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#5: Stand and Die - Battle #1 (Scenario 45 - Map #37)

Joe C Faust
United States
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From 12/18/10:

At this point in my solo career, I decided to play out the Stalingrad Campaign from the Stalingrad Battle Pack. The first battle takes place on Map #37, centered around the hilly edge of Mamayev Kurgan, with the Germans pushing hard and collapsing the defenses on the Russian right.

Of note here is the heroics of German Sgt. Biermann, who successfully stood off two waves of melee. In the first, he led a squad out of the woods into the brush as a preemptory strike against the advancing Soviets. But the Soviets played two Ambushes, leaving Biermann and his squad broken. Unfortunately, as well as the Russians were doing, Biermann pulled a time trigger – boxcars – out of the deck.

Next he rallied and withstood fire that killed the suppressed squad in the hex with him – just in time to be jumped by another Russian squad. No ambushes this time, and the Russians pulled a three from the deck – no match for Biermann’s ten. Add a No Quarter to the end of the second melee, and it made a nice point swing for the Germans after seesawing back and forth. And all of this done without using the initiative card!

In the meantime, on the Russian right, Captain Vogel dithered while trying to help reinforcements in the form of an IG gun find a better position for combat. It ended up a lost cause as something interesting happened. The battle became very Stalingrad-like. The Russians slowly continued to fire and move toward on Biermann, while to the south Vogel moved his men on the entrenched Russians to try and smoke them out. Before long I had two large clumps of point-blank battle going on, each around one set of leaders from each side.

For a few turns, it was brutal. The battle hinged around these two groups hammering at each other. Fire was exchanged, units suppressed and broke, Recover cards were rare and precious, popping up only to give one set of troops or another a second or third chance. Biermann’s group, all broken, used an Advance card to move away from the punishing fire from Gordov’s men, who continued the attack though their corporal was hugging the dirt.

Finally, Vogel’s men went on the attack against the remnants of the Russian right. Down a card from an earlier opportunity fire, they advanced into combat against a Russian leader and squad. It was an all-or-nothing proposition – both sides were two losses away from surrender. Vogel was hoping to pull at least one ambush card in the draw to augment the Initiative card, then survive the Russian turn until the combat resolved.

The Russians had no choice but to discarded for a draw. Vogel ended up pulling two ambushes out of the deck. The Germans carried the day.

So the victorious Germans push further into Stalingrad for the next battle, which occurs on map 37 – the deep ravine with the gully running through the bottom. It looks like Vogel will be sent back to HQ to report on the front, while his Veteran squad will be in the next fight. And rumor has it that Cpl. Gordov has a new assignment... in Siberia.

Germany: 1/4
Russia: 1/1
United States: 3/0
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Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:43 am
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