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This is a short description of the games we play at our Friday night game group.
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Friday 2nd November 2012

Sharon Khan
United Kingdom
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Games, games and more games!
There were just 3 of us. We let Richard choose most of the games for the evening, and as a result ended up with quite an exploration theme.

First up was RoboRally. Richard drew The Big One, as one of his options, as well as some missiles, and managed to kill one of my robots, and do 8 damage to one of Sami’s that was powered down, when it went off. However, Sami’s other robot was happily reaching checkpoints with very little interference, so the game was over fairly quickly.

Next was Galaxy Trucker, exploring deep space. First round was a fairly normal round, and the second was very cargo heavy, with Sami in particular netting an amazing score for cargo. The third round had a ridiculous number of meteor showers in it. I had looked at the cards and knew this, so I overloaded my ship with shields, shield upgrades, and loads of batteries, and flew through relatively unharmed, while Sami and Richard’s ships were falling apart – Richard had also gone the shield route, but I’d taken so many battery tiles he couldn’t power his (at the end of the round I still had 11 batteries left!).

Next Richard asked for Trans Europa. Sami finished really quickly the first round, so both Richard and I had a high score, but then the next round Sami was the one to get a high score, which evened things out a bit. Richard was the one to go over the edge in the end, with Sami just beating me by 1 point.

Next on our exploration theme was Expedition, sending expeditions out to explore the world – Richard thought he’d played it before, but then realised it wasn’t familiar. I placed all my starting tokens near to Richard’s, which meant early on we worked together to collect them all, while Sami didn’t get any of his. However, later on, Sami directed all three expeditions to Asia, where I had only one card, and he rapidly emptied his hand, until he had just one card left – Antartica. I rapidly diverted it back into Africa, where all my remaining cards were, to try and improve my score, but it wasn’t far enough away, and two turns later Sami reached Antartica for the win.

Then we decided to explore for gold, and played Lost Valley, which Richard had seen played the previous week but not played himself. Sami and Richard went down one side of the river each. I started on Sami’s side collecting some river gold, then rapidly backtracked to Richard’s side, as he had the better mountain gold initially. Sami and Richard spent their early river gold buying equipment, but I didn’t bother, and it rapidly became clear I would be ending the game soon. I wandered up river, found a nice pile of river gold, and spent a few turns collecting it, then used my remaining whisky to head home quickly. I had been lucky with my mountain gold, and if Sami, with his mine, had picked up as many 4s as me he would have won, but the fact that they were mostly high, was enough to win me it.

Tikal was our next exploration game – exploring for temples. It was new to Richard as well. Early on he decided to built up one temple to top level and guard it, despite losing his big man to do so. It gave him a good lead over Sami early on, but I did better from my large number of smaller temples. However, then Sami’s treasure horde started to accumulate, as he drew and placed all the treasure tiles in places accessible only to him, and rapidly had more treasure than Richard and I put together, and this was enough for his score in the last two rounds to surpass ours.

We finished with a quick Mamma Mia!, which Sami said wasn’t nearly as bad as he remembered! We all did fairly well in the first round, completing about three pizzas each, but in the second round it went horribly wrong for Sami, while I completed two more. However, in the last round it was my turn to have a disaster, and Richard, being more consistent in all three rounds, was able to pass both Sami and I, and I beat Sami for second on the ingredient tie-break.
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