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The Annual New Year's Eve game-a-thon.

Miira Auroora
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We have this tradition, that has been going for over 10 years, that on New Year's Eve my family sits down and plays games the whole day and the evening. Usually we just pick games quite randomly, but this year we made a list where everyone could add 2 games. My parents didn't join us this year, since they had other things reserved for that day.

Our first game was Survive: Escape from Atlantis!, which was on my fiancé's list. So there we were, me, my fiancé, my sister and her two daughters Aino(13yo) and Maiju(16yo), sinking each others ships and eating innocent swimmers with sharks. And we play a mean game! There were threats made about someone going to sleep on the couch, or someone not going to talk to someone else for a week. What an awesome game that was! Even though I had only like 2 of my guys survive.

After that we played a game from Aino's list, which was Jamaica. I had a really slow start but I managed to finish in second place. Too bad I had lost almost all my gold somewhere during the race. I think my fiancé won, with a ridiculous amount of gold. I'm quite sure most of it was originally mine.

I think after Jamaica we had a small break, when my sister had to go walk their adorable border collie puppy called Nelli. After that, we played a game of Galaxy Trucker which was from my list. I chose GT because it had been such a long time since we had played it. The two first rounds went quite nicely, nothing too chaotic went down. But the third round was pure horror. I think everybody got their ships blown up into pieces. I managed to pull a win by having done so well in the first rounds.

After the space mayhem, my sister wanted to play a game from her list. She is more into party games(unfortunately!), even though she does play most of our games with us. Her first pick was Compatibility. In Compatibility you're given a deck of cards with pictures, and you and your partner are given a topic to which you should find matching cards. The more same cards you have, the better you score. My family plays that quite often, and it's OK. I'm quite used to it and do own a copy myself. My fiancé and I won, but it was a close call.

Right after Compatibility we had dinner and after that we played a game of Say Anything. I wish I could remember some of the jokes that were made during that game, but my memory has failed me. I'll have to ask my sister if she remembers any. Well anyhow, we had a blast! After that we were quite tired and decided to continue the game-a-thon tomorrow.

The next day I hadn't slept well, but I didn't want to disappoint anyone, so I drank two big mugs of coffee and we continued gaming. The first game was Lord of the Rings, which we play every year on New Years Day. This was my brother-in-laws only choice. We made it to the second to last square, shield, mark, what-ever-you-call-it, but the tiles were diabolical. It was fun though. Very intense. Last year I wasn't so happy to play this, but this year it was a lot of fun. But the amount of luck this game has really annoys me sometimes. We had the movie soundtracks on while we played, so it was thematic and fun.

Next we played a game of Dixit Odyssey which is always fun. We have all the expansions and the two base games. I actually really like the new Dixit 3 cards. To me the art is better than before, even though I know alot of people prefer the old ones.

We also played 3 games of King of Tokyo with the expansion, and my niece Maiju won them all!

Oh, and we played Scotland Yard which we hadn't played in two years. My fiancé was Mr. X and he got away He said I was once standing next to him, but I had no clue!

Whew, that was a long post.Actually I forgot that we played LotR twice, but I think I didn't forget anyting else. Didn't get Seasons to the table, but it's alright. I've got time.
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