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Rise of Empires and the end of my quest to design a Civ game.

Richard Hutnik
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For me, the high point of computer games was reached with Civilization by Sid Meier. It ended up being my favorite game on the computer. I did play on from there, and have a number of games I enjoy, particularly on the boardgame front. But Civilization had never been topped for me. With this being reality, I had felt a want to design a boardgame version of the game.

Well, I am looking at the reality that it looks like there are more than enough titles out there that do the job now, for me, I don't see a need for it. This doesn't mean I won't some day, but doing a Civ game has jumped out of my design queue. The latest to remind me of this is Rise of Empires, which I got to try recently and really like, eventhough I had some negative words spun its way that made it out to be "eh" (hey, it is a Martin Wallace design and I am a fan of his). So, I can say it joins a list of Civ games I own that do the trick.

For me, these games below capture what I want in a Civ game. Yes, this list is incomplete, as others may like some better than what I listed (Through the Ages being one), because of personal preferences (or I have not tried it, like Pocket Civ). But, take their exclusion as more of a sign for my main point: We have more than enough Civ games at this point, that people can find something they like that does the job. MAYBE there is room for a variants to games out there, but don't see a need for any others.

Ok, onto a list of Civ games I like:
* Roll through the Ages: This is a light game, that gives me a taste of Civ building in a very short period of time. Fits into filler category, but has fun elements of Civ games.
* 7 Wonders: There is so much right for me with this, and it hits all the points for me. It doesn't cover the history of man, so it is more empire building, but it still hits the points for me, and plays fast.
* Civilization by Fantasy Flight: This game really captures what Civ is about for me. Still have issues about being ganged up on, but no way do I get rid of it. It really does the job, if I want to get close.
* The original Civilization: This game is still epic and stands the test of time.

I pretty much have the top 3 listed above, and also the other, if I wanted to hunt it down. They do the job, as far as I am concerned. I don't sense a need. And note, some would seem to be more general empire building games, which I believe there is room for more. But for getting a fix in for Civ, these do the trick enough, that designing a Civ game is not on a radar. Still up for doing an empire building game, but would look likely to be more limited in scope somehow, because I do like empire building games (and have numbers I didn't list here, because I like them, but they didn't make me feel my quest for a Civ game ended when I had them, like Struggle of Empires or Age of Empires 3).

There is also Temnpus which fits into the heavy Eurofied Civ category that is fun as a Euro, but misses the mark as a Civ game.

Next up, do we need another space empire game?
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