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A blog in which I detail the first campaign that my group plays in Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Edition)
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First Blood

Darren Nakamura
United States
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Though I don't have much experience with tabletop RPGs, I do so love leveling up my dudes. I was really excited for Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) when I first heard about it, and I was finally able to get a campaign group together. Herein I will chronicle the adventures of the Heroes (my friends) battling the viciously evil Overlord (me).

On the road to Arrhyn, an unlikely party of ragtag adventurers from various walks of life banded together. Leading the charge was Syndrael, a Berserker whose lord had fallen from favor. Close behind was Avric Albright, a Disciple sworn to protect and heal the weak. Next was Leoric of the Book the Necromancer, so named for his love of reading and the dark arts. Bringing up the rear was Jain Fairwood the Wildlander, keeping an eye out for otherwise unseen dangers.

Before the party could reach Arrhyn, they came upon a cadre of monsters, sacking a nearby village and making off through a hidden path in the wilderness. They decided to aid the local villagers and take down the ettin calling himself Mauler.

Coming from the south, Syndrael and Avric pushed forward to form a wall in front of the goblins in an attempt to slow their progress, while Jain heroically dashed west to the nearby pond in order to cut off the goblins' escape. Leoric remained in the south, calling forth a shambling reanimate from the afterlife.

The most skilled goblin of the group was able to dart between Syndrael and Avric, then dash past Jain and out the exit. His companions were not quite so fast, only making it as far as the pond. Mauler and his companion then moved to onto the crossroads, using their massive bodies to cut the heroes off from one another, while wildly swinging their spiked clubs.

In the west, Jain searched for helpful items in the bush, but found nothing. In the south, Leoric was luckier, finding a warding talisman that would surely be worth a few pieces of gold in Arrhyn. In the east, Avric and Syndrael took a few swings each at Mauler's apprentice, felling him.

This sent Mauler into a frenzy, attacking Syndrael twice with a surge of energy. After defeating her, the nearby goblins scampered over her body toward Jain and their escape.

Jain ignored the goblins and fired a couple of arrows at the hulking ettin, whittling him down. Leoric helped focus fire on Mauler with a new reanimate and a blast from his scythe. Avric helped Syndrael back to her feet, then heroically healed both of them back to near full health. Re-energized, Syndrael went into a rage and landed two blows on Mauler; one sliced a tendon in his leg, bringing him to his knees, while the second cut straight through one of his throats, killing him.

After gaining some experience from the battle, Syndrael taught herself how to counterattack. Jain reflected on her technique and determined a way to improve her accuracy, while Avric learned a way to bless his strikes. Leoric cackled to himself as he developed the ability to explode his reanimate.

The party knew that this was just the first in a storm of battles to come, and they marched onward to Arrhyn to sell their goods and determine where to travel next.
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