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What You Got There, Numbers?

Lee Benson
United States
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...and I'm back in the game!
What You Got There, Numbers?
aka "Alfred, come down here and bring your calculator."

For whatever reason, I've made it a point to log each play of every game we've ever played, including: who won; game length; year of game's publishing and other data. I've compiled all of this into a spreadsheet which churns the numbers and pumps out statistics for various aspects of those games. And so, I introduce to you, every statistic I could think of for every game our group has played. Enjoy!

The Top Games for Each Player
I have created an algorithm which calculates a player's rating for each game that they've played. It takes into account: number of players in each game; wins for each game; total number of games played. It also compensates for "beginner's luck." Below are the top games (in order) for each player using this formula. Note: These aren't to compare players and see who's better than whom; it's more for the interest of seeing those games in which each player excels.

1 Modern Art
2 Farmageddon
3 Loopin' Louie
4 No Thanks!
5 For Sale

1 Rex: Final Days of an Empire
2 Loot
3 The Speicherstadt
4 Loopin' Louie
5 No Thanks!

1 7 Wonders
2 Coup
3 Mundus Novus
4 For Sale
5 Loopin' Louie

1 Pack & Stack
2 Power Grid
3 For Sale
4 No Thanks!
5 Risk: Legacy

1 High Society
2 Bohnanza
3 Gauntlet of Fools
4 7 Wonders
5 Biblios / Coup

Game Plays
Total # of Games Played: 136 plays of 56 games
Median Year of Games Played: 2008
Average Game Length: 40 minutes
Total Time Spent Playing: 72 hours (according to BGG game lengths)

Our Favorite Games
For every game we play, we rate it on a scale from 1 to 5 — 1 being equivalent to scalding hatred and 5 equivalent to wanting to play it as much as physically possible. I've entered these ratings into a highly technical spreadsheet (separate from the other spreadsheet) in order to calculate our groups favorite games. It takes into account: the overall average rating for that game; each user's average rating; how many people rated it; and other factors. This gave me a list of every game we've played from top to bottom. Some games with high average ratings may be far down on the list because only a couple people have played them. So, this list should reflect those games that we enjoy as a group.

1 Bohnanza
2 No Thanks!
3 Loopin' Louie
4 Power Grid
5 Modern Art

6 7 Wonders
7 High Society
8 The Speicherstadt
9 For Sale
10 Coup

11 Hive (This is the highest ranked game which not everyone has played and rated.)
12 Escape: The Curse of the Temple
13 Mundus Novus
14 Risk: Legacy (This is the highest ranked game which someone hates. Collin gave it a 2.)
15 Courtier

16 Poison
17 Pack & Stack
18 Small World
19 Citadels
20 Loot

21 Rex: Final Days of an Empire
22 Carcassonne
23 Coloretto
24 Princes of Florence
25 Galaxy Trucker (tie)
25 Incan Gold (tie)

27 Stone Age
28 Gauntlet of Fools
29 King of Tokyo (tie)
29 Sunrise City (tie)

31 Seasons
32 Biblios
33 Castles of Burgundy
34 Alien Frontiers
35 Love Letter

36 Hanabi
37 Chicago Express
38 Excape
39 Quarriors
40 Can't Stop

41 Eclipse
42 Tsuro
43 Wars of the Roses: Lancaster vs York
44 Jaipur
45 Zombie Dice

46 Quoridor
47 Battle Line
48 Timeline: Inventions
49 Chrononauts
50 Zendo (This game has the honor of being the lowest ranked game that all of us have played.)

51 Jab
52 Farmageddon
53 Sixis
54 Gubs
55 Polarity (This game is the lowest ranked game which someone loves. Collin gave it a 5.)

56 Pandemic
57 Martian Chess (tie)
57 Pentago (tie)
59 Khet
60 Jungle Speed

61 Space Alert

Our Most Played Games
For the purposes of this statistic, only games with at least three members of our regular group (Lee, Collin, Mike, Amanda and Kyle) are counted, unless they're two-player games, which only needs two of the five.

1 Loopin' Louie - 21 plays
2 No Thanks! - 13
3 For Sale - 7
4 Pack & Stack - 6
5 Power Grid / 7 Wonders - 4

Games We've Spent the Most Time Playing
1 Power Grid - 6:00
2 No Thanks! - 4:20
3 Rex: Final Days of an Empire - 4:00
4 Loopin' Louie - 3:30
5 For Sale - 2:20
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