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This blog is a writeup of our weekly game group. Thoughts on what we played how the game went, etc.
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Tuesday Evening Gamers - June 13th (Wed. Version), Kablamo!, Can't Stop, Thebes, Epic Spell Wars of the...Mt. Skullfyre

Gary Heidenreich
United States
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June 13th (Wednesday)

Yep, Wednesday this week. I had a memorial service to attend so I pushed Tuesday to Wednesday this past week. Timm, Kevin and Chris all showed up right about the same time. Timm and I were just finishing a quick game of Crokinole Middle. It's basically we take turns shooting at the middle with the twelve biscuits. We usually will play a three out of five. This time we played one set which I won, 5-1.

So, we decided on Thebes. We all had played the game at some time but a refresher was to be had. Of course, it was that kind of evening so everyone was paying attention (not at all) to Kevin as he went through the rules. So we got to excavating and exhibiting, drawing tiles from the bag, eating up time, etc. Thankfully, it's not a difficult game or an intense game...It just did not seem to be that kind of night. Kevin won this going away, as he gathered up 28 points in Congress cards. He has 68, timm 43, Chris 42, and I had 38.

So, next was a game that Chris brought over. Said it was similar to King of Tokyo (and it was). This one was called Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre. I had NEVER heard of this game before. At first, I was a bit apprehensive but once we broke it out I was completely drawn in by the artwork. It had that cool 70's stoner artwork...reminded me of the Freak Brothers comics. Lots going on, colorful, surrealistic. You got a hand of eight cards and you would put together spells. Spells could be combined for a combo of up to three parts (with wild names). Then everyone casts their spells, knocks points off peoples health and the winner of the round is the last one standing. You play until someone has won twice. It's super quick and fun. I'm glad I got to play and for me, it's better than King of Tokyo. Just the artwork kicks it up there for me. So, Kevin was the best of the night in this game. We played three rounds, Kevin won two, Timm won one.

So, I know I wanted to keep it light, and I think everyone else was in the same mode. We dragged out Kablamo a twisted, incorrect luckfest of a game. I'm twisted, so it worked. It's russian roulette, in board game form. Not a ton of strategy as barrels started spinning, bullets switching spots to where you had really no idea where anything was. Crazy. Kevin was the first to shoot himself. I think I was next, KABLAMO! Chris was the only one to survive, and win the game.

It was time for dice. Pickomino was in my bag upstairs, so we went with Can't Stop. It was a crazy, smack talking, loud play of the game. Sevens were closed very quickly by Chris. I had, at least twice, pushed myself up to one away from the top in one turn only to bust. If I touch the dice, I'm rolling the dice. At one point, I had fives and nines almost to the top, but I couldn't stop. I PHYSICALLY could not stop. Of course, I busted. I will either win, or lose in grand fashion. We laughed a ton and had a good time. Timm pulled out the win by closing two's, twelves, and something else. Fours perhaps?

Good time last night with some light, silly fare.

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