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16: East By Northwest (Scenario 54) - Best.Ending.Ever.

Joe C Faust
United States
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The Russians Germans set up grouped tightly with their leaders, owing to the quality (or lack thereof) of the Conscripts and Green Troops. The French wisely decided to form a defensive line based on the Chateau, with squad plus Bren gun in the stone buildings to the west, two Brens and satchel charge in the main house with Lt. Marienne, and Sgt. de Villers with the commandos and satchel in the K7 Woods.

The Russian German advance began slowly, met with stiff resistance from the French, who built up a fast lead in points by carefully mowing down low morale units as they tried to consolidate a base of fire against the chateau. Lt. Kulakov moved his men into building N9, only to find it booby trapped. de Villers' men moved south through the woods to keep Kulakov and his men pinned down, effectively halting their flanking maneuver.

It remained a firefight for a while until the Russians Germans were able to move on the right flank of the French, sending Cpl. Kikalashvili with his squads and LMG up to the west B7 building under cover of mortar fire. They Advanced into the building and easily bested the squad there, then trained their sights on the west end of the Chateau.

On the opposite flank, Kulakov's men rallied and got out of the building, killing the SAS Regulars as they did. de Villers pulled back into the woods.

The points have swung toward the Soviet Axis side.

Encouraged by the lack of fire from the Chateau, Cpl. K used the road to move north and then east into the building, triggering a fierce firefight. The Russians Germans moved into Melee, and in moments had killed Marienne and his squad. Assessing the situation, de Villers crossed the road and entered the east end of the Chateau, not so much under cover as during a lull in the Russian German fire. Two French squads were now in the building with Cpl. K and his remaining squad.

Each side is now one eliminated squad from surrender. The points have swung back to the French - but not by much.

A Sniper broke Cpl. K's squad and de Villers moved in next to him, an Advance and an Ambush in their hands, with plans to go two squads versus one.

Seeing the writing on the Chateau walls, Cpl. K decides to retreat his men out of the line of fire and possible Advance into Melee. They end up outside, in the southwest corner of the chateau.

The French play a rout card. Cpl. K's men take a powder to the edge of the map, where they rally. With no enemy to hinder him, Lt. Kulakov advances his men into the east end of the Chateau.

Smelling victory, the French then Advance on Cpl. K - that's right, out of the building and into the line of fire of enemy units. This pits one broken squad, one good order squad and a 1 leader against a 1 leader.

The French play an Ambush card. Cpl. K breaks, stepping down to a firepower of 0.

Cpl. K draws his card for the die roll. A 7 with event. He draws the event and...

Prisoners of War.

Like many good Russians who were doing the work of the Germans at Normandy, he threw up his hands and surrendered. His elimination as a unit tipped the Russians Germans into surrender.

Now some might think that advancing out of a building to capture an enemy noncom is not a very realistic thing to do - there could be a bit of gaminess there - but I really have to hand it to the CC system that a random event took it and made it totally appropriate and historical.

(The way I see it playing out is that de Villers merely leaned out of a shot-out window and aimed his pistol at Kikalashvilli. "Hey, Ivan," he says, "we've got you dead to rights. You can either die in the service of your enemy or join us. We've got some really great wine in here." I think the day probably ended with the remaining Russians Germans joining their new friends in the bullet-riddled chateau, exchanging rations and barbecuing something brought in from the nearby woods. Okay, maybe not. But it makes a great story, and that's one of CC's great strengths).

And this is why I love this game so much.

Anzac: 1/0
British Commonwealth: 1/0
France: 1/0
Germany: 5/10
Japan 0/2
Russia: 3/4
United States: 6/0
U.S. Marines: 1/0
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