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Descent Proxying

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My Descent Conversion Kit arrived yesterday.

Since I do not own a single first edition article that will mean a lot of proxying. Si I sat down in the evening and looked through my collection to see what minis I could use for the new monsters.

In this blog post I will post my first successes which are heavily based on my ownership of World of Warcraft: The Boardgame. I have only focused on the monsters so far. I think it makes more sense to wait with my search for hero miniatures once my players have selected their heroes for the next (actually our first) campaign.

First things first: I've prepared the resources I had already looked up in during the previous days: Monster Source and Quantity and this post.
Thanks to the respective autors!
Raphael Pigulla
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Jason Eaton
United States
West Bloomfield
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Armed with these reference I opened what I considered my most promising box of monster miniatures: World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade
And indeed, I proxied 7 different types of monster with miniatures from these two sets. I could have proxied 8 but I found a more substitute for Kobolds - more on that later.

WoW:BG comes with a variety of minis in different colors and many copies of small creates. Although there are no tan monsters, green for normals work almost just as well and it does include red monsters.
The smallest baces fit well into a single square as you will be able to see on the following photos.

I originally considered these Gnolls as Kobold proxies. At that stage I was planning to use the Worgen as Beastmen. However, I was not very found of the Gnoll Kobolds - they were simply too big to convey the impression of a horde of little pests. I also do not own enough (12) green Gnolls and had to substitute with blue ones. :/
Therefore I decided to use Warhammer Gnoblars (no image included). These had the correct size and looked hillariously chaotic but the painting made them stand out way too much from the other monsters. It was also hard to differntiate the masters from the minions (I designated two special kinds of minis as masters).

Anyway, back to the Beastmen. I think the Gnolls work pretty well. I am still on the fence whether I should use the Worgen instead but the Gnolls are not quite as large and look a bit more like the artwork IMO.

WoW's Spiders are a natural fit for the Bane Spiders. They even roughly cover 4 squares.

Formless masses that cover 4 squares? This choice did not take long. goo

I am not super excited about this choice. The Scarlet Crusaders are the only human shaped and sized monster in WoW. Now that I have actually realized that I only need one minion and one master I will probably look through other games with lower quantities of miniatures...

I do not know the original Demon Lord miniatures but they can not have been more Demon Lordish than Doom Guards.

Ghouls are not a perfect fit for Ferroxes but not a bad one either. Degenerated humanoids feasting on the flesh/life energy of their victims? Works for me.

Yetis make okay Giants. I realize the Descent Giants are more human-like in appearance but I kind of like the Yetis. I also considered using Abominations but they are so massive that they clog the board to much for my taste. The Mo'args might work too but I expect that they will cause the same problem as the Abos.

Not much to say about these. Creatures made of stone that fit into four squares? I'm sold!

Ogres as Ogres? Blasphemy!
Yes, these actually do not look like the artwork at all. But my group will easily recognize them as Ogres. They actually are hardly larger than a single square but by placing them on intersections still looks good enough to me.

An other natural fit. Both creatures seem to be moving shadows of human proportions.

These two do not really look that much alike but I just like the Fungus Giants. Also, their proportions look right they look like they could have regenerative properties which are usually associated with trolls, although Descent's do not have those.

Yup, no WoW minis this time. Skaven Plague Monks aren't even the correct species. Still they definitely give of the same vibe as the card's artwork. The master is not differentiated by a different color but by a conspicuos standard.
In contrast to the the problems I faced with the Gnoblars the paint job on my Monks is pretty sallow and does not distract too much from other figures.

Not satisfied with the Gnoblars I have decided to use the Skaven figures from Chaos in the Old World: The Horned Rat Expansion. Clan Rats, the Horned Rat's cultist miniatures even depict two monsters on one base, which suits the Kobold's theme and actually reflects the artwork.
Instead of using recolored models I have decided to use the Warrior/Rat Ogre figures from that same game.
Unfortunately the game only comes with 11 Clan Rats whereas the old Descent supplies players with 12 Kobold minions to split into. However, this number of minions is unlikely to show up during actual gameplay and even if that should happen and will not be possible, apparently the Kobolods are considered too powerful anyway...

What's missing?
Since almost all of my models use square or round bases I have a hard time finding suitable proxies for the 3x2 Dragons and various 2x1 monsters.
Luckily, many of these can easily be represented by miniatures from the new Descent. Unfortunately that means that those monsters can not be used in the same encounter. For now, that solution works for me but I will keep my eyes open for a more versatile solution!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I will post again if I find more or better proxies!
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Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:03 pm
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Crysis: Analogue Edition

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I had an opportunity to play a recent prototype of the Crysis boardgame, Crysis: Analogue Edition, that was announced a month ago at Gamescom!

Since the design team consists of fellow students of mine I took part in several play tests but this time was special for two reasons:

1) The current version has evolved a lot since my last play and is probably pretty close to the released product in terms of general rules and feel.
2) I took photographs! cool

Disclaimer: You are looking at photographs of a prototype which may and probably will differ from the final product. However, the graphical design certainly looks pretty polished.
Disclamer 2: I took these pictures with my iPhone in crowded room with lighting that kept changing colors. Please excuse bad quality and color deviations.

Example cards and card backs of the three kinds of cards: maneuver, action, and weapon

This is the playerboard. The bars at its left and right sides represent suit energy and health respectively. The dial in the center is used to switch between three different modes of the player's nano suit: Power, Armor and Stealth.
This prototype was made of cardstock and tokens but it was hinted that the final product will receive a major upgrade.

These are some of the tokens that the game uses. Not all of these were used in our short session so I am not sure about their purposes. If I recall correctly, the second one represents C4, the third an incoming air strike.
The die is used to determine hit zones and therefore additional damage.

I have not actually read the rulebook (we were taught the game by a designer) but it sure looks nice and organized, with many example images.

Despite their bad quality, I decided to post these images because I do not have better ones of the board. It also displays the scale of the components well.
The barriers that seperate the hex board into different sections and corridors are (currently) made of cardstock and can be moved around during setup and actual play.
The white cylindric piece represents the relay/flag to capture is most likely a placeholder.
Speaking of placeholders: The prototype session shown used borrowed miniatures which I chose to crop out of the image for reasons well-known around here.

Special thanks to Sebastian Kreutz, lead game designer, who took the time to teach us the rules and play a game with us at such a busy place and time!
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Mon Oct 1, 2012 1:46 pm
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