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Hangin' Tuff-ley

Anthony Boydell
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Newent. Glos
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Every homo sapiens needs an outbuilding within the curtelage of their property
Welcome...to my Shed!
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Eldest son - Fred - has taken up D&D, again, with his long-time pal Adam; the latter runs LOTS of roleplaying campaigns and is universally-regarded as an excellent G.M. The venue is the Tuffley Community Centre - home to my non-Ross-on-Wye gaming at the tail-end of 2020 - which has opened up in a masked movement/table service for drinks type-way. Adam's dad (Ian) did the driving last week with Fred bussing over from Cheltenham; last night Ian had to work so I thought I'd whet my in-person/wider club whistle by driving Adam into Gloucester and picking Fred up along the way.

Fred's been just-about coping in his supported living for 9 months now: the restrictions of the pandemic have seen him up-and-down emotionally BUT he's been coping and I'm burstingly-proud of him. His younger brother - Benedict - was with us for a couple of days to help with various garden projects and I dropped him off as I picked Fred up. I had a momentary flashback to when all the children were living at home: younglings - before the dramas, the traumas and the growing pains. My heart aches for the simplicity of that time.

Anyway, with the boys safely ensconced in the RPG cupboard (it IS a cupboard where the Community Hall keeps the fitness club crash-mats and foldable tables), I settled into the Darts Room for board games:
From gallery of tonyboydell

(from L to R: Jack, Siona, Andy and (a bit of) me.

From gallery of tonyboydell

Ah, Cubist! Straightforward rules and 40 mins of dice-rolling, dice-stacking shenanigans: the perfect opener! Cubist has just the right amount of luck (the rollin'), planning (the bonus effect cards) and opportunism (Jack didn't a marvellous about-face from one complex template - 70% done - to another complex template that was now 90% done). Andy somehow snuck in four MUSEUM builds (a difficult setup meant at least three other chances to add fizzled with no valid play) to sneak the win from Siona. Jack and I tied in failure - but it's the artistic process that's more important than the final Art itself, right?!

Next was something family-friendly (and daft) from Siona:

It's Jenga with fuzzy, cloth balls and forfeits when you drop a fuzzy (or two, but not the whole tower). The penalties - you can have up to three simultaneously - apply for your next turn only; play continues until someone destroys the tower:
From gallery of tonyboydell

"Elephant arms using my off-hand" + "Pick with Index and Middle Finger"(not the provided tweezers) + "Must be placed as the Highest Fuzzy" = Lancing pain in broken shoulder and ineptitude"

Next: two goes at the 8-bit aesthetic of Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game:
From gallery of tonyboydell

It's Dungeon Lords without all of the tiresome Euro-ing about: lay out a line of room cards, entice heroes to your dungeon and kill them before they make it to your 'Boss' at the end of the line. If they survive, they count as damage (5+ = you're out; sole survivor = winner); if dead, they're VPs (first to 10 wins).

May I just point out - at this juncture - that I'd also packed the following games into my bag: Agricola, Glory To Rome and Senators. I fear I was being rather optimistic because these were all new to the folks at the table and would, therefore, require a full Boydell teach - not something I - or, indeed, they - should suffer so early on in our hibernation awakening!

A quick round of Perudo followed - using the dice from Cubist - and we closed with a six-player 6 nimmt! extravaganza: oh, the joy of watching the expressions of new players as the catastrophes play out!

Fred and Adam were kicking stones around the car park - waiting for me to pack up and get them home - so we beetled back to Newent to a soundtrack of their evening's adventures: bandit attacks, wolf-taming and self-harming Goth wizards. It takes all-sorts.
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