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An Old Favorite, A New Oldie, And A Bit of Everything Else. ** WITH PICS!** Weekly Update.

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
Last week I made my current Top 20 list.

If you were interested - 'Cause everyone else is doing it- Here is my current top 20 list of games! *with pics*. I hope you enjoy.

Monday night games as usual. A bunch of games were proposed as normal but we started with the game Tikal. This game has been on my radar to try for a while now. Geoff was happy to oblige and teach this game.

It was a 4 player game and we played with the advanced rules of bidding on the tiles each round.

In the game you are placing the hexes until the board is filled up. There are blank ones and temple ones and digging for treasure hexes. Ultimately, there is a bit of an area control aspect to the game.

I guess it was one of the first action point games where you have 10 actions to use each turn. If you spend 3 moving a guy and 2 more to build up the temple then 5 to place a tent then your turn would be over. Use the actions wisely.

In our game Geoff was really the only experienced player and trapped himself in the back corner and created a 9 and 10 tower that he was able to score like 3 times. It was definitely a good strategy and he clearly won. I didn't help that at all by sitting to his right and bidding crazy amounts for the volcano action- meaning I would be able to score first on the board and he would score second. Poor Ron was sitting to my right and I was making it very hard for him.

In the end Ron ended up ahead of me coming in 2nd to Geoffs 1st over 100 vps. Joe was last just behind me. I think we were all over 80 though.

Overall- I enjoyed the game and I would play again but don't think I would seek it out. It was a bit long for my liking Time didn't fly by if you know what I mean.

Next up Geoff wanted to learn Five Tribes so there was a 4 player game of that.

The board started with a tile that had 3 green meeples on a palace space in the MIDDLE of the board. the first 4 cards in the line up were all different too. I made a whopping 18 bid! That was crazy but it was in theory worth 17 points I think it came out to be. I haven't ever bid so much to go first I don't even think I have seen a 12 bid before. It was just too good to pass up. I didn't want to risk it and bid 12 and have someone out bid me.

Anyways, That started the game and I was hurting on VPs all game since I was going for the goods and assassins to take over more tiles with the camels.

I did really well. I won the game with 130 with 50 vps in the goods cards and like 40+ on the board with 20 more in palaces and a Djinn. I finally played that game well! not bad! I think second place was 118 and last place was 108 so it was a pretty close spread on points.

Geoff liked it and would definitely play again. Everyone else still enjoys it. As long as I beat Ron we are OK. whistle

Final game of the night was a fast round of Abluxxen. I wanted to play something cute at the end of the night. Geoff creamed us. But for the record I would have gone out on my next turn....

I really enjoy that game and need to find a copy- soon.

Tuesday night found me and Ron playing 3 rounds of Rumis+. It was sort of anti climactic because I won 1 and he won 1 and we tied on the middle game. This game is basically an extension of Rumis to either add up to 6 players but it also provides additional boards to play with. Dan was kind and lent us this game to try out. I have to say the wooden blocks are nice (I have blokus 3D which is plastic) but there is no lazy susan to help rotate the point of view as there is in blokus 3D.

I enjoyed this but again, it is basically the same thing and didn't add that much to make it way better or way worse- just more. I declare me the winner because it is what I do. We decided to stop and play another game instead of doing the tie breaker.

After that we pulled out long long forgotten Carcassonne and I mean we could barely remember how to score. hahah Once upon a time we always played it. Since we have so many expansions fastest game time for the 2 of us is an hour. I mean SO MANY expansions. I think we played with Carcassonne: Expansion 1 – Inns & Cathedrals, Carcassonne: Expansion 2 – Traders & Builders, Carcassonne: Expansion 3 – The Princess & The Dragon, Carcassonne: The River, Carcassonne: Gold Rush there were some other mini expansions too but I mean that is A LOT of tiles! I am not sure I should buy any more mini expansions haha

This game is really hard to keep track of the score especially 2p. I either ended 46 points ahead or 4 points behind. Ron and I both think that it was supposed to be ahead but I couldn't really tell ya. He scored the BIG HUGE city and I score a bunch of BIG cities and longest road and it was just all so huge. Dragon ate some of Rons meeples.

I especially LOVE my meeple stickers because it makes my meeples so amazingly awesome.

I enjoy the builder guy and the pig guy to score me more points. Ron and I didn't really fight over the farming there was no really good section to get to so we let that be and just fought like normal people over the big cities.

I honestly forgot how much I like this game and I should really play it more. Especially, with new gamers!

Wednesday night was fun times because I got a few KS in the mail. Both Evolution and Draco Magi came in the mail so of course I wanted to play both of them.

We first played Evolution. This was a game I got in a full play of at GenCon this year and liked it for the most part except the lady teacher.

This time around Ron kind of reminded me of the rules and we started. All the KS stuff is amazing totally worth it! Really cool Species boards and start player. All in all really excellent KS experience and quality so bonus points for that.

I like the fact that it can play up to 6 players. It is a fast enough game where it could be OK to do this, however, I would only do it with experienced players because you kind of need to know what is going on around you.

I think once I have an idea of what to do in the first few turns I will like it more. As of right now Ron totally understands it and kills me just like our first game. He really knows how to push my buttons to not like something. I am not giving up yet- I feel I can play this game better and I think it has potential. If it was so pretty I might not give it so much effort but I can see potential.

In the game you are making these species using cards. You get a base hand of 3 cards then you get +1 card per species you have in front of you. The order in which you place your species might matter depending on the traits you assign to them. All the cards have a trait on them but the first thing you must do is throw a card into the watering hole to produce food for the round. Some cards have upwards of 6 food produce some might have a negative 3 if a player doesn't want there to be a lot of food available.

The watering hole with the food is resolved after all players do their turn. On a players turn they can discard a card to create a new species. They can allocate up to 3 cards to act as traits for that species (up to 2 if you are playing 2 player anyways). or discard cards to increase a species population or body size. The population allows you to collect more food each round. (1 food is 1 VP). The body size makes it harder for the meat eaters to attack you.

If you have a carnivore as a trait card then you must attack other species (incl your own if you had to) in order to survive. The other species must take from the watering hole supply that we determined each with a card at the beginning of the round. So - if you are supporting 2 carnivores than you might not want a lot of food supply so you throw in a negative amount of food to the draw.

I definitely have to play some more to get the full feeling and maybe Ron won't crush me so bad -eventually. Right now I am on the edge but I am not giving up hope yet. Maybe a 4 player game would be best. I will likely be playing 2 player a lot more though.


The second game we played was Draco Magi the other KS I just received in the mail the same day. I forced the rules on Ron and we set up the game. He was getting rules wrong left and right.

Ultimately, we finished round 1 and gave up for the time being. We have to get a fresh look at that game later in the week/weekend.

It was good to get the idea of the game though. I think it will be a really fun 2 player game for us to play.

The dragons are so cool and there is a RAINBOW dragon. What else could a girl ask for?

On Friday night Ron and I actually played a full game of this and played correctly at that!

It plays fast and well. There is a bit of luck as in what battle cards you draw and what Dragons you pull.

That didn't bother me too much. In the game you have 2 phases to the round. Playing your dragons on one of the three bases and then the fight that takes place after all dragons have been placed.

The object of the game is to acquire 3 of the same type Gems (that are on the bases) or 3 different gems or 4 of anything. Really cool art design and I am pretty happy with the KS that came from it, especially for $15! Not bad!

Next up we played Age of War that was also went to us this week. I honestly didn't read much about it before I just bought it on an amazon add in. First thing Ron said after reading the rules was that it was just like Elder Sign. He hates Elder sign. So as you can imagine he didn't enjoy it at all. I did! I like rolling dice though. It is quite simple you have the cards you have to try and complete and if you end up completing all the cards of one color you flip for more points than their value but also no one will be able to steal them away from you.

It was cute game that I am sure I will never get to the table again since Ron hated it. I beat him up! I never really win Dice games either but he kind went in hating it and so that sealed that up. I still enjoyed it!

Friday night I also got home to find another KS package waiting. Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age found its way to me. If you like Roll Through The Ages at all you will enjoy this one. Ron and I both did very different things in the game and well he beat me but I feel like it was close. We didn't play with the area control part of the game but just the base. It was cool and a lot more options to choose from. You can gain military and beat up on people so that is exciting. To no ones surprise that is the strategy I went with first off and Ron went for the Boats and resources.

It is a pretty great game if you liked the Bronze Age. I don't really see us playing Bronze age though- so there is that issue.

Ron Concentrating hard-

Saturday game day at a local library. It brought so many great games to the table! I must say it was a good day for gaming!

We started the day off learning and playing Black Fleet. I had seen this at GenCon and wanted to play. The colors of the game are so vivid and appealing how could I not want to play this game? I kind of knew the gist but nothing specific before playing it.

In the game you have a merchant ship and a pirate ship to go and attack other merchant ships. The merchant ships are just sailing from port to port to try and deliver goods for $$ to buy the cards.

The cards you are buying are preset much like Machi Koro in the way of buying the cards and if you buy the last card you win the game.

It is essentially a light pick up and deliver game that I hated. Hate is a strong word. I didn't hate it but I didn't have much fun playing. I am really not a pick up and delivery kinda gal. If you like that sort of thing then you will enjoy this! It is a fun family game and I would have definitely enjoyed playing this when I was kid. Highly recommended for families.

I lost horribly and expected nothing more. hahah

We brought out Glass Road next a game the 4 players had all played before. I must have just been off my game because I was not playing that one all that great either. It didn't help the player before me took the building tiles that I was working towards...

I ended up with a mere 17. I came in dead last. Whoops- I usually do well at this game too! Nothing was going right for me and I wasn't matching other cards it was just a mess! Great game

I had really wanted to play Seasons against my better judgment. I don't really care for 4 player Seasons but we played it anyways. My bad luck continued through into this game. I got a pretty good starting draft but everything following it just turned to failure.

I ended up being 1st player on the last turn and that just ruined everything and there was nothing I could do about it. I had 2 Amsungs and Naria I could have slammed everyone if I could have ended it a turn early. I was short on energy the whole game and people kept taking from me. It was just a mess! I could not get anything I seemed to need. I ended up last again with 130ish points. Over all it was pretty close as the #1 was like 170s. not too bad but again 4 players is not my favorite. It is hard to watch everything going on and keeping track of all the points going everywhere.

There were 2 copies of La Granja floating around the room on Saturday. TWO! I was drooling over them to try and play. My friend Draw had his copy and after Seasons I busted on over to his table to get that PLAYED. I had to see what all the fuss was about .

I have been reading about it from- Thomas :homer simpson MDJD.
Thomas Leitner
United States
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And he really knows how to sell me a game.

A lot of people have been comparing this game to being much like Feld. I must say I have to agree with that statement. The biggest comparison that I have to make is the middle area control board. This was almost directly taken from Luna. A part of Luna I happen to love so I was excited to see it incorporated into this game.

The game is played in 6 rounds. There was a handy player aid that showed us exactly what happens next which helped A LOT. The game was pretty fast once we got going.

The first thing we do in the round is play a card from our hand. The cards are pretty great because the act as so many different roles. You can use it to grow food, ship food, special ability, or pay to get bonus income and shipping abilities. It is really a multi-purpose card that can only be allocated for one task. Very cool.
After that we then draw cards to our hand limit size and get our income. Then we all have *in turn order* the option to buy roof tiles. These tiles give you a one time bonus and Vp's when placed. They Cost $ based on the round we are in.

Then the real meat of the game kicks in. The 1st player rolls the dice- 2 per player +1. We had 4 players so we rolled 9 dice. These dice represent the actions that we can take. We go in turn order doing 1 action then the 2nd action. There is once die left over and that is the 3rd action everyone will take. So each turn you will be doing 3 things for the production phase. Actions might be to harvest wheat/grapes/olives or produce a pig. I might also be upgrade your goods or move up the siesta track *this track determines turns order for the next round.*

Then we all choose 1 of 4 donkey tiles that allow us to deliver goods to our merchants or directly to the board. These tiles have siesta hats and donkeys a mix that allow to move up the siesta track and deliver goods different combos of the 2. This determines player order IMMEDIATELY. very important cause if you are going first and deliver all your merchant carts and claim area on the board in the middle you might be Kicked off -much like in Luna. If you go in on a 3 spot someone else could go in with a 4 spot and kick you out. This is important because those merchants will score you points.
Going first isn't always the best. So taking turns delivering goods maybe collecting some bonus tiles if you complete a section on the board delivery system.

Rinse and repeat x6.

I probably don't give it justice but I had a fantastic time working out the best way to score points. It is not always about upgrading to better materials or producing 20 pigs- it is your best method of gaining VPs.

I love it I would really like to have a copy but alas, I missed that boat. Quite enjoyable and will play as often as I can. I think the scores were all pretty close. I ended with 59 and 1st was 64 I think. and everyone else was upper 40s lower 50s. I don't quite recall the scores. But, I had no idea how anyone was doing since there were so many ways to get these points. Very fun!

After we finished that Mike wanted to play a fast game of Greed.

Its a card drafting game with Thugs and guns and such. Drew broke the game with a card combo getting him like 250k in one move or something. I didn't really get the game too much. I would have to play again to see if I really enjoyed it or not. I cam in second so that helps!

while people were finishing eating and breaking up the games we played a 6 player game of Polterfass. I am still not tired of this push your luck game. Its fast and very enjoyable. It is a good Beer and pretzel game if you like that sort of thing.

Joe C and I really wanted to play Lancaster with the expansion, again, with experienced Lancaster players.

In this game I played a bit differently than I normally do (for the better). I, however, still felt no desire to use the expansion whatsoever. I destroyed EVERYONE! I am really thinking I need to sell this expansion I have. It provides interesting choices but doesn't do anything for me. I went the first 3/ 6 rounds getting all my knights and rounds 4-6 getting EVERY Noble. No one was fighting for the nobles at all. I got that bonus of 36 easy peasy. Crazy!

Final scores- Me -102, 68, 67, 55.

And I mean I killed them- left them in the dust. I am very good at this game.

The night was coming to a close but we decided to play a fast game of 5 player Doodle Quest thanks to Riley's double edition he made.

It was hard playing with 5 and I was on the end of the table so could barely see which is why I lost SOOOOO badly. Or maybe that's just my excuse. Always a pleasure playing this game. Its fast and fun!

Here is Patrick's really bad scoring round.

Sunday Ron and I got to playing a bunch of games. Since we had received Tiny Epic Kingdoms on Saturday I really wanted to get that to the table.

Oh wow is it the cutest game. Those small meeples are just amazing! I have to say I am impressed with this KS and production. I am so happy with that outcome and it is definitely travel worthy. We only played 2 player so I am anxious to play it with more players. Maybe tonight *fingers crossed* .

In the game you have a special race that has special powers when "purchased" there are 5 action markers and on your turn you use one action marker to mark a spot on the action board to do what it says. The markers are removed once all 5 have been used. If it is your turn you must do the action you select. If it is not your turn you may do the action selected or harvest resources. Food helps you add meeples to the land, the magic helps increase your players ability, and stone hat helps build your castles up.

It is pretty simple with a lot of tough choices for sure. Very cute and recommended! I beat Ron so that helped!

Since I felt like I hadn't played it in a while I took out Abyss. Good game nothing out of the ordinary. I got like 3 rainbow lords out all provided the locations so I was scoring there too. Ron ended the game and I am pretty sure I beat him but it was only by a few points. really close game and pretty good 2p at that!

Still enjoyable after the initial hype back in Aug!

I wasn't ready to be done with games so I set up Letters from Whitechapel. I got this idea because I requested listening to Jekyll and Hyde for our gaming music and with that playing I felt the need to kill some people.

I set that up and picked my hiding location. On the plus side I made it to night 2 before I was caught. On the downside I was caught on night 2. The past 2 or 3 times I have played as Jack I was caught on night 1 so I will consider this a victory. That was a very fast game of Whitechapel that I have played.

I couldn't just lose like that so I took out The Palaces of Carrara next. A game I normally win... normally. The end conditions for our 2p game was so difficult. I decided to go build up on the white city and blue city.

The end conditions we had were 30 points of bricks, at least 30 VP's, 4 different tokens and that we could score two buildings again.

The end was so crazy close. Ron barely snuck a win out 144 to 138. he is a little cheat .

Always such a pleasure to play that!

After dinner we decided to play one more game of Five Tribes before sleeping. I have to say I really enjoy this game as a 2p. You have so many more actions and it is easier to plan what to do. I have yet to try it 3 players but I am sure that would also be great.

I was doing really well and somehow I managed to mess up at the end. Ron killed me this time. He ended with 218 and I had a lousy 183. I thought I was doing better but yeah, no, I wasn't I was getting slaves and multiplying the Blue meeples and getting like 20 vps in game it was awesome. Then I lost it all somewhere in the middle. I ended with 3 Djinns and a bunch of camels. Ron however, got the Djinn that multiplied his yellows to 3 vps each. So yeah he got 30 points for that. Oh well, Maybe Ill get him next time.

Besides all those games I played a million games of Star Realms. It is still my #1 app for the phone and ipad. Its amazing and super addicting. I am excited that there is a tourney going on that I am doing pretty decently in right now 2/3 wins.

That's if for this week. Hopefully I get in some game in the next couple weeks. I will be quite busy with lots of other stuff. Ron's B-day is coming up I bought him (pre-ordered) Expansions for Terra Mystica, Clash of Cultures, 7 wonders. That will be awesome whenever we receive that!

Till next week! Happy games!!
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No Long Weekend For Me. So Many Awesome Games Were Still Played! **WITH PICS!**

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
Sad that I am working today when so many have the day off and are playing board games.

It is okay since there is always Monday night games!

Last Monday we started the gaming off with a fast game of Coloretto. I love color and have wanted to try this game for a while since well it is all about colors!

The first thing Eric said when explaining the rules is that he likes it more than the Zoo game. I honestly think that they aren't similar enough to compare. I can see it because you are set collecting and whatnot- but they are different enough where I wouldn't say lets play this or this. One is a filler game one it a bigger game with more "theme" and choices.

I enjoy them both! It was definitely a cute filler game that I will have to acquire at some point.

the useless cards it comes with.

Dan wanted to give his game Valley of the Kings another play and we taught Marsha in a 3 player game.

This game is a small boxed deck-builder. It is quite fun and while not my favorite deck builder game it is in the top.

It has a lot of nice features in it. Like most deck games you want to try and trash the base cards early to thin the deck. This game allows you to Entomb cards for points. You don't need a special action you can just do this every turn 1 time. Call entomb cards = your total VPs at the end of the game. The starting cards are all worth 1, the purple cards are all worth 2, then there are the yellow, red, green and blue cards that are all based on the # of each color you have.

In our game I got 6 blues for 36 points and a whole lot of other cards since I started entombing from turn 1. Naturally, I kicked everyone's butt.

All the cards can be entombed, used as actions, or used as $$ to buy new cards from the pyramid. I really enjoy that in this deck game because in most deck building games this is not the case. The only other game that kind of has this is Tanto Cuore. I like that there are multi-purpose cards it makes the choices harder and more meaningful then your average deck game like Star Realms (which, by the way, I am still highly addicted to and love on the apps)

Valley of the Kings is definitely interesting and I wouldn't mind playing whenever the opportunity arises.

While I did get to play Tichu next it wasn't the continuation from the previous week. That was sad cause I wanted to finish that game off declare a winner. Maybe tonight we can finish- who knows.

This game I was paired with Marsha against Dan and Bill. I thought we had them- Marsha and I were kicking butt! But then Bill called Grand and they ended up going 1-2 for a 400 point score. It was only a round later that they won. 2 bad hands and the game it completely turned around. How lame!

Tichu is so amazing and probably my favorite trick taking game. Too fun!

The last game of the night was Würfel Bohnanza. For some strange reason I find this game really entertaining. I am weird that way. It might be all the colors and change of someone else rolling exactly what you need that keeps your attention the whole time. It is a clever dice game that I should play more!

During the week Ron and I didn't see that many games. We did play a 2p game of Keyflower. That was actually more fun as a 2p than I remember. I actually don't recall ever playing it 2p before but Ron thought we had. It ended up being a close finish. I thought I had won but Ron recounted. He had 62 I had 60. Grr! He snatched up my bonus end tile that would have scored me like 20 points because he had 5 yellows to outbid me. I suppose that is the game. I like that it was so close cause I felt I was just doing so poorly. I don't recommend this game with 5 or 6 It is OK but can really drag on longer than it is welcomed with that many peoples. Was quite good with 2- we will have to play again soon!

On Wednesday we broke the shrink to Le Havre. YAY!! But wow- lots to punch and sort for sure. So yeah I banked on that and took a LOT of pictures of the mess. laugh

This game continues to impress me. It is a lot of little actions to have one big picture. I really enjoy it. It is certainly a brainbuster and you don't want to be cause with a bad AP person.

I was the AP on Wednesday so much that I had to half way through postpone to Friday to finish cause I wanted to sleep.

Really happy to have the game now since it is a really good 2 player and 3 player game. I will have to go buy a Plano box though. laugh

I really thought I had Ron this game. I did my best game yet ending with 224! I never really get high above 200 if ever. Ron was just above my score with 234. I kept shipping all game and had so much gold and I bought all the buildings and I thought was killing it. Yep, nope. That's okay I got some AMAZING pics- so excited.

Are you ready for a million photos of Le Havre- I just had so much fun photographing it!

Probably my Contender for next months photo contest.

Thursday night was another game night. I ended up teaching The Palaces of Carrara to 2 others and still continuing my streak of going first I won. I will have to go first one of these day with a game of experienced players and see if I can still win. I wasn't sure I was actually going to win but since $$ was 2$for 1vp I was killing it I almost made it to the 150 mark when 2nd place was almost to the 100 mark. sorry fellas! It was okay since they both enjoyed it. I did warn them about the fast ending that will happen. A great game that I think could be considered as an gateway game for sure.

We had some time to spare so we ended up playing a game of Cities 3 player teaching 1. I probably helped the newbie too much since he score better than Joe who has played a bunch of times. haha I got 62 and newbie got 53 and joe I think got 48 something like that. Still a favorite and my go-to filler game. Just amazing. If you ever want a challenge hit me up on BAJ sn punkin312.

Last game of the night was a 5 player Tribune: Primus Inter Pares. I was sort of teaching this with Joe helping. I have played this probably 4 or 5 times before. Some parts can be confusing. I picked totally the wrong end game conditions so the game lasted about 90 minutes + more. Yeah that was a bit long. It is still a great game but it shouldn't last that long. 2 players were learning so it was a bit slower because of that.

In the game there are multiple ways to victory. Provided you get 3/7 of the end conditions you can declare winner at the end of the round. I happened to choose the one where you MUST get a tribune in order to declare winning. This was my mistake that took longer since acquiring a Tribune is tough to do and not good for a first play- so that was my bad. I own it but have yet to play my copy- I should do that.

It is worker placement with some bidding involved and control over the different factions. It is very interesting game.

Again, Friday night Ron and I finished that game of Le Havre and that was it until Sat game day.

We hosted game day again and got in a bunch of great games.

We started the day off with a 4p game of Five Tribes. Ron taught the game to the others and we started. I had a strong start but then lost focus and VPs due to bidding too high for the turn order. I got some Djinns and that was cool. Then I didn't use them so that was wasteful. Definitely not my best play but one day I will get it to work for me. I didn't even break 100 points I did that badly! I think the winning score was like 130s. Cool game- still happy to play it!

Still with 4 we moved onto the next game which we choose to be Sultaniya. I had played this once before at GenCon and had a great time. I was happy to get to play 4 players this game to see if that changed the dynamics which I thought didn't really change much. I bet it would be a good 2 player too.

It is a tile laying puzzle type game. You are building the palace and trying to score points based on your player board's victory conditions. I was focusing on those as well as the hidden goals. The Hidden goals are more about the placement of the tiles while the players goals are more about the actual tiles and pictures on them.

As soon as someone completes the palaces with the top row containing 5 tiles then the game is declared over and we score.

I basically destroyed them. =D WAAHAAHAA I ended with 54 and left them in the dust. Really cool game that I definitely want to add to my collection at some point.

Another contender for the Oct photo contest. I think I like the Le Havre one more though.

We acquired one more person to the mix and Riley had 2 copies of Doodle Quest so we twisted all arms into playing that one. It is such a fun game! I love trying to visualize and do the tasks the cards say. We played 5 player (the game holds 4 but Riley had 2 copies and Even I have a copy we could have played up to 12!) I am usually pretty good at this one but I seemed to be focused more on taking interesting pictures! I did alright but screwed up on some easy ones so everyone passed me in the scores. Awesome cute game for any family!


After- I did a good job with this one!

We weren't sure if anyone else was showing up so we played a fast game of Qwixx cause that's what we do! I think I am pretty much qwixxed out for now. I would much rather play Cities. It is a good filler and I don't mind playing it but it is not my first choice anymore. Still good.

No one showed up so we played 5 player La Boca. I don't play this as much as I should since it is lots of laughs and a bunch of fun. The problem is Ron always wins. He just must be super smart. I warn everyone before we start that he is a beast but it changes nothing hahah Ron won.

This game is semi co-op so you would immediately think that I would hate it but I don't It is quite enjoyable. While, yes, you are working with others to build the puzzle fastest you also have to work with EVERYONE 2 times. It is strictly a few others but it is everyone. Best score at the end wins. Simple really!

Halfway through. Everytime it is my turn I flip the chit and see who I play with.

More people showed up so 3 went to play Clash of Cultures and 3 of us played Sanssouci since that was fast as we were expecting another play shortly. The 3 of us have all played before so it was just a walk in park game.

It is a simple tile laying game to try and get the nobles to walk as far into the garden as possible and score points along the way.

Even better when you beat Dan by 1 point MWAAHAAHAA!

My hand- you always have 2 cards to choose from

My end goals/bonus scoring cards

Michael showed up and since I had played tribune on Thursday I wanted to play again. It gave me a chance to take some pictures which was nice. Dan and I were teaching 2 others so we opted to not play with the expansion. I do want to play with that sometime soon. We played with end conditions not so difficult as the other night which was better and the two newbs creamed Dan and I. They took it away and won. Haha oh well, I was never good at that game I am still surprised that I won on Thursday!

We were still at a count of 4 so we brought out Asara. I have owned it for a really long time and haven't really took it out to play so I suggested that one. It is beautiful! I love building the towers. so many phallic jokes it is just too funny. IM SORRY BUT IT IS TRUE! whistlemodestlaugh

I can't help it.

The game is 4 rounds long and it is worker placement and set collection. You have to get the top and bottom (in the same color) of the tower befor eyou can place the tiles in front of you.

So each round you get 7 cards all different colors and these you use on the board to acquire the pieces you need and pay the cost. The white towers cost 8 per piece but at the best scoring at the end. The brown towers are the cheapest but score the lest in the end. At the end of each round you score per tower that you have 1 point and per Golden gem and lighted window you have played in front of you.

I had a crazy good start to the game and got out a 3 white tower with 3 golden gems on it. So right there was socring 4 points. After round 2 I had another white piece and gem with a black tower and brown tower built. I was killing it.

I got all that out early and was scoring big the whole game. I ended it with 88 and left everyone else in the dust with 50s or less. =D This is my kind of game!

Also it is so pretty!

When we finished that game the Clash game was over and people were leaving and we were going to make some food. We played a 5 player game of Polterfass as the food was cooking.

We had taught Michael last week and he really took a liking to it! It makes me happy since I really enjoy this game as well. And I won!

Perfect filler for a bunch of players and Some serious push your luck and knowing how to read people and what they might bid.

I love that type of game.
I should really take more photos of this game.

After that food was about done but we had set up and started teaching Strasbourg. This game can be confusing at first but once you start going it picks up and things make sense.

There are hidden goals that every one gets dealt 5 at the beginning and you choose to keep however many you want. I kept 3 which were all pretty doable but I managed to screw it up and not have a high enough bid to place the 5 VP token in the round I needed to so that messed up one of my end scoring conditions. Everything else was on point but I still came in 3rd. Ron ran away with it.

The game has a really neat bidding mechanic that I wish more games used. And if there are other games like that I would like to know because I haven't played them.

There are 5 rounds and each round you draw from your stack of numbered cards 1-6. Once the stack has run out then you can no longer bid so you want to make sure you have a full enough cards to last the 5 rounds. You draw one by one and pre-determine the different amounts you want to bid in the upcoming round. Really clever and enjoyable mechanic.

It has come area control too with some after round scoring bonuses. Great game!

5 players still so we played a couple of good 5 player games. Next up was Die Sieben Siegel. We taught Michael he really enjoyed playing Steven Seagal a lot. I was pretty great at it -or I just got lucky cards. Either way I kicked butt with only 8 points at the end. Low score wins. I think the high score was 28. whoops.
Pretty great trick taking game that I would happily play anytime.

Then we got in a game of Lords of Xidit. It was getting on the later side so people weren't as sharp as the might normally be. But, they picked it up and I lost in the first results whoops. Michael- despite just learning kicked butt and took the win.

I am still so happy I got this at GenCon it has seen a lot of plays and still proving to be a great game. Most everyone has enjoy this game that I have taught so that is also good!

The theme is just amazing since I love Seasons so much. I love this hidden planning and then seeing where everyone goes. It is just really interesting.

Almost capping the night we played a 3 games of No Thanks!. Another game Michael had never played but really enjoyed. It is quite a good filler for sure- classic. I still prove to be terrible at this game! I just can't say no apparently.

snapped some pics.

With 4 players left we played 4 games of the very fast Streams. Or my Edition calls it 20 Express. There are 20 tiles pulled from the bag 1 at a time. Each time a til eis drawn from the bag you must write that # down in the train line. You try to form large trains to get more points. The train lines are the low to high numbers as soon as a new lower # is played then it is a new train formed.

The best you could do is a 20 train which is probably impossible haha. I was SOOOOOOOOO close to a 20 train I JUST needed a 13. Was that too much to ask? Yes, yes it was. OH THE TENSION WAS HIGH on that last pull. It was great! Then it was devastation.

Haha I am so dramatic but so is that game. Seriously a 5 minute game that has a good time with it.

Sadly no games were played on Sunday due to my friend's wedding. Last week I played a boat load of Star Realms on the ipad... so addicting... I am pretty sure I have a problem. whistle

If you want a challenge my username is : punkin

Thanks for reading!
Happy week of games everyone! Have a good time! Until next week...
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Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:31 pm
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Another Week of Awesome Games! **With Pics**

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
It was a rather gloomy week full of rain and clouds here in New England. Thankfully the sun and blue skies came out yesterday and are with me today. I love seeing the red leaves against the rich blue skies in the fall. Best time of year.

Last Monday brought a lot of games I really enjoy. Monday night group got to playing and I suggested 3 player Seasons. We were at Geoff's and he has his un-used copy of Seasons with all expansions. I had to get that game played! We had a pretty good game but Ron killed us both cause that's what he does. Always super fun to get this game to the table with more than 2 because Ron and I generally only play it with 2.

Next up was my second play of Pecunia. The game I learned in September and declared as my favorite new game of the month. I really enjoy that little game. Getting over the language barrier it is really not THAT complicated. You have a lot of really tough and interesting choices to make and the game is really pretty quick.

In the game you have a line up of cards that you can not change the order of. You play these cards in available areas. Eventually you will take an area and the cards on them to go into your active line up that will score points and potentially get killed off.

ultimately you want your line up to score for the area you are doing best in so you try have that score before something else might happen or you might lose guys because of something else. It is a real balance and tricky mind game. very clever little game and I really want to locate a copy for myself.

Last game of the night on Monday was Tichu. Which actually turned into a TO BE CONTINUED... Ron and I were partners and doing OK then we weren't then I called a grand and we were doing ok... You know how it goes. Anyways, I hope to conclude the game tonight for the final verdict. I think we left it were other team was 530 and Ron and I caught up around 450... I could be wrong it has been a week and all. Awesome game definitely a favorite of mine.

During the week Ron and I only got in a couple games. Tuesday night brought Suburbia w/Suburbia Inc mixed in. I never remember to link in the expansions when we play but Ron and I always play with the expansions if there are any. This game and Seasons and 7 wonders I generally don't post the expansions but they are always there- you CANT play without them - once you have played with them.

I only have to say Suburbia and blink and the game will be set up on the table Ron likes it that much. We don't play it more cause well I don't stand a hope in hell in beating him. I can barely play the campaign mode on medium (ipad) and he has beat them all on hard. He is just way better than me (or so it seems).

I was doing well like any game and then somewhere mid game I lose all control and screw up- much like in Nations. I was crazy though and bought the purification plant which was amazing and scary at the same time.

It cost me like $30+ to purchase and helped me a lot for a few turns anyways. I really needed the reputation though.

Ultimately, I lost but not by as much as I would have expected. I got a lot of awesome pics thought!

final score

Expansion pics:

Wednesday night Ron and I took out Nations since we hadn't played in a while. I got owned. It was just terrible and when I thought it wouldn't get any worse Ron picks up Lincoln who it SO TOTALLY BROKEN. I have decided this and when playing 2p we will have to take him and the other guy out. There are two cards that let you recruit guys as an action- it might be fine if it was limited to 1 guy per round but they allow for as many times in a round as you want. I think that is just insane. I was already losing so by Ron getting Lincoln it was adding insult to injury. I think I ended up getting 24 vps and he got 34 vps. Oh well- I want to play this game with more players soon.

We are both in revolt thanks to me! hahaha

We had a big game day on Saturday and at one point had 3 tables going. Cool. I love big game days! So many games are played.

We started with a 3 player game of Mosaix. If you haven't heard of it -it is a dice filler type game. The dice have 2 each of 3 shapes. When it is your turn you roll and configure the dice in a shape that works for you. ALL players can use the dice in THAT shape only and fill in their board. Each section on your board of 5+ same shapes will score points. For example if you have 2 separate regions of 5 triangles you will score 10 (total # of boxes with a triangle) times 2 the #of regions you have. It would give you 20 points. Ideally you want lots of regions of 5 so you can get big multipliers.

It is a cute filler and fast!

We still had only 3 so we broke out a favorite of mine Blokus 3D. If you like the blokus/ubongo games you will like this one. Everyone has a set # of pieces all the same and you build this tower trying to be on the top level. The scores are (looking top down) # of surfaces minus the left over piece you have. So you try to get rid of all your blocks and have most area at the top.

I won with flying colors.

More folks showed up and I got the request to play Rokoko. I was happy to teach this one. I really enjoy this game. The other table went to play Glass Road.

Eric had played one time before and Michelle and Justin were just learning. The game itself is not all that hard. There are a lot of meaningful decisions to make and a bunch of strategies to take. In this game I got a trashing card and basically had a hand of 5 the entire game which is nice. I like having the options I want each turn. I was first to get the bonus of all rooms and I was collecting income for both dresses and decorations on the board. By the end I was getting about 20 income not too shabby!

I like how this game works for any # of strategies and keeps the end score pretty close. I happened to get a bunch of in-game points which gave me the win with 77. Michelle got 68, Eric with 64 and Justin with 62. That's pretty close considering. I think it plays really well with 4. I am happy to play that anytime.

securing the firework spot.

After that game we split up into 3 tables and I got in a game of Helios with 2 others. I had taught Carrie before and we ended up teaching Eric. Carrie enjoyed it more her second play as had I when I played a second time.

It was a rocky start since we all had the plan to build temples and try for that strategy. Whoops. I don't advise planning to go for another strategy someone else is working. So, I diverted my plan and started pushing the sun around. Eric changed his plan and started building LOTS of land.

This game continues to shine for me. whistle
I love it and how fast it is. It is just so rewarding. You think you are doing okay but you really don't know until you tally the points at the end. This game also really benefits from playing a few times.

I ended with 151 and Carrie with 137 and Eric with 112.

While other tables were finishing we played a fast game of Parade. I really enjoy this game and must add it to my collection. Definitely cute and in the top of my filler game list.

We found we had 6 players for a game of Show Manager. We were teaching probably half of the players this game. Unfortuately, I was following Eric who was collecting EVERY color I was collecting at the same time. You should avoid doing this. I got a couple lucky sweeps and managed a decent score of mid 40s at the end of the game which is respectable. I got 3d place. I usually fail miserably at this game. It is a classic and plays 6 perfectly so is nice to have around.

A lot of people decided to leave after this game and it was getting close to grilling time so we played a 5p game of Polterfass while Ron grilled up some hotdogs and Hamburgers for the people.

I LOVE Polterfass. It is a push your luck game and sometimes you think you have em and you don't. the idea of the game is to make just enough beer (and I hate beer!) that the customer are TOO greedy. If all players bid 25 you want to make just 24 so they get no points and you get the 24 points. if they bid 25 and you make 25 well... you have to split up the beer to all the customers and you get the remaining points which in this case is 0.

This is another favorite filler of mine. Lots of laughs and is a fun mind game all while being push your luck. Amazing game and a favorite of 2013 for sure.

After everyone was full of the foods we split into a 4 player game of Shitenno and they played a 3 player game of Five Tribes.

I really like Shitenno and was happy to pick it up at GenCon this year. I have been looking for it for a while. I have played it 3 player 2 other times. I was happy to get it played with 4 players. This game has potential to be very fast but there can be problems with AP because there are SO many hard choices when you are the Daimyo and creating the sets.

Let me explain- In the game there are 4 roles. The only one I remember is Daimyo because he is the one that give you +2 when scoring and allocated the roles and cards in the next round.

There are troop cards that have either a single color/double color/ or 1 and 1 color troops on them. Each round 8 trop cards are pulled and 4 koku ($$) cards are pulled. If you are the Daimyo (4th role) you have to separate into sets. The first set is offered up to the 3rd role if he says no then it is offered to the 2nd role (I believe the sensei) if he doesn't want it then it is offered to the 1st role. If that player does not want it then you MUST take this set of offerings. You don't want to make a set of cards that is so good that you leave nothing behind - but you also don't want to make a set of something terrible that you might be stuck with. It is a balancing act.

The game lasts 4-6 rounds. We have 8 player markers that we can use on the center board. We can only place 2 markers in a round. If a player places all 8 the game ends. If the Koku cards run out then the game will end after that round.

The troop cards are used to form sets and concord the land in the center of the board. There are 6 sections and each section will give 6 point to whomever control it with the most tokens. Eevry time you claim a section you score points based on where in the line up you are. It is a clever game that I would like to play more often.

Next we broke out the KS game I just got in called Chaos & Alchemy. For the record I think it is crazy it is marked as 2012 and I only just received it last week. ugh.

Dan quickly read through the rules and we passed out cards. Roll some successes and pick and play cards roll some failures results in discarding cards. Cards to things etc. The game was really disappointing. We went a round then Pete won his second turn. We opted to play again since it was so fast. The second game lasted maybe 4 turns each and was longer since there is so much to read on the cards. Michael enjoyed it and thought it had neat mechanics. It is a beautiful game that just didn't do anything for me. Oh well.

After that we had some time before the other table finished up so we played a game of Doodle Quest. I really have to take more pictures of this game!! It is so fast I forget to grab the camera. It is too cute. Great game if you have kids. That is for sure. I don't have kids but I still love it.
It is quite simple in that you have to draw lines to connect things without touching such and such. You see the picture in the middle and do your best to score points by drawing on your plastic sheet the lines to make it just by guesstimating. =)

*no pictures *

After that we found ourselves with 6 players so we played Medici. Another perfect with 6 players game that I have. It is so great. (I need to find a few more perfect games that play with 6). Simple bidding game that never really seems to get old.

We finished that and took out Dixit. We actually had to teach a player how to play. I didn't lose! I enjoy Dixit with the right crowd for sure. It is a lot of fun.

We finished the night off with a 5p game of Dominant Species: The Card Game. Ron taught everyone. This game is really cut throat- more so than the big game of Dominant Species. It is a relatively fast card game with a small feel of DS. timing is everything much like the real thing. You have a hand of cards and a terrain card that tells you which animals are +1 and which one is -1. Certaing types will do better like the sea card will give bonus to whomever plays the most water symbols. all the animal cards have a value and can be suppressed or even killed off by other players/animals cards. Whomever has the most value at the end of the round scores points = to the round we are in out of 10 rounds.

Most points at the end wins.

Sunday brought a surprise visit from our friend Michael who didn't have enough games on Saturday and wanted some more fun.

We started by teaching Ron Chaos & Alchemy since Michael wanted to play it again after learning it on Saturday. I said okay it is fast enough and Ron hadn't played. Ron has the same feeling as me that it is meh. oh well. Maybe I can trade it away since it will likely never see another play in my house.

I had really wanted to play a Feld game the day before but found not much interest. So I convinced Michael that he wanted to play Luna. We played a 3 player game of Luna and I just lost miserably. haha too bad cause I usually win that one. I was too busy trying to teach and help and I was less focused on my own playing. Ron killed us both. The game changes with 3 from with 4. It is harder for Red player (me) to play sine the architect moves differently than in a 4 player game.

Amazing game I wish I could play it more.

Michael wanted to teach me and Ron Go as he brought his copy. Ron and I both hadn't ever played before so that happened. All in All I think it is a game I like and I would like to play more. We played with a HUGE board so that wasn't so great. I would want to play with a smaller board otherwise the game would just last forever. I am willing to give it another go.

Finally, before Michael left we played a quick game of Cities. Another game I just love. I beat everyone into a pulp as it should be. still my favorite go to filler game.

Sunday night Ron and I closed with a 2 player game of Seasons. It is fitting since we started the week with the same game. This time I got my favorite combo of Amsung and Boot and could end with half the year to go. This is my favorite strategy and Ron knows that but he didn't suspect that I had that combo- didn't even consider it so I took him by complete surprise. I got around 180 he got around 90. Mwaahaaha Good way to end the night for me!

A special shout out to myself for Winning last months Photo Contest!

So I can make a 3rd month in a row you could help me out and vote here!

Thanks for reading! Until next week! Happy Games!
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Liars, Confusion, Mu -Oh My. And Some... **With Pics**

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
Another week another game... Or 20 laugh

Monday night game group as normal we were waiting on a few more so we played a fast game to start called Gold Digger Reiner Knizia's early stuff... we all decided we had no need to ever play it again. There are 6 colors and 5 guys in each color and then a mix of 30 gold/fools gold cards. You have 3 cards and you play one of them. If you play a guy to match a color then you have the option of dropping your token down to claim all/partial gold in the column depending on how many other tokens there are. They are divided evenly at the end and the game ends when all 60 cards are played. Player with the most gold wins! shake

Since there was a lot of talk about Mu this past week because it is supposed to be awesome and one of the best trick taking games- I wanted to play it. Thanks to Geoff for bringing it to play we had 5 players for this game. *I love trick-taking games*. Maybe I need to play it again but this game just did not play how I like to play these kinds of games. This was not a fun one for me. It was Okay... I would play again... I would so rather play Tichu (not that they are similar in anyway). The whole game just seemed like a mess to me and the leader and vice thing was weird. I am not going to go into explaining the rules because well it was tricky. I should get a game of Pinochle sometime...

I did like the artwork on the cards so + for that.

We still had 5 players so we brought out Liar's Dice next. I really enjoy this game! I don't know why because I am SO TERRIBLE at it. I haven't even made it to 3rd place in this game. I am always always last or 2nd to last hahahaha I lose my dice so fast! Oh well it just means I don't lie well, right?) Classic Dice game I still love even though I can't play well for some reason.

Final game of the night was 3 player Thebes. I really enjoy this game. Sure there is a bit of luck factor but I don't care I just LOVE THE DIGGING FOR GOLD! It is a cute game families would enjoy and general gamers. Gain some knowledge and go on expeditions and dig your way to victory. It works well with 3 especially since all 3 of us had different approaches and it was a tight race. I ended up with 75 and Bill had 78 and Geoff had 72 it was just that close.

I went on a crazy digging spree digging whenever I could! I had a couple extra bonus pulls and got enough books to make the pulls worth wile. I actually ended up getting 65 DIG points and 5 points in expedition cards and 5 points for knowledge in green. Geoff focused on the council cards and ALL THE KNOWLEDGE. We will call him the book of knowledge from now on. Bill won by a hair because he managed to Dig just enough to claim almost all the expedition cards. Not bad and well played by all. Fun game for an hours time.

Them Diggin' bags!

Tuesday Ron and I went to see The Maze Runner which was awesome and came home to find a package with Ubongo: Duel, Le Havre, and Five Tribes!! Yay all the games!

We still had some life left so we ripped opened Ubongo: Duel and started that one. I love the 3D game so I thought sure for $17 bucks Ill get the Duel game for Ron and I to play. It is fun times! Not something to play daily but every once in a while for sure!

I haven't played regular Ubongoor Extreme so I can not compare but this was simple enough.

First player to five wins the game. There are 9 boards so there will be a winner by the end of the 9th board (in theory). I killed Ron on the easy side... however, he creamed me on the hard side. He was getting the answers faster on the hard side than he was with the EASY side. He is a jerk angry I also made him play the variant way where he had to play 2 boards when he got up to the level 3 and level 4 since he was beating me so bad. hahah

The game is just so colorful which is so awesome!!!!!!!

Wednesday night Ron and I got to play a few more games. I had asked Joe if I could borrow Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War. I had heard about it and asked about it before but finally got to learning it Wednesday night. It is a 2 player game like Stratego but TOTALLY BACKWARDS.

First off the quality of the pieces are amazing and the whole game is just gold. If you pick up a copy it is like filled with lead it is so heavy! Awesome sauce.

The game has a set up and as the red player I know ALL of White's pieces ad movement points. I however, do not know my own. On my turn I can try to move a piece any # of spaces either diagonally, front, back, side to side. Ron as my opponent would say yes or no depending on the other side of the piece and directions it allows. I have a HUGE book to write all my notes in (see pic below) and deduct what my pieces might be. There is a wild card mixed in letter the ? piece. I have the ability to say yes or no to ANY movement as it doesn't have to follow a set of rules. If I wish to spend my turn and kill the ? piece I could do that.

So in our game of this we each were using the ? piece without knowing it. Ron thought he had me then I suddenly killed his ? and was stunned and shocked by that. I swooped in with my letter E piece and stole the game.


It was very entertaining game. Will likely play it again soon.

Here are the awesome pics!

After that exciting game we played a fast game of Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age. I had been reading some posts about it recently and got to thinking that we hadn't played in a while and we should! It is a fun dice game for sure. I thought I was doing so well each turn however, All my disaster negative points killed me in the end and I lost. the last couple of turns I could not roll wheat to save my life! so that was -14 points right there! Ron's a bum.

I got some good pics though!

Friday night besides -the dozen games of Star Realms on the ipad we played- We broke the shrink wrap on Five Tribes. I got to punching and bagging and sorting and the goods.

We played 2 player. This is interesting because you get two turn markers and it keeps it interesting. I did enjoy it with 2 but I have a feeling it will be best with 3.

Ron was doing his market purchasing and I was doing whatever. I had 3 Djinns and trying to cover the board with my camels. I had a Djinn where if I drop a meeple in my own spot then I would get a point if Ron did I would get 2 points. I was trying to cover the board to always get vps via this method.

I ended up winning 205 to 193 I believe. devil

Saturday we didn't get in as much gaming as I would have liked since we had a 1yr old bday party in the middle of the day at 3:30! Who does that? Don't they know it is game day... noope.

In the morning Ron and I just played 1 game of Glass Road 2p. I enjoy this game 2 player but it is just better with 4. The buildings aren't cycled through enough and while I like the mind game the 2p game has to offer I just have more plans in a 4 player game. In this game I didn't really have a plan and no endgame sight where for some reason in a 4 player game I feel like I have. I don't know I will have to explore this game more as a 2p to see if I change my mind a bit.

I still ended up with 19..5 I usually get around 22-23 so it was a weaker play for me. Ron ended with 22...shake

We showed up at the bday party for an hour and head home to meet some friends for some Saturday night games.

Eric and Carrie have enjoyed some games with us in the past and they moved then we moved so we don't get to see them as often as we used to or we like to.

We first introduced them to Five Tribes since it is our newest addition to the family and something I thought they would enjoy. After playing the 2p game the other day I was all confused. after that ONE play I was already anticipating more moves than I would actually get. It was really hard to go back to very few moves. I found I didn't have a strategy and was just kind of doing whatever in the game play.

Of course that didn't win me the game. Eric actually won with lots of goods and $$ and not buying turn order ever. I got 119 which I still think is valid but not as high as I would like. Ron got above me and Carrie did worse. Everyone enjoyed it though!

After that Ron went to make his awesome dinner for us and the 3 of us played Castle Dice. Carrie had played a while back and Eric wanted to give it a try. I enjoy this game enough but Ron doesn't like it so we hardly play it.

This game I actually got some guard cards and wall cards which I could do. In the first turn I managed to get a room built that provided an extra die each round. That's awesome!

In the game I usually score 7 points (average) when the winning is usually 10-12 points. Not a high scoring game.

This game I actually got 10 points!! Wooohoo! Tied for first and 3rd place got 6. Not bad. Everyone enjoyed the game!

After Dinner they prompted to play Riff Raff. Yay I love this game!! I just picked it up this week cause I found a close by seller. Sadly, my copy of the game is not the greatest. The 5/6 bar doesn't turn so I will have to file that down a bit so it will turn. The middle level is also hard on turning so that one too. The whole boat is not level so it made for a really hard game.

We did play 2 times and I actually won the second game! yay!

I will have to have Ron work on making the boat perfect!

You still have time to vote for my BGG photo contest picture Here! if you wanted too...
This is it:

We played a couple games of Qwixx after that since they were about done for the night. They really enjoy Qwixx as many do I killed it in the first game getting a really early close on the blue track and then a second close a few turns later. I won the first game with 52. The 2nd game I tired to do the same thing and failed and lost horribly. =)

I convinced them to play a few rounds of Doodle Quest before they left and they definitely want to play a full game next time!
This is such a cute game it is hard not to like it. How good are you at visualizing the map. Eric was clever enough to draw the map on the board then he drew his lines. hahah silly but it worked amazingly well.

Sunday we had Scott and Pete over for some games. Scott was running a bit late so I asked Pete if we could try Frontier Skies. I KS it a while back and it says you need 3 players so it is hard to get to try. Pete is about the most easy going person so we got to playing it.

In the game you are building up your aircraft for more speed/attack/ and cargo space. There are 4 seasons and 3 rounds each season for 12 turns. You start with the market phase where new ship parts are put out and start player can make an open bid for anyone to bid higher. You can only get one ship part of crew member per turn. Then add that piece to your ship and adjust your cargo/attack/speed tracks accordingly. if you are upgrading a piece you get half its value $ returned- so it is good to upgrade ship parts.

After that is the adventure phase where you draw a card from the adventure deck which might be to draw some discoveries and add them to your cargo load. All the cards have cargo space requirements and trade value. If you can not hold the load then you will have to discard it for no $$.

After that phase is the trade phase where you can get rid of all your cargo for $$ printed on it. Some offer bonus if you sell 2 or if you have2 during the draw phase then you get a bonus. You can also trade with other players. You can not trade ship parts though.

The final phase is the draw phase where everyone gets one more discovery and then the round is over.

Do that 12 times and the game is over. I don't know if I am selling it short but I enjoyed the time when playing it. Trying to upgrade your ship and all the colors. I will play it a few more times for sure. I don't know how many though. It was definitely cute and maybe gears more towards a family. I enjoy the theme of building the ship.

starter ship

The counters

Final Gem score

Final score 113 I win!

After that game Scott had arrived so we opted to play Steam Park. I had learned this at GenCon but never got in a full game of it. This game is not for me.

So we went over the rules and Scott had to refresh himself and I was kind of helping based on what I recalled. But it was kind of a mess.

We were all frantically trying to avoid dirt or as we called it poop. No one was pulling good people from the bags. It was all too slow for my liking. It is also possible that we played too many rounds I am unsure.

My conclusion is that I really HATE real time dice rolling games. It has an amazing theme I just wish it were a better game. I enjoy what it is trying to do but it is just not there for me. Too bad!

I lost miserably and I think Scott killed us all. I never need to play that one again.

I got some good pics though!

I made Ron read the rules to Olympus before everyone got there. This is a game I have been wanting to play so I picked it up but it requires 3-5 players so it wasn't a game to play just the 2 of us. really hard to get to the table if you don't know the rule haha. So Ron read the rules and we convinced the guys to play. It is not a very hard game to teach and play so that has it going for it.

The game is worker placement where everyone gets 3 guys with potential to get a few more depending on your population and culture tracks. On your turn you have the option of placing a guy in favor of a god. Since you were first there you get a special double action of the space you chose. Everyone then has the option to take the same type of action for just a single time. Once a spot is taken it won't be available again until next round.

The god tracks might be to gain production, population, culture, military or start a war or plague or you could build a building. The building give abilities like get to the next level of culture or a few bumps on the meat track on your player board. They also have VPs. You can score some VPs in game but they are primarily on the cards. Everyone has a bunch of cards they can build and there is also a general supply of cards for players to snag away from other players.

Once a player gets to the end of a track there is a 2vp bonus card you acquire. Once 4 of 7 are gone the round finishes out and the game is over.

It would be considered a light civ game for me. It has some interesting ideas and I definitely want to play again. Ron beat me by a point and I should have been the clear winner but he somehow snagged that win from me. Only a few pics though.

The final game of the day was a fast game of Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension. I really enjoy this game cause ANYTHING can really happen. It is a pretty balanced race game if you haven't heard of it.

Every player gets 6 cards each round and simultaneously all players choose a card to play. The letter of the card A-Z is the order in which the cards are resolved. The green card moves you # fo spaces TOWARD the closest ship, the Blue cards keeps you in place and ALL ships move # of spaces towards YOU, and The Pink cards moves you AWAY from the closest ship. So, depending on what other cards are played what you thought might more you 7 forward could potentially move you backwards 7. Its a brain burner- but you can't think too hardly cause it is just too hard to know!

It was neck and neck- the gate to win followed by black player once space behind, followed directly by yellow, which I was directly behind and blue was directly behind me. It all came down to the last card kept in the round and who got to go fist - it was CRAZY! I managed to pull out the win - it was awesome.

It was an awesome weekend of games I am happy people wanted to play on Sunday. Sorry for the delay in the post but there was something iffy with the photo uploader last week and it forced me to resubmit all the photos =)

Till next week!

Happy Games!
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Some Flizz and Vegas at the Zoo and a bunch of Others too. With Pictures!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
Learned 6 games last week.

Monday night games as usual brought so many new and interesting games!

We started the night off learning Flizz & Miez. I had read about this a few months back when it was in Spielbox Mag (cover). With the right people this game is a lot of fun! Sure it is a kids game and quite simple when all said and done but it is the time spent getting there.

Works well with 4 that was the # we played with and everyone had a "job" to do each turn. If you were the active player you had to pull tiles and match the front of the cars to the back using tiles from the box. Each time you completed a car then you would yell vroom! the player to your right would then move your car one space. We were actually playing with the advance rules where the board had different phrases you had to say in place of the Vroom... It was hard. The 3rd player had the kitty die where they would roll the die and everytime the kitty showed up he would have to say meow and the 4th player would move the cat one space. If the cat caught up to the active car then he would crush it and the turn would be over.

Not to brag but I crushed everyone! Waahahaaahaa!!! I guess I am just the best. whistle

Where oh where did my red car go? Where oh where did he gooooo?

The car tiles to match up

The second game we played was Osaki ni Shitsurei Shima-su!!. Sounds complicated but really it wasn't we all started with tiles of 6 different workers. When the tiles are flipped the reveal the "tasks" the workers have to finish before going home for the night. The most overworked player loses at the end. If you get rid of all your tasks then you are winner.

In the game on your turn you flip a worker and show the task. That's it. If you have a worker already flipped then other players may deligate the "same" work type to you or if it is the "same" worker they could pass more work onto you.

You just try to hand off as much work as possible.

I won this game with only 2 tasks as the end of the game. Yay for pawning off work loads. I don't need to play this game again.

The workers:

After that weird on we played another Japanese game called Pecunia. We had a rough start to this game since everything was in the wrong language and we didn't have the player aid handy to tell us important things.

I really enjoyed this game and would like to play again soon. It took a minute to get into the game and figure out what everything is doing and why but once we got there it all made sense in a weird way.

I can't begin to give you the set of rules but here is a general overview of how the game is play.

You have a line up of cards face down which you can look at. you MUST play the Right most card before any other card can be played. On your turn you can either play the card one of the 4 sections or take a section that already has cards (1-3) on it. The areas can hold up to 3 cards and all the cards have some sort of effect. They also have scoring on the sides. Each warea is represented by a symbol and when the area scores every person in your "active" line is scored based on the symbol on the card. Pictures below might help.

This is interesting cause some characters go well with other and some don't. You might try to dissuade other players by playing a card you know goes badly with an already played card so they might not take it because you want to take it. It is definitely a mind game which I enjoy a lot and would gladly play again, soon!

Oh- and it is all about sheep. I am not sure why but it is!

my hand of cards face down and the active cards face up.

After this game there were 6 available gamers and it seemed everyone wanted to play Joe's Print and play version of Doodle City. He had enough paper to do this and we split into 2 games of 3. I have been following this game on the geek for a few weeks now. I am not sure how it got to my attention but it has and it has peaked my interest. I was excited to give it a play and see for myself.

Anything with doodle in the title has to been good. Duh. This was pretty fun but I can see how the board would get boring after a few plays. Hopefully they will give multiple boards in the boxed game.

You are trying to score the most points by drawing road connections and scoring for the hotels and stands you pass through. The active player rolls the dice and one blue die represents the column that you are choosing from and the yellow dice you can choose the row. All players will get a die to choose from and will have to mark a space on the board with a road. My player board is below.

I some how won that game scoring 62 points. Pretty cool!

** I was asked to take my pic down cry **

Final game of the night was Lords of Vegas. This was great because Geoff had brought it and I have been itching to play for a while now. I really enjoy this game but rarely get it to the table since no one really seems interested. I was doing so well all game but then Ron came in and took over my casino!!! HOW RUDE! The last turn I tried to reroll the casino that was in my favor but I rolled twice and as they say no dice. Sadly the game ended right after that and had I got control I would have likely won the game. Ron is a loser.

Really great game that I should definitely play more of. I love the risks you can take and some trading. It is not all luck but, yeah a lot of it is. =D Ron and I both started with 2 spots on the strip and I think that helped us in this 4 player game. As it was said in the game- if it was any other theme it would fall flat but ITS VEGAS BABY! Gotta do some gambling!

Tuesday Ron and I wanted to play some games and I have owned Zooloretto since July but we haven't taken it out to play yet. This was a new game for me and I thought it seemed cute and I was right. Not the deepest game on the shelf but really cute and will stay in the collection for a while anyways.

It is a tile set collection game. Build up your zoo but only same type animals in the pens and you can steal animals from other players barns. My guess is most of you know of this game and have probably come across it before. But hey it took me this long to so maybe not. I had played the dice game before and that was fun too.

Since we only played 2 player I am curious to see how it would play with more. I am guessing it makes for a better and more interesting game play.

I love the little baby tokens! Yay!

So in order to get a baby token you have to have a mommy and daddy token in the cage. You see here I don't have that... I have an illegitimate baby that I bought from Ron since he had him in his barn. =D

After that I wanted to play another game so its been a while since we played Prosperity so I suggested that one. I got a lot of grief on facebook when I said I played that one. I didn't realize so many people hated this game. I certainly don't hate it. I mean I wouldn't normally suggest it at casual game day but I enjoy it enough to keep and play every so often.

If you haven't gotten the chance to play it is a tile placement- economic game where you try to keep the city clean (or not) by not having so much pollution and building better buildings. You have to try and balance the power supply and the eco tracks on your player board to get the right balance of $$ and research to better your self in the game play.

Each turn a tile is drawn and added to the available tiles. Where you place the tile is represented on the bottom left or right. The better the tile the higher on the center board it will be placed. It will have 1 of 5 symbols highlighted. $$, Research, Eco, energy, or VP's. Every player will evaluate what they generate at that time and either get rewarded or take a hit depending on where they stand on the scales.

It is a balancing act and would probably get repetitive if you played the game a lot. each "decade" has each of the 5 symbols and you can deduct what might be next depending on what has come out. I enjoy it for what it is. Will play in like 30 minutes with 2 players so I see no harm in that!

I beat Ron so that is always an added bonus!

Here are my Excellent pics

Final Score:

Sad to say no other games were played until Saturday game day in Salem NH with the group. I am happy so many friends got to come and play games. Good to see everyone!

We started the day with Diamonds the recent trick-taking game everyone is talking about. I love card games and trick taking games in general. I Didn't enjoy this one at all. Maybe that it play differently than others and it is a different way of thinking and playing the cards-I duno. All I know is I would rather play Sluff Off! or Tichu anyday. I still want to learn Mü & More as I have been hearing good things.

In the game you get a hand of 10 cards (6 players, anyways) and everyone is dealer 1 time. As the dealer you can say pass 1-3 cards to the left (which I find to be an issue since it is always the same direction.)

person to dealers left starts the round. 4 suits 1-15 in each 15 being high card. You MUST follow suit if you can otherwise you can discard any suit. What you discard matters as every off suit you play you get to do the following actions:

Diamonds- take from supply to place behind your shield
Hearts- Take one from supple and put in FRONT of your shield
Spades- Takes one from in front of your shield and places it behind
clubs- takes one from in front of another player and places it in front of your shield

It pays to play off suit. If you win the trick you get to do the action of the suit that you won with. At the end of the whole round whomever has the most of each suit in their collections gets to preform the action of that suit as well.

If you end up with no tricks in the end of the round you get 2 gems to place behind your shield.

All gems are worth 2 points each at end of game if they are behind the shield. If they are in front of your shield they are worth 1.

That is the whole game. I personally, didn't get anything from playing this game.

After Diamonds Steve and I just played a 2 player game of Seasons. No one else wanted to play :-(

It was probably unfair since I play A LOT more that Steve but he still had an enjoyable time. I gave him some pointers after we were finished like how in mid game he drew a Demon of Argos and then played it in year 2. I said it would be more beneficial to hang on to that and play it for end game.

By him doing that I drew my favorite Boots card. Come year 3 I could end it wicked early and score a lot of points and basically creamed him. Sorry bout that. I ended with 168 I think and he was at 120s/130s... not too far behind I suppose. Excellent game- always willing to play that one.

Some other tables finished up and we found a 5 player game of Keyflower. We all did TERRIBLY! hahah no one was on point but maybe it was the tiles that were drawn. Winning score was only 52 and last place score was 42 so it was relatively close in that regard of suck. I could not win a bid. I got my 4 bid overbid 2 times in the game... how is that even fair... hahahah

Excellent game that I enjoy to play occasionally. I don't think 5-6 players is the right mark for this game. maybe 3-4 would be best. I wonder if it plays well with 2p? hmm.

set up 5 p.

After that I waited for a game to finish up cause Joe C and I have been itching to play Lancaster with *new to us* expansion Lancaster: Henry V – The Power of the King. Now I love Lancaster and will likely play whenever someone requests it. This game however took WAY too long. Mostly to the fact that we were teaching 2 players the base game and the expansion and it was a 5 player game to begin with. Not ideal circumstances.

The expansions adds some interesting choices but for the most part I didn't play the expansion *except what I had to* and killed everyone HARD. muahhahahah perhaps not in the best spirit of the game. I do have the expansion in shirk that I will try to trade away... too bad. I got basically nothing from the expansion. I would play it again because I don't think we really gave it a fair shot- well Joe doesn't think I gave it a fair shot... If we had 4 experienced players and everyone was as cut throat as ever would it change my opinion? maybe? I don't know. The game seemed way less cut throat then the base game alone. I give it a 5 (the expansion) and an 8 for the base game.

The expansion bits

I think at this time we played a 3 player game of MY FAVORITE! Ginkgopolis!! Joe made me teach Patrick how to play. I have taught this game more times than any other game and I still don't have a good flow to teaching this game. I need to work on that more I suppose. Ultimately I came in 2nd - I blame the teaching part of this. I think the scores were 62/55/52 so it was respectable for all parts. Still seemed really LOW scoring. But Joe C pulled a fast end game but expanding and getting 3+ tiles a turn just eating them UP.

Way to be.

After that we found ourselves with 6 players and everyone wanted to play The Palaces of Carrara. We had 2 copies so we played 2 3 player games. Joe C was teaching 2 others on his copy and everyone knew how to play in the game I was playing. "knew" might not be the correct terms since I kind of owned them. They had both played before. I opted to go first since it is a disadvantage in most cases. The end game conditions were to score 4 markers, obtain 3 sets of pairs of the wooden tokens, and have 3 green and 3 orange minimum buildings in play. With awesome scoring bonus at the end where you score lowest of each of the 8 types of building you have in play depending on where they are. Ultiamtely, I socred 8x3 vps 3 times in the game along with a lot of other scoring. I demolished with 185 points to second place 86 points to 3rd place 35...

I should have helped Patrick more... so sorry for your luck.

yep! I am red!

We finished our Palaces game almost before the other table started theirs. So we opted to play a game of Abyss. I enjoy Abyss because it is very easy to teach- and other reasons but that helps! I taught Dan and Patrick how to play and both enjoyed it. Dan was meh about it but ended up enjoying it more than I think he thought he would -Which is great for me! Maybe it will see more plays on a Monday night. I ended up losing to their shared 74 points with Dan for the win on the tie breaker of most pearls. I think I got like 65 or something. not terrible but I didn't do so well with lord powers and vps and just not my best play. hahaha Still fun game!

Winding down for the night we played a few faster type games. The first one was Port Royal with 5 players. I am really getting good with this game. My strategy of collecting $$ from +5 cards and the jester with busting has really paid off. I like to double up on the cards I start to collect and get double bonus whether it is what I mentioned before of my favorite lady card with the -1 discount. Doubling up seems to work wonders! I love this push your luck of a game. I think it is best with 4 or 5.

The last game called for was Abluxxen with 5 players. I think everyone knew it but it had been a while so we needed a refresher. Ron killed us all with like 19 points to my and Dans second place score of 12. I wish we played another round because that could use for a few plays to just lock in how to play after the first round. It was fast and enjoyable and I would like to own it soon.

I love it for this card alone:

Sunday Ron and I got to playing a bunch of games! Yay! We played 4 games both of us winning 2.

Pre football game we played a fast game of New Haven. We have played this most with only 2 and I think we should bring it out with more players at a game day soon. It is tile-laying resource managing and you know the like. It is not very difficult and I would consider it to be entry level -medium weight game. Quick and fun with interesting choices.

Ron creamed me in this cause I was trying a chaotic strategy that did not work AT ALL. I was going for most circle tiles played no matter what. I had a lot of upside-down tiles so I wasn't scoring the way I should be hahah. I got a lot of great pics though!!

After Ron got back from Football we played a game of Helios!! Yay! I still love it and even if it is not great with 2 player it is still so much fun! It always helps when I win as well. I got 131 and he got 116. I went for the sun strategy and he went to whatever he could get and score points for. Just everything- which might have been his problem.. I am not sure. Sorry Ron!

We then immediately jumped into a game of Sanssouci. Poor Ron never gets the tiles he needs in this game. He kept flipping up all the ones good for me. We were playing the the little add on boards to help boost the score I got somewhere in the 80s and Ron got about 30 points below that. Sorry Ron! Its okay though since he won the last game of the day by a lot!

I enjoy playing Sanssouci a bunch and would like to see it come out more at game days with some more players. 2 is fine but you don't cycle through the tiles enough and then Ron loses and is sad.

The last game on Sunday we played was Le Havre: The Inland Port. I picked this up when at GenCon in the math Trade. So happy I did since it is so much fun! I can't seem to break 200 when Ron always scores about 250... yeah creamed. Such a small game but such HUGE points to be scored. This game only makes me want to play Le Havre. Some people have said that it scratches the itch but no for me after that play only makes me more itchy for the real thing. Good thing I am getting it on TUESDAY! (tomorrow) I ordered that and Five Tribes so I am excited for this weeks game days!

Till next week!

Happy games!

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A Winner's Week for Me! With A Bunch of Pics!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
I won EVERY game I played against Ron during the week. There is a first and a last time for everything but TAKE THAT RON!

Monday we ended up not going to game night because I wasn't feeling all that great so Ron and I played a few games at home.

We started with Russian Railroads. I have kind of been on a hiatus from this game because I don't really act myself when playing it I suppose. We hadn't ever played a 2 player game of this so I thought we could give it a try. I actually don't think I have ever played a 3 player game either.

It was actually pretty great as a 2 player game (maybe cause I won). I found the game to be very different than a 4 player game. A lot less options and you really have to play your opponent doing moves you might not want to but would be best overall.

If you haven't played RR then I highly suggest that you do. It is one of my favorite worker placement games. In general I don't particularly like worker placement games even if I play a lot of them. This one is pretty great though. You end up scoring a lot of points but you have to be point focused on only 1 thing and not a mesh of everything to succeed in this game.

I got 321 and Ron got 310

Here are my pics:

After that game we played Vikings. I recently bought this game and we haven't really brought it out to play at all. It is a good game. I doubt this will see much play at game days but it is a good enough 2 player game that we can keep around for a while.

In the game you are collecting colored Vikings that all do different things. produce points/$$/ food/ protection you see. you try to build the islands and get as many points at the end as you can. It is cute and I enjoy the mechanic of buying the Vikings each round.

I basically destroyed Ron in this game but I don't recall the points.

Here are some pics:

Tuesday Ron and I got to playing Helios since I have been ALL ABOUT IT! The more I play it- the more I love it. Seriously, amazing game. It still baffles me that not everyone feels the same way... and by "not everyone" I mean no one else. It saddens me since I think it is so beautiful and such a fast with meaningful decisions game.

If you ever read what I have had to say in the past month then you know about Helios and how I feel so I won't go into it that much. Again, since I was on a hot winning streak I beat him in this game as well.

Here are some more pics I got to taking... couple good ones ninja

And my favorite of the bunch- I just love that Mana!

Wednesday Ron and I played Madeira. It had been a long while since we last played this. We have played this 2 player I think only a couple times before. When we first got the game we played a bunch (like all of them) then settled in and we haven't played for a while. Ron doesn't mind the game but he doesn't pick it to play. I think I like the game more, but that says about nothing.

This is one of those games that takes 3-4 plays to fully get what you are trying to do. Thankfully, we are sort of past that point in this games relationship where we know what we "should" be doing- sort of.

In a 2 player game it is especially hard because all spaces can hold up to only 2 dice. 4 players allow up to 4 spots per location which could allow for more wiggle room into a niche strategy. But when playing 2 player it is very likely you will only get to do one spot one time.

The game is pretty complex so I won't get into the nitty gritty of it. It is a worker placement with dice game. There are 5 rounds and each round you must feed the people and pay upkeep for the boats you have on the board. If you can't ever pay the cost you collect piracy tokens and while that is OK since you can find ways to get rid of them you still don't want to be cause with the most at the end of the game -21 points I believe.

The only way I won that game is because I had no Piracy tokens and Ron got hit with a big penalty while I got zip. There are a lot of neat things that happen in this game like Scoring tiles on rounds 1,3, and 5. It helps you plan for what you should try and do. You don't know the tiles you will be scoring as you collect one each round.

Maybe some pics to help understand better

resource tokens

$$ and Piracy tokens

guild members to acquire

End scoring tiles

Turn order and passing bonus

Thursday I went to game night at Joes and we played a few goodies. They were all playing with liquid nitrogen when I got there so gaming didn't start until later. Joe and Scott were making Choc Chip Ice Cream... Duno how that one turn out in the end.

I ended up teaching Helios to 2 others (I find the sweet spot for the game to be a 3 player game so that worked out).

They both enjoyed the game and would play again. Neither was particularly enthused by the game like ME but I am happy they enjoyed the gameplay. This is an unusually high scoreing game. I ended with 169 and second was 149 and 3rd was 135.

To me that is pretty high so I suppose I did a good job teaching!

I then taught Cities to make a 4 player game. This is probably my favorite filler. I LOVE this game. I play it all the time on and it continues to be awesome. In the game you are using the same tiles as everyone else to make your own unique city with guys to score points. Pretty simple and fast but fun decisions to make! I think I won with 65 points

Last game of the night was The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet. Played it since it seemed to follow Cities pretty well- 4x4 grid, scoring points... you know ;-). Little Prince is a cute game as well. It has a cool mechanic that you take a tile and dictate who will next choose a tile and then that person chooses a tile then picks who chooses the next one and so on. There is a lot of control on who might get what to either hurt them or benefit them. Interesting! I surprisingly won with 32 points.

Friday night Ron and I kinda took it easy and played a few games.

We started with *live* Star Realms Since he can beat me on the ipad he wanted to prove he could beat me on the table. Nope! We played one game I crushed his soul with 60-80 + life to his -10 yeahhh sorry bout your luck!

He immediately wanted a rematch so we played and I beat him again more like 35-0 this time. It wasn't so soul crushing. hahah

Sad they rejected my recent star realms pictures... They called them irrelevant- I don't think they were... as they were demonstrating the game play... but w/e

We then played a game of Abyss. I think this game is pretty great. I like not really knowing what the score will be until final count. I know you can follow everything and all the points if you wanted but meh I like to be surprised. I really thought Ron had broken my win streak with this game but he did not. I squeezed out the win in the end but I don't think it was by a lot.

I ended the game with adding the 7th lord to my collection and he had another turn to get another location tile and score a lot more points. I was mean to Ron and kept the lord that makes all opponents hold only 6 cards in play the entire game. Sorry about that! It is the game though!

Only 1 recent pic was accepted. The other ones were marked as irrelevant... really? *sigh*

The ally faction cards.

Saturday Game day at a friends. This day brought a close to my awesome winning streak. It was fun while it lasted and will likely never happen again! angry

That's OK I got in some awesome games on Saturday!

We started with a 4 player game of Five Tribes as they had a copy to play! I had learned this a few weeks ago but Ron never got the chance to I was happy we got to play it. Ron really enjoyed it but was expecting a bit more when bidding on turn order. He was expecting something like Terra Mystica where you have a longer turn than just one move and then do it again. Nope!

I really enjoy this game. I am not sure how it would play with 2 but it plays well with 4 for sure! I also, am not sure if this game would get tired after a few plays. I don't think it will but I am curious to see. I like the puzzle aspect of the game which I think would put veteran players at an advantage. You would be able to see the board more "clearly" knowing and seeing ALL options vs. a new player who could easily miss a good move.

*no pics *

A couple games just received their copy of Patchistory in the mail and it is a game I realllllllllllllly wanted to play. We opened a copy and threw the rules at Ron (since he knows how to read) and I got to punching the game. The tables were shifting and we ended up a 3 player game. As any learning from the rules game goes it was a bit rocky and slow. To be expected. I think it took us about 4 hours with him reading the rules and playing the game to completion. Future games would not be so long... My guess is that it will round out to be roughly 30-45 minutes a player when all said and done.

* A sad moment for me since I just wrote a LONG Review about it and lost it just like that- I will attempt to make it just as good the second time. I am just happy I saved it instead of losing the WHOLE post. Sorry for the rant *

I just want to preface this post by saying I love Nations and Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game as far as Civ building games go.

The game play is over 3 ages surprise. Each age comprises of 5 rounds. This might not seem like enough but it is! Every round begins with an auction of the new available cards which would include at least 1 resource sided card and a mix of leader or wonder cards. All the cards are double sided so every game will most certainly be different.

Players place a bid on a card they would like to acquire. What is neat/sad about that is whatever $$ you are using to bid you are spending it all. All players will end up with 1 card to add to their boards (or toss). You might get into a bidding war with someone then get stuck paying all your $4 for a card you don't even want. You best be careful what you are bidding on and pick your battles. $$ is good in this regard to help get the cards you want/need but it is also really valuable in the exchange action. I wasn't producing enough wheat so I ended up spending most of my $$ to produce the wheat for me!

Much like any civ game you have to feed your workers each round. Depending on how many workers you have recruited you will have to pay more food per more workers.

Once the auction phase is over then you must either throw that card away or "patch" it into your already existing civilization- or whatever you want to call it. This is really hard to do because you MUST overlap or underlay an already existing piece of the board. AND it MUST be in the correct orientation. WOW so many decisions. On top of that age one restrictions are no larger than 5x5 grid. All cards are sized 4x4 and you start with a 3x2 piece. Age 2 is limits to 6x6 and age 3 is 7x7. SUCH CONSTRICTIONS! It was so hard to abide by these rules. Some sections/leaders/wonders are more than just a 1x1 square and might take up the whole 4x4 card. You can never partially cover a large section. You must either cover it all calling it dead or find another spot. Really interesting choices.

There are 8 tokens on 2 different tracks on the individual player boards. The Static track marks how many books/action points, military, defense, and movement points you have in a given round. The other track is for income and produces $$, wheat, coal, VPS These 4 might be adjusted based on where your workers are on the trade routes and will change consistently every round. Everything is tallied at any given time like Suburbia. It can be hard to keep track of at times. I certainly had no idea what the other players were doing and if they were even being honest about it. I trust people to handle their own.

After we place the card and adjust everything we take our turns. There are so many actions we could take on our turn like the exchanging I mentioned before or making a new worker takes a few action points. The purple marker/knowledge represents the # of action points you have in the round. Over the course of the game it builds up and I got it to about 6 by the end. Actions are tight so you want to make everything count. You have a few options to do like build new buildings (provided you HAVE the building you need/want). It is definitely costly to do but can be very beneficial to do. If you have nothing else to do and have extra action at the end you can always trade 1 action point for 1 vote cube. At the end of each age we all place votes on certain "laws" that will get players VPs. Something extra if you will. I am not going into all the actions but you get the idea.

We all start with one trade route. The trade routes are awesome as they provide you income of food $$ and coal depending on where the worker ends up. Every turn you must move and trade workers at least 1 space or up to as many spots as you have movement represented on your track. Once you get to the end of the trade route you have the option to start a war to be concluded at the end of the next turn (for players to get some defense in place) or you could become allies. If you become allies then you can place and ALLY trade route for both parties to use and collect resources and VPS. All routes can only have up to 1 player worker on them. You can build more routes going in other directions though.

I was rolling in military cause I am military queen devil. I got in a shot a Ron before he was prepared and scored some big points early. If only I had done that A LOT more! If you declare war and win by over 5 hit points then you get a bonus VP amount. Sweet!

I had so many swords because I had Caesar in my patchwork and he give additional swords per book you have. So I was good to go! Had I realized it was so easy to kill I might have built a few more trade routes to get some wars going on sooner.

After that first war everyone was like Whoa whoa **** she is gonna come after me gotta defense up. At the time I was allied with Dustin to my left so I couldn't even fight him if I wanted to. I had to break alliance first.

I only managed a win because in the second to last turn I acquired a card that gave me enough military and movement points to rush an attack x2 on Ron. Since I was working 2 wars he had to try and manage his resources well enough to try and stop me. I had him though. I managed to get 43 points with those wars. That got me the game in the end. If I had misjudged him I would have lost badly. The game ended with me in first at 135 and Ron and Dustin in the 120s. Overall it was really close. Dustin kind of hung back and collected his turtle VPs. He got a lot more than I thought... so I misjudged that too!

What I love about the game was it is just stunningly beautiful. I love all the vibrant colors and awesome cards. It is clever they are double sided causing game play to Always be different! I love/hate the stress of placing a new card to your little land of cards it is super hard decision making and I love that but can hate it at times too.

What I hate is how fiddly it is. I can not recall ANYTHING the other players were doing as I could barely do all the upkeep for my civilization. Think Suburbia but x10. In Suburbia Ron might get a building to product $2 every green tile bought. I might remember that and not buy a green tiles because of that. Not so much in this game. I can barely remember if I am producing my trade routes and oh that space give me an extra good per trade route work of and then that over there. Almost forgot about this. etc. It was a lot to manage. I am sure it gets easier per play but the patchwork makes for a difficult management system. Things get built over and workers move and such and such.

I have no idea what anyone else was doing. That is something I would have to work on. It is surely not just a solo experience game with wars and votes and auctions but as a turn goes it is hard to keep up with what everyone does.

Ultimately we had a lot of fun. I don't really see this game working as a 2p so much. I don't think Ron and I would play it all that often. I will likely not buy it but would certainly play again and likely even seek it out at some points. I don't think it would get played if I bought it- that's all. Maybe I would/will like it after a few more plays.

Here are some pics I snapped with my phone

After that epic game we got to playing a fast couple games of Riff Raff. We taught Dustin how to play and we certainly had a lot of laughs. This game it just so great. Always good for some laughs. We played once with the regular rules of choosing a card. Then we played again with the random card draw each round. It provided so many good laughs! I love that game! I lost horribly both times and Dustin won both. How can you not love it!?

here is a good pic from Saturday

Sunday after football Ron and I got to play some more games to close the weekend out.

He really wanted to beat me in some games and he will 95% of the time beat me in Suburbia, Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, and Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game.

He opted to play Suburbia. We haven't played in a while and it is good to get it to the table again. Ron basically beat the Ipad app and can destroy anyone in his path cause he is a jerk .

And as expected he creamed me... I am proud of my 135 score but he got like 150s. Wicked high scoring if you ask me! I guess we are getting good at that game.

After that game we played Blokus 3D for a puzzle challenge. We each had 2 colors we were using and played 2 different "maps". I won the first game and he won the second game. I think we should bring that game to the table more. So much strategy I love it! I don't love it more than Blokus Trigon though. That will forever be the best in the category.

I wanted something different so I suggested The Palaces of Carrara after that. He made me go first. In the 2 player game I am not sure 2st or second position really matters all that much. I said sure and we began. Our end conditions were score 4 guys, have at least 4 of one type of wooden token and 4 each of the green and orange buildings. OK, so I do a quick start snatching up all the small tiles buildings and scoring fast to make Ron nervous. I think I did because he was trying to do some fast buys too but it wasn't working as well for him. He got a few scores in before I ended it but I still got 95 points to his 80 points. Waahaa haa! Gotcha again Ron!

We had a few more games in us so we played a couple quick games of Connections since we were feeling the puzzle thing still in us. Ron killed me in both games. I really screwed up the first game scoring 20 (when you want 0) that was an ultimate fail for me. The second game I did better getting 7 points but Ron still won with 4.

older pic:

Last game of the night was Streams. We played a couple rounds of this. It is a cute fast filler type game where you pull #s from the bag and have to place then on the train. You will score per train at the end of the game and each train is low # to low number. If you put all your #s in a row then you will score BIG points. if you have a lot of little trains you will score low points. Cute game that we played 2 times I lost the first and won the second.

Thanks for reading! Until next week! laugh

Happy Games!

Edit for grid size in Patchistory!
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A Few Good Games Played Last Week.

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
Since I alredy posted about labor day games I only got one other game in during the week with Ron.

We played Firenze just 2 p. It was horrible. While I really enjoy this game it can be brutal. Ron creamed me. The game seemed to go on forever because our towers kept getting destroyed and so many seals to get placed on the towers.

In the game you are trying to construct towers of the different colors. You can score a tower as little as 3 stories but if you construct a higher tower you score more points. Every turn you have you must either score your tower or add the same color to the tower you have going. If you don't have a tile to add to an already existing tower then it is destroyed.

That was happening a lot in our game and we just seemed to get no where.

And this art work on the actual game board is how I felt the entire game.

So yeah that was the only game during the week besides a bunch of Star Realms on the ipad.

Saturday brought around a lot of games as it happened to be a full day of games! It wasn't at home so I didn't get all the awesome pics I normally might.

We started the day with Imperial Settlers. I wanted to learn this since I missed it at GenCon. I am glad I didnt blind buy it because it wasn't all that great. I thought I would enjoy it but I had my reserves so I didn't end up buying it.

In the game you are building up your nation with productions cards and action cards. you can either be building your civ cards or the common cards. Any of the common cards are eligible to be destroyed by other players for resources.

Now I like games that have a bit of luck but I feel this game had a bit too much luck dependent. Everyone seemed to be getting early production cards and I didn't get any. I fell way behind and lost pretty hard. I am not sure because I did so poorly or it just didnt seem good, but I didn't enjoy the game so much. I suppose I would play it again sometime but I have no need to seek it out and play again.

Next up we played Trajan. It had been a while since I have played this one. Definitely a fun Feld game. Not my favorite but a brain burner. Lots of options in this game. I opted to not do any military in this game and work the other objectives. I ended up getting a 10 and 20 bonus for same building types which gave me the win in the end by a large margin. Great game but will continue to get played maybe a couple times a year.

After that we played Wettstreit der Baumeister... I mean it is no Ginkgopolis. Its what I say to everything. This was was ok. In this game you pick a tile either face up or down and put it up for auction. You are trying to building your personal city valued to 20 first and will win. You might even get the chance to nukes someone city... hahah it was interesting but I have no need to play again.

A quick game of Lost Legacy: The Starship. That I have played once before and really had no desire to play again. I like Love Letter like the next guy but I don't really care to play it all that often. every once in a while but it is by no means my goto filler.

We broke into different groups and played a fast game of Welcome to the Dungeon. Weird title to a game not gonna lie. This was a fun little game. you start with all these weapons and some armor. Each turn the player chooses a monster and either adds it to the fight pile or discards it along with a some weapon or piece of armor. ultimately whomever wins the round 2 times or last one standing will win. If everyone passes and you are still let you have to go "fight" all the monsters in the stack in the middle and hope to beat them all with the armor and weapons you have left. It was fast and fun!

After that we played another fast one called Maskmen. I had played this one once before and I still have no idea how to determine what I can or can not play in a given turn. In the game you are trying to get rid of all your cards first by establishing the colors in a ranked order then proceeding to get rid of all the cards. Cute game that I still have no idea how to play lol.

Up next I learned Cubist. It is a pretty game with pretty dice. These dice building games have been coming out recently and none of them really hit me as a good game yet. Blueprints was probably my favorite if I had to choose and play again. This game I can see the potential but just didnt have any fun. I went into the game wanting to like it I promise! final verdict - meh.

with 5 players now we played Walk the Plank!. A filler type game. Plan 3 cards and try not to walk off the plank. each player reveals the first card performs the action which might be to retract the plank or shove the player to the left. It was cute bluffing game.

After that 5 p we played 5 player Libertalia. I enjoy this game a lot and rarely play it cause ron doesn't really enjoy it. I think there are a lot of interesting choices to be had in this game. The game mostly works with 5-6 players.

If you haven't played this game then you should. Everyone has the initial same set of cards. There are 3 years and every "day"/ turn a player chooses a card to play. they are ranked on this ship and highest ranked gets first dibs at the booty treasure of that day. Ultimately you want the most points by the end of the game. I won by 1 point!

7 Wonders was next to hit the table. 2 people were LEARNING it. That is a shocker to me as I find 7 wonders to be essential to gaming. So we just played the base game and I was basically playing for me and one other trying to teach it while we we playing. In the end I dont know if he understood the game at all or what. still a great game!

Last game of the night was a teaching game of Port Royal. It seemed to be a game these guys could handle so it was fast enough before we had to go. everyone really liked the game and wanted to play again.

It is a fast push your luck game. Highly recommended. =)

Sunday I had a fast senior photoshoot and then sadly footballs season started. Ron and I played only 1 game Sunday night of Spell Chess: an expansion to Chess. This was a game I kickstarted and just received a few weeks ago.

It was a crazy game to say the least. I was losing soooooooooooo badly then I somehow mand a come back and then i pulled a card that said switch spot with the other play. Great! not. So then I became the black player and it was just all crazy. I am sure Ron didn't like it - we will probably give it another shot sometime. It was chaos though.

That's all to report for now. Thanks for reading! More photos next week for sure!
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4 Day Weekend with a Lot of Gaming and Gambling.

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
This blog thing is still new to me. Took a minute to find the "dashboard" to add to an existing blog! *newb*

Anyways, I had a great week last week! Besides getting a 4 day weekend and winning some $$ at Mohegan I got to play so many amazing games over Labor Day weekend and week before.

Monday night game night as usual last week. We started off with Lords of Xidit since a few had played Himalaya and wanted to see how it compared. I think the verdict was that it had minor changes but was changed was for the better! I have not played Himalaya So I can not chime in on this regard.

4 player game that was very quick. We played in about an hour the full game. During this game it was pointed out that he had been playing it wrong! rut ro. It did change the game quite a bit. We were playing that we could recruit as many guys as we wanted in any given area. As it turns out you can only recruit one guy per location per turn. Good to know- makes for a very different but still enjoyable game. It just gave me a head spin that is all!

Dan wanted to teach us Valley of the Kings which is a small deck building game. I really enjoyed this. I am liking the small packaged deck building games these days. Who needs 20 boxes of Dominion when you can scratch the itch with one of these. Don't get me wrong- I love Dominion and the majority of the expansions. It is not a game I take with me to other game days.

Valley of the Kings has a cool mechanic of "building" a pyramid with the available cards. All cards have actions or could be used as $ to buy available cards. You ultimately want to tomb your cards to make them worth points in the end. It is a tricky game because you want to keep your good cards available to play a lot but if you get too greedy then you might not/will not get to entomb them and score their valuable points. Cute game that I wouldn't mind adding to the collection.

While the other table was finishing up we sat down for a quick 3 player game of The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet. I had played this game once before so I recommended we give it a shot so Ron could play. It is a neat little tile placement game that I am sure works better with max people. Maybe not works better so much as becomes more chaotic and random! I would like to try it with 5 players sometime.

In the game you are creating your own planets with animals and volcanos and boxes if you are lucky then you will get a single rose. the 4 corners of the 4x4 tile placement you create will be the end game scoring conditions for your planet only based on the other tiles you have collected. Best score at the end wins. 15 minute game that I think is a great filler.

The final game we played on Monday night was Concept. If you haven't played that one before most would say it is not so much a game as an activity. Sure- whatever you want to call it. As long as we are having fun and enjoying the time spent I am fine calling it whatever. It is Pictionary where the pictures are already provided and you have to figure out the phrase on the card using the images on the board. It is fun to get to thinking in that creative way.

(my photos previously taken)

Tuesday Ron and I just played a game of Ginkgopolis
. YAY! This is still my favorite game. I LOVE this game! My #1! It had been a long while since my last "live" play of my favorite. I should point out that it is THE one game I can consistently beat Ron in. I play this online at BAJ all the time. Same SN if you ever want to play just ask!

We ended up playing with only 2 Modular from the Ginkgopolis: The Experts expansion. The expansion is great and I love the new expert cards. We each took an expert to help us in game play because they are fun and changes the rules a bit. We also used the play one keep one and pass two modular. This is so clever. I wish that was the rules from the beginning. If you love and play Ginkgopolis a lot then I suggest you use that Mod whenever you play the game. I wish we could play that way online. It makes for bigger strategy and more advanced players would have a great time with that. It is a puzzling game that never seems to get old even after 1000 plays. whistle

When I play games at home I have the luxury of using my camera to take some awesome pics!

Normally Ron and I get in a bunch of games during the week but we were a bit crazy busy and Thursday we went down and spent the night at Mohegan for a bit of gambling fun! I love BlackJack and Spanish 21. Ron is getting into them more but really likes the Roulette! Go Black 22!

We drove back Friday night in time for games on Saturday. It was the 5th Saturday in Salem NH. They meet every 3rd Saturday and now 5th Saturdays included. Good group of guys who really like 18xx games.

Ron and I sat down to play a 4 player game of The Palaces of Carrara. We were teaching. It is really not a hard game to teach. It is a game where you have to be upfront with what will happen though. As with every 1st game of this I teach I explain there is a build up and then a very fast ending. It is usually over before you blink and then you go what just happened. I opted to be first play to try and win being first. Ron was 2nd. As expected player 3 had the qualifications to end the game and did so a bit premature for every other player as usual. I had managed to score enough before that happened to gain me the win by only 5-8 points. 1st player for the win! But I was also teaching so it probably doesn't count.

I only had about 75ish points so it was a game that did end rather quickly.


Some oldies but goodies that I have taken:

Then we pulled out a game of King's Forge. I had played this once before at GenCon a few weeks ago. During that game I really didn't enjoy it. This game I played on Saturday, I also, did not enjoy. Wow, I really wanted to like this game I did KS it and all. After two plays I can safely say I don't need to play it again. I love dice games this is just not fun to me. The turns seemed long and the game seemed long. maybe both games I played (4 players) were just slow?! I duno but I would rather not play again. Too bad.

Then we had 5 players and kind of forced Lords of Xidit on them. 3/5 were learning the game and ultimately I don't think they enjoyed it. I know Joe -by the end- didn't hate it and will play again one day. We did play with the correct rules. I don't think the other 2 guys really enjoyed it so much. they kept saying too chaotic and random. I just don't think it was their type of game. I still love it and I came in dead last. I just could collect all those coins! Great game very fun but you need 4/5 players.

Then this happened!

The Cult formed when no one was watching.

After that Pete showed up and we had 6 players in our small game group out of maybe 15 people that showed up to game in Salem. We all had played Medici before so we opted to play that! I was not getting the boats I needed and pushed my luck in the ending that did not pay off well enough. Ultimately I came in 5th so I didn't lose! This is likely to be my favorite auction game. When we have 6 players it is basically my go-to game. Really plays only 5/6 min players. Best with 6.

another oldie but still a fav:

After we broke for dinner and played a few games of Port Royal. I ended up teaching Pete and Joe. They hated it then loved it and then hated it again. hahaha mix bag I suppose. I think it is a cute little filler game of push your luck. I got two lady cards (-1 to whatever card you buy) and two +5 card draws gets you extra $. So they thought that was broken. I duno I think that is a streatch to call it broken. I haven't won before then using that strat so who knows. They probably have to play again.

Didn't get any pics on Sat but here are some from before:

Everyone then wanted to learn Abyss. I taught 3 people and it is a pretty easy game to teach and play. Every game I have been playing had been longer than I think is welcomed. I suppose once you know the game it gets faster. It is a fun game and it is hard to estimate who is winning at any given time. I also learned I might have been scoring a bit incorrectly. I wasn't scoring for any allies before but apparently you are supposed to score every different colored affiliated ally you have recruited with the highest value. Whoops. Now I know! Sorry bout that =(

Just cuz I have no images that I took then:

After that Rick pulled out Yunnan to play. This had been on my want to play list for a long long time. I don't know when or why it was ever added but at one point I must have read about it. Really glad I got to play but it was a game that would take 20 games to get the hang of. It is a hard game when you are not playing well- really punishing. It is not even so much the game is out to get you but other players and it is all very hard to manage.

In the Game you are tea traders or something- and you are trying to spead your tea across the land all while needing your horse to lead the way and a path home. You don't want to get caught by the inspector so you have to get some influence. All the points you get each round you can choose to take as points or $$ for the next round or any combination of the two. It is a thoughtful game to TAKE what you need and no more. Money is tight and you have to proceed with caution. First to 80 points triggers end game and there is a final count.

I enjoyed the experience but I will not go out of my way to play again but would do so if it arose.

Sadly I completely forgot about pictures. The game was so frustrating and I probably had bad energy when playing. (Sorry about that) It is definitely something you have to play more than a few times.

We then moved on to something a bit more light a game many have played I am sure called Liar's Dice. I completely failed the first 2 games because I am a gambler and don't know when to stop. 3rd game I did better but still like the other 2 games came in 3rd. Definitely a better dice game than lets say King's Forge. I should add this game to my collection.

Rick called it a night after that and Pete Joe and I played a game of Helios. This game is just beautiful and so much fun. There is so much game for the time allotted to playing. I find so much enjoyment playing this game. It shocks me when people say "oh, its ok". To me and now Joe, we really like this game. I did just teach it to him and he really responded well!

Pete went to far to ask him if he liked it more than The Castles of Burgundy as far as tile laying games go.Joe said Maybe and was pondering it for a while. It certainly made me ponder because I think my answer to that question is yeah I like it more than Burgundy! WHOA WHAT!? I love Burgundy and I have played it a LOT including online at BAJ. I definitely go through Burgundy phases. when I first got the game I was still pretty new to the gaming scene a few years back Ron and I played it ALOT! then it sat on the shelf for over a year. When I started playing it on BAJ we have been playing it more frequently but it is getting tired again. I am pretty sure I am done with it for a while now.

I suppose there isn't a whole lot in common with the games other than small hexes and multi strategies in a short time. Well Helios is about half the time of Burgundy and I find more superior. I would say almost everyone would disagree with me- and I just don't understand why.

perhaps more about this in the next Helios segment below. here are some oldie but goodie pics:

The last game of the night was 2p Jaipur. I hadn't played this one before. It was cute but I never need to play it again. I found it OK. I think there are better 2p games. I don't even have much to say about it other than it was decent.

Here is a pic:

Sunday was a day to be lazy. Ron and I played a bunch of Star Realms on the ipad. I don't know if you have played the game or even bout the app but I am always accepting any invites. I am an easy target too since I always lose. I have actually made it to level 5 (anyone else?) and that's where it really sucks. to make it to Level 6 you need 6 wins but every loss you have removed a win mark. So yeah I am hosed I will never leave level 5. More likely than not I will just stop playing it because I think that is too hard for me. The game is more than half luck and if you don't get the draw then you won't win. I don't know how anyone will make it past level 5 maybe they now how to cheat. Still a very addicting game and worth checking out.

A break from the Ipad we learned Toscana since it was leant to us by Joe R saying here play this 2 p game. It was cute. It reminded me of Blokus Duo. It is a race to get majority in the middle basically. I thought it was ok but no real need to play it again.

I insisted on playing Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game cause we haven't in quite a while. I was quickly reminded why not. Ron is just plain mean. And like every game we play he just is way better at it and I don't stand a chance. He is super smart and can read me like a book. No pulling a fast one or anything. So half way through I declared him winner. I was Russia and just trying to kill my armies- he wouldn't let me and just beat me up instead with napoleon. Typical. We play with all expansions!

Here are some of the pics I got to take:

Finally I wanted to cream Ron in SOMETHING so we took out The Castles of Burgundy. This was my test to what Pete had asked Joe the day before about liking it more than Burgundy. And after this particular game of Burgundy I decided I like Helios more. hey I love Feld like the next guy but perhaps I am just bored with Burgundy- I don't know.

Regular Monday night crew but we got to start a bit earlier since it was a holiday. We got in some Epic gaming!

We started with 3 player Helios as Geoff hadn't gotten to play it yet. Dan was kind of a spoil sport before I started explaining was telling Geoff oh how broken the one strategy is and blah blah blah. I don't appreciate that. Let the man discover the game for himself and make his own opinions. I did explain that the advisors are available and how they are important and what not so get some mana to get an advisor. Ultimately, I didn't get an advisor and Dan did win with his "always winning strategy". I think Geoff liked it well enough and I think Dan still thinks it is OK. I am not sure I won Geoff over or not. He did win with 124 to my 123 and Dan's 108 I think.

Conclusion- I LOVE HELIOS!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we played Red7 with the printed rules in the box. We all thought meh to the rule about discarding a card with # greater than the # of cards you have in front of you. There has been an update since maybe in the works. I think the rules are in working progress. I will continue to follow the threads for Red and see what people are saying and updating to be a better game. It is all there just which way is best to play!?

I really have to take more pictures of this game.

I convinced the guys to play a game of Asgard. To my Surprise they didn't hate it! They actually found it to be fun and they would be willing to play it again in the future. WOOHOO! This is also a game that needs many plays before you can fully grasp what is going on and best ways to optimize how to handle everything. Really interesting game and I am happy to have played it again.

Here are some older pics:

The final game for us of the day was the ever so epic Dominant Species. We managed to find a 4th player with enough time in the day to play it and set up to play. We just let everyone pick a animal to play and re taught Joe who had played once before a while back. I don't remember what time we started at maybe 5:30? we ended around 9:30 so that makes sense.

In the first round we had two huge cards the catastrophe and glaciation card. Ouch! I managed not to die a whole lot and still everyone was hitting me hard. I managed to get some domination tiles but it was really hard to fight with the amphibians water power. Water was just all over our board big advantage. he was killing it but then didn't hold on to enough cubes to last through the final rounds losing a lot of dominance and giving Ron a big ending creaming us all by over 50 points. He got somewhere in the 230s I think and I got 2nd with 178. BIG gap! Ron was playing the mammals and I was playing Birds (again, HEY I LIKE THEM!) and Geoff was playing Insects.

Amazing game and always happy to get in a play.

Sadly didn't take pics but here a past couple of my favs:

As you can see this past week was crazy busy with games and FUN! Thanks for taking the time to look and read some of what I have to say! Again, all the photos posted here are ones I have taken either last week or had previously posted. I just wanted to share them with you since you might have missed them before whistle

Stay tuned for next weeks posting!

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What's a blog?! First entry to hopefully an amazing adventure of games.

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...
Thanks to Ron for helping with title the new Blog. Ron is my Boyfriend whom I play MANY of my games with and will likely reference a lot in any given update. I get a lot of notifications regarding peoples blogs and it made me want to start one.

I can't say I am a great writer or reviewer but I have been enjoying
Brandon Kempf
United States
Jefferson City
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weekly gaming geeklist for a while. I get the feeling I am a bit out of my element with those posts because I spend a lot of time and energy updating the one entry each week.

I take a lot of photos, these days, of the games I am getting to play. I have been getting a lot of good responses and people seem to enjoy them. I certainly enjoy taking them!

Any insights or suggestions you have for me are welcomed since I haven't really ever done this before!

To start here is what I played last week

After GENCON (see list) I felt a bit tired.

Shocking for me that I did not end up playing and live board gaming until Saturday. I played my normal amount on Boiteajeux and I downloaded the Star Realms app which is awesome.

Saturday we hosted game day where a bunch of people showed up! I wasn't expecting all that mant but then everyone was like we are coming! I was excited that Justin and Michelle came because they were with us at Gencon but we didn't get to play all that much and it is always a joy to have them come. They also had a couple games I wanted to play.

We started the day with their game called Parade 5 players. This was new to me and I quite enjoyed it. I won! But not with flying colors. This game is actually quite simple where you add a numbered card to the end of the row (parade). depending on the # card you would count back that # spots and then any card remaining in the row = to or less than the number you just played you would have to take in front of you. all the values in front of you at the end are points. You want least amount of points. HOWEVER, if you have the most of a single color you turn all of that one color over and count the cards just as 1 point. I won with 10 points. Really cute and on my radar to pick up at some point.

Still in shrink from GenCon I was jumping to play Michelle and Justin's copy of Five Tribes. This was one game I could not get a demo of no matter how hard I pushed people at GenCon. We opened it and got to punching and organizing while Michelle read the rules. She knows how to do that. While we were setting up we got a few more players we had 5 players for this game Joe and Patrick showed up a bit after set up and joined forces. Joe had read the rules already and kinda knew what he was doing. He later got recruited for Russian railroads- in anycase we made them be pink.

The gameplay is nothing like I was expecting. I don't know what I was expecting but that wasn't it. I knew basically nothing of this game- I did not really look into it before gencon and at gencon it just looked so busy. All I knew is I wanted to play it. On a given turn we bid for turn order. I am the kind that really hates to pay vps for going first so I was mostly going last all game until the crucial moment where I needed to pay to move ahead in turn order. For the most part this works out because the board *changes* after all turns. Unless you see some move you HAVE to do first then who knows it might get better or worse for you.

Each turn you are picking up the meeples that were randomly assigned at the beginning from a given square. You drop them like mancala ultimately ending with one colored meeple on a square with AT LEAST one other meeple of the same color. That meeple will be your action for the turn. You remove all of the same colored that you ended with and preform the action of that colored meeple. Its a meeple world.

As you can probably guess you can score a bunch of different ways. I was scoring big by doing blues action and michelle was spending all her points to go first and do the yellow actions and she ended up beating my by a few points. While this might seem point salad-esque its really not. You should focus on a couple of different things. IF I had not done the green action and spent my turn doing something else I would have been batter off. Because I got a couple points doing green. I never went back to do more green and that really hurt me in the end. The theme is awesome and I love the djinns and camels.

Edit** All in all I really enjoyed this game and it is on my to buy list. It is very clever and up my alley. I enjoy puzzle type games where it is totally changing every game. I would much rather play this game than lets say Istanbul which has a similar feel but this one is 100% better.

I took a bunch of pics for you.

market place cards including slaves.

Its a meeple world

Since we had 5 players again since Scott showed up. I wanted to play 5 player Lords of Xidit. I found out last night (Monday) we had played wrong in my other games. *sigh* Anyways I played correctly last night but I don't think it ruined my other experiences with the game. (what we did wrong was we allowed to recruit more than one guy per location- which apparently we were not supposed to do.)

5 players was awesome. We played 9 turns and fought and killed the monsters. This game is so great because you can kind of guess what will happen in the end but you can not really account for everything.

So the way the final scoring happens is that there are 3 end goal conditions. In a 5 player game the first condition whomever is in 4th and 5th place for that has lost. The 3 other players move to the second condition and then they evaluate and the last there is out. finally the last 2 move to the 3rd condition and 2nd place there is out leaving 1 winner. Really interesting.

Game play consists of recruiting workers and fighters for your army to then go off and kill the monsters. The monsters give you different bonuses. You get to choose 2/3 bonuses to help you fulfill the end goal conditions as best you can. It is really fun to pre plan your turn in secret and then go around doing all the actions once everyone plans then turn. Really amazing game. Ultimately I still enjoy Seasons more- but they are not really games to compare because they are so different. I love the world they both share though.

After Xidit I had to inflict Doodle Quest onto a few of my fellow gamers. I think scott liked it but Joe couldn't follow the one rule of no scribbling so he failed miserably at this game. I think this game is super cute and I enjoy the drawing challenges. Good for any family.

Scott had brought Progress: Evolution of Technology with him and Joe and I had wanted to play this for a while. It was only a print and play version of the game... Really nice job with that Scott!! (Pics below) This was a recent KS that I wanted to back but ended up not doing that because I am trying to do less KS haha. This was a really beautiful game. We got some rules wrong so the game lasted longer than it should have in age 1 and then age 3 ended wicked fast since we fixed the rule change. So Joe would say I had an unfair advantage but I don't I beat him by a few points.

Having recently learned Legacy: Gears of Time it kind of gave me a similar feeling that you will do better if you have the previous technology already in place to upgrade that to the next big thing. It is also much like 7 wonders in that way where you can just upgrade if you had the previous one instead of paying the high cost. All the cards you discover you get a bonus on your player board which will help draw additional cards, get more actions, hold more cards etc... You are just trying to get the most points in the end!

We had 6 players after that and dinner so we played a few rounds of PIX. Its a very fun party game much like Pictionary but you are using pixels to create your drawing. You and another are doing the same picture but whomever uses less pixels gets to show first. So you want people to guess YOURs so you get the point. You also want to guess correctly so you get a point that way as well. Most points wins but its a game where score doesn't really matter since it is more about creating a better picture.

Ron's Fireworks

Pete's buns

Since Scott brought back Riff Raff
I made everyone play. Since we had 6 players we actually did 3 teams of 2. haha Still so many laughs and it is clearly one of my favorite games. Try to make the boat really unstable without making the cargo fall off. Try to have the least amount of cargo in the end.

Amazing game.

Joe was on my team attempting not to rock the boat. He made them all fall.

Look at that magic.

old one but still valid.

We had 5 so I requested Timbuktu. No one had played and it was probably too late. I hadn't played this game where it was allowed that paper and pencil could be used *Edit* It is stated in the rules that pen and paper should be used.** Because of this rule I was unaware of I think that ruined the game for me. Anyways, I lost badly and I am usually really good. Everyone was using pen and paper and doing well but it was already pushing midnight and I was getting tired. I still love this game. I don't love the pan and paper rule and would rather play house ruling with no pen and paper to make it more memory based.

In the game you are given a-e camels and they all move through the desert to the next board. There are 10 spots on the board that the thieves will hit and take certain types of goods. The goods are all on your camels backs and totally full at the start of the game. This is all public knowledge throughout the entire game. we are given some information which will help us choose where to navigate but out of the 25 spots 10 of them will be hit. You have to try your best to remember the information you have and guess correctly with what you know. It is a cute game and I like it a lot.

The last game of the night we played Red7 5 players with the old rules. I don't know why we haven't read the 1 page of rules and played that way but we haven't. We weren't even supposed to play with 5 players but we were just breaking the rules all over the place anyways. I thought it was fine with 5. Still a great little cards game and I will have to get into the rule page soon and read it. We will have to try the advanced rules too. Everyone liked it a lot. we played 3 times.

Sunday was mostly chill and Ron and I got some games to the table. Besides a bunch of Star Realms on the ipad we played a real game on the table. I creamed him as always. This is such a great game! Really addicting and easy deck-building game.

I got Ingenious in a math trade at GenCon and quite happy with it. I went on to cream Ron in that a couple times as well. I gave him a second game to try and get back at me but it didn't work out for him. Really fun abstract game that I enjoy. I hadn't played it in person before just on BSW website.

We played a game of Abyss 2 player as well. This game is so pretty. I still can't get enough. This game plays well with 2 but better with more. The card turn around it much quicker with more and more pearls to go around. I had a lot of location tiles and lords but it wasn't enough to beat Ron as he stole my bonus tile and just stinks.

This is what I had previously wrote about it:
"In the game you are collecting allies by exploring the depths of the ocean or recruiting from the council in the middle of the game board. Doing all this to gain the lords and their Influence Points and abilities. Some come with Keys and instant powers. once you collect 3 keys you gain a location tile and it will make it so the lords abilities are no longer in use. All the location tiles have big end game points.

The person with the most points at the end of the game is the winner."

Here are some pics!

Thanks for reading! Until next week... LABOR DAY!
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