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Adventures in solitaire playing of Chad Jensen's World War II Tactical Game System: Combat Commander: Europe, Mediterranean, Pacific and Resistance.

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15: Mazed and Confused (Scenario 49)

Joe C Faust
United States
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Captain Goranson struggled to get his men through the German communication trenches, but ultimately only lost a half-squad, the other half of which returned as Walking Wounded. Goranson played it cautiously and worked the trenches as cover, hampered by a lack of Move cards at the beginning and the constant German mortar fire from three teams at the top of the high hill. The U.S. was gradually able to consolidate several units into a firegroup chain, but couldn't seem to budge the Germans and their HMG out of the last bunker. After many discards, the Germans finally rallied and started with the heavy fire again. Unfortunately, the inexperienced Cpl. Strobel led the mortar teams down the hill to occupy the last objective, where they fell under the eye of Goranson's large fire team. Even though they were in the trenches, the Axis took two sets of 10 fires each turn, enhanced by concentrated fires and good rolls. It was enough to push the Germans over their surrender level.
Anzac: 1/0
British Commonwealth: 1/0
Germany: 5/9
Japan 0/2
Russia: 3/4
United States: 6/0
U.S. Marines: 1/0
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Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:12 am
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