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Open New Markets, Experience New Chronicles, Expand Your Continent, and Prepare for The Uprising

Candice Harris
United States
Los Angeles
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In the midst of the past year's quarantine-hibernation, while many of us had our faces glued to screens immersed in online board gaming, some folks were keeping busy working on getting new expansions onto our tables in 2021.

• In 2019, Capstone Games released a lot of heavy hitters, including Ryan Courtney's Pipeline, which has an upcoming first expansion, Pipeline: Emerging Markets, available for pre-order targeted for release in August 2021.

Board Game: Pipeline: Emerging Markets

The success of your company is opening up new markets full of opportunities! With your expertise and logistical innovations over the last three years, the refinement requirements of this new era are even more demanding. With the emergence of new markets, new technologies and innovations have become available for your business to utilize. Additionally, these emerging markets have brought about new ways of evaluating your business. Will you take advantage of the new ways to exploit the markets or will your business fall to ruin in this everchanging world?
Board Game: Maracaibo
• Alexander Pfister's Maracaibo was another big hit in 2019 for Capstone Games — not to mention originating publisher Game's Up — and that game also has an exciting new expansion on the horizon: The Uprising.

I'm particularly hype for The Uprising based on the brief description below from the publisher and considering how much I love all of Pfister's games, especially the heavier ones. Here's what's coming:
The first big expansion of Maracaibo features several modules and scenarios, e.g., pushing the predominant nations out of the Caribbean (in competitive or co-operative mode). Other elements are asymmetrical player abilities, a new optional story, legacy tiles, and new project cards. Solo fans will encounter a new rival ("Jacque").
Board Game: Maracaibo: The Uprising

Board Game: Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Stonemaier Games announced Between Two Castles: Secrets & Soirees Expansion, the upcoming first expansion for the tile-drafting, castle-building game Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig from designers Matthew O'Malley and Ben Rosset, with this expansion being available for pre-order on May 26, 2021. What does this add to the game?
The king is throwing a party and inviting all the neighbors! This expansion to Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig expands the game up to eight players with two new room types (activity and secret rooms), a new specialty room type (ballrooms), more bonus cards, and a new throne room.

Board Game: Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets & Soirees Expansion

Would you rather party alone? This box also includes an Automa solo mode for the base game and the expansion, as well as optional rules for a new mode of play for 2-8 players in which you build your own castle instead of sharing one with your neighbors.
• In 2019, German publisher Funtails released Glen More II: Chronicles, a sequel to Matthias Cramer's 2010 classic Glen More that introduced new mechanisms and gameplay elements to the base game with eight chronicles. A new expansion, Glen More II: Highland Games, designed by Matthias Cramer, Rüdiger Dorn, Jonny Pac, Morten Monrad Pedersen, and David J. Studley adds three new chronicles and a solo mode to give new and old Glen More fans more variety and options to explore.

Board Game: Glen More II: Highland Games

Board Game: Ecos: First Continent
Ecos: New Horizon is a new expansion available from John D. Clair and Alderac Entertainment Group for Clair's 2019 release Ecos: First Continent, a game in which 2-6 players collaboratively mold the planet with simultaneous gameplay.

Here's what the New Horizon expansion adds to Ecos:
Now your expanding continent can include iconic landscape features! Add Kilimanjaro, the Sahara, Serengeti, and others to your developing world. And of course, there are more animals to increase the population of your ecosystem, from Nile Crocodiles to herds of Zebra.

Board Game: Ecos: New Horizon

New Horizon introduces a new type of card mechanism to play these landscape features, and each interacts with the landscape in a unique way that will affect all players' choices throughout the game. Can your plans withstand the creeping expansion of the Sahara or benefit from the deep jungle of the Congo Basin?
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