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Descent Solo: Dungeons - WIP

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Introduction: Yep. Another solo variant! When designing solo variants, I try to reduce setup time, and the Road to Legends dungeons (also found in some expansion sets) are a good place to start. They're small and are designed for four different sets of monsters in each dungeon. In other words, you can make a four-level dungeon without but only set up fewer tiles once! Note that you do not need Road to Legends to play this variant, although the base set does not have these dungeons. If you don't have all the monsters for a four-level dungeon, either repeat some monsters or just play a Spawn card from the Overlord deck.

Overview: Survive four levels of the dungeon, open the treasure chest on the fourth level, and escape the dungeon!

1. Overlord: Remove the event cards from the Overlord deck. The overlord does not have a hand of cards.
2. Hero: Select a Hero, preferably one with an even distribution of power dice among his skills. Heroes with three power dice in one skill are more subject to random draws from the chests (see below).
3. Dungeon: Setup the dungeon as shown.
4. Monsters: Randomly select a set of monsters for the current dungeon level. Or just play them in order.

Monster difficulty: Each dungeon in four levels deep. Use the Monster Reference Card that matches the dungeon level on the Number of Players part of the card. For the first level, use the 2-player difficulty monsters, but reduce the armor and hit points of the monsters by one.

Boss monsters: The Boss Monster of a level only appears if the hero is armed with a magical weapon. (Thus, there is no Boss Monster on the first level).


1. Hero turn: Per Descent rules.

2. Overlord turn:
1. Overlord gains one threat. (ie. Overlord gains Treachery equal to the number of players.)
2. Turn over the top card.
3. If the Overlord has enough threat to pay for the card, he pays for it and puts it into play. Otherwise, he discards it to gain threat.
a. If the card is a Trap, apply it to your hero, even if some conditions of the card are not met (eg. door or chest).
b. Optional: If the card is a Spawn, only put it into play if the monsters on the card match any of those on the current level. Otherwise, discard the card for threat.
4. Play the monster movement and attack per Descent rules. Monsters will move adjacent to the hero, except those with Reach and Range. Monsters with Reach will attack one square away. Monsters with Range +X will attack X squares away.

3. Treasure Chest:
1. Use the Road to Legends "Chest Loot" table. If the table is not available, use these results:
* 1st level: Copper treasure, 250 coins, 1 potion
* 2nd level: Silver treasure, 500 coins, 1 potion
* 3rd level: Gold treasure, 750 coins, 1 potion
* 4th level: No treasure, 1000 coins, 2 potions
* Note: Determine potion randomly.
* Note: You must open the chest on the 4th level and escape the level to win the game!

Increasing difficulty:
* Overlord starts with more threat.
* Overlord gains more threat each turn.

More as I run around and kill things...
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