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This blog is a writeup of our weekly game group. Thoughts on what we played how the game went, etc.
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Tuesday Evening Gamers - Nov 13, 20, 23, 27th - Catching up - Civilization, Hamsterrolle, Vegas, and many more!

Gary Heidenreich
United States
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November 13, 20, 27, 2012

Yeah, I'm still alive and gaming. Work got super busy for me after the 13th and then I was on vacation the week of the 20th (which I hate typing this all up on my laptop). So, here we are, on the 27th, catching up.

I decided to combine entries as frankly, I don't remember tons of details from the previous weeks. But, I got the games listed and some of the scores. Perhaps a feeling. ::shrug::

So, I guess I'll start early and work my way to what I remember, eh?

November 13th. We had five of us. Larry, Chris, Aaron, Kevin, and of course, me. We ended up playing bunches of shorter games. We started off with the newest alea, Vegas. Definately a filler and a good one. It's soo simple but it's very cool. Sort of a spin off of Pickomino in where you roll and allocate one number rolled. Anyways, Aaron won, with Kevin in second. We played Jamaica next, dealing with some terrible rules. Aaron won that one too. Next up, we broke out a TEG favorite, Condottiere. Chris grabbed the win in one of the quickest games we had played of it. So, another quickie was played, Formula Motor Racing where Larry managed the most points in the one off race. Kevin left so we played a game of Saint Petersburg which I managed a pretty solid win (Buildings all the way!)

November 20th. Oh boy, I'm not even sure who was all there. I think it was Timm, Mike, Jeff, Chris and myself.We managed to play one hand of Sheepshead (Chris, Timm, myself) before Mike arrived. While waiting for Jeff, we played a game of Vegas and I'm not even sure who won that one.

Yeah, I'm bad, aren't I. I don't even have my notes anymore for this day.

We then played RoboRally. This is a really fun game, I have to admit. Lots of laughs. We kept the board small so the game didn't overstay it's welcome. Timm won this one. I then broke out Santiago as we all had played it a few times in the past but hasn't seen the table in awhile. I pulled out a pretty healthy win on this one. It's one I really enjoy when we have five. Especially when you have five who know how to play. After that, Chris and Mike rolled and Scott arrived as Timm, Jeff and I were playing Crokinole on Jeff's new Puzzler board. Very nice board. Very nice. We played until nearly Midnight (as we were all off work that Wednesday).

Friday, November 23. I almost forgot, we played a game of Civilization. Six of us who had played before. This game went 8.5 hours...a new speed record for us. Man, this was the absolute closest games of this we played. Kevin, who was Africa, pulled out the win as we couldn't drag him back on the AST. Chris, Timm, and I were dead even on the AST and coasting in ourselves. I THINK I might have had the most points if we could stop Kevin. We are STILL talking about the game.

Scott - Italy
Gary - Asia
Timm - Babylon
Chris - Egypt
Mike - Crete

Just a flat out great game and good time. Mike's Potato leek soup was soo good.

So, now November 27th - yesterday. Timm, Kevin and myself played numerous hands of Sheepshead. Kevin ultimately had the most points and I couldn't get a hand. LOL

Larry arrived. So, with four, we pressured Timm into playing Acquire. One of Larry's (and mine) all time favories. Timm was hesitant as the last time he played, he played with the wrong people. So, we got going and almost as normal, Sackson was huge and was the game ender (going well over 41). Larry won with 43.4, Timm had 42.8, Kevin had 38.3 and I had 30.5. Such a tense game. Love it!

As we were searching for the next game, I think Kevin mentioned about the area control flicking game. Cairo!!! Only played it once but it's so easy. And flicky. The basic premise is you travel up and down the Nile and you flick cubes off of your boat to try and get them into building sites to build pyramids. The die role moves your boat and determins what finger you flick with (or Thumb!). We had lots of fun with this quick game. Kevin won with 50 or so points, I had 40ish, Larry was probably high 30s or so, and Timm had 25+.

Well, dexterity leads to more dexterity and Hamsterrolle came out. We did not play partners and again we had lots of laughs with this one. Some great placements, epic fails. All good. Kevin won this one.

To end the night, we played two games of team Crokinole MilwaukeeTEG (Timm and I) against Larry and Kevin. Larry and Kevin won both games.

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