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In an effort to keep myself working on a project, I'm going to blog about the creation of 'Hero League', a super-hero themed game. The initial idea came to me on March 2nd, 2012.

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Hero League, Initial Idea

Jeremiah Lee
United States
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The Original Idea
As I'm explaining Glory to Rome for the 500th or so time (I demo games at conventions for Cambridge Games Factory, the publisher), a word jumps in, where I don't normally use it.

"Glory to Rome is a game about building crazy card combinations that break the game before your opponents break the game. Each card give you a rulebreaking super power."

The 'super' just popped in there. I've never said it before. Perhaps it's because I've been reading some Spider-Man comics.

"What if..."

What if... you were superheroes, and you could get superpowers. And instead of a pool, you'd have a city, and cards in the city would be people that need saving, or crimes that need stopping.

What if... each player had a different character to start, some would be better at science, some better with people, some magic...

What if... instead of GtR's "lead or follow", and instead of San Juan's "leader picks the action for all", and instead of Race for the Galaxy's "each player picks what they want to happen in the phase"... we could have the leader pick something, and then everyone can choose if they take that action (and receive a bonus for working together) or choose to do their own (without a bonus).

What if... the leader proposed the action, then had a chance to try to convince others to go along with it, but everyone chose independently, and revealed simultaneously?


Now we're getting somewhere!
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Wed Mar 7, 2012 3:58 pm
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