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Okay, let's get back to last Thursday. After being cannibalized twice (well, actually only once... and camera-crewed once, I guess) and then destroyed by infantry once, we decided on something a bit more wholesome for the final game of the night. Before D. moved away, we had played My Story a couple of times and he seemed to be enjoying it, so gravitating towards this one seemed to be the sensible thing to do and since I haven't talked about this one in a while (and had been kind of ambivalent back then), I think I should write a few words about the experience.

Board Game: My Story

I started out as a Live Game Streamer while D. had been employed in his family business. The early game turned out a bit clueless. I decided that it was a fairly sensible idea to quickly marry because not only did adding the marriage-card to my CV give me two points come game end (plus a couple more should I be able to get the life-goal that gave points for each project) but also a permanent fifth card per turn. Which was really neat. Especially since I increased my hand size with further projects to the point where I drew my complete deck half of the time. Which on the one hand was kind of impressive but on the other hand mainly due to the fact that my deck was really, really small and didn't contain a lot of great cards (I almost exclusively bought projects and then added them to my CV shortly afterwards) which made my project-cards work more seldomly than I had hoped. I switched to Freelance Writer at one point and due to a couple of health-cards in my deck was never out of money again but all that money didn't help that much if other resources were hard to come by (especially houses were a pretty rare commodity). D. meanwhile grabbed cards left and right, changed jobs like other people change underpants and was generally living it up big time. At one point I was still kind of sure that I'd be able to best him by going for quality instead of quantity but as the end of the game drew near, I had to face the reality. In the end, he won four of the five resource categories (and tied me in the fifth one) and since he had gotten the life goal that doubled the score for each category he won, he got a lot of points. Final scores weren't even close. Ah well, looks like he lived the better life after all...

From gallery of Harblnger

I've played My Story five times now and I'm still a bit unsure what to think about it. I mean, I generally like it. The theme is very strong and a lot of fun and leads to copius amounts of trash-talking (for example when D. suddenly blurted out "I'm so rich and healthy, do I really want to get a child at this point?"... like in real life). The artwork is charming, there is quite a bit of variability (at the very least when played with two players... there's so many cards that you won't see all of them even over the course of multiple plays) and the central gameplay is kind of fascinating. While the games are quite different, the CV-mechanism reminds me a bit of a mixture between the possibility to install modules in Xenon Profiteer and the faction-matching-mechanism from Star Realms. It is a really nifty thing that eleveates the game quite a bit. But at the end of the day, I still don't know whether there's really a strategic game behind all of the (admittedly pretty lovely) fluff. Scores have been all over the place in all of my games, there is quite a bit of randomness in how your cards come out, how well combos work and what's even available from the market. And while you can mitigate the luck of the draw by spending more time for a card, that doesn't seem like a very good deal if you asked me. I mean, you only have around thirty time-units over the course of the game and you have to pay at least one of those each and every turn so paying more than that inevitably shortens the game for you and costs you other opportunities. Which is what the game is about, I guess. Finding your path. Focusing on what you want to do with your time. And then doing that. And while that's lovely and all, I always get this feeling of time trickling through my fingers and being unable to stop it or doing something worthwhile with it. And that's something that I get enough of in my everyday life, thank you very much. Blimey, that got serious all of a sudden. Look, I like My Story. Quite a bit. But going into it, you probably need to be aware that you're gonna play it more for the experience than to compete in a truly strategic game. Then again, D. handily beat me three out of four times. So perhaps I just suck at this game. That's not unlikely either...

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