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Session Report #9: December 23, 2012

Mike Esquivel
United States
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Session Report #9: December 23, 2012
aka "Alfred, come down here and bring me some eggnog!"

The Players

The Rundown
Sorry for the delay. The holidays and all of the off-time demotivated me into writing the report. I'll try not to be as wordy as the last time I posted.

So, this last session found us with our entire group again... well, at least in the beginning. Lee was departing on that day to visit family out of state. But, we had Kyle with us and we decided to get in another session of Risk Legacy. When we last visit our new alternate world, Amanda's army rampaged through South America, spreading into South Africa and through nearly half the world, solidifying her victory with the help of the Imperial Balkania army.. This week, we found Amanda, once again, starting out in South America and Lee starting in SE Asia and spreading out into Australia. Collin took ground in North America, Kyle in Europe, and I started in NW Asia. The war got ugly quick. Amanda sent forth the Balkanians into Central American to guarantee that Collin couldn't take hold of the entire continent. But, as she held a presence there, she spread out into Africa and slowly crept her way up to Europe. Kyle never got a chance to take hold of Europe. Balkanian came in from the south and my army, funded by Khan Industries came in from the east. While this was all happening, Lee pushed Die Mechaniker up through the eastern coast of Asia and snuck his way into North America through Alaska. Collin and Kyle's armies fought good fights. But, as my Khan Industrial army amassed a scary amount of troops, Amanda's Balkanians continue to spread. She made it to the city of Gateway, Lee's Capital City and broke through. She went in and took his capital. But, Lee started terrorizing North America. Collin's Saharans couldn't hold him back.

Through some tense dice rolling, Lee found himself victorious once again, not only writing his name on the board, but also triggering the opening of a pack within the box. Now, the Event Deck and the Mission Deck have been unlocked. In the start of our next game, Lee will have two missiles on hand, Amanda will have one... and the rest of the world will be watching to see what will be done and take steps to prevent a runaway leader.

After Risk Legacy, and before Lee had to leave, we finished a game of Power Grid that we had started earlier in the week between Lee, Collin, Kyle, and myself. We were just about to break into Step 3 at this point. It really wasn't too long until we got to the end of the game. Lee won by powering just enough power plants to trigger end game and win it. Kyle came in a close second and Collin and myself tied for third.

At this point, Lee had to gather his things and had to depart so that he could catch his train. After we all said our good-byes, Collin broke out Biblios. This was the first time that Amanda and I had played the game, but after going through the rules, we were well on our way. Well, we were sort of on our way. I felt okay about, but Amanda wasn't solid on the rules. By the end of the game, Collin took the victory, but by the end, Amanda had a good grasp on how the game was played. We immediately set up for a second game. By not letting Collin get away with so much bluffing, we managed to keep him down and keep discarding cards. By the end, I won, with Kyle at a close second, Amanda in third, and Collin last.

Next up was Coup. Everyone except for Amanda had previously played the game, but the game was easy to teach and we were playing in no time at all. I was the first to be eliminated as I was assasinated by Kyle. Amanda was able to eventually take out Kyle and it was down to Collin and Amanda. Through strong honest, no-bluffing play, Amanda was able to pull out the win.

After a quick food break, we played Courtier. This was a first-time play through for all of us, but I was able to teach everyone pretty easily. Through manipulation, area control, and completing some good strong secret objectives, Collin pulled out the win, with me coming at second, Amanda in third, and Kyle in fourth place.

Next up onto the table was Mundus Novus. We've all previously played the game, but I went through a quick refresher. Fun was had by all as we traded commodities, sailed our ships, and used merchants to try to gain as much money as possible. In the end, I pulled out a strong win, with Kyle coming in second, Collin coming in third, and Amanda coming in fourth.

Sunrise City was our next game. Collin went through the rules, which was necessary since the last time I played with him, we weren't necessarily playing 100% correctly. Plus, this was Amanda's first time playing. City buildings grew rapidly and the city developed fast. Through some smart, but ruthless, gameplay, Collin grabbed the win, with me coming in second, Kyle in third, and Amanda in fourth.

It was getting late, but we got in one more game, a game that we all love but hadn't played in awhile, Bohnanza. Collin's newly sleeved copy was shuffled, cards were dealth, and we began planting, trading, scheming, wheeling, and dealing. In the end, Kyle and I tied in money... but I broke the tie with more cards in-hand. Collin came in at third and Amanda came in fourth.

The Highlights
In Bohnanza...
Kyle: I don't have wax beans.
Collin: You DO have a wax, dick!

And also in Bohnanza (it WAS late by this time)

Collin: Careful guys... there's a pube in this card sleeve.

The Statistics
# of games played
12 plays of 8 distinct games

Median year of games played

Average playing time
1 hr

Total Time Spent Playing (according to game lengths on BGG)
7 hrs 15 mins

Total Time Actually Spent Playing
Around 11 hrs

The Ratings
My apologies for not having a fancy set-up, like Lee does

5 - Equivalent to a BGG rating of 9–10. Loved it and would play it every session.
4 - Really enjoyed, but wouldn't want to play every week.
3 - Could take it or leave it.
2 - Did not enjoy it, but could be talked into playing it again.
1 - Equivalent to a BGG rating of 1–2. Hated it and would not want to play it again.

Risk Legacy - Overall Rating: 4.4
Amanda - 4
Collin - 2
Kyle - 4
Lee - 4
Mike - 4

Power Grid - Overall Rating: 4.5
Amanda - N/A
Collin - 4
Kyle - 4
Lee - 5
Mike - 5

Biblios - Overall Rating: 4
Amanda - 3
Collin - 4
Kyle - 5
Lee - N/A
Mike - 4

Coup - Overall Rating: 4.75
Amanda - 4
Collin - 5
Kyle - 5
Lee - N/A
Mike - 5

Courtier - Overall Rating: 4
Amanda - 3
Collin - 4
Kyle - 5
Lee - N/A
Mike - 4

Mundus Novus - Overall Rating: 4
Amanda - 4
Collin - 4
Kyle - 4
Lee - N/A
Mike - 4

Sunrise City - Overall Rating: 3.25
Amanda - 3
Collin - 4
Kyle - 3
Lee - N/A
Mike - 3

Bohnanza - Overall Rating: 5
Amanda - 5
Collin - 5
Kyle - 5
Lee - N/A
Mike - 5
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