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Ca$h 'n Gun$

sean johnson
United States
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I originally got this game, because I thought it would work really good for a youth group lesson. Yes I know, this game and church do not seem to be a good it, so let me get the required emoticons out o the way: shake whistle. It did actually work well or it's intended purpose, but after the act we still had the game. So just how much fun is it to point a foam pistol at someone?

Game Overview
In this game the players are all bank robbers who just robbed a bank and now go back to their hideout to split the loot. Of course, bank robbers are not really known to be the best at sharing, so the enter "aggressive negotiations". This could also be called "Mexican Stand-off: The Game".

The game is played over eight rounds. Each round five new money tiles are added to the middle of the table. These tiles have values of $5k, $10k, or $20k. Each player has a character to represent them, a foam pistol and eight cards. Five of these cards are "clicks". These are blanks, and will not actually shoot at anyone. Two of the cards are "bangs" which will shoot another person, and one of the cards is "bang, bang, bang". This card also shoots someone, but it fires first.

At the beginning of each round, each player will secretly pick one of their remaining cards. Then on the count of three, everyone will point their gun at another player. After everyone sees who is pointing a gun at who, anyone who wishes to back out and hide may do so simultaneously. Backing out in this way ensures a person will not get shot, but it also means they will not get any money that round, and they get a shame token that is worth -5K at the end of the game.

Next anyone who played a "bang, bang, bang" card reveals it and shoots their target. Then everyone else who did not back out or get shot reveals their cards. All "bang" cards are resolved with the targets getting shot. Anyone who gets shot gets a band-aid token to represent a wound. Once someone gets three of these tokens they are eliminated from the game, and it is possible to get shot more than once in a single round.

All players left standing can split the money. However, they must split it evenly without making change. Everyone left gets an even share, and the remainder is left in the middle of the table. A new round begins with five more money tiles being added to the middle.

The game ends after the eighth round. The player still living with the most money wins.

The Game We Played
This game requires at least four people to play so we played with my mom, dad, and brother. My wife and I had agreed at the beginning not to shoot each other. Of course, the very first round she tried to shoot me. That round I had a couple of guns pointed my direction, so I backed down. It is a good thing because I would have been shot twice. I then went right back at my wife with my "bang, bang, bang" card in the next round. She got shot, and my dad also shot my brother. This meant the money split three ways. While I know she will not believe me, in the next round I had meant to grab a "click" card but I grabbed a "bang" card and pointed at my wife again. She thought she was calling my bluff by staying in, and we were both surprised when she got shot again. In the fourth round, my wife got shot by my mom, and eliminated from the game. For the rest of the game the bullets were distributed fairly evenly. I got shot twice and so did my mom. My brother got shot once, and would have been hit again if he did not back out at one point. Like a true godfather, my dad stayed above the carnage and had very few attempt to hit him. This allowed him to be the run away winner. He won with $120k. My brother finished second with 95k, and my mom and I tied with $80k.

Our Thoughts
My Rating: 4
My Thoughts: This game is a lot of fun. I tend to be fairly terrible at this game, so I am not sure if there is a viable strategy of if winning is just dumb luck. Every time the first three count happens a round though, and foam guns get pointed around it is a blast. Because it requires four people, we do not get it out often, but this is a game I do not think I will ever grow tired of playing.

Her Rating: 3.5
Her Thoughts: I really dislike the theme and the use of guns in this game. However, I can not help but have fun playing the game.

Combined Rating: 7.5

Usually my wife does not like group games with a lot of social interaction like this one. However, this game is really just a lot of fun and that makes it one we will be keeping.
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