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Undead/Italian Wars: Initial Draft.

Justin N
United States
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Ok, here's the first draft. (Aprox 1.85Mb)

Some notes about this document. This is a continuation of the undead idea I had a few weeks ago- setting the undead empire in the late Middle Ages/Early Renaissance, in Italy. I did a bunch of research and hunted up some appropriate miniatures- the ones I used are from the Blood Dawn line at Magister Militum. It took them a couple weeks to ship them here (Seattle, WA) from the UK, but apparently the owner was on holiday for part of that, and they had to be cast to order. The only miniature from another line was the Necromancer figure, from the Chariot line (also from Magister Militum, though). The Blood Dawn line is nearly the exact same size as the normal BL figures, so that's nice. On the other hand, the Necromancer is a bit small. Oh, well.

That said, the document isn't complete yet in a few ways. While I have placeholder rules for Zombies and Italian humans, I don't have the figures yet. I'm looking at the 15mm Italian figs from Old Glory15s, (Not to be confused with Old Glory Miniatures, who also make 15mm figures, but not Renaissance) as they have all the ones I want (Mounted Crossbowmen, Foot Arquebus, and Mounted Arquebus). I also need Zombies, though. Looking for something cool for that.

If anyone wants to download these and have a look, I'd appreciate it. This is very much a first draft- absolutely no playtesting has been done on them yet. I'll be doing a bunch of that in the coming weeks, I hope. Here's a quick draft of what my thinking on how an Undead Army works.

-All undead units get one extra figure (5 for Foot, 4 for Cavalry) at setup.
-All undead are Bold 1, but cannot be increased beyond that (or reduced below).
-All undead do not lend or receive support for any units (including other undead).
-Undead may never be forced to retreat (but their owner may choose to do so). Regardless of whether they retreat, any excess flags rolled against them are treated as Banner Color hits.
-Activating an undead unit costs 1 Lore at the time of activation. They may always battle back without paying this cost (if not blocked from doing so).
-For every undead unit on the board at the beginning of the game, its owner gets three Lore in his Lore Pool.
-May never use ranged weapons.

There are two basic types of undead troops, Zombies and Skeletons.
-Zombies are either Red or Green troops, are armed with Short Swords (or their crude equivalent), and sometimes regenerate figures when they kill opponent's figures.
-Skeletons are always Blue Banners. They ignore all Bow attacks (Short, Long and Reflex)(Possibly change to ignore one Banner Color or Bonus Strike against them per attack). Armed with the full complement of BattleLore melee weapons (plus a new one...). May have embedded human Necromancers to help them regenerate figures.

Sound good?
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