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Synergy, Training and a Ton of Sleeves

David Gregg
United States
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Finally managed to get version 2 of Synergy worked out and printed up. Haven't yet gotten to playtest (hoping sometime today), so just have pics and info for now.

Cards: Below is an image of each of the cards a player would be holding and are the middle skill level of each:


Hand Construction
● Players both construct their hand of cards at start of game
● Players have 18 skill points to spend
● Pink/Purple icons in the center of cards are their skill cost
● Players must select 1 of each type of card for 9 cards total

● Place the mana card to the far left in your left hand, followed by 4 health, then 3 health, then the 6 spells
● Rotate your 3 health card to show initial health

Round - repeat until a player is reduced to zero health
● Phase 1
     ○ Players organize their 6 spells in hand, rotating them to the desired end, with the 2 rightmost getting ready to take effect
     ○ Players reveal their hands and resolve their rightmost 2 spells
● Phase 2 - same as 1, but organize spells 3-6 and resolve spells 3 and 4
● Phase 3 - same as 1, but organize spells 5-6 and resolve spells 5 and 6

Spell Effects
● Damage = reduce opponent's health
● Defend = reduce incoming damage
● Boost = increase the level of your next spell
● Steal = opponent's spell is negated and you resolve its effect as if you had played it at your steal level
● Heal = gain health
● Mana = gain mana

Spell Level
● Spells start at level 1
● Spells can be boosted by 1 level if preceding spell matches its synergy element (e.g. Overgrowth as spell 1, then Fireball as spell 2)
● Spells can be boosted by spending 1 point of mana to boost 1 level (once per spell, chosen after spells are revealed)
● Spells can be further boosted if your preceding spell had a boost effect or if you stole your opponent's boost effect
● Spells are reduced by 1 level if opposing spell's element matches either of your counter elements (e.g. you played Fireball, they played Stone Wall)
● Spells can be completely negated if opposing spell's element and synergy element match both of your counter elements (e.g. you played Fireball and they played Waterfall)

● Spells cannot be reused during the same round
● Health cards have 1 time effects (for entire game) that can be played in addition to your current spell effect
     ○ After using the effect, move the health card to the left of your mana card to track that the effect has been used
● Mana card dictates at what point you harm yourself from overcharging your spells
     ○ Pain = 1 unblockable damage to self, regardless as to how far the spell was overcharged
● Defensive effects (heal / defend) are resolved prior to offensive effects (damage / pain)

Pretty sure that's everything


With my new work position, even though the bulk of my work is tech related, my official title is Technical Trainer, meaning that I'm also responsible for training new and promoted employees. Part of that training involves forklifts and in order for me to be able to certify other employees, I first must become a certified trainer. So this past Friday I spent the day at my local community college taking their Train the Trainer course.

Actual material was pretty simple, so was mostly just trying to stay awake for 8 hours, but now I'm certified and good to go.


Ton of Sleeves

I love cards. So it makes sense then that some of our most played games are card based. Unfortunately that means they get worn out. On the bright side, card sleeves do exist. Currently the only game I really make sure to sleeve is Nightfall along with my various prototypes. Decided this week to go back and sleeve my entire collection (aside from Thunderstone, simply too many cards...). Ended up ordering 2,100 sleeves! Most of my cards are still in excellent condition, so clear sleeves made up the bulk of my order. Some games however were acquired via math trade and are already a bit beat up, so did order a few different colored backs for those games.

Gonna be a big sleeve fest the day those come in

While I was shopping around I also went ahead and nabbed the wooden train set for Ticket to Ride from Mayday games along with the Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912 expansion. Ticket to Ride has been seeing a lot of plays and has been a favorite with my family, so I'll be continuing to hunt the expansions any time I get the chance.

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Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:38 pm
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