Combat Commander: Solo

Adventures in solitaire playing of Chad Jensen's World War II Tactical Game System: Combat Commander: Europe, Mediterranean, Pacific and Resistance.
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#7: Grassy Knoll (Scenario A - Map A)

Joe C Faust
United States
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From 1/2/11

Having gotten a copy of Combat Commander: Pacific for Christmas, I decided to take a break from the Stalingrad campaign to try it out. Besides, I’d just trimmed the counters and hadn’t done Europe yet, so it gave me an excuse to tear down Stalingrad for a while.

The U.S. set up more or less together, with Sgt. Savage and Lt. DeMoss each commanding a large group of troops that could be wielded as a powerful firegroup against the advancing Japanese. The Japanese went into three groups. A small fire group to deter movement to the cover in the north; a larger firegroup with Lt. Danchi to counter the large group headed by the American Lieutenant; and a squad with a weapon crew served IG gun hidden via sighing marker, set up in a prime defensive location to hammer on anything that set foot in the hemp field.

Danchi opened the festivities by calling in artillery, which was suppressed and then removed by American counterfire. Then the Americans called in and got the big guns, which cost them on points but helped Savage’s crew destroy the retreating north contingent of Japanese troops.

Armed with a handful of Ambush cards, Danchi tried to close in on DeMoss’ group, but was met with spirited fire that included Marksmanship, Enfilade, and Concentrated Fire (or, as we here at CC:S affectionately call it, “Breaking my machine guns”). But the machine guns didn’t break and a great many Japanese fell. Meantime, the bunkered Japanese revealed themselves and began to rain fire down on Savage’s position, keeping him effectively pinned down. With DeMoss’ group having trouble moving through the jungles with a .50 in tow, it was up to the appearing Filipino guerillas to carry the day.

The guerillas moved characteristically fast, and by the time they Advanced next to the bunker (to avoid an IG gun attack at point blank range), they had a handful of Hand Grenades to lend to the attack. With a roll of 11 the bunker was destroyed and the Japanese broken. But they revived and the B Division unit moved into Melee and destroyed the guerillas. This same unit would engage and destroy the other two units of Filipinos as they moved toward the IG gun, reclaiming the pricey Objective 5 as they did.

As DeMoss’ group made their way through the jungle toward the IG gun, Savage kept reviving and calling in artillery strikes on the position, which did little to shake the defenders. The emboldened B Division moved in on DeMoss’ position, but was cut to pieces by a massive fire attack of 27 used all but two in-hand cards and killed them instantly.

At this point, the clock was running down. The first Sudden Death came, resulted in a struggle with the Initiative card, but the Marines prevailed and the battle continued. DeMoss ordered the Weapon squad to stay behind with the .50 and moved up with a single squad to the IG gun, Bayonets fixed. But before they could go into Melee, the Weapon crew Advanced first.

The Japanese held two Ambush cards, which killed DeMoss. The Marines wielded their Bayonets, and after more wrangling with the Initiative card, the Melee ended in a tie – and both remaining units being eliminated.

And so the game ended with a Marine victory. But between the eliminated squads, the price paid for artillery on each side, and the see-saw 20 point swings from possession of Objective 5, the Victory Points track bizarrely stood at… zero.

NEXT: Decision time. Do I go back to the Stalingrad campaign, or flip the map and play another Pacific scenario since I have the map out? I think I know the answer…

Germany: 2/4
Japan 0/1
Russia: 1/2
United States: 3/0
U.S. Marines: 1/0
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