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#12: Pegasus Bridge (Scenario 46 - Map #38)

Joe C Faust
United States
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From 3/5/11

The glider landings were catastrophic for the British. Unable to move, they were pinned down in the open. Starshells were eliminated after one use as time check rolls came quickly - one in the first turn, declined by the Brits via Initiative Card (they would not get it back until late in the game). The late entering Axis Major was sniped for a break and went KIA later. Move cards were dear for both sides, with the Brits needing to storm the trenches (they were only able to fall back into the woods on an Advance) and the Axis needing to bring up reinforcements, but being hampered with the loss of their Major. It looked like a successful Axis defense until the Brits regrouped and their fire suppressed the enemy enough to get a leader and squad into a trench. The game ended as the Axis went into Melee with three units and an Ambush, only to find the outnumbered Brits had two ambushes and the Initiative. The Allied Melee roll of 12 was rerolled, resulting in 11. Successful Melee = British win by squad break.

Anzac: 1/0
British Commonwealth: 1/0
Germany: 5/6
Japan 0/2
Russia: 3/4
United States: 3/0
U.S. Marines: 1/0
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Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:11 pm
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