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Adventures in solitaire playing of Chad Jensen's World War II Tactical Game System: Combat Commander: Europe, Mediterranean, Pacific and Resistance.

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19: Fat Lipki (Scenario 1)

Joe C Faust
United States
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Fat Lipki Solo. After a break away from CC, I returned and decided to revisit Fat Lipki and forego the traditional German opening of trading the initiative card to get the first move.

The Russian opening put Cpl. Krylov far enough down the road with a MMG that he was able to murder Cpl. Winkler and his squad before they could move off of the road. The Germans were paralyzed at first by a lack of Move cards, and the Russians got a squad into the pond house first.

Lt. VanKarsties didn't give up, however, and inched himself and two squads up to the pond house, then took the house in close combat. The second squad took the Objective 1 house, and the third remained behind at Objective Three.

The Russian right shifted and poured fire into the two houses, killing the squad in the second house, but not being able to budge VanKarsties. On the Russian left, Cpl. Krylov began inching his men toward the edge of the board, but the German squad at Objective 3 crossed the road and jumped one of the squads in close combat, eliminating it. Then Krylov and a squad jumped the Germans, killing them, with a German ambush leaving Krylov in a broken state that would last until the final moments of the scenario, in spite of many Recover cards being thrown at him.

VonK and the remaining Axis unit kept pouring LMG fire at the Russians until the gun malfunctioned. About this time, Russian Walking Wounded - apparently survivors of the Melee for the pond house - turned up in the Objective 1 house. The Germans made short work of them and pegged the VP's at zero - but the Russians still had the initiative.

The battle continued with the Russians slowly closing in and the Germans trying to keep them pinned down with fire. The Sudden Death crept from 7 to 10, consistently rolling 11's. The Germans turned over an event card, and the draw reinforcements triggered the time check at turn 10. A draw of 5 ended the game, score tied, with Russians winning for holding the Initiative card.

Anzac: 1/0
British Commonwealth: 1/0
France: 1/0
Germany: 5/11
Japan 0/4
Russia: 4/4
United States: 6/0
U.S. Marines: 3/0
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Sat May 21, 2011 8:33 pm
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