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Session Report #3: November 11, 2012

Lee Benson
United States
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...and I'm back in the game!
Session Report #3: November 11, 2012
aka "Alfred, come down here and break this tie for me."

The Players
Special guest: Adam

The Rundown
Collin and Kyle showed up about 15 minutes early, and since we're not ones to wait patiently, we introduced Kyle to Loot. It went well, with many cries of "I was going to play that color!" and "look at his fat stack of cash; why are you attacking me?!" Collin and I both ended with 32 points, giving us both a win and the first tie of the evening.

Nobody else had arrived, so we played a game of Gubs, a fun little game with little strategy and tons of chaos. This game was actually designed by someone I knew in college and we played an earlier version a couple of times on the floor of his apartment. Kyle took the win with only three gubs in play. It was a rough game. Many gubs died to bring you this message.

At this point, Mike and Amanda showed up, and Collin bequeathed to Mike his copy of The Merchant of Venus. After Mike whispered sweet nothings to his lovely new game, we decided to start off with 7 Wonders. Mike and Amanda, despite owning the game, had never played, so I explained the rules. Apparently, I did a fine job because Mike won the first game. His score was tied with Collin's, giving us the second tie of the night, which was broken by virtue of Mike having more cash than Papa John. Instead of putting it away and breaking out another game, we decided to go again, and Kyle won this round, edging out Collin by a single point.

Mike suggested Coloretto, having never played before. Kyle, who had originally quite disliked the game, seemed to have more fun this time, trouncing us with his 29 points (Collin coming in second with 21). I apparently glossed over a key scoring rule, causing a little confusion, but I received my comeuppance when I lost…hard (*cough* 13 points *cough*).

As we were preparing to play No Thanks!, Adam arrived. After introductions and how-do-ya-dos, we got to voting on the next game. Using the chips from No Thanks as voting tokens, we set out our options and everyone got two votes. Cosmic Encounter and Dungeon Fighter got the most, so we voted between the two, resulting in three votes for each. So we rolled a die and it came up Dungeon Fighter.

After getting through the surprisingly confusing rules, I nominated myself as leader and nobody complained (which we all can agree was a bad call). We were off and dungeon fighting. The game had some fun and challenge, but most of us felt that the rulebook was confusing. We did our best, but one of our best dice rollers, Adam, was killed by a bad guy. We did our best, tossing dice over our shoulder, kneeling on the floor and with our non-dominant hand, but to no avail. We were all killed by a Level III bad guy.

We thought we'd play a quick game before dinner, and For Sale seemed like a good choice. Explanation took all of two minutes and we were buying space stations and dog houses in no time. (Side note: there's an animal on every single For Sale property except the space station. We will be forever indebted to the person that can find this animal; Amanda insists it's there somewhere). I won the first game with a narrow margin of $2000. We played again and I won again with an even narrower margin of $2000.

Next up was Cosmic Encounter. Amanda explained the rules, which went quite well, as we were all pretty clear on what we were doing. Early on, I got locked into a vicious encounter where I was on the defensive and I very nearly pulled out a victory, but narrowly lost. This gutted me and I could barely hold on. Near the end, everyone else had four colonies to my two. Mike attacked a planet for his fifth colony, with Kyle glomming on (as the Parasite race) grabbing a victory as well. This gave us our third tie game of the night.

[Insert amusing anecdote regarding dinner here.]

After we filled up, we were ready for Rex. We had two new players to the game, so Mike and I did our best to explain the rules. Play was very very slow with six people, but we slogged our way through it. This game is tough and I think most people struggled to hold onto their plan. In a key battle near the end of the game, my leader betrayed me and all hope was lost for me, while Collin secured a second stronghold. Collin then managed to secure his third stronghold on the same turn to win the game in round 7.

We were all pretty exhausted after our bout with Rex. Adam took off and the remaining five of us got in one last game of No Thanks!, a game that never fails to produce both groans and laughter. The best moment had to be when Kyle, with a 33 and a 35 showing in front of him, drew the last card, which was the 34. It wasn't enough however, as Amanda and I both had only 12 points, giving us both the win and the fourth tied game of the night.

That was all she wrote. The players then stepped out into the cold, wet night and mourned the end of another day of games.

In the next issue of Alfred, Come Down Here, Mike will be taking over session report duties as I will not be able to attend. The week after that is Thanksgiving weekend, so I'll be posting some statistics! Stay tuned!

The Statistics
# of wins per players
Amanda: 1 (No Thanks!)
Collin: 2 (Loot, Rex)
Kyle: 4 (Gubs, 7 Wonders, Coloretto, Cosmic Encounter)
Lee: 4 (Loot, For Sale x2, No Thanks!)
Mike: 2 (7 Wonders, Cosmic Encounter)
Adam: 0 (Although I have to say he was quite possibly our best dungeon fighter.)

# of games played
11 plays of 9 distinct games

Median year of games played

Average playing time
41 minutes

Total time spent playing (according to game lengths on BGG)
6 hours 45 minutes

Total time actually spent playing
Probably about 9 hours
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