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Arkham Horror Card Dividers

Tim Coombes
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I've had some amazing feedback (as well as my first Geekgold ) on my setup for Arkham Horror. I've also had a few requests asking how I did it, what fonts, divider names and so on... so here it is.

I used Microsoft Publisher and created text boxes in the size I needed, specified the font (Powderfinger Type), centred the text, aligned it to the top and hit print. Then I laminated the dividers and cut them out.

Box 1 - The Small Cards
Divider size: 6.7cm x 5cm

Left Column - Less often used cards
Personal Story
Visions of Hypnos
Blessing of Nodens
Beloved of Bast
Magic Effects
Condition Cards
Captain of the White Ship

Middle Column - Often used cards
Blight Cards
Skills - Dunwich
Skills - Kingsport
Spells - Dunwich
Spells - Kingsport
Spells - King in Yellow
Unique Items - Dunwich
Unique Items - Kingsport
Unique Items - King in Yellow
Unique Items
Common Items - Dunwich
Common Items - Kingsport
Common Items - King in Yellow
Common Items
Silver Twilight Lodge
Sheldon Gang Membership
Deputy of Arkham
Bank Loan
Blessing & Curses
Rail Pass

Box 2 - The Large Cards
Divider Size: 9cm x 6.3cm

Left Column - Location Cards
I've mixed in all the Arkham location cards from all the expansions as I couldn't see any point in separating them, if I ever come across a card that doesn't work due other missing components I'll ignore it and draw another.
Downtown, Arkham
Easttown, Arkham
French Hill, Arkham
Merchant District, Arkham
Miskatonic University, Arkham
Northside, Arkham
Rivertown, Arkham
Southside, Arkham
Uptown, Arkham
Backwoods Country, Dunwich
Blasted Heath, Dunwich
Village Commons, Dunwich
Church Green, Innsmouth
Factory District, Innsmouth
Innsmouth Shore, Innsmouth
Central Hill, Kingsport
Harborside, Kingsport
South Shore, Kingsport

Middle Column - Monster Tokens

Right Column - The rest of the big cards
I have separated the Mythos and Gate cards into expansions since there's enough in the base set and I was worried about... dare I say it... dilution.
Mythos, Dunwich
Mythos, Innsmouth
Mythos, Kingsport
Mythos, King in Yellow
Mythos Cards
Gates, Dunwich
Gates, Innsmouth
Gates, Kingsport
Gates, King in Yellow
Ancient One Plot Cards
Epic Battle Cards
Innsmouth Look
Dunwich Horror
King in Yellow Act Cards

The layout will probably change as I play more games and get more expansions, which is why I don't have any fixed dividers. Speaking of which the box dividers are made out of 4mm foamcore which fit snugly in the box and hold together well without any glue.

So there is all is. The plan is that once a few of the other players have got a game or three under their belts I'll be able to give them a box and say you guys down there are looking after Ancient One cards while you guys over there are looking after Investigator cards which will free me up to look after the flowcharts and rules. Well that's the long term plan anyway.

If anyone is interested in the files here they are (on my 4Shared account until I can get these uploaded to the geek whereupon I'll update these links)

PDF versions:

Publisher versions:
Card Dividers, Large
Card Dividers, Small

Thanks for reading,

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Tue Aug 2, 2011 12:02 pm
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Taking some of the Horror out of Arkham Horror

Tim Coombes
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I received Arkham Horror through the Dice Tower Secret Santa last year and I proceeded to play the absolute heck out of it. At one point I even managed to get my wife to play! As my ability to play the game grew I bought expansion after expansion until the impossible happened: I stopped playing. The setup time was killing my enthusiasm for the game. Finding time to play was hard enough but at times I found myself almost not wanting to play by the time I had everything set up.

So taking a lot of inspiration from the very creative people here on the 'Geek I set out to do whatever I could to speed things up. What I ended up with is this three box solution. Not only does it hold everything for the base game, Kingsport Horror, Innsmouth Horror, Dunwich Horror and The King in Yellow but it allows me to play out of the box.

The first box with all of the location, gate and mythos cards. I have spare dividers to separate the gate/mythos cards by expansion when/if I wish to remove them.

Here's the biggest time save for Arkham Horror ever, in some lighting conditions I struggled to tell the difference between the colours of some cards (eg green and brown). Initially I'd place the cards near their locations on the board but that just took up more space on the table. So putting the cards back in the box and using location tabs with the street name solved all of that. I don't worry about shuffling the cards every time I simply grab a card from the back and place it in the front when finished with it.

The second box has all of the small cards as well as the sheets for the characters and GOO's. Tucked up in the corner are the character tokens and the plastic bases. I also find it easier to flip through the cards when looking for a specific card, it's probably no faster than looking through free standing piles of cards but I no longer run the risk of cards getting knocked over or a pile of sleeved cards shooting out of my hand across the table.

Like the large cards I haven't put in any fixed dividers so adding extra cards is a breeze. There's also plenty of room for the other expansions in here too, although I haven't looked at the amount of cards in the Miskatonic expansion yet. I should be ok... right?

The rules, reference sheets and flow charts all sit on top of the cards in the second box.

Lastly in box three we have all the game boards and the ever important token box. Still enough room in the box for a bigger token box which I'm sure I'll need by the time I get the other expansions. Eventually I think I'll replace it with a number of smaller boxes that hold groups of related tokens.

So all in all I've reduced the clutter on my table down to a couple boxes and a counter box which makes more room for the player sheets and cards. It's nothing revolutionary but it has made a huge impact on my games without resorting to building one of the wonderful looking wooden suitcases.

So what's next? I'm thinking a dice tower and maybe some of those custom dice.
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Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:05 am
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