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Android Releases: Don Quixote, Small General Eastern Front, Line Hockey, and On Stage: Action!

Mark Webb
United States
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Name: Don Quixote

Device: Android

Price: $0.99

Players: 1

Seller/Developer: Kris Wolff

Google Play Store:

Based on BGG Entry:Don Quixote
Notes: When we last heard from this developer, Kris Wolff (BGG User:kristopherjwolff), he brought us the Android version of the abstract game RED. Now back on the Android platform with the official version of the Reinhard Staupe game, Don Quixote. Highlights the original Oliver Freudenreich artwork, and includes an unlockable expansions
From the app description:
The official Android version of the boardgame by Reinhard Staupe!
The noble Don Quixote imagines his small principality: Knights protect its castles and borders; roads connect windmills and churches. Not all will connect in a logical way but that doesn't matter to him. He can still dream...
You have 22 tiles to place in your principality. Like Carcassonne and other path-building tile-laying games, Don Quixote requires timely decisions and risk-taking with a twist: instead of choosing where to place your next tile, the game chooses the location and you choose which tile to place there! Connect your principality's roads to protect its castles and borders with knights, and link your churches and windmills to score points.

Name: Small General Eastern Front


Price: $3.99

Players: 1

Seller/Developer: VR Designs

Google Play Store:

Based on BGG Entry:

Notes:Victor Reijkersz of VR Designs brings a hex and counter wargame of the World War II eastern front. Small General Eastern Front is a similar system to one of his previous Android apps Small General. Thanks to Owen Faraday for his write-up of this game at Pocket Tactics

From the app description:
Take command of the Eastern Front 1941-1945 in this great hex and counter game.
Play either the German side or the Soviet side in the grand campaign 1941-1945 or in one of the smaller scenarios. Play with corps (German) and army (Soviet) sized units and 1 month turns. Features include: mud and winter seasons, production, partisans, raw materials, oil, diverse landscapes and challenging AIs that can be set to multiple difficulty levels.
Hesitating to buy? Check out the free DEMO version of the previous Small General game first.
Game Features:
-Great solo challenge against a capable and cunning AI (or AI+ or AI++).
-Historical units including Rifle, Shock Armies, Panzer Corps and even SS units.
-Manage resources carefully to keep your war machine rolling -Raw materials and oil
production matter!
-A variety of smaller scenarios as well for some quick strategic action (Leningrad,
Stalingrad, Moscow).
-Several accurate and dynamic historical events modeling things like the initial Soviet
shock in 1941 and German initial lack of preparation for winter warfare.
-Very suitable for tablet play too. Not only phones!
-Hotseat gaming possible as well – now it’s possible to review the enemy’s previous
-Play as either the Germans or Soviets.
-Minor Axis Nations (Hungarians, Romanians, Italians and Finnish) simulated as well.
-Simulates corps level combat throughout the whole Eastern Front from 1941 to
1945 - Win quickly or see the tables turn as Soviet production slowly builds up.
Game Requirements:
-Android 2.3 or later
-Minimum 480x800 screen resolution on your phone or tablet is advised.
-If in doubt use the free Small General DEMO to check how your phone handles the game before buying it

Name:Line Hockey

Device: Android

Price: Free

Players: 1 or 2

Seller/Developer: Aitimo

Google Play Store:

Notes:The developer Aitimo is a member of the forum XDA Developers where this game was announced. This game is a back and forth pull of movement where two players try to move the chip into the goal of the opposing player. One player versus AI, or two players.

From the app description:
Line Hockey is two-player game in which players take turns make moves. You can move in 8 directions. Can not go on the marked line. From the marked chips can rebounding, this gives an extra turn. You can bounce from the boards. You can bounce some time. The player will lose if he does not remain variants to move. Goal of the game to score a the puck in gate of the opponent. Guard its gates.
Play together, or play vs. computer. Good luck on the field!

Name: On Stage: Action!

Device: Android

Price: $1.28

Players: 2-10

Seller/Developer: Rifo

Google Play Store:

Notes: On Stage: Action! is a party game. Players try to perform a secret that they are shown. The trick is - to not have the other players suspect you are doing so. The different roles the players can choose from determine how to execute that secret.

From the app description:
Are you looking for an idea for your party?
Play at "On Stage: Action!"
Are you looking for an exciting evening with your friends, an idea for your party?
Is your business dinner boring or your school day endless?
Play at "On Stage: Action!"
Act as actor and director and shoot more scenes than others!
But beware: nobody has to guess that you are acting (if you are an Actor) or directing (if you are a Director)!
Select the length of the game, then everyone chooses her scene secretly.
You can select easy, normal, challenging scenes and if you want to act as an Actor or as a Director.
You can select scenes of type "voice" and of type "mime".
Pay attention: do not let others see your choices!
As soon as everyone has their scene, a countdown starts and the game begins.
Now, you can leave "On Stage: Action!" and go on with your normal activities.
Go eating, play something else, go working, follow the teacher, but...
...don't forget you're still playing!

Take the smartphone, start again "On Stage: Action!" and select the icon: "Scene Completed".
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