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Couple of Couples - Top 10 - #4 & #3

Jason Moslander
United States
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We are getting down to the good stuff. These are our "go to" games for when another couple comes over to play games. This weeks choices are very different from one another. The first one is really a game that we only break out with our more "hardcore" gamer friends, and the second game is something you can break out with just about anyone--I think that is one of the reasons I really enjoyed putting this list together. You have games that work for both the casual and hardcore gamers that you know; a little something for everyone. So, a quick review. This list is our Top 10 games that we enjoy playing with other couples (4 people). The first six games are listed below and you can click on them to read more about what we thought of them, but without anymore delay the list continues...

Honorable Mentions
Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Carcassonne
10. Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan
9. Small World
8. Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
7. Can't Stop
6. King of Tokyo
5. Qwirkle

4. Letters From Whitechapel
Unfortunately, this game is currently out of print, so it's tough one to get a hold of right now. However, there is supposed to be a reprint on the way, so be on the lookout. Letters From Whitechapel (LFW) is a hidden movement game (if you are familar with Scotland Yard, it is very similar). One player is Jack the Ripper, while each of the other players are police officers. The game takes place over 4 nights, and Jack is trying to kill 5 "wretched" (one each night, except the 3rd night where there is a double murder), and then make back to his hideout before the night is out or the police catch him. If he makes it back safely, the game continues to the next night, but if he runs out of time or is caught, the game ends.

We have really enjoyed this game with another gaming couple (They are the ones who own Ninja: LotSC, and purchased it because of LFW). It seems like every time they come over they request to play this game. The game is a lot of fun, and can get very intense for both the police and Jack. Sometimes he narrowly escapes and you can see the Jack player begin to sweat. I really think the intensity drives this game, and makes it so much fun for couples.

Now, this game is not for everyone. It has a mature theme, and it can drag a little if players take too long trying to figure out where Jack is. We have also found it can be very difficult for Jack to win. We have yet to have a game where he survives through the 3rd night (although Mrs. GwT did make it the farthest in a game with just us). I have heard of other groups having the opposite problem, where Jack wins too easily each time. Either way, the game is difficult and can take 2-4 hours to complete. So, if you want an early night, this may not be the game to pick. If you are wanting a similar experience, I have heard good things about Nuns on the Run and Scotland Yard, but I have yet to play either one. Personally, I have had fun with Clue: The Great Museum Caper, but that one is difficult to find as well. Overall, we love this one and it's great with 4. It also plays great with 2 and 6 (the max player number). The fact that it scales well makes it a "go-to" game for us when we have our gaming friends over.

3. Crokinole/Sorry! Sliders
We have had a blast with our Crokinole board. We have enjoyed it with 2 and with 4, and I cannot say enough good things about it. The only bad thing about Crokinole is that you either have to be a master craftsman to build one, or pay at least $150 for an entry level board. However, the folks over at Hasbro released a game called Sorry! Sliders a few years back. The game plays very similar to Crokinole, except you can find it at Target for $20. We recently picked up a copy for a Christmas gift on the clearance rack at Target, and then we found another copy for $2 at our local thrift store. So, this one is readily available and you don't have to take out a loan to play it.

Both of these games are great fun. They are quick to learn and quick to play. Most of the games that we have played are over in less than a half hour. There is a bit of a learning curve, and the game can get frustrating, because there is quite a bit of skill involved--just ask Mrs. Games with Two. I think I have almost ended up on the couch a few times because of Crokinole games (and Fast Track for that matter). She still enjoys it though, and it's one of her favorites. Finally, this one is great because it is a social game. There aren't many rules and not much thinking, so you can sit and have a conversation while you play, which cannot be said for most games. Normally, the conversation has to revolve around the game in some fashion, and that just isn't the case with Crokinole. If you can afford it and have a place to store it, you may want to consider getting one of these bad boys. They are a blast.

We will round out the Top 10 soon with numbers 2 and 1. Since these are at the top of the list, they warrant separate posts. Don't Panic though, because I just know you will love our top picks.

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