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Photo Impression of ... Gaming in the Netherlands - Ducosim Fair in Amersfoort and the nominations for the Nederlandse Spellenprijs 2018!

Henk Rolleman
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Ducosim organizes a game fair in Amersfoort, the Netherlands three times a year. This is for board games, miniature games, and heavy wargames.
This time I went with my son to the Summer edition with an extra festivity namely the
nomination of the Dutch Games Prize for Family and Expert to be made known to all relevant jury members.
One of the conditions for the prize is that the Dutch game rules are present in the game box. Since the Netherlands
being a relatively small country does not translate all titles, but in the meantime, enough beautiful titles are published.

The Dutch Games Prize, the quality award for Dutch-style board games. This game prize was created in 2001 by the national games association Ducosim, to offer the playing consumer an independent value judgment.

The Dutch Games Prize is divided into two categories: the Dutch Games Prize - Family and the Dutch Games Prize - experts. A family game is suitable for a large audience, including children from 8 years.
An expert game requires a little more playing experience.

For the best family play in the Netherlands nominated:

Luxor - Forgotten Treasures - Queen Games

Azul - Asmodee Netherlands / Hot games

The Mind - White Goblin Games

For the best expert game in the Netherlands nominated:

Chimera Station - The Game Brewer

Gaia Project - White Goblin Games

Paco Ŝako - Hot Games

The fair is meant for the members and also for the public, which plays a board game less often.
In the halls, the new titles are often demonstrated by publishers so you can always sit and play
is explained enthusiastically.

There are often beginning or smaller Dutch publishers at the fair that can be found with a prototype or a starting Kickstarter.
demonstrate their game.

Here is a small visual impression:

Paco Sako

A new romance ...

Paco Ŝako - Overview

Enjoying the Reef

Divers View

Let the Reef grow again!

The mind

Spring Meadow of White Goblin Games

Saboteur the Boardgame of 999 Games

Ruthless is a pirate-themed game in which players will gather their crew and fight with their opponents. 999 Games will do the Dutch version of the game.

Lost into Space with Gaia Project - The game was nominated for the Nederlandse Spellenprijs 2018

Gather your ants in Micropolis, and send them through the anthill to do your bidding

Lead a group of tourists through a crowded zoo while being chased by a giant gorilla

Paparazzo will be released in a Kickstarter

Game Overview

A beautiful blockbuilder - The Climbers from 999 Games

Gùgōng - China, 1570. China is under the reign of the Longqing Emperor - from Game Brewer

Game Overview

Chartered: The Golden Age - A new Dutch production of Alexander Kneepkens will be released in a Kickstarter

Chartered: The Golden Age - You are a merchant, looking to profit from the budding trade in Amsterdam in the 1600s and participate in the growth of a multitude of chartered enterprises - A Game from Jolly Dutch Productions

Establishing your first warehouses in Amsterdam, contributing to the city that will grow to become the wealthiest city in the western world

Close Up of the houses of Amsterdam

Amsterdam in 1600

You can become the best merchant, build chartered enterprises and purchase stock to profit from their expected growth

Chimera Station - A new twist to the worker placement genre: customizable workers - From the Game Brewer

Close Up

My son is enjoying the Tombe of Luxor

On the hunt for priceless treasures, groups of adventurers explore the legendary temple at Luxor

Adventure View

Gentes played with my oldest son in the Sunday afternoon


All the nominated together the winners will be announced at the game spectacle in Eindhoven on Friday 9 November.
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Sun Oct 7, 2018 2:33 pm
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Photo impression of Essen .. to get into the mood ... What did we last year?

Henk Rolleman
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One year is always over again ...
Have all games been played?
A flashback of last year's pictures in Essen 2017.

The first day started with the trip to Essen and later in the morning, I went to the press conference and showroom of the new titles.
In the evening I could congratulate winners of the Deutscher Spielepreis

The second day, it was early on my feet but last on fair floor, because of the traffic jam. It kept me a little two hours.

The hours pass by enjoying all the new titles, all the conversations with friends, publishers, and designers.

Friday is often my the last day on Spiel, here I try to visit the missed stands and pay my eyes especially to the small publishers.
There is too much to see and in three days it's often not enough to see everything. Here is my overview of my impression of 2016.

Close to the border of Germany

Finally after a long drive in Essen

Early Birds

At the start of Spiel - Press Conference

On TV!

International Press

Fresh from the start!

News from the headlines!

Banana's at Spiel

Bananagrams Party Time

The Essen showroom

The Essen showroom

Yes, take me to Rhodes!


From all countries

To the escape route - Designers Inka Brand, Markus Brand

Picture it! - Artist Jana Kilianová & Designer Vlaada Chvátil

Jana Kilianová signed my copy

Did you get the picture clear?

Red Sonja is defending her Feast of Odin

A new duel ... great expansion!

New card of the Pantheon

Minerva's ability to keep the conflict pawn from entering your territory

In the chambers of the Palace of the Pharao

It's just a bargain!

Princess Tara has decided to marry ... Y O U

The Dice Tower Inn with our host Zee Garcia

The Flying Dutchman ... The Captains of the Golden Age

The World of the Golden Age

Here you may hire the Notorious Pirate

Eye on you

Marketing & Sales!

or Just .... Sail away

Papà Paolo Pizza Delivery at the Quined booth

WHAT! ... Three kilograms of boardgame a feast at the table with designer - Uwe Rosenberg

Just fun with Ice Cool

Need some Cooling down ... Ice Cool

Gorgeous fruits from Friedemann Friese


Milk of boardgames ... Yes!

The smell of The Perfumer

Explore all over the world to collect ingredients, then try to fulfill clients' orders of unique perfumes

Unique perfumes



Mea culpa

Mea Culpa - Overview

Close Up

Splatter Shoot!

Splatter Shoot! in Play

To the fishing village!

People from the East

On returning from the far north, the hero finds a devastated Andor

Adrenaline ... Yet?

Filip Neduk was seeing the components for the first time at the booth in Essen

Designer Wei-Min Ling - Defender of the Planet

In Planet Defenders, players pay batteries to control the three defenders, moving them among the planets and collecting energies

Players view from out of space

One of the Brian's Gomez Brains

The lunch break is still Frozen

Wariors - In to the Dungeons

Close Up

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift

Games for young and old - Das Fliwatüüt

Eros Lin the head of a family who tries to lead their members

The round houses (a.k.a., Fujian Tulou) are unique rural dwellings that can be found in the mountain areas in southeastern Fujian

To the escape room

So what are dictators doing during their holidays?

with the Revenge of the Dictators

Meeting new friends - A closer look into the mind of a Dictator

Designers Inka Brand, Markus Brand

Making you bids

A Photo Finish a the End

a Adrenaline rush for Filip Neduk

Escape the Room!

Adrenaline Shots

The Arena

An other strategy - Plasma Gun

From another galaxy ... Designers Michał Oracz & Michał Walczak .. Cryhavoc


Cry Havoc Battle zone

Do you have comments yet

Well Speak out!

An evening at the Deutscher Spielepreis

Beautiful game in the Top 3 prize winners

Stone Age Junior with Marco Teubner de winner of the Essener Feder. A price of the best rule book of 2016. A big compliment for excellent rules.

People how to know me I'm not the best writer with English grammar, so I'm always a little happy of people how can!

Here are the winners!

A good conversation and a pretty dinner.

After a good spleep a brand new day!

A huge traffic jam, it took some hours to get close to the Messe

The enterance

Spiel the people

POW! .. some romance in the background ...

The Wall of games ... the market

Mombasa with Andreas Resch .. winner of the International Gamers Award

During the International Gamers Award

Designer & Artist Marie Cardouat with Hop

The Fun Forge Ladies at the booth


Builders in Egypt who want to emulate the first and best-known architect there

Enjoying Rails & Sails at the Dasys of Wonder booth

With new Sails and old Rails over the world at the Days of Wonder booth

Rails & Sails ... but where is the biggest Habor of the World? ... Not on the Map?!

Papà Paolo

Into the beautiful city of Naples .. for PIZZA !

Almost with the speed of light though Napels for pizza delivery!

Game overview at the Quined booth

Napels City

Michel aka "bordspeler" as Papà Paolo

Mario on his Vespa

The pices of the Pizza's

Gather companions, recruit famous Vikings in de name of Odin

Game Overview

Leo ready for the hair stylist


Designer Gergely Kruppa with his Salt Lands

Some of the survivors have managed to eke out a living on the Saltlands

Only those among the first to escape have a chance! at the Salt lands

The Earth has dried out and civilization with it. Some of the survivors have managed to eke out a living on the Saltlands: plains left behind by a once great ocean

Players View

Playing Revenge of the Dictators


Box & Components

Carrying on the ancient traditions of the world famous Jemaa el-Fnaa market square in Marrakech, Morocco

The ancient families of snake charmers, water sellers, rug merchants, magicians, and food sellers work hard vying for the best stalls

Morocco Meeples

Jemaa el-Fnaa market square

Designer Chih-Fan Chen at the TBD booth


Sol forgotten island in the Atlantic Ocean

The clue tokens let you play cards, and those cards determine where the treasure will be found

Sol - Adventurers vs. Conquistadors


The construction of the Ulm cathedral has not yet been completed

The city Ulm is already wealthy and prestigious

The Danube

Ulm Players View

Ice Cool

Family Fun

Ice Cool Game!


Egyptian ships arrive in the harbor with gold

Enjoying the game at the Booth of The Gamemaster

Rhodes - Overview


Box & Cards at the TBD booth

Welcome to the most well-known geisha street in the old capital, Hanamikoji

In Hanamikoji, two players compete to earn the favors of the seven geisha masters

Careful speculation and sometimes a few bold move


Lisboa is a game about the reconstruction of Lisboa after the great earthquake of 1755

Marquis of Pombal gathered a team of engineers and architects

The Marquis of Pombal, Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, was then the minister of foreign affairs and the king put him in charge of the reconstruction of Lisbon

Key to the City of London

Key to the City of London - London Eye

St Pancras Station


First Class

Sitting First Class at the table

The Ruins of the nine worlds

Players struggle to take control of nine these worlds

New adventures at the horizon in Vanuatu

For a pleasant break at Vanuatu at the Quined booth

In order to prosper, you have to manage with natural resources, rare items, vatus (local currency) and tourists on the Island

There is no such thing as a rich Vanuatuan

Code Names Picture!

Box & Components

The Pantheon Box

Enjoying the Touria

The Arrival

Enjoying the Arrival

Over 4-6 rounds, the players determine their resources

Old paths and ruins spread over the island's face, which will be called Ireland many generations from now

Players struggle to take control of these worlds


Celtic history and lore in which players win by being elected King of the Island

The Celtic clans

King of the Island

Close up during a Game Play

Martin Luther started the Reformation in 1517 with his "Ninety-Five Theses

The young Jonas enters a fantasy world

Great artwork on my hands with a Sea of Clouds

Box & Components

The players venture down mine shafts by turning up cards from a deck, sharing the gems they find on the way down

Players venture down mine shafts

Conquered by the Krahder from the south and their skeleton army, many Andori were enslaved and abducted by them

Close up of Andor


The Master Hokusai decided to open a painting school to share his art with his disciples

Far East War 1592

Designer Allen Wang

Players view

The Action Rondel

Warfare in Essen

The beginning of The Imjin War

Toyotomi Hideyoshi showed his great ambition to conquer China

The Confrontation


Corné van Moorsel in his Habitat

Into the Garden

Cottage Garden

Railroad Revolution

In America, during the 19th century, battles were waged between huge railway corporations that sought to connect state to state and coast with coast… making themselves filthy rich in the process.

Players Hand - Railroad Revolution

Vikings on Board!

Vikings on Board!


Miss Jack

Building huts, bringing offerings to the druid, gathering precious runestones, and building monumental temples is the only way to earn the favor of the gods in Meduris.

Siesta Time!



Matt Leacock - Back in childhood times


Game Play

Close up


Designer Nikolaus R. Friedrich

Being subject to the weather's mercy

Invest at the market and build farmhouses and towers to secure your power

Reiner Stockhausen intriged by trade

Fields of Green

esigner Vangelis Bagiartakis with his showing the Fields of Green

Players take the role of farm owners trying to expand their property and business

Live as Luther's contemporaries, following in his footsteps


Martin Looij

While moving and flipping over the tiles on the board, they hope to find spectacular fish, mammals and corals, make combinations and score big points

Players View

Two to four players jump from the diving boat to have a fun time diving


Round House

Designer Eros Lin playing Round House

Enjoying the Round House

Moving their pawns around the circular building in one direction, performing different actions to get goods, trade goods for money, hire experts, send family members for distant business

Players are the head of a family who tries to lead their members to glory

Revenge of the Dictators

The force behind (mother) Bas Damoiseaux

Family Business


Bas Damoiseaux ... everybody wants to rule the world

Guilds of London

Designer Tony Boydell with the Guild of London

Representatives of the Guilds met at the Guildhall to discuss the great issues of the day

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu


A Smart merchant profits from opportunities in the market

It is uncertain what the earnings for the olives, grapes, grain and goat milk will be this time... in the Harbor

Overview Rhodes

The Daedalus Sentence

Game Box Presentation

The failed escapees blabber about the twisted and spliced creatures that roam the corridors of the maze, as if they were in the Labyrinth of King Minos

A few have tried to escape, but none have succeeded

In the year 2083, an alien race known as the Loctae descended on planet Earth

Explore your surroundings, overcome guards, or change the layout of the prison itself

Jamie - Players Aid

Conflict Legends

Mr Einstein

Box & Cards at the TBD booth

Cat Town

Designer Jog Kung

Hanging arround

Playing & Eating ...

Queen Strike

Queen Strike

Central Board - Queens Kingdom

The Designer of Queen Strike

Queen Strike - A 3D view from the Queen in a holographic platform

Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail

Rangers View

You are a rancher and repeatedly herd your cattle from Texas to Kansas City

Power Grid

CEO Friedemann Friese of mighty power companie

A Feast for Odin

A Feast for Uwe Rosenberg

A Feast for Odin - Overview

The Hunt of meat!

The world of Odin

Terraforming Mars

Desigener Jacob Fryxelius begins to terraform the planet Mars

Rise the oxygen level, and the ocean coverage until the environment is habitable

The the environment is habitable and Terra forming is expanding at Mars

Giant corporations, sponsored by the World Government on Earth

Winner's Circle

Game Overview

In the middle of the Race

On the Lead

Winners Circle

Enjoying Winner's Circle

Martians: A Story of Civilization

A story of Krzysztof Wolicki will bring you to Mars

A story of Grzegorz Okliński will bring you to Mars

Explore the planet in search of necessary resources

The first mission aimed at colonizing the planet

The human colony on Mars

Players Aid

An overview of the human colony on Mars

At the International Gamers Award together with Antoine and Bruno

Great visitors
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Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:25 pm
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Photo impression of .... Zomerspel - Merelbeke & Gent in Belgium

Henk Rolleman
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A view week ago I travel to Belgium to visit a board game convention Zomerspel 2017.
Zomerspel an event of board games at Merelbeke a little town near Gent in Belgium. The convention is meant to play games and enjoy good atmosphere theme in the theme of this year Dragons and Knights.

An evening before the event a walk through the beautiful city of Gent.

Canals of Gent

Enjoying a summer evening at the river Leie

Gent - Korenmarkt

Gent - De Vrijdag Markt (Friday Market Quare)

Birds and romance

Show us the way to the event?

A new ticket to Merelbeke

...... Zomerspel

Getting in..

With Spel Magazine


It al begins with stories of Knights and Dragons

Start the Maze! Magic Maze

Young and ...

Pinguluu of Blue Orange

A unique moment my wife on a boardgame convention for a short moment

Bordspelmaniac's in Action

Box & Components

A tropical jungle of boardgames

At the dungeons of Merelbeke, monks & Knights

Reading Terrarforming Mars

Mankind begins to terraform the planet Mars


A story of ...

Where kids become Knights

Herd your cattle from Texas to Kansas City @ Zomerspel 2017 Merelbeke - Belgium

Risky Business @ Zomerspel

Crossing into the Land of 1001 Nights @ Zomerspel

Ice Ice baby..

Running in the Family ... Cha Cha Cha

Carry tourists all over Vanuatu islands, or trade cargo with foreign countries

Trading in Istanbul

it's time for the final exams of the Potions class!

Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient

Enjoying Yamatai

Close Up

The first participant to master all the posed assignments wins the favor of the father of the gods himself

The legend tells of pixies being small, flying, naughty creatures often spotted in the area of Cornwall and Devon

Playing Chimera Station

Chimera Station brings a new twist to the worker placement genre: customizable workers

During the game, you'll build and expand the space station and open up tons of different strategical and tactical possibilities

Each worker can be modified in-game by splicing claws, tentacles, leafs or additional brains

Enjoying the game

The Sound of Clank at the table


In the Dungeon

The patch to Glory? Clank!

Vikings Gone Wild

Hit it!

Castellum - Defenders of the city Maastricht (prototype)

Defenders of the city Maastricht

Playing Castellum - Maastricht

Close to the Maas Riverbank in the city

The journey to Karuba

Fun the Power Grid

Action Time at the Maze

The Maze

Enjoying the Patchwork

Having fun with Agricola

Cry Havoc

Planet overview

Cry Havoc - Close Up

Brute Power

Craftsmen build trading stations and tools to facilitate work

Counting the points - Agricola

Overview - Agricola

National Belgium Championship Agricola - The Final

Martin Looij with Scuba


Box Front - Prototype - The Dutch East Indies

Box & Components - Prototype

Close Up Components - Prototype

Pixie Queen Overview

Game overview

The legend tells of pixies being small, flying, naughty creatures often spotted in the area of Cornwall and Devon

Mombasa - The Game Master

Players Hand

Close Up during the game - Mombasa

Trading posts of companies throughout the African continent

Captian Sonar a the bottom of the sea

One player might be the captain, who is responsible for moving the submarine and announcing some details of this movement

All the members of a team sit on one side of the table, and they each take a particular role on the submarine

Alien Artifacts Prototype in Zomerspel

Alien Artifacts Prototype

Alien Artifacts Prototype

Enjoying Yamatai


Yamatai Palace

Fun at the Island - Yamatai

Enjoying Inis

Inis - Game Play

The Oracle of Delphi

Twelve legendary tasks are imposed upon the fearless participants

Shopping - Unfair


What ... ?!

Serious ...

Scythe by site a duel

Rails & Sails

Dream Home

Dream Home

Help is needed to dispel the mists of Nebula! help is needed to dispel the mists of Nebula!

Joy & Fun with Barpig

Counting the points

Construction and science in medieval France - Explaining the game

Crokinole at the table

Papà Paolo reading the menu for pizza!

Almost with the speed of light though Napels for pizza delivery!

Gaming zone

Making a deal!


Lunch Time

Eating Zone in a sunny afternoon

Starting Up Ekö

Feast on the table

Winning Free Games

Nox Spellenzolder in role play in front of the Castle

An arrested Monk

Dieter thanks for the invitation

Jon Snow ...... Targaryen? Where are you talking about?

Before Leaving Gent from the Korenmarkt

Time for a good Beer!
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Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:28 pm
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Photo Impression of ... Spellenspektakel in Eindhoven in the Netherlands

Henk Rolleman
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An empression of Spellenspektal last November in Eindhoven in The Netherlands

Two days of boardgaming in the city of lights together with my son.

Early on the road again...

A Ticket for Eindhoven

The doors are Open

With a lot of volunteers for bananas!

Hi there!

Hall Overview

The Dutch Fields of Arle - Close Up Cows

Game Overview - Fields of Arle

Actions in the make - Fields of Arle

Fun with Terra at the 999 Games booth

Now is your turn! - The Quiz Master - Bert Calis

With the Pandamic Legacy - Season One

Close Up from the Middle East

Oh See Bob, more games!

A Good time with Friends, Dierik & Levi

Booth of Bergsala

El Caucho

Relax and meeting People

People are People

Having Fun with Settlers


the Spanish La Granja


Agents in Action at the White Goblin Booth

The booth of 999 Games

Looking for ...

Spel! magazine!

Magic Tournament

999 Games



Agents Vs Agents in Codenames

Play & Buy

Enjoying - The Colt Express

Meat & Eat



Mega Civilization at the 999 Games booth

New Civilizations - Close Up

Time is Running by

The Gamemaster for our game

Close Up

Intuition during the Game

So Much Fun with this

Still if you lose

Runner Up

Runner Up

Terra .. Fun & Strong

Cacao.. Fun with Two

After 25 Years still a big succes in the Netherlands - Michael Bruinsma

Kumbu Dubble Sided Cardgame

Star Wars at the Bergsala booth


Tail Feathers .. Small & Smart

In the Air

Enjoy Flying as a kid

El Gaucho's at the Gamemaster booth

At Café Puerto Diablo

Playing El Grande Ubongo! at the White Goblin Booth

Choosing you game at the second hand booth

From Eindhoven to London .. a ticket to ride

A Ticket to United Kingdom

The Green Fields of Arle

Famous Settlers

Enjoying Settlers ... or not

Close Up of Istanbul

Into the game

Tracing Traxx

Players View

Winning Mood

B-Wing - Close Up

The Nederlandse Spellenprijs Boardgame Award

Winner Concordia

Winner Family - Splendor

Machi Koro for two

Bordspelmania Crew

Presenting their new games with flair!

White Goblin Team

Coca the manager of the Fair!

City of light

Eindhoven City Center

Ending with a teasty Dinner
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Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:00 am
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Photo Impression of ... Ducosim Fair in the Netherlands - Amersfoort January 2016

Henk Rolleman
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Last Saturday I went to my gaming-club Ducosim . A nationwide association where all key publishers in the Netherlands show their latest games. Many small and new artist show their faces, prototypes and games. I made a few photo's, also from the yearly game auction and new games like the new version of Crash'em & Royal and Rebels.

Early on the road to Amersfoort an new sunny gaming day.

And wintertime in the Netherlands, perfect gaming weather

Entering the main hall in Amersfoort - Theater the Flint

A full house in the Flint

The Lobby for Eat, Drinks & Boardgames

Playthisone had their new game Royals & Rebels.
My sun look like a rebel on his cards ....

The game isn't published yet, but the game playes very well!
Close up from the merchant cards

The room was prepared for the aution

Making some patch-work but my son was more handy then me..

Haspelknecht from Quined games

The Game Master with their new Mombasa, it's high on my want to play list.

Players & Games

The Auction in the afternoon

I played Discoveries, and I had a pleasant journey with my fellows

With some help from the american natives

Ultimate Thoughs, they left me with no change and it was a though fight with the last man standing

Not my lucky hand today

Having fun

Till the Last man is standing

Council of Tree this time

Amersfoort - We left satisfied the fair for driving home
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Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:35 am
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Photo Impression of ... Ducosim Fair in the Netherlands - Amersfoort

Henk Rolleman
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Last Saturday I went to my gaming-club Ducosim . A nationwide association where all key publishers in the Netherlands show their latest games. Many small and new artist show their faces, prototypes and games. Two acquaintances of mine also had the pleasure to sign a contract by Playthisone with the Royals and Rebels. I made a small photo impression.

El Gaucho

Five Tribes

Designer of 7 Street

7 Street

Designer Paul van der Meer

Gang Up! 'A criminally fun card game!

Gang Up! 'A criminally fun card game!

Dutch Settlers

Ladies and Gentlemen Evolution

Designer Bert Menting & Artist Sander ten Napel

Close up of the caracter cards

Playing Puerto Diablo

A Lucky Pirate

Enjoying Memoir '44

A the beach

Operation Overload

Playing Cacao with Levi

The Voyage



Machi Koro

Niek & Timo siging their contact by Playthisone! for Royals and Rebels

615 AD in Domburg in Sealand in the Netherlands

Back in time

Main Hall
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Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:55 am
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Photo Impression of Essen ...... Finaly :whistle:

Henk Rolleman
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It took some weeks but finally I got put all photo together into a list wich I started at November.

The last ten years I have always been to Spiel luckily. It started with visiting one day but now three days. Also this year I made a photo report of my impression of the fair, meeting people, having fun eating less and feel, touch, breath, watch and playing boardgames and more boardgames. Despite the strikes of buses and trains, I had no delays this year and after a drive of two hours of the fair from the Netherlands to Essen in Germany. I started this list in November but I always need more time to get all the stuff done, ...... just before the year ends. Well I hope you will enjoy this impression. And comments are always welcome.

Arriving in Essen

Arriving the Messe

Meeting Tom Vasel

Press Conference

Press Conference

Press Conference

Press Conference

Deutsche Spiele Preiss

Deutsche Spiele Preiss

Deutsche Spiele Preiss

Essener Feder 2014 Abluxxen - Linko!- from Wolfgang Kramer (Ravensburger)

The Main Hall

Here we go

Happy Sales Men

On adventure

Lost ... in Hall #

People are People

Shopping Days

Teuber he started making me doing this ...

Surpicing people

Shinning people

Hungy People

Soccer Players

Just Hanging Arround

Settlers Bus

Magic Moments

BGG Geeks

Editing People

Nice earrings

Dissapointed people ... yes I was

Creative Woodcutters

Storing telling people

Shopping people

Winning People ... Winner of the IGA Limes

Sushi People


Designers and Deus

The Fairplay list

Leaving the fair

Driving Home

For much more photo´s click on
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Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:20 am
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Photo Impression of ... Spiel in Essen'14 ...

Henk Rolleman
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Here are the first photo's of the Fair Spiel in Essen, Just Click on the link:

Spiel 2014 in Essen - Hall 3
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Tue Oct 21, 2014 7:28 pm
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Photo impression of Zomerspel in Gent - Belgium

Henk Rolleman
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NationsOn a Sunny weekend in June, Zomerspel (Summer game) was organized in beautiful old city center of Gent in Belgium. On Saturday we went to the fair on the Sunday we took our own city tour. I took some photo's on the fly during booth days. A small impression...
Finally I had some time to play Nations and Lewis & Clark and speak with a lot of people from the scene. Enjoy.

Walking to the old city center of the 18th century to the "Tinnenpot Theatre".

Great old houses in the city center

The first gamers arriving at the fair for a brand new day of boardgaming

Open doors at 10 o'clock rock

The family hall with some colorful paintings on the wall

The strategy hall ..

Ready to play 3+ hours of Nations
... Great game

The move of the architect

Etienne Espreman back to 1893 with Bruxelles

Playing Bruxelles in Gent

Adventures on the Island

Central board

Adventure on her hand

Finally had some time to play Lewis and Clark, great game. The let me win

Reading till the next turn with Lewis and Clark

On the way to the mountains

Etienne Espreman live in the showcase, the interview will be later found on BGG

Editor in chief of Spel in Zicht, Jesse also in the showcase

A new Edition of Spel in Zicht magazine

The Lords, playing the waterdeep

The family Hall

A Classic

Enjoying Elfenland

Jumping Turtle Games a new Belgium publisher with Blockers!

A great Rampage at the table with the family

Falling Dino's

A Rescue from above of Jupiter (or was is Jupiler

Dominique is preparing his next review ... of the rescue on Jupiter

Close up

The Rescue team, ready to rock

A Struggling at the Game Library

Good Catering ....

The white hall

A prototype of The Border

Mr Munchkin

The King of Gent

Hard working for the people of "Spelgezel" in selling games

Fabrice Vandenbogaerde Designer of Warlock he also did an interview at the Showcase, the organisation will put this interview later on BGG

great view on the Castle Gravenstein

Visiting Castle Gravensteen in the center of Gent

Gravenstein in the evening sunlight

In the evening after a long day with this boardgames we were on a sunny terrace at the Veerleplein in the old town opposite castle Gravensteen. A naturally a cold beer from the barrel.

City by nightfall at the St Michaelplein at river the Leie

We had a great weekend, pleasant weather, and had time to play Nations and Lewis & Clark. A compliment to the organization of Zomerspel, the fair was well organized.
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Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:54 am
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Photo impression of Spel in Broechem - Belgium

Henk Rolleman
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Here is a picture report from the Flemish games Game in Broechem country.
November 2013, the time passes quickly since 23 November.

Starting the Day

A boardgame puzzle by Bordspelmania

Always online

The main Hall

Dominique writer of a great boardgame blog

My first Crokinole experience

The Two Desigers of the game Thomas Vande Ginste and Wolf Plancke with
their Yedo!


Rogue Agent David Ausloos

Games People & Tables

The boardgame library

Ruling the world in 30 minutes

and I'm stepping the the foodsteps of A C Joudon

Expanding the American railways

And later exploring the North

with Lewis & Clark

No time to lose with Relic Runners

The archaeologist

Trading Games with soft prices

You get thirsty from all those gaming

The Rogue Agent at his move

Agent Ausloos

The corrupt government has lost grip on Rain City


A ticket to buy

Water Fun with River Dragons

Glass Road

Playing Concordia

The heart of the Roman empire

Bugs at the table

Packet Row

Oh.. such a mess again!

Standing? ... for how long?


Spexxx at the table

Close Up

Tumblin Dice

For a steady hand!

Hall Overview

No day without a smile

Would she be Jealous ?

A new Dutch classic

The green gaming tables

Ending in style in an Flemish "frietkrot" and I had a really good time!

Thanks to all!
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Sat Feb 8, 2014 6:00 am
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