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Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode #58

Richard Ham
United States
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Umm, surely 6 hours is too long?


•••[00:00:46] Games Q&A►►►
Carcassonne original rule? Etherfield not anticipated? My fave co-op mechanism? How is new TIME stories 2p? What game would I design? Playing with others? Worth it to seek out older games? Ever play oldies? Tubemate recommendation. Boardgame age recommendations? 7 Wonders Armada? Circle the Wagons vs Walking in Provence? Finished Near & Far campaign? Purposeful negativity to boost views? Takenoko? Conspiracy: Abyss? Castles of Tuscany? My City? Handling Lovecraft's racism? Do we Magic the Gathering? How to reach me? Captain is Dead player count? Nights around a table collaboration? Adventure of D reprint? Dreamscape? Boardgame Metacritic? How do I cull my collection? Boardgame reviewer culls in general? Why HATE? Online boardgame implementations? Collection size in Malta vs USA? Boardgame collection update videos? More "what were they thinking" games? Unexplored themes? My tastes changing over the years? Games that get better with more than 2? Big boxes for little games? Shadowrun Crossfire vs Aeon's End Legacy? Embargo preference? Zhanguo revisit by Jen? Best time of day to play games? Snacking while gaming? Game lighting? Gaming music? Gaming room? Game session length? D Day Dice thematically odd? Where are the older episodes of RTT? Gloomhaven wannabes? Becoming a 2p consultant?

•••[02:36:16] More games Q&A (with Jen)►►►
Jen's fave co-op mechanism? FOMO? Why aren't we more critical? 10 games 100 times or 100 games 10 times? D&D interest? Playing games we don't like with the right people? Pigeonholing a bad thing? How far to go with diversity in games? Thematic alternative to VP? Asmodee's new parts policy? What's the problem with having unplayed games?

•••[03:51:55] Personal Q&A►►►
Moving to Australia? Syphon Filter vs Metal Gear Solid? Works of Fiction or non-fiction that helped make us who we are? Syphon Filter Remake? Videogame recruiters still sniffing around? How was DTW? Indoor skydiving? Fave Survivor? Doctor Who? Why is SJW considered a bad thing by some? What does my MATH shirt mean? Jen's recommendations for young adult fantasy fiction? Malta corruption? Second wedding? What would I say to Trump or Boris Johnson? How did I survive to 13? Factchecking Rahdo related entries on wikipedia? Jen copycats? Who did we vote for in democratic primary? Jen's wisdom of the month? More Picard thoughts (spoilers)? Mandalorian thoughts (spoilers)? Rise of Skywalker Thoughts (spoilers)?

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