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Paul Gipson
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Triangulated Reviews
ApolloRa Games
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For the Designer: Triangulated Review focuses on games that are in Kickstarter, preparing to launch for Kickstarter, or are from an otherwise small indie company. It is my goal to shed some light on the work of those individuals that may go unknown ...

For the Gamer: ... but it is also my goal to give readers a good idea whether this game is one they would enjoy backing. Gamers are diverse. War Gamers, Euros, Amerithrash, Thematic, Abstract - everyone has a preference and I try to inform you on whether these games are ones you would be interested in having in your collection.

Triangulated - I try to make a point with no less than three data points. Want to know how mechanics work? Here are 3 reasons? Does it align to theme? Here are 3 elements. I find this strategy is thorough enough to be accurate, but not too detailed that one gets lost in the information.

I review mostly games that can be found on Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator. I have a group of friends that regularly play games there, and some creators place the games on there before or during their Kickstarter campaigns to be tried out. If it is available, we will likely try it. And if I like the game, I will most likely review it.

List of the Reviews:
(Last Updated on 7/17/2018)
Alphabetical Order

Triangulated Review – Beer Empire – Passers Remorse

Board Game: Beer Empire

Triangulated Review - DinoGenics - Clever Girl
Board Game: DinoGenics

Triangulated Review (a playtest review) – On Mars – “I Would Like to Die On Mars. Just Not on Impact.”
Board Game: On Mars

Triangulated Review - Peak Oil - Are you an Evil Planet Destroying Oil Mogul, a Hippy Loving Environment Saving Alternative Energy Investing Tycoon, or Simply the Invisible Hand Ushering in Mankind’s Energy Future?

Board Game: Peak Oil

Triangulated Review – Tang Garden – A Balanced Game about Balanced Gardening
Board Game: Tang Garden

Geek Spiel First Looks
I have recently been given the honor to write some "Quick Looks" and perhaps a few other reviews for GeekSpiel. You will find the games I have reviewed for them here:

GeekSpiel First Look - Ore: The Mining Game - A Game to Dig Into
Board Game: Ore: The Mining Game
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