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Adventures in solitaire playing of Chad Jensen's World War II Tactical Game System: Combat Commander: Europe, Mediterranean, Pacific and Resistance.

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13: Pointe Du Hoc Historical (Scenario #47a - Map #39)

Joe C Faust
United States
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From 3/9/11

Pointe Du Hoc Historical with an initial bombardment of the German defenses, determined by 5 random cards from each fate deck. These random shellings turned out to be well-targeted and took out two bunkers, with and two double hits killing two squads and a leader. Then the U.S. Rangers started waltzing up the cliff to finish the slaughter. There were only three U.S. casualties - two were deployed teams eliminated by overstacking caused by frequent German use of Rout cards. The third was a broken U.S. squad driven by Rout to the edge of the board that was killed by a sniper attack. All other casualties were German, inflicted to Surrender by the U.S. Rangers. One wonderful moment: a three-hex line of Rangers are targeted by a machine gun nest. The lead squad pops a 5 smoke to cover them all and then steps out of harm's way to join another fire group next turn.

Anzac: 1/0
British Commonwealth: 1/0
Germany: 5/7
Japan 0/2
Russia: 3/4
United States: 4/0
U.S. Marines: 1/0
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Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:17 pm
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