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Mansions of the Great Oak - October 2012

Kearn Reif
United States
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I am back. For those of you who follow my blog I apologize for being absent. My laptop's hard-drive decided to die and took with it all of my pictures and my last blog with it. Then our host, Rhonda, had a death in the family and had to cancel last months meeting. Thankfully I get to play games with others and didn't go through any withdrawals.

Eric McGlohon
United States
Ann Arbor
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runs a wonderful game group in Ann Arbor. The room is big with a dozen tables available to play games on. There is a kitchen and everyone brings snacks to share. It is a well run game group. If you are lucky, Eric will be in a mood to BBQ and I understand it is very good.

Mansions of Madness
Mansions of Madness, either you love it or you hate it. I fall into the love it group. Joe was practicing for the following week, where he would be running two events of Mansions of Madness. We had three investigators versus the GM. We played story 3: Bloodties. I will not give any specifics so as not to spoil the story. The investigators tried and failed to finish the story before the last story card flipped.


Thematically, Mansions of Madness yanks me in. The great monster sculpts, the dark game tiles and the stories/scenarios. I truly enjoy the puzzles and there varying degrees of difficulty. Now the game isn't with out flaws, I find combat illogical. The choice of skills you roll against on the cards sometimes make little sense. Now one of the complaints I hear about MoM is that the game favors the Keeper. In my experience, I have had more draws than Keeper or Investigator wins. I would love to hear some other players experiences.

My Investigator

Game time:2 hours 45 minutes
Investigators:Cheryl,Mike and Kearn-Lose; Keeper:Joe-Win

Gauntlet of Fools
I had little interest in playing Gauntlet of Fools but I always will try something once.The game starts with a bid as each player takes turns bidding on certain characters. The bids are negatives that effect the character like hop on one leg with a -2 to your defense. It is interesting and I would imagine the bidding would be more fierce if we understood what everything does.

Courtesy of Ender Wiggins

Once the bidding is through, you take your adventurers into the dungeon, forest or whatever. A monster card is flipped and you have to attack and defend against the creature. Defeat the monster and you get gold. Defend against the monster and live. If at any point you suffer 4 wounds, you are out of the game. The player with the most gold wins.

The game is okay. It benefits from multiple plays so that the bidding process becomes more interesting and players can spot the overpowered hero. In our case we didn't and Tom ended walking away with the game as we all died quickly. I might try it again but I felt so lack luster afterwords that it might take some coaxing.

Game time: 35 minutes

I got my first play of Seasons and I plan to go more details in my next blog. I will say the game is fun and reminds me of a few CCG's I used to play. The pre-draft is the only way to play and may very well replace 7 Wonders.

11 Nimmt!
Seven of us sat down and played 11 Nimmt! to kill time. I heard many people say this is a fun game and I was curious to try it. The goal is not to have too many bull heads in your hand when a player empties his hand. Since we all know each other, the trash talking was flying. I enjoyed playing 11 Nimmt! and would play it anytime.

Lots of Bulls.

Mike was free and I asked him to teach me Quarriors!. A quick rule summary and setup of the dice and we were rolling. I rolled up a few apprentices and sent them out to score. That was all I ended up doing the rest of the game. I got tons of quidity on my dice and was able to purchase new dice. If not, I just culled dice using some of the new rules in the latest expansion. I found some of the dice hard to read and was told it was a flaw of the earlier printings.

Courtesy of Brennus

Despite my bad die rolls, I still enjoyed the game and would play it again. The artwork is nice and despite printing flaws, the dice are cool. I do think the "Q" joke is overplayed. I think it is a game my wife would enjoy and hopefully will try. Unfortunately, the other players cleaned up the board before I could record the final scores but I believe Mike won by a few points.
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