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2012 Year In Review: Part 1 (My Played Games)

Jesse Dean
United States
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As 2012 comes to an end, it is time, once again, for me to start performing my year in review. Last year I started out with a look at my games played. As was the case last year, I doubt I will be playing much that is new between now and the end of the month, with the only likely exception being Myrmes, so if anything these numbers should just improve between now and then. Instead I expect most of my plays to be repeats of newer games or older favorites, particularly Terra Mystica (extremely popular locally), Archipelago (extreme hesitance locally), Keyflower, CO2, Al-Rashid, and Coup.

From gallery of doubtofbuddha

From gallery of doubtofbuddha

• One played game was an Unpublished Prototype. It is not included in this table.

I consider this year to be a bit mixed both in quantity and quality. Compared to last year I have played more, but that is in part because of a brief stint into Magic which netted me 100 plays since the summer. I played a lot more games I rate 6 and 7 and less that I rate an 8 or 9. I blame that in part due to the brief disintegration of my play group over the summer, which resulted in my playing more random stuff at game night and losing my regular Sunday game day, and in part due to the fact that I reviewed, due to receiving review copies, more games that I ended up being only mildly favorable or unfavorable towards rather than truly enthusiastic. In all likelihood my plays will shift back up towards my favorites or ones that have a good chance of being favorites as I accept and request less (or none at all, still deciding) review copies. On the bright side, I ended up playing a lot more of the games I rate 10 this year. This is largely due to my intense enthusiasm for Mage Knight, which made up 29 of the 49 10 plays this year.

The percentage of games that I played 10 or more times remained fairly constant, but the percentage for the next two categories dropped in the face of more singleton plays. Part of this is due to collection maturity. There are some games in my collection that I like a great deal, want to keep, but only get to play a few times a year. Considering my overall desire for a lean collection, these are ones that are probably most likely to get the chopping block as I have a few new favorites for which I will need to make room.

I am honestly not sure what my gaming conditions will look like in 2013. I hope to continue on with regular Wednesday gaming and irregular gaming at other points in the week and also have a desire to increase the amount of time I spend playing my favorites. I think my ideal would probably be to get a two player game partner, as that would allow me to play some two player favorites more frequently without it cutting into my multi-player game time. I am not quite sure how to go about that though, so we will see what happens.

Up until last night I would have picked some game from BGG.Con 2012 as my favorite. However, last night exceeded that. We were figuring out how to sort into games (I was pushing for CO2 but we had a lot of people who wanted to play Terra Mystica). So we drew game pieces. I ended up in the Terra Mystica game, and someone who really wanted to play TM was not, and I relented and offered them my spot. The mentioned gentleman and his wife suggested maybe I should play in both games simultaneously. So I did. That in of itself would have made it pretty fun, but what made it even crazier is that I won both games. I do not expect that to ever happen again, I almost certainly had to have several things that I did not have control over to break my way for it to happen in the first place, but the sheer fact that it happened is both crazy and very, very entertaining.

How was your gaming in 2012?
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