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Category: Print and Play #3

Brian Moore
United Kingdom
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Print and Play games, if the term is unfamiliar, are literally games that you can download the files for, print them off on your printer, then usually either laminate them and cut them out or cut them out and sleeve them. Then you just need some way to store them. Some I have in 'tobacco tin' size tins, some in plastic A4 folders, others just in zip-lock bags.

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Here are some more of my PnP games that may be of interest:

Board Game: Gelatinous Cube Dice
Board Game: Gelatinous Cube Dice

Gelatinous Cube Dice (2017) was placed First in the Most Innovative Mechanic category of the 2016 Mint Tin Game Design Contest, as well as placing in the top 10 of all other categories.
An action point dungeon-crawl puzzler where you assume the form of a gelatinous cube. The six-sided die represents your playing piece. As you move around the board, you flip to adjacent die-facings when moving to adjacent spaces. You will explore 30 dungeon rooms and must land on a space with the six on the die faceup in order to unlock the next room. Each level increases the difficulty, but also offers new powers as you become more gelatinous.
Solo, low-ink, black and white, puzzle game. 6 pages --easy to assemble.
An interesting puzzle in which you need to plan ahead, and requires deft use of powers.

Board Game: The Drifter
Board Game: The Drifter

The Drifter (2019) is a solitaire, story, dice game based in the fictional wild west.
The drifter is reminiscent of games like Barbarian Prince (1981), where every game is a unique story experience.
You are a gunslinger who has been living a hazy existence. Your brief time in this world has been mostly spent on the outside of the law, killing, stealing, carousing with undesirables, living a dangerous life full of excess and violence. Recently, you feel life might have more to offer. You know this way of life will not last and now are looking to maybe put your wild ways away, buy a ranch and settle into obscurity. You determined you need $300 and are willing to get it by any means you feel necessary.
Although there is quite a bit of printing to do the end result is well worthwhile and every bit as good as Barbarian Prince.

Board Game: The Islands of Microlandia
Board Game: The Islands of Microlandia

The Islands of Microlandia (2019) This is a game that uses 18 identical cards.
Players simultaneously build their own island and score points based on Important Landmarks, the biggest island, and the fastest completed island.
This is a real-time game. Two cards shuffled and placed in the middle, then used to make unique scoring objectives for each player.
Players get 4 cards and simultaneously build their islands. Bonus points are awarded to the fastest player and to the player with the biggest island.
A straightforward build and interesting to play.
In 2020 Treasures of Microlandia was released which is a two player deduction game about digging up your rival's treasure before they discover yours!

Board Game: Micro Rome
Board Game: Micro Rome

Micro Rome (2014) Build Rome and populate the city by playing cards and obtaining a score of 45 points or more by the time the Colosseum is built.
In Micro Rome you will add cards to your tableau adding to your score as you create sets; but watch out for those Barbarians because, unchecked, you will lose points!
A great little game that uses the Layering mechanic, where cards are overlapped with each other, like in Sprawlopolis. Quite challenging solo game. PnP rules on BGG

Board Game: Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden
Board Game: Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden

Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden (2016) vegetable cards are drafted and placed in the garden plot, a grid of six cards by three cards. Depending on which cards are selected, one of the tedious neighbours may interfere with the garden in a variety of ways. Players must be careful in their choice of vegetable to plant, in its position in the garden, and in maintaining their supply of invaluable bees, which give Mr. Cabbagehead more flexibility in planting.
Once all cards have been drawn, the game is over and the Garden Club committee visits to evaluate Mr. Cabbagehead's garden. The number and position of vegetables matter, and players must be creative in developing a garden that is both pleasing to the eye and plentiful in vegetables.
Originally released in 2016 in a print-and-play version with four neighbours, the 2018 published deluxe edition of Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden adds more neighbours, more variety in scoring, and a streamlined set of rules that includes a fixed garden plot grid variant. More importantly, the published version includes rules for two players.
This is a great solitaire game which was deservedly picked up and went to retail. PnP rules are available on BGG.

Board Game: Polyhedral Park Planner
Board Game: Polyhedral Park Planner

Polyhedral Park Planner (2019) The biggest board gaming convention in the world is coming to your city, and local leaders want to develop a new city park to celebrate the event. They have solicited designs from the most prestigious firms in town to see who can plan the best park according to the demands of the local population. You, as a representative of one of these firms, must manage the limited budget of city hall and the restrictions of the proposed park site as you decide where to plant trees, lay paths, dig lakes, and build benches.
A great PnP Roll & Write. It has simple rules mixed with much deeper geometric and arithmetic puzzles. Played this quite a few times now and enjoyed it. Files available on BGG

Board Game: Rolling Realms
Board Game: Rolling Realms

Rolling Realms (2020) In the middle of the coronavirus, a time of self-isolation for many people, Jamey decided to create an infinitely scaling roll-and-write game to teach and play with people around the world via Facebook Live.
Rolling Realms is free to download and play, whether it's with Jamey live, against Jamey in the past (see playthroughs on YouTube), or against your friends (in person or remotely). It's a living game with Jamey's rudimentary graphic design in that it will continue to evolve, and it wasn't created with the intent of mass production. Files on BGG

Board Game: Rollway Station
Board Game: Rollway Station

Rollway Station (2020) is a roll and write game inspired by the 18xx series of games. In these games players take on the role of an investor, trading stocks and shares in train companies in order to beat the competition and earn the most money. Rollway Station distils the experience into a short solo experience, using dice to add a layer of unpredictability.
The game is played over fifteen turns, in which the player will roll five dice and assign them to three different actions: buying shares, auctioning trains, and laying track. The values of the dice determine the options a player has.
A great PnP roll & write - one of the best I've played. Fun puzzle. Files on BGG

Board Game: Seasons of Rice
Board Game: Seasons of Rice

Seasons of Rice (2018) is Corry Damey’s 18-card tribute to his Cambodian heritage, players are farmers puzzling together paddy cards to expand their family’s “landscape” of rice paddies and ensure the most bountiful of harvests.
Players will be drafting cards and placing them into their expanding landscape area to close off paddies in order to score the most points by the end of the game.
This is a great little 2-player game, either available as a PnP from PNP Arcade, or from Button Shy with quality cards. Only 18 cards, but well thought out.

Board Game: Shadow of the Obelisk
Board Game: Shadow of the Obelisk

Shadow of the Obelisk (2020) 'Tick-and-Write' to build the great obelisk. Inspired by Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun.
Build one of the great obelisks of ancient Egypt. Aim higher and higher while remembering that what the shadow touches must never be disturbed!
Shadow of the Obelisk is a 'Tick-and-Write' game in which you must employ the most helpful workers to build your obelisk and decorate it with a variety of beautifully carved symbols. Scribe scrolls to receive additional points and powerful bonus actions. Be careful, however! As your obelisk rises in height, the shadow it casts will begin to obscure the symbols on your wall, making them unavailable for you to use!
Lots of choices to make and paths to try and take. Files on BGG

Board Game: TINYforming Mars
Board Game: TINYforming Mars

TINYforming Mars (2019) is a 1-2 player game set in the distant future when mankind has mastered the technologies needed to turn our lifeless neighbor, Mars, into a thriving destination for humanity. All of this, on nine cards!
Each player is attempting to terraform Mars by completing projects that fulfill one or more of Mars’ parameters for sustaining life; those being: Heat, Oxygen (provided by Greenery), and Water. The player that is able to complete more projects towards this goal, as well as, build their cities on prime Martian real estate, will be the winner.
A fun, well-designed game and I love the theme and artwork. The gameplay is fairly easy to learn but it still provides a challenge. I recommend this! Files available on BGG.

Part four in this series coming soon!
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