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Progress on Projects.

Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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Greetings again dear reader, and here I have an announcement on some of my many many many projects.

God, where to begin...
Received my Carnevale figures from a local Australian Distributor who supplies Australia but unfortunately there wasn't any store in my state stocking Vesper On Games' fantastic skirmish system.
I also scored a nice deal from Marco Arnaudo getting me lots of nice figures and a hardcopy of the rules.

Had a little playtest with my wife, and the RPG-like system of Dex checks adds a fun and unpredictable dimension to what is a normally a predictable simple action of running or jumping in other games.

My motivation to paint has been waning though, I made a start on a couple of figures and then face-planted.
My belltower is physically built but I still need to paint the other half of the tower, and the new base I made to raise it up higher than everything else.
As for finishing the rest of my buildings, I need to do some serious casting to replenish my supplies of bricks - and I've nearly used up my 22kg bag of Hydrostone.

I made a great start on my Prefecture of Ryu warband, and technically I have 1 more figure to finish to have a fully painted 50 rice warband.
I've entered in the Bushido competition that's happening August and I still haven't gotten a proper game in yet... eep.
Anyways, I was the first to sign up for the competition and the first lot of sign ups get wooden laser cut tokens, so that was my reasoning - don't really care how I do in the competition as long as I have fun.
I remember how the last store game I had of 40k was... really put me off, some dude with his White Scars did some B.S pop up behind you move and he screwed me with intricate rulings like "Oh your Exarch killed the one guy in base contact so now you get no more attacks...." such cheese.
I don't care for GW with their business ethics.
Now GCT Studios, great little company with great support - back the little guys.

Still love this an an Anime themed skirmish game, and I have sooooo many figures still to paint, but I've got 2 more figures on order which will fill out my dads force, pretty simple and straight forward for him to play, adding Valentine (the second prowler for the Empire faction and gun-slinging glasses wearing beauty - I have a thing for women with glasses) and MacBeth, the animated suit of armor.

I was toying with Zombie A-Go-Go as a filler game for after role-play entertainment where we would play as survivors in a Co-Op game with automated Zombies, looks like fun and made sense - unlike ATZ, I bought that when I read so many good things about it, but then it just didn't make sense at all to me, like reading stereo instructions.
I have 1st Edition ATZ, and I don't really feel like paying $20+ for a PDF of 2nd ED ATZ Better Dead than Zed after my initial purchase disappointed so much.

I looked into Fear and Faith because I wanted options other than Zombies, things like Co-Op against a Cthulhu cult or vampires or something else.
Strange Aeons sorta appeals, but yea, I'm uncertain about that - I prefer One-Off games over campaign based ones.
Empire of the Dead, Love the undead look in that and want the butler figure but its expensive and not sure if I'd play it or just have it taking up space.

Also, I'm not sure what is happening to ATZ, I don't see Better Dead then Zed available anymore so I think they are redoing the rule-set.

I was also looking for some help to convert Hellsing Anime characters into F&F rules, put the question up on the yahoo-group forums, got a request to explain the characters a bit, but no takers on converting them, a pity because I was close to finishing an Alucard and Seras Victoria figure conversion.

Got this incoming, looks promising especially that a rule-set has been redone in proper english, small pirate based skirmish on a map and characters have their own individual maneuvers which adds to the coolness.
I'll probably have to make some 3d Terrain for this too using Hirst Arts... damn, that stuff is sooo addictive.

Yea, I took a bit of a dive into the Song of Blades and Heroes system just to see if I could get a solo or Co-Op dungeon crawl happening, but the rules-system is too lite for my liking, though it might be fun.
Now Descent 2nd Edition is out and that is the shiny new toy, can't wait for the conversion kit for 1st ed though... mmmm

It's looking good, and already I'm considering a World of Warcraft conversion of Heroes and monsters using the bits from the WOW:TBG and WOW:TAG.
Looking at Alliance primarily
Night Elf Warrior
Gnome Rogue
Human Warlock
Dwarf Priest.

Hm, just realized they are all females, not that I mind - though would have preferred a Night Elf Rogue.

I've finally completed my rules-set for Mass Effect using the Gears of War system.
Had to pay $16 to register a card builder program to unlock the printing function, but with how easy it was to create cards it was worth it.
Took me next to no time to create the three character decks for Infiltrator Shepard, Tali'Zorah, Garrus Vakarian, and the Cerberus A.I cards and troop cards.
Playtest will begin soon, but I'm prolly going to try it solo shortly, and then get together with some Mass Effect junkie friends and see what they think.

Love this RPG system, and was about to run another session but had some stuff come up, and ultimately I wasn't happy with what I had wrote for that session, so I conned Greenie who is a supervisor at work to do some writing and run a session himself
Possibly the greatest progress I have made of yet! Palming off the GM'ing duties to someone else!

Eloy Lasanta should be releasing the new Clan book Truth and Lies which covers what I think are two of the coolest ninja clans in game.
That will rock.
I mean, just check this out!
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