find some hidden passages that basically dumped me near the end and I scores a LOT of end game points for all of the guys I could get in through there. It was almost like I planned it. I didn't plan it, but had I played the game before I might have played exactly the same way.

Lots of things went my way that game and I am wondering what is left to really explore. I am not sure. I liked the game well enough and I would play again, but, it just didn't excite me like the other nominations had. I didn't really feel like I was doing anything special to score lots of points and win the game. It just seemed a bit lucky. Again, I would definitely play again to see if I feel the same way. Glad I got to play.

Next up we got to play some of the Kinderspiel nominations and first on the table was Emojito!. New to me!

This was Hilarious fun times! We played the basic game then we played an advanced "telephone" mode! So in the game you have a card you look at and depending on the space you are standing on you have to make a face and maybe a noise, or even just a noise. People then have options to choose from and try to guess the card you were mocking.

This was good fun that I was terrible at! Now the telephone version was just even more ridiculous! I loved it so much! You just have to see the series of photos below starting with Scott and ending with Eric. Left to right and then down left to right. .

That was definitely not a game for scoring so much but we were playing to guess and see if we were all correct. I have to say it will be fun for anyone and I know I could easily play this with my family. I totally see why this was nominated!

Right after that we managed to get in a very fast game of Facecards.

Lots of people were spectating but we went through the deck of cards and just played by throwing 1 card into the center. It was great fun and I am pretty sure everyone had a wonderful time. Always such a great time! Moar Facecards!! Would play this every day!

The next Kinderspiel game I got to play was Dragon's Breath. New to me!

I honestly didn't know much about this one other than a nomination and man was I just blown away with the quality of this game! It is a drafting and dexterity game and super fun! This is a game with the WORD fun in it! Can't be more true.

If you are the dragon for the round then the person to your left drafts a gem color (of 5) first then in clockwise order all players draft a gem ending with you! Then you must take the top ring off the stack and gems will likely fall!You get to collect the gems that match your drafted gem token. You toss the gems behind your players dragon. There are holes in the mat that gems might fall into and hopefully not the color gems you were after!

The dragon passes and drafting happens again! Your goal is to collect the most gems at the end of the game!

So simple and so wonderful! I honestly, was not expecting to love this one as much as I do! But just the red dragon and the awesome production and artwork. Man the inside of the box is just amazing! I love everything about this game and hope to play it more and more!

Of course I didn't win either of the games I got to play. Nearly certain Ryan Bruns did though. Ohhh that sneaky Ryan!

He Did this slow mo video on instagram: and it is super cool! There is something just awesome about slow mo falling gems.... and one even went into the hole!

Hhahah Nearly certain I didn't win a single game of this. Though this time around we only played 2 times, but I had an amazing time trying to!

I can't wait to play this game again soon!!

Ryan Bruns wanted to learn to play Ganz schön clever. He had to go up to his room but while we waited, Ron and I decided to play just a 2 player game. Hey hey this time around I managed to succeed in a strategy and not screw up totally.

I picked up several foxes in fact, so I score big time with my 20 points from yellow as my lowest!

Totally beat the Ron that time.

Once Ryan was ready and Dan came around, we got a 4 player game going for Clever. I taught the rules, but people were getting pretty silly by this point and it was hard to focus.

I certainly didn't do as well as the game I just completed, an Ryan did even worse. I think by the end of the game he was understanding it more though. Ron probably destroyed us all, as he does!

I totally get why this game was nominated and have been very much enjoying it. I really like it!!Ryan really enjoyed it as well, even thought he was very very bad at it.

He had recently bought Noch mal! off my recommendation with some extra scoring sheets! Eric joined in for this game and we played 5 players.

Ron was awesome and ended up teaching this one. we were all using different colored sheets and it was awesome. I really am so happy they decided to make different patterns, I think it really opens up the game for a lot more replay!

This time I didn't managed to close off a single color, however I got a lot of columns and some big scoring with having no stars left over. I ended up winning with a mere 19 points. I am glad he brought it along so we could play. Always fun!

Final game of the night Ron and I teamed up against Eric and Ryan for a late night game of Tichu.

This was super epic. Eric loves the game and Ryan loves the game but they both don't get to play enough, though I think Ryan has played more this year than I have... hmmmm. Eric was sort of making a few mistakes which lead to Ron and I totally winning it.

I made a few Grand Calls and some tichus were also made on our end. There were a few great hands in there. I mean I think Ron and I had the majority of awesome hand and it was a streak of bad luck for the other guys.

I have to say this was one of the most fun games I got to play at BGGCon. Extra exciting to play with Eric and Ryan at the same time. Fortunately, they both put up with my banter and smash talk. I can't help it I am very competitive!

Wow that was a lot for Day 0 and Day 1! Please stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

All images in this post are copyright, owned, and controlled by Steph Hodge Photography, Unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase or use my images in anyway.
Thank you.
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***Special POST!*** PRE BGG Con Gaming! 3 Days of Gaming! North American Railways, Senshi, Odin, Sagrada and More! Photography!

Steph Hodge
United States
New Hampshire
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Ready for BGGCON!! I had to prep by playing everyday before as well!

Monday night we were at Joes and I managed to get in a bunch of cool games. We started the night with a 5 player game of For Sale, yes with the correct rules.

So a lot of the problem with this game is that I don't like the original ruleset to this game, and the Monday crowd does. I had to put up a stick about that and we played with the "correct" - updated version rules. The major difference is when bidding you can't match bid, where the first edition allows for this. Dan said he would play with the rules I liked and Geoff kinda huffed and agreed.

We still played and had a good time and I think Ron is on my side with this. Makes the game go faster, which is good too.

This game I ended up getting some decent cards, I screwed up when selling the houses though and got hosed one round. Dan ended up winning by like 20 points, so I clearly didn't do as well as I expected I would.

I have to say I quite enjoy this game, and should bring it out more. Lots of fun choices and best with 4 or 5. Good times.

The main feature of the night was A Feast for Odin. I felt badly since I was mean to Len and said no to a 4 player game. I really dislike this with 4 players, but I have been known to play it with 4. IM SORRY LEN! PLEASE PLAY DOMINANT SPIECES WITH ME.

It was me Ron and Geoff and it moved along pretty quickly. it probably took us about 2 hours. Ron is a jerk as expected.

I had full intentions of filling up the feast line with boats. Yeah, that didn't happen. I picked up a few low scoring exploration boards, which seemed worth it at the time, and did me ok.


I still had a respectable score at the end and Ron was still 15+ points ahead of me. Poor Geoff was a mixed bag all game and ended in 3rd several points behind me. Thankfully he still enjoys the game. It is true we have played it a bunch more times than he had.

I seriously am loving this game and definitely want to play it more than I do. #Top10

Brian and Dan joined in for the next game and it was a 5 player game of another Uwe Rosenberg title Klunker. I had played this once before and enjoyed it well enough.

Never a game I would recommend playing but certainly don't mind playing it. You are managing cards in your hand with your shop and your safe. You are set collecting and trying to outwit the other players.

I actually don't play this game poorly, but I was 2nd to beating out Ron. The scores were 8/8/8/11/14 How did Ron score so much! What the heck.

This is an older title and I am sure many haven't heard of it, but it is cute. As far as fillers go, this is not a fav, but I would definitely play again. There can be a bit of luck involved with the draws so, there is that.

My arm was twisted and a game of Tichu happened next.

Oh how I love this game so much. Ron and I actually make a pretty decent team and he will put up with me. I ended up calling Grand 3 times and Ron Tichu once. No one missed a call so the game was actually pretty quick.

One of the calls I was pretty worried about but had a good feeling, and then I ended up picking up a bomb with the cards. But, Dan and Geoff had all of the Aces so it maybe have been a bit risky... I like a bit of risk in my game play. No guts no glory!


Seriously love this game.

Ron and Steph for the win! WOOHOO! I told Geoff if he wanted to win he had to be on my team. I'm a winner. whistle

Tuesday night Ron and I Went to see Deadpool 2! It was better than the first for sure...

Then we got to playing Sagrada. Basically, I hadn't played in a long while and I wanted to mess around with some interesting photography before heading to BGG so we took it out!

This game plays super quick with 2 players I totally forgot. Lots of great choices to make and patterns to create. This game we didn't have an line or column combinations to try and make so that seemed to make the whole game just easier. We were trying to collect sets of all the colors, which makes the board so pretty!

In the final turn I needed a 6 and it couldn't be 3/5 colors... yeah long shot I ended up using my last stones to throw back a die and try and pull a color I could use to and make it a 6. BOOM I GOT YELLOW! Not was that only perfect, but also made my sets from 3 to 4 of each color. It was a killer lucky final play and I ended up winning. That was awesomesauce.

This game is great! Now enjoy some photos.

We were waiting for the BGG Show live to start and Ron and I played a couple games of The Mind.

I figure we would probably play at some point this weekend... but I still wanted to give it a shot. Ron and I played so poorly last week. This week we totally won the 12 levels!

We moved into the advanced mode with exactly 2 lives and 1 ninja star... so basically set up for regular game. haha we only made it through level 5 before failing on 6. Not the best performance. But we won the first one!!

Awesome awesome game.

Before you ask where I got the cards...

Only about 20-30 people have asked me for the link.

Wednesday night Riley stopped by to play some games with me and then later Ron! We started with a 2 player game of Drop It.

I really like this with 2 players since you can play 2 colors and get to drop more!

This game I happened to have the edge over Riley since I only missed one or 2 drops when he missed 2 or 3. It ended up pretty damn close at the end though.

I was within 10 points of him though. We had built up one side of the game board then had to go back to scoring minimal points compared to the big 8 point drops we had gotten.

I wasn't convinced I would win, but he had a rough break towards the end and missed out on some big points.

Great game! Hope to see the big version around at some cons later this year.

Riley was up for more Dex games and we ended up playing a couple games of Crokinole.

The board was waxed at the end of last year and still had some shine, but I had to dust it off a bit. My board had not been played all year, at least by me and I don't think anyone else had played it either!

Yah, great game that I need to play more of then Riley won't beat me up so bad.

I have good turns and bad turns, and when the bad turns hit, they hit hardddddd.

Riley ended up winning both games we played and it was a wrecking. I am not even sure I broke 50 points in either game. There comes a time when I just kinda am shooting to shoot, and not to play. I really need to focus and I will play a lot better!

Nice job Riley for kicking my ass!

Riley and I were going to play a quick game of Little Town Builders. Ron ended up coming home before we finished setting up so he jumped in for a 3 player game.

It had been a while since I last played, several months anyways, but these rules are super easy to recall. Very easy to play this one.

Ron is just a jerk face. I managed to get all of my goals played out and score a bunch of points from the buildings so I was doing quite well. I really thought I would win this game.

Turns out Ron had saved up enough money to get himself a couple extra points at the end of the game and end up tying me! Ughhhhhhh the rage! In the rules it says "please share victory". shake Any tie breaker would have left me losing so I guess I have to accept it.

I got exciting new games to try and I wanted to try a couple of them out. Since we needed 3 players for it I took out North American Railways. New to me!

This is a new game from Flying Lemur Game Studio so I had to check it out! Most of you know me to not be the biggest train gamer, however this game is a bit different.

This is a share holding game and money management. The game is actually pretty simple and I even read the rules!! surprise

In the game there are 3 phases starting with the share phase. Players in order get to (May) purchase a share. (I got verification on this is a MAY action, in the rules it says may and then it says MUST, so we ended up playing it with the MUST rule.) If there is no director of the share then a player may pay $100 or more and take the share and director train token. The money used here is put into the capital for the stock. If the player is already the director of the stock then they can simply purchase the share at $1000 paying 500 to the bank and 500 to the capital. If another player is the director, then the active player may offer any number $ and the director has the right to buy it at that price paying half to the active player and half to the capital, or let the player buy it and they pay the bank and the capital. If the active player matches shares as the director then they become the new director.

Phase 2 players get to purchase cities! The money used to purchase cities is from the capital pot. the cities are added to the line, this continues and players can continue purchasing cities for the different stocks they hold, each color allowing them to buy one city if able. You can only ever buy so much since the capital $ runs low/out.

Final phase is income phase where you get paid out based on your shares you have collected. You look at the city cards and the green income. Add it up and divide by shares with the director getting an extra $100 if there is extra and then even extra after that will go to the capital.

There is some cool end game scoring for the coast to coast symbols that will score some extra end game points that you are looking to add for your cities that you have lots of share in. But, really, during the game you want more income so you can deal with the offerings and buying more shares. Once you have a share you can't lose it which is nice, but you also can't sell it or do anything else with it either.

It is a pretty simple game here, and it moves at a nice pace. I could feel some of the decisions I was making affected the Ron and what he was doing. I made some good offers that made him think. Ended up nudging in on the Blue line just a bit and got some good points from that.

It was a bit of an asterisk game though since it would have played out much differently with the MAY rule. As it stood it ended with Ron in first about $7300 and Riley $6800 and I was a sad $6300 since I had the rainbow of shares and that probably isn't the best way to play and I only had directorship of 1 line and they each had 2. Riley got screwed over in the final round though since he had to purchase a share that was essentially useless for points, and it cost him $1000 and that could have been the winning $$ for him.

Anyway, now I know that rule and will definitely be playing correctly soon! I have to say I did enjoy this game, I felt a lot of tension and choices in under and hour game play and that's what I like. No I will not be trying 18xx any day soon, I won't do it! Leave me alone!

I look forward to playing again maybe with more peoples!

Next up Riley had a game for us to play called Sticky Chameleons. New to me!

We had to play this! Anything with the rubbery sticky expandable throwing toy thingys you have to play with is a game I have to play. Haha I did a few videos on Instagram yesterday so they might still be there now if you are reading this early.

This is a dex game to collect the bugs. But you have to roll the dice and then find the appropriate bug with the tongue you are using. If you pick up a hornet then you don't get the point you might have otherwise gotten. Oh also once you collect the bug, you might not get the point, you have to take it off the tongue and put it back on the table, meanwhile all other players get to try and steal it from you so they are whacking you in the face with their tongues. laughlaugh

It is stupid silly fun and I caught a good pick of Ron going at it! Ron absolutely killed us. I am not sure Riley even scored a point... I think I got 3 though!

This was great, I would love to play this again, so I told Riley to bring it to Fun group at some point. Stupid fun is my kinda game!

Final game of the night was Senshi. New to me!

This caught my eye from the Origins Preview list and Arcane Wonders and I was interested in learning more.

This game is for 2-4 players and you are trying to score your tokens as best and evenly as possible. But, you also just want to have the tallest single stack at the end of the game in order to win! However, having the smallest single stack will cause you to be eliminated. So, don't have the smallest stack.

To start the game you select one stack to put into your hand. Then On your turn you choose to do one of 3 things. You can move a stack from the middle of the table onto your player sheet and this is the Study action. You can only do this if you have room for a stack. Maximum 3 stacks at a given time.

The second action you could choose is Train, and this is when you take a single tile from the stop of any non-scoring stack. It can be from a players sheet or the middle of the table. This tile goes into your hand with the others you might have.

Finally the last action you could take is the test action and you take a tile from your hand and score it to the appropriate space. You then can move all of that color from the top most on your study stacks that match it. If I play a red and 2/3 top pieces in the stacks I have are red then I would move those top most pieces. Each other player can also follow this action and score any reds they have on top of their stacks as well.

You are simply trying to collect the different colors and have the largest stack at the end of the game.

In our game it turned out Riley was able to get a min of 4 in each of his columns and because Ron and I could only manage a min of 3 in our stacks we were eliminated and Riley won by default! Super unfair!

I would have had the tallest stack otherwise, so that was a big bummer.

The game plays out super quick which is great. There are a few variants in the rules you can try different rules for scoring, which would be cool, I will want to try those out! It is pretty abstract and guessing as to who will play and score what, so you want to try and be in on as much scoring as possible. I enjoyed this one and would want to play some more. The green and blue colors look pretty similar in person but they pop nicely in the photos below so that is good. I just know Dan will complain about it in the coming weeks.

Look forward to the next game.

Seriously, Now on to BGG Con!!

New to the Collection:
North American Railways
Spoils of War

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

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Please contact me if you would like to purchase or use my images in anyway.
Thank you.
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Jurassic Fish Snacks in Bruxelles. More from Gaia Project, Trajan, Dilluvia Project, Arle, Keyper! Photography and more!

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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Monday night we were too late to get to Joes for games so we decided to play at home. We ended up giving Dilluvia Project a whirl.

I learned this when it first came out and have played it periodically since then. This game has great potential to be awesome. Ron and I both really enjoyed this game, but some of the fiddly rules and icons make it much more difficult than necessary.

I ended up selling my copy which is why I wanted to get in one final play. I am still okay with letting it go, it is a great game, but I feel like I will have other opportunities to play in the future. The rules are pretty straight forward but annoying to recall. Ron needed the full refresher since I had played it last and remembered most.

Eh it went well for him anyways since he managed to beat me out by a few points. This game can take a long while since you can really AP on your turn to best calculate how to manage everything. I like how the scoring goes, it is definitely unique and interesting. It makes it difficult when so many similar icons match up it is hard to know if it is moving on the point track or your player mat. There needs to be some distinction.

Regardless, Ron ended up winning, and I cheated to get a few more points to still be second place either way. I am sure I could have spent a whole lot of time figuring out how to best score but I said f it and just hoped for the best. lol

Good game, sad to see it go, but I think it will find a better home and more play in another's collection. Would gladly revisit this one.

Tuesday a couple new games showed up and I had to get them play right away!

We started with Little Big Fish. New to me!

This is a 2 player game, designed for families and kids. The pieces are amazing and you get to play with these adorable fish! I went to town with a photo shoot for this and Jurassic Snack, below. This is an abstract game where you get a couple actions on your turn to move a fish or 2 fish one space. You might land on a ? space and have to pull a tile to see what your fate is. You might land on plankton which will immediately grow your fish to be one size larger. of if you are a baby fish you can swim past the sunken ships and into a space on the other side. Only baby fish may do that. If you land on a space of your opponent and they have a fish the same or smaller in size than your fish then you get to eat them.

Your goal is to eat 5 fish of your opponents. Or, cause them to have 1 or fewer fish on the board and then you win!

Pretty simple, but definitely an abstract. I had a solid lead off the bat and nabbed a few of Rons fish. But, the ? spaces really had me pushing my luck too hard. I got some great pulls and found additional plankton to help grow my fish large. There is a ? tile that kills my fish and Rons fish if he happens to be on the same board as me. I found this fisherman 2 times! It was super rough, losing my fishes like that.

Because of those fisherman I wasn't able to recover fast enough, and Ron was able to come in and stop me from getting across the board to his plankton spaces to grow my fish larger again. There are only 4 plankton spaces on the board and you can use each space only 1 time... so you have to really hope for the best!

It is a 5-10 minute game so all is not lost if you lose quickly. You can simply play again! This game was super cute and I love the quality here. I would happily play this again. When Ron's niece is old enough, I will bring this out to play with her. Very cute.

Next up we played a quick game of Jurassic Snack. We actually got to playing this in April! This is why I wanted to play again!

I mean these pieces are amazing I did a full on photoshoot with them because they are so inspiring! Dinos are soooo cute!

Because Ron had beat me so badly the first game, I felt it was only fair for me to completely destroy him this game. We didn't even clear half of the board before I was able to wipe him off the map totally. He had a few unlucky tile draws so he ended up pulling the trex a couple times and then it was all down hill from there!

Excellent! He was going for points but not watching his back. I was making babies and had my grounds covered. Boom, wiped him off the map!

Super cute game and I hope you can appreciate the photography below!

Wednesday night Ron and I got to playing a late night game of Fields of Arle & Fields of Arle: Tea & Trade. This was actually the FIRST OFFICIAL play of the expansion since its release. I have played the expansion but in the Beta test format. Knew I would pick up the expansions sooner or later so waited until I had an opportunity to help support flgs.

This game was actually going pretty well for me. I was feeling very good. I didn't try hard for the boats or the tea, though I very much wanted the tea, couldn't make it work. I was going for the buildings and I had all the food in the world. It was actually quite nice having a lot of food.

I was in need of wood all game, I should have invested in forests sooner, I always underestimate the forests. ugh talking about this game now really makes me want to play again right now!

It is tough losing to Ron so frequently though. I can't recall the last time I beat him. Its been like 10-30 games since the last time. haha I have no idea though.

We scored quite high Ron with 144.5 and I was 140.5 I mean that is pretty damn good. Just needed to flip one more Forest to tie him! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo

Collin and I managed to get in a quick game of Cities in! Love this game! So glad we have been given the chance to play more frequently.

This game I was all messed up since I was playing on a pillow. Trying to balance the meeples on the tiles and find the next tile. I will blame that on my loss!

Haha Collin got me this time with a score of 63 to my 62! It was so close! Nicely done Collin, it won't ever happen again. whistle

Thursday night was fun group! yay! I brought along Gaia Project. Ron ended up teaching it to Joe and Scott, and we played a 4 player game.

I honestly dislike this game with 4 players, I really don't like it and would rather not play with 4 at all. So, never again! Never say never, I know, but I really don't like it. 3 is definitely the best.

I had a pretty good game this time, considering no one was giving me any sort of bonus power at all. It was just terrible. I could have gotten one more city if anyone would give me any kind of power push. I think I got 2 power pushes all game. It was a mess. Everyone was terraforming the planets that I could easily terraform or even taking my red planets.

It was a mess, but I still managed to come in second, probably since I had played before. Ron was still far beyond and around the corner nearly lapping Scott. Whoops.

I think Joe and Scott both quite enjoyed it regardless. It definitely takes a few plays to warm up.

I am good on playing this again for a bit, but I like it, just not with 4.

Saturday was game day! Woohoo! Lots of people showing up early and we started a 6 then 7 then 8 then 9 player game of Penny Papers Adventures: Skull Island. Yay!

I got to share this game with so many people. I really have been enjoying this one. I loved how everyone would throw their papers into the middle when the skull was rolled. It was hilarious and fun.

I did better this time around, I think I managed to find 4 treasures. but they were all weak in scores so it was still not that high scoring. But, we all had a great time playing. Jeroen was the one with the winning score this time. I still think he was well above my score which was 47 and he was in the 70s. But I know I beat Dan and Shrey, so small victory?

At the end of the day I asked Scott which in the series he liked and he agreed with me that Skull Island was most fun. He was able to test out the other 2 games during the day and he liked pin pointing the treasures like I do! It is a fun challenge and actually quite hard! Sounds easy enough but there is more to it than meets the eye!

NEED MORE BOATS! I can't wait to play this more and more!

Joe H had mentioned wanting to play Trajan. I was up for it. I really love this game and rarely got to play it. Shrey and i joined in and we played 3 player.

Shrey and I played on NYE and Joe didn't get to play at all last year. I do find it funny that he commented on Dinosaur island having too many mesh of mechanics, where this is exactly the same. A mesh of things combined.

I still love both anyway, this was a great game. I think I ended up losing by 1 point. I was sad because this is a game I can usually win against Joe! So, that was sad- I should have done better!

It was the bad card draws. I had my starting goal tile to collect 2 types of cards and went digging through the deck SEVERAL times and ended up NEVER seeing one of the symbols that scored me 3 points each. Ugh with even just one of those I could have won. So that was a bit frustrating. I went digging a lot!

Still amazing game that I am glad I got to play!

I had been interested in playing Familiar's Trouble. It had been a long while since I last got this one played and it had been on the brain.

This one is great because it is unique. 3 player trick taking co-op game. I honestly can't think of another game with those qualities.

Shrey was learning, and I asked Joe to teach since i wasn't sure I would get all the rules correct. After the explanation it all became clear again. We were all trying to collect the trick with the values on the played cards to match the order cards. If we could do that then we could collect those cards for their points.

Lets just say this was not our best game. I have played it worse though!

We managed a mediocre score though. I think mid way you did OK. haha

There were a few rounds where we just couldn't complete anything and that really hurt our score- you should always complete SOMETHING!

This game is from Ninja Star Games and they have another one Yokai Septet coming to kickstarter tomorrow. I will talk more about that one later, since I got to play that too!

Before game day I made a list of games I was interested in playing and Shrey revisited the rules so we could play Bruxelles 1893.

I have owned this a long while. My first play was terrible and I hated it, then I bought it. I bought it since I WANTED TO LOVE IT. Second play was 2 player and just didn't play out well enough for me to really enjoy. This was either my 3rd or 4th play and it was with 4 players. I do think 4 players is the right count for this game.

So it had been a long long long while since I last played this. I this there are a lot of great mechanics happening in this game, and would recommend any serious Euro gamer give this one a shot at some point. It is by no means intuitive or easy, so you wouldn't want to play with newbies they would just be so lost.

If there was a better flow or understanding to the game, I think it would get played more frequently. But, because it is not easy to throw out there on the random occasion, it doesn't get played a whole lot.

Star had a great time playing this one, this time. He was like Can I buy this from you. haha I am not selling it. I don't love this game but for whatever reason, I just want to keep it around. It makes no sense! It is because even after all the plays I still really want to love it. So I will keep trying it occasionally. I think it is just too long. Every game I have played has been far too long and drawn out. I just wish it to be shorter!

Star ended up winning this game. I had miscalculated my actions when Shrey took a space unexpectedly at the end and I really needed the space to do a big point action. Boo. That would have won me the game. It was all around close though. From first to last was within 20 points.

I am glad we could revisit it again. Maybe it is a once a year type game. Thanks to Shrey to relearning the game and teaching! Couldn't have done it without you!

Derek was finally done with the game he was in and wanted to show us the revised Prototype- Comic Auction. Man has this game come a long way with still giving the same feeling from when I first played it.

Lots and lots of changes since Feb, and Derek had taken the game and revamped it with some artwork. he was working with Chris to help make the game better with development and a bit of personality.

the game play was faster and there is no debt system anymore. All in all quick auction game that I quite enjoy and will be happy if it finds a home with a publisher.

Derek has clearly played a lot since he was able to squish us in this game play. We were all just hosed. Shrey and I felt a bit hosed because we were down to pennies and couldn't bid on the lot at hand in several cases. Big $ was being exchanged between Derek and Pete and there was nothing we could do to really stop it.

We ended up losing big time, me even more so. whoops! I would still be happy to play again though especially now that I have a better idea.

Pre-gameday I recruited Pete and Shrey to play Exit: The Game – The Forbidden Castle. New to me!

Besides the promo game for the Exit series, I hadn't played one before. I have been told to though. This was a treat. We also took along Derek for the ride.

Ron and I crushed the intro game. The 4 of us completely failed this one. well, we managed 4/10 stars so yeah room for improvement. I put spoiler around some of the images, but I don't think it really spoils much, but just in case you are sensitive- don't look.

This is a one shot deal. It is already in the recycle bin now, since you really can't reuse it. This doesn't bother me at all in a game. We ended up playing over 2 hours and was eventually successful. It is not a game I would want to revisit anyway! I am happy we were able to experience it. Reminded me a lot of the intro game, so it makes me wonder if they are all very much the same? How different are the games in the series?

I don't know where it falls in the line up of the escape type games they are all pretty similar to me. I have fun with them, but in general I am not sure they are actually my type of game. I am happy to try them out though. I am glad they are one shot deals.

Spoiler (click to reveal)

Geoff and Chris were available so I got to play with them!! We decided on playing Keyper!

Seriously love this game the more I play it. It is always such a challenge to figure out the best play! This was my 7th time playing this year. Goes to show I quite enjoy this one! After lots of played I think this has become my favorite game that I learned last year. Edging out over Dinosaur Island which I still love but not as much as this.

Chris had played once with me a while back and Geoff played more recently.

We randomly found me to go first, and that was the end of the game. Not really but the flop of tiles offered up 3 boats strategy tiles. Boom, I was on it before anyone knew what hit them. I ended up collecting all 3 of those tiles within a few turns. I definitely don't consider this an absolute winning condition, but it was a good start to a promising finish.

I happen to have several more plays of this in and experience helps my position anyway.

I think Geoff was feeling the 3rd position place, but he didn't complain like Dan had that one time in a 3 player game who was convinced that it was weak. blah blah blah. Just play better, Dan.

I felt bad for Chris since he was looking a bit pained by this game. He had limited guys, and I have been in that position before, and it really feels terrible when you have such few guys to work with, but I made it work, while I didn't win that time I did have a pretty close second place score so while it hurts during the game, there are still things to do and work with.

I ended up getting a lot of buildings down and upgraded for a ton of points. It allowed for me to win the game by quite a margin. I was 114 and Geoff was around 95 I think and Chris in the 70s. I managed to go from 11 shipping points to 40 in the final round. I took ALL of the boats in the first actions I could of the round. I was getting a ton of points from that and selling what I could. It was a crazy round for me and points.

If I keep playing that way, I don't think I will have any gaming friends. I have to chill on the winning by that much. I duno Ron still has friends, so its possible to keep them around.

Seriously love this game.

Next up people were about to go but we managed to keep them around for one more game of Facecards. New to me!

I saw Scott playing this last week from his blog and HAD to play it! He customized it to have pics of me and Jess and some famous designers. The game is simple. You select 2 cards from your hand with resembling features or ideas and one goes to the middle the other in front of you. All players do this you add 1 from the stack to the center pile those are mixed and revealed. Each player turns the one over in front of themselves and you go around trying to guess who match what with the faces in front of themselves.

Simple and hilarious party game. I love that they give you cards to use for customizing and Scott totally nailed it. This game didn't go over so great with the players, But I absolutely loved it!

Next time we have to get the right crowd playing. IE- Derek, Riley, Kim etc It would be so much more fun.

We still managed a few good laughs. Dan, Shrey and I all lost with only 5 points at the end of the game. I think Jeroen won with 11... yeah so that was apretty big difference. haha we were failures!

Really fun to play though!

Jess made it into the game- Thanks Scott for the customized cards! I forgot to take a pic of mine!

Chris had wanted to learn Welcome To....

Dan did such a poor job teaching this game to Chris, We actually had to play again! Chris thought that the Fences allowed for him to start the low values over again. I only noticed him playing that way 3/4ths the way through, so we played out the rest of the game and did it again.

This first game I actually scored pretty well, still not well enough to beat the Ron. But was up in the 90s The second game I was going for the BIS objective and it just didn't pan out for me. The 3 Bis cards that showed up when I needed them were all connected to the wrong numbers so I couldn't place them on my board at all. Ugh it was a total wreck. I could have gotten like 20 more points if I just got a BIS card that worked for me.

I ended the game since I got 3 turns without having anything to do. Yah, it was bad. Ended with low 40s. Easy low man that game. Poor show!

I think Chris really liked it and will end up picking up a copy when it gets to the US soon. Great game!

Since I make Dan play a lot of games, he brought along Stumblewood for us to try. New to me!

This is a memory game where the person to you right has your path for escape. You don't know your path but as you go, you are learning the path and the traps included. If you run into a hole you have to jump, or scream "ouch" you need the first aid kit etc. Different trials along the way and you are in search of your exit.

There is a timer, so when that runs out you have to go to the next player. You have to wait until it comes around to your turn again to hopefully recall what you already learned and move on from there. It was pretty challenging, and we were just playing on easy mode. I think it took on average 3 turns for people to escape. This was a smaller board than the backside which was much larger and I am sure a longer path to get out as well.

We were playing the game and doing the actions and it was just not that much fun. Definitely a game to be played and very cool big foam pieces, but just not fun. This is not one I would care to play again. I am not sure any of us had fun. Shrey won!

Final game of the night was Yokai Septet this was perfect timing since the game is hitting Kickstarter Tuesday May 22nd! If you are a fan of team trick taking games then you will enjoy this one!! I reallly love it and so excited that this will be more readily available to people.

The art and cards in my photos are not the finished quality and design so those are more refined now.

I love all of the colors different sets of numbers. It is a super cool trick taking game. Ron and I did not make the best of partners this time around.

He was angry with me since I was bugging him about his choices on card plays. I totally blame him for our loss though. He was just in I don't care mode for the night though and there was nothing I could do. We won 1/3 hands but Dan and Shey had the ultimate victory.

The final hand was a disaster, I had short suited myself in all the wrong suits and it ended up giving an early win to Dan and Shrey since I had no choice but to give them 7s. You want to gain the 7s for yourself though. Again, really bad, but luck of the draw and pass had it that way.

Always happy to play this one. I look forward to seeing it on the Kickstarter!

Sunday I had a Bridal Shower (below), but when I got home Ron and I got to playing some games. We started with Fast Forward: FLEE. New to me!

The 3rd game in the FF series! I didn't know this had Alice in Wonderland theme! How fun!

I didn't know much about the game until I read the first rules cards which states that if it is a players turn and they have the Monster in their play area then everyone loses. It is a co-op game with 4 active characters. Since we were playing 2 player we each took on the role of 2 characters.

It is sort of a puzzle type game where you are working with the action cards on hand, and trying to fins the best way to play them and in the correct order.

Ron and I only made it to Chapter 1 a total of 2 times. So we were just terrible at this game. We can't seem to figure out how to get past a certain point in the game.

It is definitely tricksy and I can't wait to play more and HOPEFULLY figure it out! Ron wasn't interested in trying a 3rd time. I will bring it out with the fun people next chance I can. Maybe Shrey/ Derek and I can figure it out.

I love the artwork and theme so I definitely want to continue that journey into the box!

Keeping up with the Roll n Write theme of the week, We had to bring out Ganz schön clever apparently now on Brettspielwelt I will have to figure out how to get that on this computer. I am a bit behind on that!

I love this game! And I am getting better at it! Woohoo! This time I actually was able to collect some Foxes and score lots of points. I beat out the Ron! Wow! Maybe I just need to play 2 player and my chances of winning are much higher.

He was rolling very poorly which is probably why he lost so badly. But, I got a lot of early Re rolls so I was able to use those for my poor rolling skills. He never picked those up which would have clearly helped him out a great deal!

Loving this game so much!

Final game of the weekend was The Mind. We ended up playing 4 times, but will count as 3 since I totally screwed up on the first level and insisted we start over.

First 2 games were normal and we only made it to round 9. the 3rd game we played face down and made it to level 4. Hahahah we were definitely not in sync at all for these games. I just think we weren't focused. It was definitely a poor show for us, We did so well last time we tried. I duno what happened, maybe we were hungry since it was right before dinner?

Will have to try again soon!

Friday night I got to talking about Roll n Writes on Steph's Hodgepodge of gaming! Check it out!

Randomness of the week:

Ron and I had a Laminating party! We laminated a bunch of new and older titles not yet laminated!

Christina's Bridal shower. She is marrying my Brother this August!

Oh Yah, I saw these happy meal toys- they looks so cute!

See you at BGG.Con this weekend?! Say Hi if you are there!

New to the Collection:
Jurassic Snack
Little Big Fish
Junk Orbit
The Tea Dragon Society Card Game

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

All images in this post are copyright, owned, and controlled by Steph Hodge Photography, Unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase or use my images in anyway.
Thank you.
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New York New York It's A Wonderful Place! Weekend Away,to Manhattan! There is Never Trouble with Penny Paper Adventures!

Steph Hodge
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New Hampshire
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Monday night was game night! Oh it is nice to be able to head back to Monday night group, it had been a while. We got to play some great games! First on the table was Ganz schön clever. It was almost a duel since another table was just starting a 4 player game and Ron, Lou and I played a 3 player game.

I have really been enjoying this game and the challenge of trying to get the dice you wan in the order you want them. No matter what I try to push the hardest, I always seem to miss out on a few critical steps to actually completing the goal. This time I just needed a blue 10 to really make it all work out for me. Nope, not so much.

I still think I managed to score my best game yet with a final score of 216. Which was no match for Ron who scored 217 and Lou who won with 218! WHAT THE HECK! In the words of Christian Kang "I'm LIVID!" again, he makes me laugh so much and I can't help but think of all his posts with that quote. Hilarious, and sums up my thoughts on this game!

Always a fun time! And apparently Nominated!

I have been wanting to play Tichu for weeks. I didn't get to play NEARLY enough at the Gathering. It was supposed to be a daily occurrence! Not so much as I only played once! Worked out for me and Ron though on Monday.

We ended up playing 2 games and Ron had the privilege of being my partner for these games and having to deal with me. Which means I also had to deal with him.

I was hoping between the 2 of us we could call grand each hand. But, we ended up not doing that. I think we called grand and tichu like 8-10 times in the 2 games though. Missed only a couple of the calls.

Ron and I still won BOTH game. We just are amazing, that is all. Geoff would probably say we just had better cards, which we did... haha Though they did manage to get 1 or 2 really good hands! But we still beat them to the ground, just to be sure. Couldn't get their hopes up or anything!

Ugh I love this game wish I could play it more and more!

A fast game of Drop It was in order. Dan and Geoff were learning. and I hadn't ever played with 4 players before.

There are options for a team game, and I think that might be better with 4 players. I really like this game as a 2 player game best. With 4 players, you get to drop so many fewer pieces and I could really feel the last player advantage here.

I was going first, but It kinda left me like, booo wish I had one more turn. So yeah, I clearly didn't win. I wonder if someone going first has won this game before, I want to see that video! You do get tokens that are worth 3 points at the end of the game if you don't spend them. But, if you screw up a move you can spend it to ignore the dropping rule and score as you normally might. That was nice, since you get a lot fewer turns.

I am pretty sure Geoff or Ron won. I know I came in 3rd, so there was hope for me not being utterly last, but it was probably Dan since he is bad at games.

always a good time, I think I will stick to 2p for now!

One more game for the night was MetroX. I was so glad Joe H was there with this game since I have been thinking about it all weekend before.

I really want to figure it out and do well at it, but it is proving to be quite a task to play this game well for me.

I did much better this game, but it was still not a winning score. I think Joe R was sad I was using his amazing pink pen. I mean this pen was awesome.

This game is so awesome, I wish we could easily get it! Nope. Perhaps soon... Will see. Should have put in a request from anyone I know who went to Tokyo Game Market, but I don't want to put that burden on people. I will figure a way to get it soon.

Later that night Ron and I played a couple games of The Mind. Later in the week we ended up playing 3 more games.

I have been all about trying to beat the advanced mode. I believe we won the first game late on Monday just regular mode, but then when we played the advanced mode we didn't make it very far.

It is all a blur at this point. The 3 other games were definitely all losses. We played it out just to see. When we played the advance mode we made it to level 9. It is not that bad and the 3rd time we have made it to level 9 on advanced. Ugh I know we can do better!!! At least I think we can.

Seriously can't get enough of this game, Bringing it around wherever I go and try to play as often as I can. #wanttowinmore

Tuesday I managed to get a few games played with Collin before the Ron got home. First up was NMBR 9.

It had been a while since I last played and forgot all the rules. Okay that is not true, this game is very simple and it would be hard to forget the rules at this point.

I am just terrible at this game. I have occasionally played well before, but this one really wasn't going my way. Collin on the other hand showed me who was boss 2 games in a row. I REALLLY wanted revenge in the 2nd game, but yah not so much, he just won again, with a better score. I always love to play this game. Even when I lose, I have a good challenge.

Ron came home just as we were about to play Cities So he jumped in and played with us.

More Cities is more amazing! I love this game and could easily play it every day and be happy. Maybe I need to start playing solo games to just try and get the best scores.

Woohoo Steph's winning streak in Cities continues. I am pretty good at this game. I still didn't think that I did the best job I could but I got in the 60s. Ron was second in the 50s and poor Collin was in the 40s for 3rd.

I still know I could have played better, isn't that always the way though.

After Cities, I sent Ron to Mow the Lawn Sorry Ron!! Collin and I played one more game of Welcome To.... Collin was anxious to play this one again since having played it last week with me.

It can be quite addictive. I have been there! This game I went all for the BIS strategy and it is so hard to do that well. I ended up with so many negative points I ended up losing this game. How did that happen?! Hhaha I was really not paying attention I suppose. Collin was able to finish all of the goals on the final turn as I managed to not be able to place my 3rd number on the final turn. Ugh it was a poor showing for me for sure!

Welcome to HIVILLE!

Later that night Ron and I got to playing Imhotep. I literally only played this one 2 years ago when it first came out and it was in German so it was really hard to manage the play through with all of the event cards in German. Fortunately we had Henning there to translate when we did.

I had a great play that one time though and I am shocked it took this long to play again! Newly acquired game, and soon to be expansion so it is a good time to play again for sure!

If you are unfamiliar with this game it is a game of chicken. You are actively trying to out smart the other players around the table. Each turn you are either collecting cubes to your supply, playing a cube to an available ship, or sailing any available ship to a site for cubes to be delivered.

Each ship has a minimum cube requirement for it to be shipped, so the larger boat might want at least 3/4 cubes on the ship before it can sail off. Cubes are delivered to the site and each site offers a different form for scoring. There is even a B side for each of the sites so you can mix up the game play each time with having different goals to work towards!

The 2 player game is pretty cut throat, at least for me. I see an opportunity to ship Ron's boat to perhaps an unwanted location, I will take it. For example, the A side is what we were playing on and the Obelisk site offers 10 points to the person with the most cubes there. I decided right off that any chance I could I would ship a boat with only his colors there, and just forget about that location. I think he ended up with like 6-8 cubes there in the end and I had 1. so all of those cubes that were used there were essentially wasted.

There is always a market available in the games and there are cool bonus cards you can collect if your cubes are delivered there. You might find an immediate action, or a better action for later, or best some end game scoring cards. I managed to pick up a few of those in our game. It gave me some strategy on how to play a certain region of the board.

I am not sure Ron was happy with me this game, I was really messing with him. I ended up winning by a good deal! Yay! I did something right for once. I got the evil glare though. Excellent!

It was a great time, and I hope to play with more people soon and try out the B side of the boards, I think I am ready! Then perhaps the expansion will offer even more boards! I definitely had fun with this game.

Since I took a cool pic earlier in the week, I felt it was necessary to play a game of Birdie Fight!.

We only played one hand it is generally all I need in order to be fulfilled for a while. I enjoy the game, but there can be a lot of tension. That's good, I just don't need to play many rounds. Ron jsut makes me mad.

I actually played a very good game this time! I am shocked, i do feel you get better the more and more you play. I had a hand of dud cards with my highest being a 6 and about all of the 1s. You really want a good selection of cards with a lot of a single color so you can maybe try and focus. Since I didn't have that and at most had 3 of a color, I had to really be ready to convert my strategy and color system on the spin of a dime.

I was making sure all of the scored columns were about as even as I could make it and then go in for the big drop in the end for big reveal. Totally worked out for me and it felt amazing! I really wasn't sure what was going to happen, but hey I was smarter than Ron for a moment. yeah Buddy! or should I say Yeah Birdie!

birdie fight

It was a gorgeous day and we had a pretty tree so you get a fun Selfie!

Since we had plans to visit Manhattan that weekend, I felt it was a requirement to play Manhattan. I mean how could I NOT play it, after all I wanted to try out for some cool pics! I set up a fun photoshoot at home, we played then I took some pieces to NY with us and nabbed some cool shots there too!

This game is just a knockout. I love the pieces so much, I wish it played 8 people all with different colors, that would be amazing. Ron hadn't ever played this game before so I ended up teaching him and the rules are about the same except you are using 2 colors and each round you are placing 4 of each color on your sheet and will use them all by the end of the round. You are scoring for both colors, but you will combine the scores in the end for the most points!

The board definitely felt like you had more control over the areas, but it also felt very open. Of course I lost miserably to Ron who was just dominating every which way, but that was ok. I think I ended up losing by like 10 points! Could have been worse.

While you have more control over the 2p game, I still like I like the chaotic means of the 4 player better. The down part of the 4p game is people can just be pointed meanness, but the game is over so fast it doesn't seem to bother me as much I guess. Fun easy game, will have to play with my family soon!

In Manhattan, I felt it was necessary to bring some of the game along with me.

Thursday I got a cool package full of exciting new Roll n Write games! I had to immediately learn and play them with Ron, since I couldn't wait to try them out! These games from Sit Down! are called: Penny Papers Adventures: The Temple of Apikhabou ages 7+, Penny Papers Adventures: Skull Island ages 8+, finally, Penny Papers Adventures: The Valley of Wiraqocha ages 9+. New to me!

I was so excited to try these since I saw Gerty playing them. I love how the games increase in difficulty as you continue through the series. As you expect we started with the easy and moved on. All of the games feel totally unique having a similar feeling to them. You can almost guess how to play the next game before actually reading the rules, but the increase in difficult with a few bonus rules is where the twist is!

The games each have 3 dice 1-5 and a special face on them. In each of the games you will find Penny the adventurer on one of the dice and you will find a green symbol and red symbol which are specials. The red one is always something bad. You will have to change papers with another player and they get to draw that bad symbol somewhere on your board. With the proper number you will be able to get rid of the harm later though. The green is special depending on the game you are playing.

In each game if a red symbol isn't rolled then you have the opportunity to use all of the dice in any combination you want. Usually you have to play adjacent to another number already placed, but that can mean diagonally. If Penny is ever rolled then she can be a value 1-15 of your choosing. If the red symbol is rolled then the other dice don't matter at all and all players have to take the penalty.

In the first game, Apikhabou, Players are trying to make a long chain of incremental numbers. But, there is also a bonus for a set of 3 of the same number. The green symbol is a key and when that is rolled players must place the number from the dice combination in a locked room, which is generally very helpful! The game ends when there are no more spaces to be filled in on the game board.

In the Second game Skull Island, players are trying to pin point treasure on an island. Placing numbers so 4 of them form a position on the map! The Boat is the green face on one die and can be placed anywhere on the water. The boat also act as a wild number for the treasure target! if four 6s find a treasure then the treasure value is 6! Your goal is to find 5 treasures!

The final game is a little different and you are using groupings of numbers to form a cluster. Different clusters are different point values at the end of the game, but the green icon when rolled gives you the chance to place a structure. These structures will score points based on the surroundings! You are definitely planning and best calculating your odds in the game.

What is so cool about these games is that they all offered a different map on the other side of the score sheet. So, each game really has 2 maps to use which is also a little bit more challenging than the basic map. I really love how each game ramped up in difficultly without really adding too much.

Of course I was still no match for the Ron who completely killed me each and every time. We both agreed, the first game was okay and the second 2 were much better and more interesting. If I had to pick one I would say Skull Island was my favorite. I love the game within the game of trying to line up intersections with numbers. At least it felt that way.

We kinda had a mis-communication on the end game scoring for the final game, so I ended up getting a -30 to my score since Ron forgot to mention it. HA so yeah it was an epic loss for me that game. Still hilarious and I know I will do better next time! I can't wait to use the back of the sheets to see how that will change it up!

These games were awesome!! I can't wait to play them more and more! Maybe one day I can beat the Ron.

Friday night Ron's family came over to have family dinner. Katie was around and I felt it was the perfect time to try out Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Game. New to me!

Yes, it is listed under Trouble and YES I have played Trouble before. This however, is not really Trouble! It should not be under the same name, but I am not quite sure how to go about proposing it having its own entry.

In this game there are cards and you actually don't get kicked out of a space if you were to land on another player. You still need a 6 to get out and start moving around the board. But when you roll a 6 you also get another turn. So some significant changes from basic Trouble, though you could still simply play Trouble.

I liked the cards, They were interesting. I didn't like the lose a turn card, but that can be dealt with accordingly. The game is and forever will be a roll and move.

Katie wasn't that into playing the first game with me and Jay, but she warmed up and joined in with Butterfly the Unicorn and Twigs the giraffe for games 2 and 3.

Jay must be very good at these games since he managed to win all 3 games! I couldn't roll a 6 to save my life! Or if I did roll a 6 then I would roll another one right then so I couldn't move out another pawn. Haha comedy of errors.

I love Harry Potter and if I am to play Trouble, I might as well make it HP themed! Happy to have this around when Katie comes to dinner so we can play.

This past weekend Ron and I took off for NYC! It had been a long while since we last went and it was time we saw some shows again! Up first was the famed Hello Dolly starring an old time fav Bernadette Peters and (ALIAS FOREVER) Victor Garber heart. They were both amazing and so much fun to watch. I put this show on when I was in 8th grade so I was familiar with the songs and loved every second!

Later we had some time to kill and ended up seeing A Quiet Place (which was pretty scary!) That was just to kill time before Anastasia, the nights performance we were attending and had second row! This was a favorite movie when I was a kid, and I really had wanted to see this since I heard about it! So glad we could go it was a spectacle with an amazing cast! So much fun!

It was Raining out but we waited in line with an umbrella! Yay for remembering the umbrella!

The next day Ron and I played lots of Blackjack at Foxwoods. I had gotten us tickets to see another one of my favorite shows which happened to be at Foxwoods that night! We got to go and see Cinderella! Oh how I love this show so so much! Seriously, amazing music. We were sitting super far back but with incredible zoom I managed to get some half decent photos.

That was all for this week, it was amazing fun, I always have so much fun going to see all the musicals in a weekend. Back to all the gaming next week!

New to the Collection:
Penny Papers Adventures: The Temple of Apikhabou
Penny Papers Adventures: Skull Island
Penny Papers Adventures: The Valley of Wiraqocha

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


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I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

All images in this post are copyright, owned, and controlled by Steph Hodge Photography, Unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase or use my images in anyway.
Thank you.
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A New Month Means New Challenge to Learn SO MANY GAMES! Fast Forward to the EXIT into MetroX and Hell Village! Watch out for the Eclipse!

Steph Hodge
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Early last week we got to playing lots of interesting games. I recently got a stack of Fast Forward titles I wanted to check out Fast Forward: FEAR. New to me!

If you are familiar with the series I think this one will definitely remind you of the others. I have played the Fortress one before. This has a similar feeling. You are either drawing a card or playing a card to the table. If the card you play causes the total to be greater than 15 value then you bust the table and you reset. You have a hand limit of 3 cards some might be negative or 0, some might even have a reaction once played. As you get deeper into the stack of cards you are uncovering new rules, and different game play. It is sort of a small box legacy game.

It is interesting. We played several rounds where each round is a game to try and see new rules and try different things. When you play though, whomever busts has to discard their hand of cards out of the game, while all other cards get reshuffled and placed on top for the next game.

I think we ended up playing 4 games in a row and we were getting into new rule territory. All I know is I won 1/4 games so I am extra bad at this game, or, extremely unlucky. I want to dive deeper into the stack of cards.

This game will probably be better with more than 2 players, so more cards are being tossed into the middle, but I would definitely want to try it again. On the list to do! I liked it for sure, I look forward to the next time we get to play. I gotta crush the Ron!

Joe H was super awesome and left Fat Fish the weekend before for me to try out. New to me!

This is a pretty cute card game with adorable fish on the cards. I am not sure there is any real relevance to the theme at all, but this game plays out very much like 6 nimmt!. I can easily recommend 6 Nimmt and this was a not as good rendition of that. I would, happily play this game again and I would even own it. Though, again, I am not sure it is necessary to own it if you know and like 6 Nimmt. Probably better with more people too. I just played 2 players and it worked out fine.

You only play until 5 cards are in the row and then it will clear. You take all of the cards and keep the highest value for scoring in each of the colors, then you put the other cards to the side and those will be negative points for you at the end.

I found just taking a lot of rows was good, even with negatives because they usually are much less than the positives so yeah I had a really high score at the end, and Ron was fewer. He still got to play out all of his cards even though I ran out of my deck early, so there is strategy in holding on to your cards.

I was able to run out of my deck because when you play cards to the row, you can play as many in a given color that you want, or not. You also must always play at the end of the row with the same color as you are playing, if it exists. A few differences, but all in all gives me the same feeling.

I wouldhappily play this game again!

I recently acquired the Exit: Das Spiel – Das Geheimnis der Premiere that I wanted to try out. New to me!

I will be sure not to spoil this for you, but this is just the promo version of the Exit Series of games. It just comes in a bag and plays in like 1/4th the time of the other boxed games. it is so you can get a feel for the series and get you hooked!

It worked, I want to play the rest RIGHT NOW!

Ron and I destroyed this demo though I mean we got a perfect score. I think we were 15 minutes tops and no clues handed out. Boom, like a boss. Ron doesn't care for these puzzle type missions but I enjoy them. Destruction happened!!

Look forward to trying out the others!

That same night Ron and I played a single game of The Mind.

We didn't actually win, but we made it so close and onto round 12/12 so it was bound to happened.

Later in the week we ended up playing 4 more games. I was interested in playing "advanced" mode with you pitch the cards face down and then havea big reveal. We managed to get to level 4 then 6. But then we played the correct way and WON! Once you win then you are to try the advanced mode so we played out 4th game starting with the lives and ninja stars we ended with from the winning game and we actually made it to level 9 this time!

Of course it was awesome, but Shrey and I still totally owned it the last time we played since we started with only 1 life. Ron and I just started this with 3 lives. hahah, it does mean we played the basic mode better though.

All games were awesome and I really enjoy this game so much!! reallllllllllllly love it.

Mind level 12 then 3 advanced and 1 win

Thursday was Fun Group! I brought a bunch of games to play and we started the night with Bunny Kingdom.

Seriously loving this game so much. So many tough choices and what to draft for placement now or end game scoring cards.

Hey Ron wasn't playing! I actually ended up winning this game. I got a few early rare resources and it really helped boost my early and late game scores. Those are the best cards! For real! Big Big Multipliers!

Most people were learning this game at the table, so my win probably was warranted, but still it probably won't happen again!

Always a great time with this game!

Joe picked up a new game (but pretty old) called Quackshot. New to me!

Alright this was pretty entertaining game. In the Loopin' Louie realm of board games, this has a battery operated moving carousel. You are actively trying to shoot your arrow and knock over the other players color from the moving target. Super silly and fun game!

I ended up losing the game I played and filming the second game where Ron took my spot.

I honestly have no idea who won. It probably means Joe won since I always forget when Joe wins, it is so infrequent. I tease I tease. Don't hurt me! I would gladly play this game again...

We ended up playing Decrypto next. It was me and Ron vs Derek, Joe, Scott.

Yeah, Ron and I were just not on the same wavelength at all. I would have thought we could have done better, but yeah, we didn't- what's up with that?

Ron and I lost in a few rounds I think it was round 4 where we were just dead in the water. It wasn't a solid performance.

But, it was a fast game so we could play one more! to close out the night! Still love decrpto, but I am too cryptic.

Final game of the night was Linko!.

This is such a great card game. You play however many rounds you want, so it really makes for a good end of night filler game. We ended up playing 2 rounds. Hey hey I won both rounds!! I not only went out first but I managed to get the best score in each round. Boom, like a boss!

Again, there is something very nice about this game, though it can be luck of the initial hand of cards, but I didn't have great cards in my initial hands, I still managed okay. It is about abluxxing at the right time and acquiring cards that will cause your hand to be much stronger! Simple! hey and I am not half bad at it either!

Friday I got to playing some games with Collin over FB Messenger video chat. We played a round of Welcome To....

He hadn't played before but had read the rules so we could basically just jump into it! It is interesting playing over facechat or whatever. I didn't have the best set up for him to see the display, but I think he managed alright. I am sure he will play better next time. the first game is tough.

I ended up winning this and got 89 and he was in the 60s I believe. Pretty good! Always happy to play this one. I like a nice pool challege hahah.

Then we ended up playing 2 games of Cities. He has been playing solo mode at work so he was ready to go with this game.

I hadn't played in a long while so was super pumped to play again. This is a Top10 game for me. I mean I love this game so much!

I was happy we were able to play twice, it is so fast and so satisfying. I always push my luck too much though and end up happy or sad. The first game the tile I most needed actually showed up in the final pull of the game! Boom 1 million points! Hhaha not so much but I didn't break 70 I was in the 60s. I beat Collin. The second game I pushed my luck too much and didn't end up paying off. I still somehow managed to win but it was a lower score and less exciting.

Somehow I managed to win all 3 games I played with collin, sorry about that bud. So happy I could get in a few games played on Friday!

Also, on Friday I did another episode of Steph's Hodgepodge of gaming see end of blog post!

Saturday was game day! Woohoo! First on the table was Sorry! Sliders. New to me!

yes, it is more of a game than Skatter. No it is not more fun though. The pawns in the game are lousy and it just takes too long for what it offers. I have to say I like Skatter better, even for the lack of game. It is Chaotic fun.

In the end Joe H and Scott won this Sorry Slider game it was a joint effort. All in all it was mostly harmless, the quality is crapola, but I could play again. Apparently there is another version of the game that I will be enforced to play at some point. We shall see...

Next up we played Joe's new game called MetroX. New to me!

yes yes yes x100 yes! YES! More roll n writes but with cards. There are actually 2 maps which I got to try out both maps of Tokyo and Osaka. YES!

I can't say yes enough. It gives me the same feeling as Rolling Japan and it should! I need this game asap, basically. Next on the list of things to import. You are trying to complete the metro lines first for big points, but you are also hoping for specific combos for the Stars and figuring out what to block and what to go for. It is not that complicated but probably just hard enough where I don't think I want to bring to a family gathering.

This could very easily be my favorite game of the month. This is excellent.

I am absolutely terrible at this game. I just can't wait to play again. I didn't lose, so there is that! I think Dan lost the first game. I might have lost the second game. I am not sure though. It was a poor showing for sure. I was well behind the leading scores. This is a game I can't wait to figure out, or not! lol

Next up Joe had another Japanese trick taking game called Oboro Ninja Star Trick. New to me!

This is a 3p only trick taking game! It was pretty standard, and nothing exceptional was happening in this game. There were some ninja stars to get you addition points if you collected a 6. But, some cards have arrows which will gain you the lead, but it is always high card wins the trick. You have to keep the lowest card in each suit that you collected in a stack. You want to not go over a certain value at the end of the round.

For me, it just wasn't great. Happy to have played but not one I have to return to.

I ended up big time losing. Whooops! This is not the reason I didn't particularly like it. It worked, but there are simply better trick taking games I would rather play!

Joe had another Japanese game to try out called Hell Village. New to me!

This is a dice worker placement game. You have 3 dice you get to roll and you get to knock people out of spaces with only lower values. The whole game was actually pretty simple once we got going. There is a hand management thing happening, but you really want to help build up the town to generate an income of resources and cards.

I wasn't able to do that since I just never found the building cards to do it!

It nearly worked out for me though, not quite. I did find a nice 20 point end of game scoring card I was able to build though. Joe H totally annihilated us. No joke though he was like 30 points ahead over 100 points and we were all like 70 or something.

The artwork in this game is absolutely amazing and fun. So yeah, I ended up buying it from Joe, since that is what I do! I can't help my love for Japanese games is strong. There are a few variant tiles that you can use to change up the spaces and I think that will really open up the board and change the game for the better. I can't wait to try it again soon!

This game is just a sight! I love it!

Hell Village (new),

We had a short moment before 3pm so we tried out Dead Man's Treasure. New to me!

This is an older Knizia game and I think it was designed for being a kids game. It didn't bother me though. I am nearly sure Shrey hated it. And you can tell by this photo below that Ron just didn't care for it either. So many people on social media were like he would rather be playing Terra Mystica. Hhahaha yeah, that is always the case though.

In the game you are placing a card from your hand on an island. The next person to go there reveals your card and keeps theirs face down. You are trying to win majorities to gain the treasures. But, there is a ghost and captain running around that will either not score an island or give a 10 point bonus.

very simple and I think I ended up winning, but I am not really sure. I managed to get lots of valuable treasures. I will just say I won even if I didn't Dan will correct me I am sure. I didn't mind this game but I don't think it is one I have to play again.

Dead Mans Treasure (new),

Still not yet 3pm and we played a quick game of Illusion.

Hey everyone knew the game this time! It went pretty quickly and Ron was winning by circumstance. I should have been sitting next to Ron, but Dan is just as bad at this game as Ron is and it ended up giving Ron the win!

We were all neck and neck with 2 cards and it was down to Ron calling Dan on it and he got the win for it! Shrey, poor Shrey just didn't win any cards! Whoops!

Haha always a great time! love this game so much!

3pm rolled around and the big event of the day was planned for this time! It was an attempt to get Joe C awake and on the ready for a game of Scythe. Yes, with all expansions.

The more I play with the airships the more I dislike the airships expansion. I think it is great how you can spread out your workers, but man it just makes the game more confusing.

With the new end goals also in place, the game is just doesn't feel the same as it did. Yah, in this game it just ended in a matter of like 10 rounds. It was SO FAST. Joe was able to spread out and claim 10 territories which was one of the new end conditions. I mean really?! we set up the game and tore it down all within an hour or something.

Derek's Copy of this game has a million boxes and it is not like an easy game to take out and play. I was the one person who didn't actually want to play again right then and there. That game left me kind of sour.

I finally got to play as white and then the game was over. I was bummed. I think the most stars was me with 2 stars. Didn't matter Ron actually ended up winning, even though Joe decided to end it. He was saying he could have mathed it out, but meh why bother. Ron won by a few points and I was 3rd place maybe 10 behind him. Mind you this was a 6 player game.

Ugh, I was not feeling it at all.

So, in an effort to keep the peace, and it was still decent hour in the day, I convinced Joe, Joe, Ron to play Eclipse.

This time I was playing with a temple alien race. I had a side goal to try and build up all of these temples for small in game bonuses and 1 point per temple at the end of the game. They all had to be built on specific planet types and costs lots of resources. BUT I DID IT!

I managed to build all 9 structures just barely. I had some pretty unlucky exploration tiles that didn't help me, but I pulled through and foudn some planets to build on. I saved up all of my science tech so I could build the 17 cost Wild planet tech so I could drop my cubes down any which direction.

I ended up being "friends" with EVERYONE at the table. In the final turn after Joe C had passed, I had no choice but to take the traitor card and move in on his lands. He built up Monoliths and I had neutron bombs so yeah of course! I had Worm Hole Generator through my temple buildings. Everything just worked out. I mean I still didn't WIN.

No of course Ron was playing the most OP green race, Even though he was using black pieces he was playing the mutating race. He was so far in the lead. He ended with 58 points and I was at 50! Hey I still think this might have been my highest score in Eclipse yet! I was pleased with the end result. Both Joe's ended in a tie at 41 points. Boom.

Yes, Ron is the jerk here. I had fun though!

Joe C wanted to play Ginkgopolis. I dragged Shrey to be the 3rd player.

Shrey remembered most of the rules, but took a few rounds to catch up. Joe was passing me cards so I never saw a good card. And yet he was still complaining all game how I had an amazing engine and that I was destroying.

All Joe does is cry and cry in this game even if he is winning. This time he was accurate and I was winning. I ended up the winner so that was nice. He is saying it was all luck. Hmm nope!

haha I love this game so much, even if I have to hear Joe cry and cry. I think Shrey is liking it more too. Maybe?!

We had a few minutes before the other tables finished up so we played a game of Gemblo.

Oh I just love this game too! It works incredibly well with 3 players much like Blokus trigon, which I love more. But, they provide the same form of thinking, that I just love. Both Shrey and Joe forgot how to play. So I quickly explained the rules, probably poorly, but Joe needs everything spelled out like he doesn't know left from right. shake

Shrey and I proceeded to enclose Joe in a tight hole he was soon out and then I was confident I could play my 1 last, but played poorly and actually ended with a 3 pieces remaining, so yeah I still won though! Shrey wasn't placing optimally so much, but he still beat out Joe!

Next up was a 5 player game of Modern Art. I really didn't want to but everyone else did.

Derek was learning so Dan ended up teaching it. Its weird, I get why I once liked this game and why people like it, but the more I have played it over the year the more I just don't care for it. I guess it just makes me mad more often than not.

I duno, this game didn't help my opinion of the matter and I just didn't want to be playing. Joe C ended up winning the game which I am not sure how that happened, but I suppose!

I was super dead last but it didn't matter to me anyway. I think Derek liked the game. I do like my edition of the game. I plan on keeping it but I just will keep it to playing 1 time a year!

Winding down for the night it was a 3v3 game of Decrypto.

This has been to go to end of night game for a few weeks now. Always seems to provide a few laughs and evil glares.

The whole thing can just take a long time, unless you lose quickly. lol

This time I found the perfect combo for me. 1 Boardgame, 1 Movie, 1 TV show! YES! I think everyone should play this way. It makes perfect sense.

I was having a ball with it. Oh and one of the words was RAINBOW!!! I used the clue Mork and Mindy, and if I got to go again I was going to use the boardgame HOP. Alas, out team consisting of me Ron and Derek won after round 4. I didn't get to go again! nooooooooooooooooo

It was fun. Great game!

Time for one last game of the night so we played Smile.

Shrey was interested in learning it but it was not a No Thanks killer for him. I still like it a lot!

I think I am actually getting the hang of it! woohoo! I really love the art in this game. The game play is interesting. Not much depth but still cool to see the tension.

Yep, I won this game as well! Boom good way to end the night! Another game day in the books. Or, in the blog, I suppose.

Sunday, Ron and I got to play several games! I wanted to give La Granja: No Siesta another play since we were passing it along.

I ended up selling this game and I wanted a final play before it went, and to confirm my feelings on the game. They were indeed correct. Ron and I finished the game and were okay we are done with this, it can move on.

it is a fine Roll and Write game, it just goes on and on and if you don't roll hats you literally fill up your board with points only to eventually roll hats maybe.

Ron and I had pretty high scores this game. Most games, really. Maybe we should have pushed harder for hats, but we like to take stuff not necessarily hats.

I duno, in the end he won by a fair amount several points but in an 80 point game that is not too bad. I would gladly play this again, but I don't need to own it.

Hey Hey got some cool games and I HAD TO PLAY right then and there! Ron and I played 2 player Drop It.

I got to play this game back at GAMA and had an awesome time! Of course it was the super ginormous game of Drop It and heightened my enjoyment of the game quite a bit.

Ron and I played ad yes, it was a bit SMALL, but I still quite enjoy dropping pieces and seeing what happens. Playing 2 players you get to use 2 colors for scoring, but the same rules still apply. Your piece when dropped, can not touch the same color or shape in order to score. There are also restrictions for the walls of the cage and if you touch the edge with the piece pictured then you won't get to score that either!

I think I like the game best with 2 players, It plays out pretty quickly and you get to drop a whole bunch of pieces. I actually got to try 4 players the next night (next blog), but, I felt a firm last player advantage. More on that next week.

So yeah Ron and I got to dropping and I totally won, but just by a few points. He was definitely on my tail. I am not sure having played before gives me a leg up or not, but probably not. haha

Seriously enjoy this game a bunch and will play it as a filler any time!

Final game of the day was Lost Cities: The Board Game. New to me!

I honestly can't recall the last time Ron and I played Lost Cities. I have seen the board game around and have always been curious about it so this was a great chance to check it out.

So if you are familiar with the card game, this will be a walk in the park to pick up and play with 2-4 players. If you aren't familiar with the card game, where have you been?

In the game you will have a hand of cards and you will play in ascending order cards on the table in front of you. 1 card played to a stack or discarded to the corresponding temple site. Then you replace the card with a card from the deck or from the top of a discarded stack. If you placed to a stack in front of you, then you get to move your adventurer up one space on that matching track on the game board. Some spaces might have a reward that you will immediately reveal and resolve. There are 3 types of reward, the advance one adventurer up one track one space for free, straight up VPs, or a green emblem which is a set collection bonus for the end of the game. You can get some big points if you collect a lot of those.

Everyone has 4 small and 1 big adventurer and the big guy will score double the value of the space he is on at the end of the round. The first 3 spots on any given track are negative points and after that they all get high and higher the further you move up the tracks. The round ends when 5 guys pass over the bridges, at least for 2 player. The game is over after 3 rounds! I think there is a variant for just one round as well.

It certainly makes me want to whip out Lost cities and give that a whirl again to compare the 2 games. I really enjoyed the rush to get up the tracks before Ron did. I wanted that bonus token first! It really makes you think about the cards you are playing and when to wait for more opportunities with the cards you are drawing.

I had a great time playing, and I look forward to playing with maybe 3 or 4 players to see how the dynamic changes.

In our game Ron ended up winning by just 5 points! It was so insane! I had 705 and he won with 710 which in this game is just 1 point. CMON NOT FAIR! I was LIVID! I stole that word from Christian Kang from his instagram stories. So funny if you watch his videos at all "take your chits".

Anyways! Great game and I look forward to trying again soon!

Friday night I gave an April Rundown on Steph's HodgePodge of Gaming Episode 3!

New to the Collection:
Drop It
Lost Cities: The Board Game
Hell Village
Fantastic Park

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


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INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY! Steph and Shrey kill it in the Mind! So Many New Games Played Including Prowlers Passage & Yokai Septet. So Much More to Play!

Steph Hodge
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

Right when I got back from The Gathering I had a few boxes show up so I was excited to get some new games played this week!

Of course first on the table was Prowler's Passage. New to me!

I have been looking forward to this one for a while now. I am a huge fan of J. Alex Kevern and his designs. I think he is always creative and solid with the mechanics and ideas he incorporates in his designs.

This is a 2 player only game, but that works perfectly for me since I play so many 2 player games with Ron anyway. This game is fairly abstract with some set collection. You are playing tug of war with the different monument buildings, and it is a race for the achievements. There are a couple scorings- mid scoring and end of game scoring for the different regions you control. On your turn you will drop a passageway down between 2 regions and collect a token. The 2 regions you touch you will then move their buildings one step in your direction. If you picked up a double shovel then you get to move them each 2 spaces. Most of the time it will just be a regular token though and you know what you will be collecting. There are statues and if you were lucky enough to place the last passage towards a stature then you get to collect that statue. This is actually a mid game and game end trigger when 2 and 4 of them are gone. Worth a few points too.

That is basically the game, there is different scoring depending on the colors you control so you want to be aware of your collection of tokens and the buildings you can manage to maintain control of.

Ron is of course amazing at this game. Maybe I think "oh this move will help him but it helps me more" too often and then I end up horribly losing. Hahah it was definitely a rude awakening this first game. I will have to give it another shot, but I don't have hope for actually winning this one. Maybe Ron will have an off day. We shall see.

For now I will cautiously proceed with a hopeful outlook. I love how many clever decisions you get to have in the quick 25 minute game. Tug of War type games usually don't work out for me in the end anyways. It is an on-going thing with me.

Another new game we tried out next was Harry Potter: Magical Beasts Board Game. New to me!

So I have to admit I was mostly interested in this game for the theme. I love me some Harry Potter, and I will tall you if you aren't a fan of HP then you should probably skip this one.

This is really a game designed for the kids who are fans. There is a whole lot of luck happening in this game. You are ultimately looking to form a particular set of features that make up the magical beasts from the Harry Potter world.

You are moving around the map and if you pass over a space that gives a special card you just take the top of the deck and add to your collection.

The board is basically the coolest part since it is a book. If you roll a P then you move to a P space and flip the book to the other page. If the other player/s aren't on a P space they will get squished and you get to steal a card from their pile. Then you get to place them anywhere on the new board. One thing to point out is only 2 types of cards on either side of the map so you MUST visit both sides to collect the cards needed to win. So if you never roll a P then the board will never change! Could simply go on forever!

I got some pretty lucky draws and managed to find a set pretty soon into the game play, but there were about 10 turns where we just couldn't change the side of the boards so it was all of 2 types and non of the other 2. Ron was able to smush me a few times, which was annoying, but anticipated.

Hey I won the game! It was interesting to play, I am not sure it is for me though since it was just too simple. Kids might enjoy this one though, maybe if Ron's niece comes by we can give it a shot. I will definitely be playing HP trouble with her! She will be the target audience for that!

Next up was Tri-Ominos. I honestly don't know but I feel like I have played this before when I was like 9 or something. I don't have it rated so, I will call it New to me!

I certainly remember the game, but I am not sure if I played it. The scoring was totally crazy though! Ron reviewed that and proceeded to destroy me. You are playing these Tri-ominos to the board and trying to get rid of your tiles first. Each tile you have to draw because you can't play, is -5 points. But, every time you play a tile you get face value of the tile. I didn't know any of this. You actually play to 400 points.

Because I am utterly bad at this game, Ron absolutely destroyed me in just 2 rounds! There was one point when I had to pick up 12 tiles on the first turn in order to find a match to Ron's initial tile played. Yah, boom -60 points! It was rather amusing, actually. I didn't think I would actually be so bad at this game.

Glad I got to try this one, perhaps again? I think it is a better game with the family. One they can figure out easily enough.

Thursday we took out a new game called TAIJI. New to me!

Simple simple abstract game that Ron picked off the prize table. It came in a nice wooden box with wooden pieces and board. Each piece is double sided and you are trying to place these pieces in a meaningful way to have the biggest area controlled region at the end of the game.

Boom, like a boss, I took Ron DOWN. It was like taking candy from a baby. I totally had him and I knew it for half of the game. He was not looking at the bigger picture. I was all about that leaving room on all sides to expand. He wasn't doing a good job blocking me at all.

I didn't mind this game, so that was cool. Again, not so much into abstracts, though I do like them, I don't want to play them a ton to really get the hang of them, that's all. It was a fine game, and I am sure whomever enjoys abstracts will like this!

Thanks to International Tabletop Day, I wanted to show Ron the Wonderland game. This was an exclusive to FLGS for April 28 ITTD. Some stores might still have copies available, so it might be worth checking out if this game interests you.

Ron hadn't played before but it is super simple so he picked it up no problem. It is a really nice micro card game for 2 players. If you are on Social media at all then you probably saw it around this past weekend. (I did anyway!)

I really thought I had Ron in a bind with his cards. I won the majority of cards, but we ended up TIED since he gave me some loser cards like 1 value. Boo. Pretty uncool when there is a tie, but I will just call it a win since playing as the Red Queen is a disadvantage!

Pretty fun!

Final game of the night was Mazing. I wanted to try my hand at this game again. I did so poorly the first time.

This time was even worse for me!! I managed to roll 1 three times in a row and Ron rolled 6 three times in a row. Ugh it was a disaster! He absolutely crushed me. He tired to play a LOSE A TURN card on me and I refused so we just ended up discarding that one for him to draw another card.

I really want to play this game with 4 people and see about teams of 2, I don't even know if that is a variant but I feel like it should be!

Anyway, Ron's a jerk. I think there is a hashtag for him #RonisaJerk

So until the day I can play with 4 people!

Friday was Arbor Day and Renegade announced that they are picking up Arboretum! This is great news since it has been hard to find for a while and lots of people would like a copy. Renegade is doing all new art and it should be out this fall.

I felt it was necessary to play this game since it was Arbor Day and we hadn't played it all year.

Did I mention I always lose this game by a significant amount. Like, I am TERRIBLE at this game. Really bad. I think this game was even worse than the normal terrible. I might have ended with 6 points and Ron was up in the 40s or something. I am a disgrace to this game, for sure.

I still very much enjoy the challenge of placing a card and giving up a card though. Very abstract. I look forward to the new edition!

Saturday was ITTD! Woohoo it meant I got to play all the games!

We started the day with a prototype that came my way called Yokai Septet. New to me, Sorta!

I played the original game called 7 Symbols, and 7 Nations, and this is essentially the same thing with semi different scoring.

The game plays out in a number of rounds, until one team gets 2 tokens, for the basic rules. It is a partner trick taking game. There are 7 suits and all of the suits have different ranges with 1 common card being 7. You are trying to collect 7s, and there is always a trump and there is the A card which is the single highest card in the game.

It is a pretty great game, and it make me super excited this is getting a general US release. I have been looking for this game for quite some time! I can't wait to share it with all of you.

So in the photos below, everything is not finalized yet, but getting there.

In our game it ended only after 2 rounds. Dan and I blew it, basically. Typical, more like it. It was super close though and we were always just 1 card shy of success each round. It is basically best 2/3 rounds. The different advanced scoring would run about the same and the original scoring would also be about the same. You could use any of the 3 scoring in this game easily. The basic scoring is definitely the easiest so I would recommend starting there!

When I have more information about this game I will be sure to share with you! Fun times!

Next up Joe had a game for us to try called Fantastic Park. New to me!

I have been wanting to try this for some time now, so that worked out! This box is the cutest box!!! I love all of the creatures. Of course it is all just art, and I didn't really get a sense of theme in the game play.

No bother to me though, the game plays out very simplistic. You have a hand of 4 tiles and on your turn you play one to the game board. You go around doing this until each player has one tile in hand and then you get to score the tile in hand for the colors it holds. You get one point for the biggest region in that color and you get double the points if no one else has that color in their hand. You then draw back up to 4 tiles and do it again. keep doing that until the game is over.

Very simple abstract game and easy for the fam. I would definitely play this again, I don't think it was a huge hit with the others, but I didn't mind. I also won!

There was one round where we all picked the same combo of colors besides Ray. That was hilarious. I had a good time playing.

Next up we played another new arrival called Krass Kariert.

I have played this a few times now so I was good for explaining. I got the rules mostly correct, but I am sure that Dan has something else to say about it.

We played correctly though and had a good time. I didn't convince Joe H or Michael to like the game, but I really enjoy it and I certainly enjoy it more than The Great Dalmuti, which is a terrible game.

I think Ray ended up losing this game. Though I am not sure. I know I definitely didn't lose so that means I won! haha I am happy to play this whenever. It is a clever game and always interesting to see what happens.

Since we were 5 I suggested my favorite 5 player game, it has to be, it might not be, but its close. We played Turn the Tide.

I seriously love this game so much. SO SO MUCH. I decided to boost the rating to 9/10 from 8.5/10 so there is that. this game is just so unique and you really get a sense of the people you play with and what you think they will be doing with certain cards. Everything about it is just clever.

Hey and i managed to secure a winning position tied! I think with Joe H. I was even out one round. There was one hand of cards with a nest of 1 so it was really hard to maintain control, if you went off the wagon then you were likely dead in the water. And that is what happened to me.

Always an amazing time playing this.

Went to 4 players and we tried out the new game called Djinn. New to me!

This is a trick taking game with a set collect element. This means you have to actually collect tricks so you can collect a card from the trick and form sets. There is too much relying on the cards in hand to work in your favor. There are Djinn cards that are there to help, but even then you might not gain the trick.

Unfortunately, for me this game just didn't work out at all. It was funny when Dan had to leave the table to help Jess move her games, we played his hand randomly and that was more fun than the game itself. I love trick taking games, and maybe I was expecting more. I am not even sure we finished the play through, honestly. It was close I think we were all in stage 2/3 so it was getting there.

We opened up my new game called Skatter. New to me!

Friedemann Friese was all over this at the gathering, and just excited. I liked the look of it and it really is as simple as it seems. You are trying to get all your holes filled. I need to roll my red dude into each of the red circles and then I win! very simple and I was told I should try out Sorry! Sliders since there is more "game" there. I want to try it out!

I had a pretty good time playing this one. We ended up playing twice since I wanted to record the second game, it was on Instagram! I won the first game and I was disconnected the second game due to filming, but still managed to get 4/5 in before someone else finally won.

Boom! I would play this whenever, it is a minute long game silly fun.

Next up was a quick game of Ganz schön clever.

I just got my copy in the mail with the other games from Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag seriously on a super awesome streak! This is a great roll n write game that would fit well for anyone a fan of the genre.

I wouldn't play with my family but would with any gamer. Great game that I am just terrible at!

I still can't figure out how to win this game. #sounlucky Still love it and want to keep trying though!

Joe was interested in playing The King of Frontier so that's what happened!

This game is super great, I wish I had English building tiles since that is always the part that takes the longest to figure out what does what etc.

Worked out though and I had a pretty decent score in the end. Of course I was no match for Joe, but it was a solid try. I like the fast turns and figuring out how to best optimize. Always a good time playing this one.

People were coming and going, so we ended up in a 5 player game of Kerala: The Way of the Elephant.

Ron had only played 2 player so this was a new experience for him. He definitely didn't do as well. I had forgotten a major scoring rule where if you are missing a color then you get -5 points. I said we didn't have to play with the rule, but everyone insisted. I am sure the game play would have played out differently. I felt badly about that. I will certainly not forget that rule now!

In an unfair turn of events I managed to win this one pretty well, whoops! Derek was second only because he had all of the colors, like me. I like to have a wide variety of colors, and everyone else was specializing. #prettyboard for the win!

I missed out playing Mombasa at the Gathering so I was itching to play it. Fortunately, we had a good group of 4 looking to play it!

I pulled in Ron, Scott, and Star. I think Ron might have given Star the brief overview, but he had played and knew most of the rules.

This game was a runaway with Ron, of course. Jerkface Ron, at it again. I am still surprised I managed to do as well as I did!

Still love the game, it was hard to really plan though. I was trying desperately to make it up the tracks of importance. I totally neglected diamonds and books though so I was working only on 3 cards each round. It was definitely a handicap I didn't want. I should have tried harder for diamonds.

At the end though I had so many points from the gold I collected, and I managed a second place somehow. This game is so great, I should play it more haha, definitely best with 4 players.

throughout the day I managed to play The Mind 3 times! I seriously love this game so much. I could probably play it all day!

So the highlight of the 3 games was a 2 player game with me and Shrey. He was questioning if 2p was good, Then we won! Just like that! It was amazing. We were so in sync it was great! we played the advanced mod once we were done. So the advanced mode is you start with the lives and ninja stars that you ended the game with and then continue to play face down the whole game again.

So we had actually ended the 12th round with only a single life to spare for the advanced mode. We were sure we were going to die right away.

NO, We managed to get through round 8 and onto round 9! It was crazy!!! We did so well! We have to try to do it again, I think we could have won that game with another life. It was crazy and amazing. I want to play again now!!!

I also got in 3 games of Illusion. Shrey and I tried to come up with a co-op mode for this game. It is still a working progress but we will make it great, I am sure.

It is such a good game! I really love the visuals and what you are trying to do. Love this game so much. Ended up not winning anything this time around but still the joy of playing is strong. #needthis


Keeping up with the new hotness, we played a 4 player game of Menara. Another hit from the Month of April that is so great. I am happy Shrey picked this up because it is awesome and I would happily play this anytime!

I ended up teaching a few folks how to play and we got to it. We didn't add much to the high requirements, and we were trying to play it easy for the first half of the game. Eventually we got to the stupid card that said move a floor. It is always the one that screws my games up!

We didn't manage to do it, but what fell we were still able to "win the game" though my understanding there was a correction or variant to the rules saying you don't win under these circumstances. So I will declare that we lost the game, and it means I have lost all of the games so far! haha we were such failures!

We twisted some arms to play The Cat Game but it was so great! I knew Joe C would hate it but I still wanted to play.

To be fair I didn't think Joe H would enjoy it so much but he was willing to give it a shot. Worked out too since we all had an amazingly fun time playing. Isn't that what gaming is about!? Having fun!?

It was a great time and this game is just too funny. I love drawing games and this one is just so accessible. The box is just horrendous though, so yah you will have to look past this box in order to see the and feel the fun of this game.

Hey I think I won this game even! Super! I must be "one" with the cats. So many laughs!

We had a bunch of people and basically any number of people can play Welcome To.... So that is what we did!

A few people were learning and most people were not focused at all. We got through the rules but a lot of things were still unclear for people. we still went got it though.

I was trying to get all the pools. I somehow missed just one! I WAS SO CLOSE!!!! Man I wanted that so hard.

I tried to not use BIS at all, but I should try it soon. I think it could be very valuable. I don't believe I scored high enough for the win, but I don't really know. I will have to go check out Scott's blog. He probably remembers...?

I like the challenge of this game and trying to puzzle it all out. Always happy to play.

Shrey and Scott agreed to give A Column of Fire a shot. I had just learned it the week before and thought I could teach it well enough.

I did a pretty good job, so the rulebook is laid out a big awkwardly, but I managed to muddle through.

I remember most of it, but timing is so important in this game and perhaps a criticism I have because we had to keep referring to the player aid to make sure we were doing it all in order. Regardless, it worked out.

So the game is pretty simple and I explained it in the last blog post where it was featured. It is a dice game so I almost think it is easier in my group to convince people to play. The luck of the dice didn't bother Scott or Shrey and it most certainly doesn't bother me. I think the randomness in the event is the reason why Scott and Shrey didn't love the game.

I guess I was just so far behind that the events didn't matter for me so much. But, because we got so many events in a single round (we were suppose to resolve them all?) it ended up costing Shrey the game. I want to play this game as a 2 player game and see how it goes. I know there are special rules for 2 players but I am not sure what they are.

I am still happy to play it again.

Shrey was interested in learning the expansion for Einstein: His Amazing Life and Incomparable Science and I pulled Joe in for a 3 player game.

It was good, I rarely get to play this game with 3 players. The genius expansion really makes the game a better game, so if you don't have it I would highly recommend it.

Of course Joe was pssh this expansion adds nothing all game. But at the end he was like yep, I really liked it better. Haha he is just all talk. Shrey agreed that the expansion really opens up the possibilities. You are trying to collect lots of cards and sets of symbols. But you don't want to focus too hard on a particular symbol. Shrey ended up winning by a few points! I was too heavily focused in one area where I didn't need to be.

Grrrrrr I could have had that win. Anyway, I had a great time playing and glad we got to play this one again. Fun stuff!

Final game of the night was me and JOE (UGH) vs Ron and Shrey in Decrypto. We ended up playing 2 games since we lost in the first 2 rounds of the first game. So in the first game we were using only movie titles, and Joe and I were sooooooo off sync. fail fail fail.

In the second game we could do anything, and yeah we ended up failing round 3 but we just kept playing for the fun of it. Maybe more like torture! hahah Joe and I are just the wrong set of partners. It was a disaster show. I am also pretty sure that whomever was Joe's partner would have lost like we ended up losing.

We will see for next week, since it is sure to come out again. No way will I be Joe's partner! Always some laughs and good times with the late night crowd!

Sunday Ron and I started on cleaning out the basement! Trying to set up a studio down there for some exciting times ahead!

I made a FB group for the blog if you are on there and want to chat up some games! Check it out!

New to the Collection:
Prowler's Passage
Ganz schön clever
Krass Kariert
The Mind
Yokai Septet
Harry Potter: The Triwizard Maze Game
The Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food Card Game
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Card Game
Stuff Happens Card Game
Harry Potter: Magical Beasts Board Game
Legends of the Hidden Temple

Thanks for following along! I hope you have an amazing week.

Until next week!

Happy Gaming!!!


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