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The Best of 2016 - How It's Going to Work

Brad Cummings
United States
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Time to look back at 2016! This year Dave and I have come up with a group of categories to discuss and highlight some of our favorite games of the year. Tune into our live discussions to week to join the discussion.

Each year we have editorial awards curated by Dave and I, as well as community driven awards. This year, we are going to again integrate the community awards into Golden Geek voting. We will let you know when this goes live so you can get nominating and voting.

For our editorial awards, we will be using the following categories:

Games of the Year
Best Old Game
Biggest Surprise of 2016
Best Board Game Port
Achievement in Design
Best Interactive Story/RPG
Not Board Game Recommendation
Best Debut
Best Multiplayer
Best Puzzle Game

We have set these categories and have nominated games for each. This Tuesday and Thursday we will be meeting to discuss each category and decide on winners.

Here are the broadcast details:

Discussion Part 1 -
When: Tuesday 1/17/17, 10pm EST

Discussion Part 2 -
When: Thursday 1/19/17, 10pm EST
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Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:59 am
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App News: Mysterium Released and Three Updates Worth Nabbing

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Mysterium Released for iOS, Android, and Steam
Asmodee Digital is back on the App Store today with the release of cooperative favorite, Mysterium. Sounds like time for a blurb:

Asmodee wrote:
The official adaptation of the famous board game Mysterium!

Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game set in the 1920s in which a ghost guides a group of psychics to uncover a murderer, as well as the weapon and location of the murder, using only visual clues. Choose your way to play: take on the role of the ghost who gives others clues, or as one of the psychics trying to decipher the abstract "Vision Cards".

In this mobile version, you will find:
• A faithful adaptation of the original game with gorgeous graphics
• A game variant with or without clairvoyancy
• Additional cases and dream cards from expansions in the in-game shop
• A story mode to discover the background of each psychic
• Solo play with AI partners
• Multiplayer support up to 7 players using online (cross-platform: tablet / mobile / computer)
• Worldwide Leaderboards

Languages available: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.

Mysterium is available for iOS Universal, Android, and PC (no Mac ) right now at the following links:

- Mysterium: The Board Game for iOS Universal, $7
- Mysterium: The Board Game for Android, $7
- Mysterium: The Board Game for PC via Steam, $10

Mansions of Madness Updates with Beyond the Threshold
We all love Mansions of Madness: Second Edition and Fantasy Flight Games keeps adding more content making it better. This time they've added both cardboard and digital content. The app was just updated to include the new content from the Mansions of Madness: Second Edition – Beyond the Threshold.

Besides the new content, they've also patched up some other stuff with the app. As usual, here's the blurb:

Fantasy Flight wrote:
What's New in Version 1.3.0
Beyond the Threshold, a new physical expansion for Mansions of Madness second edition, is now available!
Introduces new ways of experiencing the game, a new threatening monster to face, new investigators, and new
Mythos events! Add Beyond the Threshold to your digital Collection to access this new, terrifying content!

Version 1.3 adds the following
•Beyond the Threshold product added to the Collection manager
•Vengeful Impulses scenario (requires Beyond the Threshold)
•Gates of Silverwood Manor (requires Beyond the Threshold)
•Fixes minor bugs in What Lies Within DLC
•Minor bug and typo fixes in all scenarios.

- Mansions of Madness for iOS Universal, free
- Mansions of Madness for Android, free
- Mansions of Madness for PC/Mac via Steam, free

Baseball Highlights 2045 Updates
Baseball Highlights 2045 is the little app that could. Developed by one-man powerhouse Peter Kossits, it just keeps getting better and better as time goes on.

Another update landed this week. Not as major as the last (there's no expansion content), but the fixes are always appreciated. Here's the blurb:

Peter Kossits wrote:
What's New in Version 1.10.2
o Bug Fix - Eliminated flicker occurring the first time that the Play Info dialog slides out from the left side of the screen.
o Bug Fix - Adam Lee and Dead Eye not working correctly in AI Easy level and in the standard solo game. Adam Lee and Dead Eye are no longer available in the standard solo game - since the "opponent" does not have any minor leagues from which to choose a replacement player.
o Bug Fix - "Victory is imminent" taunt no longer being played during regular season.
o Bug Fix - Contact/Error immediate actions not working correctly in extra innings.
o Bug Fix - Phone Only - If the player's hand contains both red and green immediate action check mark indicators, the colors may be corrupted as the user scrolls through his cards.

o New Feature - If player has played a card which will apply a bonus onto future cards, a reminder message will appear before future card plays.

- Baseball Highlights 2045 for iOS Universal, $2 (on sale)
- Baseball Highlights 2045 for Android, $2 (on sale)

Twilight Struggle Gets Updated
Last, but definitely not least, is the spectacular Twilight Struggle from Playdek and GMT Games. It was updated with expansion content back in December and this week it received an update fixing some of the inevitable bugs that creeped in with Turn Zero.

As you should be expecting by now, the blurb:

Playdek wrote:
What's New in Version 1.1.1

- fix rules bugs in Turn Zero, Promo Packs, and Alternate Space Race
- fix resuming a game during crisis card resolution
- fix possible crash when removing influence for Cuban Missile Crisis
- fix bug in tutorial flow during space race attempt
- fix several stability issues in tutorial and during gameplay

- Twilight Struggle for iPad, $10
- Twilight Struggle for Android, $10
- Twilight Struggle for PC/Mac via Steam, $15
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Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:14 pm
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App News: Mysterium coming to digital this Thursday

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Mysterium Ready to Materialize on Thursday
Mysterium was supposed to land on our screens last December, but Asmodee held it back a bit after the digital version of Colt Express was eviscerated for poor AI and even poorer multiplayer. Apparently they have all the kinks worked out because we've just learned that Mysterium will be launching for iOS, Android, and Steam this Thursday.

As we all know, Mysterium tells the tale of a vengeful ghost who's seeking to tell the living what done them in. One player plays the aforementioned specter, while the others play the investigators. The ghost cannot converse with the investigators using words. Instead, they must send visions in the forms of Dixit-like cards.

The investigators' job is to determine which suspects, weapons, and locations these dreams are referring to. As such, the game revolves around the collaboration of the investigators and it will be interesting to see how that works in a digital medium.

We're not sure what time on Thursday we can expect Mysterium, but we do know it will be launching on iOS, Android, and Steam. I'll try to get a release post up when it goes live so you can have links to find it easily, and Brad will have a video "first look" up shortly after its release as well.
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Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:48 pm
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First Look: Dominion Returns?

Brad Cummings
United States
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Availability: Web Based
Price: Monthly Subscription
Store Links: Web

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Fri Jan 6, 2017 3:57 pm
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App News: Dominion Online Is Back Online, SolForge Dies, Suburbia Heads to Small Screen, Avignon Now Digital and more...

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Dominion is Back Online Under New Management
One of the disasters of 2015 was the almost universally panned released of Dominion Online by Making Fun. It was handled poorly enough that shortly after its release, the powers-that-be let us know that the license with Making Fun had been cancelled and that a new developer would be bringing Dominion to digital life come January 1, 2017. Well, that day has come and a new version has arrived on the interwebs.

The new developer is Shuffle iT and they've delivered a browser-only product that doesn't appear to be mobile-friendly (you need to right-click on cards to see their description). Reviews in the Shuffle iT forums are bringing back flashbacks to those halcyon days of Goko. As for dedicated mobile apps, they're apparently in the works.

One complaint of Making Fun's version was the pricing of expansions which were priced similar to cardboard copies of the games. Purchasing individual expansions is no longer an option, with Shuffle iT instead opting for a subscription model. They have a Silver and Gold plan with Silver nabbing you Intrigue, Seaside, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, and Guilds. The Gold plan has all that plus Alchemy, Dark Ages, Adventures, and Empires. The Silver plan runs €25.90/year whereas the Gold plan is €36.85/year. You can buy shorter subscriptions as well (as short as one month) with prices being €.07/day for Silver and €.10/day for Gold.

If you purchased any expansions from Making Fun, you'll get a subscription to those expansions for 2017, but you'll have to start paying for them again in 2018.

You can access the new version here.

SolForge Says Goodbye
One of the better competitors to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft out on the App Store was Stone Blade Entertainment's lane-based CCG, SolForge. Starting February 1st, that will no longer be the case.

Justin Gary has announced that SolForge is closing shop, with no new content being developed and the servers going offline on January 31, 2017. Yep, that's less than a month from now. Here's his entire post:

Justin Gary wrote:
This is a very difficult announcement for us to make. The journey to create SolForge began more than 5 years ago when I had the privilege of working with Richard Garfield and an incredibly talented team on the initial vision of bringing trading card games properly into the digital age.

Thanks to backing from fans and years of hard work, we launched SolForge in August of 2013, and continued to support and build this amazing community for more than 3 years. Thousands of players have enjoyed millions of games. That is an amazing milestone that few games will ever reach. Our community has always been incredibly warm, welcoming, and one of the best I’ve ever seen in my 20 years in the gaming industry.

Everyone here at Stone Blade is honored to have been a part of this journey. Unfortunately, that journey is coming to an end. As of today, we are ceasing development of new content for the current implementation of SolForge. We will continue to maintain the servers through the end of January 31, 2017. This isn’t the way any of us wanted SolForge to end. Unfortunately, we bit off more than we could chew trying to build a digital game of this scope and have learned many hard lessons along the way that we will apply to future games (including future incarnations of SolForge).

I want to apologize to anyone who is disappointed by this decision and let you know that we poured our hearts, souls, pocketbooks, and years of our lives into the success of SolForge. We remain passionate about the SolForge community and we are not done exploring the world of Solis. We are also speaking with potential partners who may be able to take over the SolForge IP and remain hopeful that SolForge will return one day, better than ever.

Thank you for being a part of this community and for allowing us the opportunity to bring this vision to light.

-Justin Gary

And we thought 2016 was bad. Jeez.

Suburbia Becomes Universal
City building board game app Suburbia is one of the better apps you can nab for your iPad. Yesterday, however, it also became one of the better apps you can nab for your iPhone. A new update was launched that magically turns Suburbia into a Universal app. Hooray!

That's about all the update does, but isn't that enough? I think so, and I'm seldom (often) wrong.

- Suburbia for iOS Universal, $5
- Suburbia for Android, $5

Avignon: A Clash of Popes Now Available on the App Store
I hadn't heard of Avignon: A Clash of Popes before, but its title makes me think that we'll be seeing John Paul II battling Francis in claymation style on a new Celebrity Deathmatch. Looking into it, there's no clay and no stop-animation, just cardboard. Sigh.

Seriously, however, Avignon looks pretty snazzy. A two-player micro-game that wraps up in 10-20 minutes? Sign me up. Also, popes.

The digital version has arrived just in time for the Kickstarter of a new cardboard expansion called Avignon: Pilgrimage. The expansion isn't in the digital version, but if it has a successful campaign, who knows?

Avignon: A Clash of Popes is available for iOS Universal or Android and only costs $1. It has solo-play vs. AI and multiplayer. The multiplayer appears to be pass-and-play (I haven't purchased it yet, and the iTunes blurb does not mention online play).

- Avignon: A Clash of Popes for iOS Universal, $1
- Avignon: A Clash of Popes for Android, $1

Mysterium and Potion Explosion Expected in January
Right after Thanksgiving, Asmodee unleashed the first of their new digital apps onto the App Store, Colt Express. It was met with less than stellar reviews based on its subpar AI and wonky multiplayer interface. They've updated it several times since its release, but the issues caused them to push their other 2016 releases to 2017. That would be Mysterium and Potion Explosion. When, exactly, in 2017 was a mystery. Turns out we won't have to wait long, as Asmodee is expecting to release both of them before January turns into February.
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Wed Jan 4, 2017 5:05 pm
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App News: The Final Deck for Rise of the Runelords Released for Pathfinder, Mansions of Madness Gets Bigger, Galaxy Trucker Getting Ready for Holidays, Steam: Rails to Riches Goes Online and more...

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Pathfinder Adventures Updated with Adventure Deck #6
My love for Pathfinder Adventures is so strong that some observant readers are claiming it's going to be one of my top two apps of all time (Spoiler: he's not wrong...well, not completely wrong). Last night, Obsidian Entertainment released Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Spires of Xin-Shalast Adventure Deck 6, the final deck in the Rise of the Runelords saga.

The adventure deck is available as a separate IAP or including as part of your season pass, if you went about it that way. As usual, Obsidian didn't stop there. They've also included new character kits which you can buy with cash ($60!!!) or in-game gold, as well as the ability to purchase new sets of dice instead of hoping to nab them in the randomly generated treasure chests. There's more than that:

Obsidian wrote:
What's New!

Deck 6: Spires of Xin-Shalast is now available!
5 New scenarios, including the epic conclusion to the Rise of the Runelords adventure
4 new locations
4 new maps
Over 40 new monsters, henchman and villains
More weapons, spells, items, loot and more!

Character Equipment Sets!
Each character has an alternate version that can be purchased in the store
Equipment sets can be equipped on any character that is not actively in a scenario. When selecting your party (or managing it between scenarios) just tap the shirt icon next to the character to equip the alt.

Each alt has alternate art. Stat-wise, they're mostly the same as the original with some tweaks to skills, card feats and some have power changes. Below is a breakdown of the changes, as compared to their base version.

Shadow Merisiel
Strength D6 (down from d8)
Wisdom D8 (up from D6)
Acrobatics +1 (down from +2)
Stealth +3 (up from +2)
Starting Allies 1 (down from 2)
Starting blessings 3 (up from 4)
Sneak Attack renamed to Shrouded Sneak Attack now adds +1 to the discard for all versions.

Survivalist Amiri
Constitution D10 (up from D8)
Charisma D4 (down from D6)
Starting Weapons 4 (down from 5)
Starting Allies 3 (up from 2)
Barbarian Rage renamed to Relentless Barbarian Rage, can now be used for survival checks in addition to Strength, Melee or Constitution.

Scholar Ezren
Dexterity D4 (down from D6)
Wisdom D10 (up from D8)
Arcane +1 (down from +2)
Knowledge +3 (up from +2)
Starting Weapons 0 (down from 1)
Starting Items 4 (up from 3)
Expanded spellbook and Focused spellbook renamed to Augmented and Enriched, now works on items with the magic trait in addition to spells.

Forest Harsk
Constitution D10 (down from D12)
Wisdom D8 (up from D6)
Fortitude +1 (down from +2)
Survival +3 (up from +2)
Starting weapon 4 (down from 5)
Starting Ally 2 (up from 1)
Starting hand size 6 (up from 5)

Sunwrought Kyra
Strength D8 (up from D6)
Wisdom D10 (down from D12)
Melee +3 (up from +2)
Fortitude +2 (down from +3)
Starting weapon 3 (up from 2)
Starting armor 1 (down from 2)
Enemy Lore: Undead now adds an additional +1 to checks vs undead.

Lieutenant Lem
Dexterity D10 (up from D8)
Wisdom D4 (down from D6)
Knowledge +4 (up from +3)
Diplomacy +2 (down from +3)
Gains Light Armor proficiency
Gains possible Heavy Armor proficiency upgrade

Feral Lini
Dexterity D8 (up from D6)
Charisma D6 (down from D8)
Knowledge +2 (down from +3)
Survival +3 (up from +2)
Starting items 1 (down from 2)
Starting allies 4 (up from 3)
Beast form renamed to Savage Beast Form, now adds a d12 (up from d10)

Painted Sajan
Wisdom D6 (down from D8)
Charisma D8 (up from D6)
Acrobatics +3 (up from +2)
Fortitude +1 (down from +2)
Craft +2 added
Starting weapons 1 (up from 0)
Starting allies 2 (down from 3)

Formal Seelah
Constitution D6 (down from D8)
Intelligence D6 (up from D4)
Melee +1 (down from +2)
Divine move to Charisma
Diplomacy +1 added
Starting armor 2 (down from 3)
Starting items 1 (up from 0)

Frostfire Seoni
Dexterity D10 (up from D8)
Charisma D10 (down from D12)
Diplomacy +1 (down from +2)
Arcane +3 (up from +2)
Starting Spells 4 (up from 3)
Starting Blessings 4 (down from 5)
Arcane blast renamed to Stormfire Blast, now adds 2d4 (instead of 1d6) and the cold trait in addition to the other base traits.
Acid blast altered to also replace the cold trait.

Armored Valeros
Dexterity D6 (down from D8)
Constitution D10 (up from D8
Melee +1 (down from +2)
Fortitude +1 added
Starting armor 4 (up from 3)
Starting allies 1 (down from 2)

Dice now available for purchase!
Basic, Marbled and Luminous dice are available for gold.
Epic and Legendary dice are real money purchases only.

Weekly Challenges Now Available!
Get an extra bonus for completing a predetermined number of daily challenges each week!

New Boosters!
18 brand new boosters added to treasure chests!

New Dice!
3 new Legendary dice now available!
Find them in chests or for purchase in the store.

Top Community Issues
These are issues you have all helped to bring to our attention. We can't thank you enough for your feedback on the game! These issues have been the most discussed here on the forum and these, along with many more, will be fixed when 1.1.6 goes live!
Ezren: Fixed a possible progression break that could occur if multiple characters had an end of turn spell to recharge and Ezren used Expanded Spellbook.
Quest Mode Rewards: Fixed a progression break that could occur when rewarded power feats
Rewards: Fixed a progression break that would occur if a character gained a power feat and had no more feats to choose from.
Shimmering Veils of Pride: A number of issues including some possible progression breaks involving Villains at the Shimmering Veils of Pride have been resolved.

Other Fixes
Here's the list of other fixes we've addressed in this patch, broken down by type!

Progression Breaks
Birdcruncher Crown: Resolved a possible progression break that could occur if using during a villain encounter
Cape of Escape: Fixed a possible progression break if an off turn character used the Cape to evade a villain's summon.
Temple: Fixed a progression break that could occur if you evade to it, then encounter a monster with a BYA power on the next turn.
Skill Panel: Fixed a UI lockup that could sometimes occur when double tapping on the Skill Panel dropdown.

Falling Bell: No longer incorrectly retains the difficulty reduction if encountered multiple times in the same turn
Simulacrum of Vraxeris: No longer incorrectly recharges hand when succeeding the BYA check at the Shimmering Veils of Pride, and also no longer recharges displayed cards when failing the BYA check.
Summon Monster: Can now be recharged on characters with Arcane/Divine.
Swipe: Resolved an issue where Swipe would function incorrectly when used vs items
Token of Remembrance: Can now properly be cancelled when played. This should help some users work around a progression break when you can't interact with cards in the examine tray.
Velociraptor: Now can correctly be discarded prior to your first exploration of the turn.

Seelah: Inheritor's Favorite now functions as intended.

Shimmering Veils of Pride: Now forces a recharge when characters with auto success recharge powers fire.
Lem's Quick Wit will now correctly make the power fire.
Merisiel's Inspired Dexterity, Kyra's Dawnflower's Favor, and Lini's Wild Empathy no longer incorrectly triggers the power.

Quest Mode
Rewards: Fixed an issue that would sometimes allow banes to be granted as rewards

Thassilonian Sins: Players are no longer forced to move after cornering and defeating the final villain

Emerald Codex: Cards played from the Codex using contextual buttons will no longer sit in the middle of the screen briefly afterwards.
Emerald Codex: Now has a slight glow when cards can be played
Hand: Loading into a game with an empty hand will no longer have them sort on top of each other when cards are drawn at the end of turn.

Card Counts: There is now the correct number of Azavens and Scribblers in the Gallery.

Cards Modified from the Physical Game
We sometimes change cards from the ones found in the Physical version of the game - generally due to technical reasons, although sometimes per request from Paizo or Loneshark. Here's the list of cards modified in this patch!
Cannibal Haunt: Text added to state that when the haunt is encountered, it is defeated.

Pathfinder Adventures is available for iOS Universal and Android and you can snag it at the links below.

- Pathfinder Adventures for iOS Universal, free
- Pathfinder Adventures for Android, free

Mansions of Madness Expands with DLC
The second edition of Mansions of Madness did something I've wanted since I was a friendless 10 year-old who just wanted to play D&D by myself, they created a virtual game master. It's all been done through a rather spiffy app that you can download for zilch.

When it was released people were concerned with the limited number of scenarios in the box. They shouldn't have. Not only does the app randomize enough in the existing scenarios each time you play them to keep them fresh, Fantasy Flight Games also seems to be keen on introducing new scenarios via updates to the app. A new scenario called What Lies Within was just released and can be purchased inside the app for $5.

Fantasy Flight wrote:
What's New in Version 1.2.5
New horrors await in What Lies Within, an all-new DLC scenario for Mansions of Madness second edition!
Explore the scene of a grisly murder and discover what the victim did with his life before it was so violently ended.

•What Lies Within DLC scenario added to the New Game menu
•Minor bug and typo fixes.

Kind of vague on what you can expect, but that's why I'm here. Here's the in-game blurb for the scenario:

Fantasy Flight wrote:
What Lies Within

A murder has taken place in Southside, but something has scared the police off he scene. A friend of yours on the force, worried that the partrol [sic] officers have wasted valuable time, sends you to--unofficially--take a look around.

Yep, you know its an official scenario when there's a spelling error right in the copy. It's a harder scenario (4 out of 5 elder signs) and runs 120-150 minutes. It doesn't seem to need any physical content other than what you get in the base box, which is very cool.

It won't do you much good without all the cardboard and plastic that goes with it, but here are the links to the companion app in case you wanted to check it out.

- Mansions of Madness for iOS Universal, free
- Mansions of Madness for Android, free
- Mansions of Madness for Kindle, free
- Mansions of Madness for PC/Mac via Steam, free

Galaxy Trucker Getting Into the Holiday Spirit
Another fabulous board game port, Galaxy Trucker, is getting ready for Christmas by getting cheaper and adding some in-game holiday themed hijinks. What more would you expect from the people who sent you into space in a ship made from sewer parts?

Starting on Friday, December 23, Czech Games Edition is lowering the price of Galaxy Trucker to only $3 on all platforms which is a steal. They're also introducing some holiday surprises such as a new Christmas tree ship design and multiplayer missions that revolve around delivering presents. They also have a special New Year's mission that involves explosives and things going BOOM.

You can pick up Galaxy Trucker at the links below, but you might want to wait until Friday (still use these links, though. Don't make me beg).

- Galaxy Trucker for iPad, $5
- Galaxy Trucker Pocket for iPhone, $5
- Galaxy Trucker for Android, $5
- Galaxy Trucker for Kindle, $5

Steam: Rails to Riches Now Has Asynchronous Multiplayer
The port of Steam: Rails To Riches released in late 2015 was rather warmly received with one glaring omission: no multiplayer. That's been fixed! The app was just updated to include online multiplayer!

Acram Digital has included asynchronous online multiplayer that will work cross-platform between the iOS and Android version. I'm guessing it will work with the proposed PC/Mac version as well if and when that ever gets greenlit (and if you haven't voted for it to be greenlit you should totally do that right now!).

Steam is available for iOS Universal and Android and is currently on sale. I can tell because their icon just went all Polar Express on me.

- Steam: Rails to Riches for iOS Universal, $5
- Steam: Rails to Riches for Android, $3
- Steam: Rails to Riches for Kindle, $5

Nomad Games Looking for Beta Testers for Smash Up! on Android
Want to play Smash Up on your Android device? Of course you do! Want to work hard to ensure that everyone who plays on their Android device has a great experience? Not so many hands. Well, for the few of you willing to buckle down and do some hard testing of Smash Up! and also have an Android device, Nomad Games Ltd (II) wants you!

Nomad wrote:
We are looking for some enthusiastic Beta Testers to help us test Smash Up on Android devices.
This is your chance to play before it’s released and help with development.
All Beta testers will receive a free copy of the starter pack on Android.

As a beta tester you will be required to play the game on android devices over the Christmas period, providing constructive feedback by Tuesday 3rd January.
Feedback should include things like what’s working well, how the game looks on your device, improvements you’d recommend and any bugs in the game.
If you’re interested in applying please email: support+smashupbeta@nomadgames.co.uk
Please provide the following information in your email:

• Why you’d like to help us test the game (please keep it brief!)
• Where you are based
• What Android device you will be playing the game on
• What version the device is
• If your tablet or phone is rooted

If you're interested, don't dawdle. Applications will only be accepted through tomorrow, December 21. Good luck!

- Smash Up! for PC via Steam Early Access, free
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Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:08 pm
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App News: Vengeance Now Available for Sentinels and Twilight Struggle Price Drops While Awaiting Expansion

David Neumann
United States
Whitefish Bay
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Mega-Expansion Vengeance Now Available for Sentinels of the Multiverse
It's taken longer than any other expansion, but Handelabra Games has finally released their first major expansion for Season 2, Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance. They have good reasons for this expansion taking so long, it's the biggest and most complex expansion they've yet ported for Sentinels of the Multiverse including a bunch of new heroes, villains, environments, but also including a brand new mode of play as well: Team Villain.

In Vengeance you're able to craft a group of up to five villains together into a super group. An evil Traveling Wilburys, if you will. Blurb time:

Handelabra wrote:
Baron Blade has long suffered at the hands of self-proclaimed "heroes." No longer! He has gathered a team, the Vengeful Five. Baron Blade will have his Vengeance!

The Vengeance mega-expansion is now available from the Get Expansion Packs screen. It includes 5 new heroes, 2 new environments, and a brand new way to play the game against a team of 3-5 villains. There are 3 new hero variants to discover in this expansion!

Season Pass 2 owners will automatically receive Vengeance. Be sure to re-download all of your expansion packs in order to get updated content.

This update includes many more improvements and bug fixes, including:
• Every environment in the game and expansion packs has 5 new background images to support Vengeance and provide more variety.
• Any time a card is played out of turn, you now first see the back of the card so you know what deck it belongs to.
Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic’s innate power can no longer be “stacked.” You may only draw or play a card if you shuffle the destroyed construct into your deck.
• The behavior of Shinobi Assassin has been changed so it no longer cancels the draw/reveal/discard/etc that causes it to enter play from the top of a hero deck. For example, if you draw a card and Shinobi Assassin is on top of your deck, first the Assassin comes into play and then you get a card.
• Fixed a problem where Weekly One-Shot covers could not be awarded properly when playing in multiplayer.
• Fixed an issue in multiplayer where games could get stuck if the Team Leader disconnected.
• Older devices on iOS 10 should now be able to hear the music again.

If you're wondering who the villains, heroes, and environments are in this expansion, we've got a blurb for that too:

Handelabra wrote:
Team Villains:

Baron Blade - Ivan Ramonat has suffered greatly at the hands of the so-called “heroes” of the Multiverse. After too many defeats, the accomplished inventor went into hiding, planning his next move. He went about gathering villains to himself from across the Multiverse… He will have his Vengeance!

Ermine - Cassandra Lilya grew up in the same socialite circles as Maia Montgomery. But the public life of Cassandra Lilya was merely a cover for Ermine, the greatest thief in the world. When her attempt to steal a huge diamond was interrupted by The Wraith, her identity was revealed to the world.

Friction - Krystal Lee was overjoyed to get accepted as an intern at the Eaken-Rubendall Research Laboratories. Working with Dr. Meredith Stinson was the greatest possible honor. But after a few months, it was clear she didn’t fit in. She broke into the "work in progress" lab area and stole several gadgets, notably a "speedsuit" prototype. After seeking our Baron Blade, he reworked her speedsuit and gave her the name Friction. Now, Friction works as a scout and speedster as part of the Vengeful Five. She will show Tachyon once and for all what she missed out on!

Fright Train - Tyler Vance and Steven Graves enlisted on the same day, and from the first time they met, they knew they would never be friends. After a serious injury in battle, Graves left the armed forces and found increasingly dubious work as private security, making a name for himself as a “hot gun.” One of these jobs lead to him being mechanically and chemically enhanced. He took the name “Fright Train” and was eventually recruited by Baron Blade. He has been promised vengeance against his old foe: Tyler Vance, now known as Bunker.

Proletariat - Aleksandr Tsarev was an exemplary Russian soldier in the mid-1940s. In 1949, as part of a highly-classified and controlled experiment, Tsarev was exposed to cosmic radiation. His body chemistry reacted wildly, cells splitting and reproducing rapidly, tearing his cellular structure apart. With the ongoing threat of what came to be known as the Cold War, Aleksandr Tsarev was cryogenically frozen and kept in a unlisted bunker in the USSR, waiting to be deployed at the hour of their greatest need. Years later, Baron Blade unearthed records of Tsarev, and broke him free of his containment. Taking the name Proletariat, he can now be found throughout the battlefield, assaulting his opponents with numbers, skill, and fury!


Setback (previously included in the Season 2 Preview Pack) - People have always pitied Pete Riske for his bad luck, but he doesn't see it that way. Sometimes, things just work out. Like this medical testing he just signed up for run by someone called "Baron" something or other. He thinks this will be just the turn his luck needs.

Parse - Kim Howell was troubled by her Asperger’s syndrome as a child. But as she grew up, she prided herself on her ability to focus and analyze, which helped her delve deep into the Omnitron project. The same code that rewrote Omnitron upgraded Kim, and as Parse, she dissects every detail of information to combat evil.

K.N.Y.F.E - Previously a member of the Scottish Marines, Paige Huntly was a model recruit for The Block's Special Operations team. After over a decade around The Block, her body altered and manifested energy powers. Noticing something was amiss amongst the Multiverse, her departure from F.I.L.T.E.R. has led her on a new journey within it.

The Naturalist - Michael Conteh, a former oil tycoon in Africa, had been cursed by Akash'Bhuta to wander the wilderness in various animal forms for years. After several encounters with a certain red-haired musician, and a better understanding of the natural world, he fights to protect the environment and the people of the Multiverse.

The Sentinels - Nick Hernandez and Jackson Bravo were college friends. Jackson was always huge, and he just seemed to get even bigger and stronger throughout college. But when Nick began transforming from a normal human being to a form composed of living energy… well, those were challenging times. Eventually they crossed paths with Miranda Fischer, a child gifted with psychic powers, and Eugene Wilkenson, a desperate inventor and reformed bank robber. A few plucky happenstances later, the team of heroes known as The “Southwest” Sentinels formed, here to protect those who need it most!


Freedom Tower - In the heart of Megalopolis, the Freedom Tower stands as a beacon for Justice. It makes an excellent home turf for many heroes, but if it were to be overrun by villains and their minions, the results would be devastating.

Mobile Defense Platform - These floating structures have been one of Baron Blade’s signature Mega-Gadgets. Any civilian who spots one on the horizon knows it’s time to evacuate. Heroes should take great care before setting foot on such a structure, regardless of what villain might be aboard.

Vengeance is available via IAP on all platforms, or as part of the Season 2 Pass. You can pick up Sentinels at the following links:

- Sentinels of the Multiverse for iOS Universal, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Android, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for Kindle, $7
- Sentinels of the Multiverse for PC/Mac via Steam, $10

Twilight Struggle Goes on Sale in Preparation for Expansion Content
We reported on the upcoming Turn Zero expansion content for Playdek's phenomenal port of Twilight Struggle last week, including news that it would be on sale starting today when the Android version hit Google Play. Well, it still isn't on Google Play and the expansion content hasn't landed on the App Store (it should be coming soon), but we wanted to let you know that the sale price is already in effect. If you've been wanting to get Twilight Struggle on your iPad and have been waiting for a sale, now's the time. It's currently 50% off, and getting it for $5 on your tablet is a steal.

The Android version (which will be released today) will also be $5 at launch, so if you're an Android user just be patient. As for all the PC/Mac users looking for a break, Twilight Struggle will be going on sale as part of Steam's Winter Sale, so keep an eye out for that.

- Twilight Struggle for iPad, $5
- Twilight Struggle for PC/Mac via Steam, $15
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Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:21 pm
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App News: Twilight Struggle Coming to Android, Talisman Expands, Warlock of Firetop Mountain Heading to Mobile and more...

David Neumann
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Twilight Struggle Coming to Android Next Week, Bringing More Content Along
One of the questions we get in our mail bag on a regular basis is, "when is Twilight Struggle coming to Android?" It's probably the most asked question after queries about that one game with a number in the title and why we suck. Until today we had no answers. Today, we have answers. Today, we don't suck.

Twilight Struggle is coming to Android on Monday, December 19! That's in 3 earth days for those of you traveling at warp speed or still following the Umma calendar. That's not all, however! To celebrate, the app will be 50% off on both Android and iOS beginning next week. That's only $5! For those who prefer to play their games on a PC or Mac, Twilight Struggle will be part of this year's Steam Winter Sale.

That's still not all! Playdek is also releasing additional content for the game at the same time as the Android launch. There's a mini-expansion and more. BLURB IT:

Playdek wrote:
Twilight Struggle: Turn Zero is a new mini-expansion that lets players explore alternate starting situations for the two superpowers. What if Chiang's forces had held on in southern China? What if Churchill's Tories had won re-election in 1945? And what if the Western Allies had crossed the bridge too far, and reached Berlin first? These and other possibilities that alter the opening setup in Twilight Struggle are now open to players. Both seasoned veterans and new arrivals will enjoy the many new plays and dilemmas introduced here for the first time.

The expansion release includes:

Turn Zero Scenario
Promo Packs 1 and 2 (8 cards)
Alternate Space Rack Track
Collector’s Edition Card Art

All this can be yours for the low, low price of $4 on iPad and Android, and $5 for the PC/Mac version.

Below are links to the iPad and PC/Mac versions of Twilight Struggle. Be aware that the sale price won't kick in until Monday, so if you haven't already purchased the app you might want to wait until then to give it a go.

- Twilight Struggle for iPad, $10
- Twilight Struggle for PC/Mac via Steam, $15

Talisman: Digital Edition Adds More Characters
Nomad Games Ltd (II) adding new characters to their inimitable digital port of Talisman: Digital Edition isn't news. In fact, it happens so often they now have, let me count...1, 5, 24, 345,...4,587 different characters you can play in the game. [Dave's been drinking, so his calculations might be off by a few -ed.]

Well, this week is like any other week, then, as they've released two more characters for your questing pleasure. The thing with Talisman is, more is always better, so anything we get is always welcome. The two new characters are the Saracen and the Martial Artist. Let's take a look at both of them.

The Martial Artist is a, um, martial artist. He punches and kicks things:

Nomad Games wrote:
Resurrected and revamped for the latest edition, the Martial Artist was first seen in the original Dungeon expansion back in 1987. He returns to take on the challenge for the Crown of Command.

Purchase this character pack to add the Martial Artist to your character collection. He is then available to choose in all game modes.

Strength - 3
Craft - 3
Fate - 4
Lives - 3
Alignment - Neutral

Special Abilities
If you defeat another character in battle, you deliver a crippling blow, slowing their movement to 1 space for their next turn.

Whenever you land on a space with a character, you may make a heroic leap and move to the next space in the same direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). You may only leap over one space at a time.

Add 2 to your Strength in battle if you are not using a weapon.

And in this corner, we have the Saracen. A dashing desert warrior who carries a shield because, why wouldn't you when there are trolls trying to bash your head in?

Nomad Games wrote:
Resurrected and revamped for the latest edition, the Saracen was first seen in the original Dungeon expansion back in 1987. He returns to take on the challenge for the Crown of Command.

Purchase this character pack to add the Saracen to your character collection. He is then available to choose in all game modes.

Strength - 4
Craft - 3
Fate - 4
Lives - 2
Alignment - Neutral

Special Abilities
You begin the game with a Shield from the Purchase deck.

You do not lose a life in the desert.

You may attempt to recruit from a character that you land on, allowing you to take one Follower of your choice. To do so, roll one die: you must roll less than or equal to the number of Followers he has.

You may treat all Followers as if they had an encounter number of 1.

Both new characters are available for every platform that Talisman is offered, which is all of them. As usual, they're available via IAP. The base game can be found at the links below:

- Talisman: Digital Edition for iOS Universal, $4
- Talisman: Digital Edition for Android, $3
- Talisman: Digital Edition for Kindle, $3
- Talisman: Digital Edition for PC/Mac via Steam, $8

Warlock of Firetop Mountain Coming to Mobile
We always knew that Tin Man Games' fantastic dungeon crawler The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (2016) was coming to mobile, we just didn't know when. Now we have a pretty decent idea:

If you can't wait, you can always play it right now on your PC or Mac.

- The Warlock of Firetop Mountain for PC/Mac via Steam, $20

Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal Updates to Version 1.6
One of our favorite wargames on the App Store, Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal, has updated yet again. This brings it to version 1.6 and includes two new scenarios and a lot more:

Surface Battle:
- the battle is fought in a single round
- all targeting options have been removed
- modifiers for torpedo and gunfire have been updated, check advanced rules
- ships' gunfire is spread at random among all enemy ships
- victory is determined by counting the number of sunk, crippled or burning ships
- after a surface battle, a force can get disorder points preventing it from fighting again for several turns

AI improvement:
-After naval bombardment, Japanese surface forces will not retire but will strive to escort another force instead
- the AI will avoid to have a Japanese movement in a US-occupied hex without battle or retreat

Ability to save several games

- new option for Santa Cruz (Wasp)
- more fuel at Guadalcanal

- a US transport force made only of DD will not retire after unloading
- the damage control rating of Japanese CA has been increased to 3 except for early models
- the naval detection of a force by other forces is no longer automatic (see advanced search rules)

Whew, that's a lot of work for a one-man developer to tackle, and Cyril just keeps pumping out the content.

- Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal for iPad, $5
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Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:56 pm
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App News: Colt Express Gets Multiplayer Update, Baseball Highlights 2045 Expands, Lanterns Receives Emperor's Gifts and more...

David Neumann
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Colt Express Updates with Multiplayer Fixes
Late November saw the first of Asmodee's late 2016 digital releases come to life on the App Store. It was Colt Express, with a fully 2D, yet somehow 3D, train and a bunch of card-slinging goodness. It also came with a host of multiplayer issues, namely that create an online match seemed all but impossible. It was bad enough that Asmodee decided to push back their other late 2016 releases to early next year.

Today, it appears that much of the hullabaloo should be going away as a new update landed that seems to fix much of the multiplayer madness. A blurb:

Asmodee Digital wrote:
What's New in Version 1.1

Adding two new features:
- A complete lobby so you can browse the open games and join them
- Private multiplayer games to play with your friends

Multiple bugs corrected too.

Much like a peanut butter and banana sandwich, there's nothing in that update that I don't like.

You can pick up Colt Express for $7 for iOS Universal, Android, and (for $10) PC via Steam. Use the links below to find it.

- Colt Express for iOS Universal, $7
- Colt Express for Android, $7
- Colt Express for PC via Steam, $10

Baseball Highlights 2045 Updates and Gets Expansion #3
We love Baseball Highlights 2045 here at iOS Board Games, and you should too. Do it. Be one of us. Gobble Gobble.

Sorry, drifted away there. What we have here is a spiffy digital port of Mike Fitzgerald's pseudo-sports card game. Why pseudo? Well, it's not really baseball. It kind of feels like baseball, but it's gamey enough to appeal to those of you who don't like baseball. Or puppies. What a bunch of grumps.

It was just updated to include a new expansion pack, Baseball Highlights: 2045 – Errors! Expansion. This expansion pack includes [insert blurb here]:

15 new cards for the Free Agent Deck. This deck features several new Immediate Actions including Error, Wild Pitch, Contact and Bean Ball.

Wow, can't get more descriptive than that. It really pulls you in and makes you want to play, doesn't it? Well, for those who know what that all means, it does. For those who don't (puppy haters!) basically you get 15 new players that you can draft onto your teams. These players include new Naturals (humans), Cyborgs, and Robots, and allow you to do things you've never been able to do before, such as elude those pesky defensive players by causing them to fumble your hits. There, now you want to play.

You can pick up Baseball Highlights 2045 for iOS Universal and Android at the links below. The Errors expansion can be had via IAP for $1.

- Baseball Highlights 2045 for iOS Universal, $6
- Baseball Highlights 2045 for Android, $6

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Gets Emperor's Gifts Expansion
In a year literally chocked full of board game goodness on the App Store, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. One that definitely shouldn't be lost in said shuffle is Lanterns: The Harvest Festival which was released not too long ago by Dire Wolf Digital. It's a lovely little title with superb graphics and an even better atmosphere. It's a great port and just got a little better with the addition of a new expansion, Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts.

What is Emperor's Gifts, you ask? Well, the physical version won't be released until January 4th, so you're forgiven for not knowing. Just don't let it happen again, okay, stranger?

I have no clue, either, so when in doubt we blurb it out:

The emperor has declared that pavilions shall be constructed among the lanterns floating on the lake for this year’s festival. Place pavilions to earn gifts from the emperor and redeem those gifts for powerful actions to make this the best harvest festival yet!

In Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts, an expansion to Christopher Chung's award-winning Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, players start with a small supply of pavilions. When you place a tile, you may choose to build a pavilion on that tile. When you make a color match on a pavilion, you earn a gift from the emperor, a new currency that can activate special actions, as defined by emperor cards.

Two emperor cards are revealed each game. On their turn, a player can redeem two gifts to activate one card and perform the special action associated with it — make an extra dedication at the end of your turn, convert favor tokens into victory points, and more! These new abilities add variety and enhance the experience of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival while honoring the simplicity of the original game.

The best part about this new expansion is that it's totally gratis. That's right, it won't cost you a penny. Well, the base game will, but you understand where I'm coming from. You can nab Lanterns for iOS Universal and Android at the following links.

- Lanterns: The Harvest Festival for iOS Universal, $5

Alan Newman's Dynasties Updates
While you might not of heard of Dynasties, that's probably only because it goes by a new name these days, Sun Tzu. That's right, the game that was once called Dynasties is now called Sun Tzu, but the digital version is still called Dynasties and not Sun Tzu. Got it? Good.

Alan Newman's Dynasties--its full title, even with the ridiculous spelling of the designer's surname--has been around for a couple years. This week it was updated with some fixes to multiplayer which makes asynchronous play a thing. It also corrects some notification errors which are always a pain when trying to play an asynchronous title.

While that's big news, the biggest news is that we've got 5 codes for Dynasties and we're just going to give them away. Simply include the word Dynasties in your comment and we'll geekmail you a key for iOS Universal. The rest of you chumps will have to fork over $3 to play.

- Alan Newman's Dynasties for iOS Universal, $3

1775: Rebellion Gets an Update
The folks at HexWar have been hard at work, trying to smash all the bugs that have plagued 1775: Rebellion since its release a few weeks ago.

Today saw the release of another major update, fixing a whole slew of the creepy-crawlies. Take a gander:

HexWar wrote:
What's New in Version 1.8

Improved: You can now see the current amount of each unit type in-play and remaining in the objectives panel.
Improved: Camera is now positioned better when using top-down mode when a battle is selected.
Improved: Added a note to the game manual stating that bridges block water movement.
Improved: Added a new tooltip on the battle panel so you can quickly view the sides of each of the different dice. (Tap and hold on each of the unit slots in the top section).
Fixed: British Loyalties card now allows you to create armies (previously the button was grayed out).
Fixed: Reinforcement count now display the correct number.
Fixed: Quebec scenario will no longer intermittently crash when the AI is placing reinforcements.
Fixed: Cards CA13, CA14 and PM12 now function correctly when played by the AI.
Fixed: Flags in Quebec are now correctly shown as neutral when the victory points are lost.
Fixed: An issue where the game could intermittently freeze during the final round should no longer happen.

Thank goodness for cut & paste! You can pick up the newly patched 1775: Rebellion for iPad, Android, and PC/Mac.

- 1775: Rebellion for iPad, $10
- 1775: Rebellion for Android, $10
- 1775: Rebellion for PC/Mac via Steam, $25
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Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:22 pm
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App News: Asmodee Pushes Mysterium and Potion Explosion to 2017, Battle of Polytopia Expands, and Solitairica Goes to Android

David Neumann
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In life you have to do a lot of things you don't f*cking want to do. Many times, that's what the f*ck life is... one vile f*cking task after another.
App News

Asmodee Pushes Mysterium and Potion Explosion to January
The two bright spots for December on the mobile scene were both slated to come from Asmodee in the form of Mysterium and Potion Explosion. After the somewhat cold reception their latest release, Colt Express, has been getting due to its multiplayer woes, they've decided to bring both games back to the drawing board before releasing.

In other words, they're not coming out in December.

Asmodee says we should see January releases for both titles, and with multiplayer that is actually usable. They've also told us that Colt Express will be getting an update in the next week or so which will address multiplayer and make it so you can actually play online.

If you haven't picked up Colt Express yet, now might be the time. It's currently on sale for iOS Universal and Android and next week's update will be free.

- Colt Express for iOS Universal, $4
- Colt Express for Android, $4
- Colt Express for PC via Steam, $10

Battle of Polytopia Updates with New Tribe and Multiplayer
The little 4X that could, The Battle of Polytopia (formerly called Super Tribes, a much better title), just keeps getting better. It's already a fantastic 4X title that you can play in about 15 mins, and it's free. What more could we ask for? Multiplayer and more tribes!

Developer Midjiwan has updated the app with...aw, hell, here's the blurb:

Midjiwan wrote:
-Pass & Play multiplayer with two new game modes.

-Introducing The Ai-Mo tribe! They start with the meditation tech and live high up in the mountains.

Other news:
-UI improvements
-Reduced cost of Forest Temple
-Doubled bonus for forge
-Capitals always spawn with two usable resources (if tech available)
-First time users can pick tribe for the intro game
-Reduced file size

Not much I can add other than, if you haven't downloaded this one, you should. And look! Here's a link for you:

- Battle of Polytopia for iOS Universal, free
- Battle of Polytopia for Android, free

Solitairica Lands on Android
Another gem of 2016, Solitairica, has thus far only been available for iOS. That changed yesterday when the roguelike, questing card game appeared on Google Play.

Soitairica is a, wait for it, solitiare game. Bet you couldn't figure that out on your own. You have different decks for different classes which you can unlock by earning gold on your journey. Each trip is to defeat the evil Lord Stuck, and you'll battle a myriad of creatures just to reach him. If you lose, start over, but keep your gold and upgrade your character or unlock new decks to give it another try. It's fun and about as addicting as heroin laced with methamphetamine. Once you start playing, you won't stop until everything is unlocked.

You can pick it up for iOS Universal or Android. The iOS version costs $4 while the Android version is free to download with a $4 IAP to unlock the full game.

- Solitairica for iOS Univeral, $4
- Solitairica for Android, free
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Fri Dec 9, 2016 7:17 pm
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