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When you live up in the Cascade Mountains, you get to think about games far more often than actually playing them. Gamers are a rare breed out here, so I have taken it upon myself to share my hobby with the locals. If by chance I ever manage to get one to the table, I just hope I remember...Let the Wookie win.
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Nickel and dime, decision time.

Jeff Pratt
United States
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Just admit it already, Small World is not a fantasy's a Mancala variant!
For the new year, I have decided to focus on getting clustered, repeat plays on my games instead of shotgunning a hundred different titles like I did in 2012. Last year, I was coming off a pretty substantial gaming drought, so that approach was fine...but now I want to look into deeper experiences. I've also run out of room for any new acquisitions, so I have to seriously look at unloading any games that just aren't doing it for both my family and my gaming group.


Now technically, as soon as I add some shelves to the top-side of that cabinet, I'll be able to squeeze a few more in. Still, I have a large tote of Star Wars Miniatures, a dozen long boxes of World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and another tote of Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie that I will have to find room for when I fetch it from storage. I'm spilling over the allotted space, so I have to act now if I'm going to add any of the new things that have caught my eye such as Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island or the Up Front reprint. So that's my goal, play as many games as I can five to ten times and then sell (or trade) it off if it's not begging to be played anymore. I'm very much of the mind set that if you get your price per play down to that of a movie ticket, you've got your money's worth out of it.

The only thing I have to work out now is how to do that efficiently while allowing everyone else to still have fun. I don't want to force feed the rest of the group ten plays of Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game if they are all miserable playing it. Of course, if that's the case I will know where that game probably belongs anyway, so that little problem might just sort itself out.

I also need to work on a system for what order to play these games out. Should we vote, should I randomly pick, or should I attack them chronologically by release date? That last one sounds like a lot of fun, but that might just be my personal interest in the evolution of the hobby, not because it would serve any real value in keeping things fun for everyone else. Working out a system in the first place is probably completely unnecessary, but it might help to get everyone engaged with my plan and interested in helping me complete it. Any thoughts out there?

I'm sure it will provide for some blog fodder as well. My thoughts on reasons to keep, reasons to pass it on or advice from the rest of the geek on either option.

I'm also going into this with a few obvious games that have already made the cut.

Dominion and all of it's expansions. Everyone I know loves it and if anything I think we have neglected it a bit in the last year.

Innovation This game is simply brilliant. Thirty-eight plays and counting. I guarantee it will hit the century mark before I even consider getting tired of it.

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game I love everything about this game. The cheesy movie scene mock-ups on the cards, the funny events the cards generate and the entire cinematic experience the game provides. I also like that I can teach you to play a hero in 5 minutes. The expansions have bloated it a bit, but I like what they add to the game for more experienced players.

Biblios I was just introduced to this in the past year and it shot up to the number one spot as our quick game/filler of choice.

High Society Well maybe I spoke to soon when talking about Biblios. I also discovered this game by accident, paying five bucks for it off a clearance table at the FLGS. We will hit this one as often as Biblios in the coming years, I'm sure.

Arkham Horror It's tough to reliably get this one played, but my wife adores everything Lovecraftian and when everyone knows what they are doing, the story that unravels during play is unrivaled. So many funny gaming stories about this one and so many more to come...

There are more games that I already know are going to Survive!, but I will wait for them to hit dime status before I address we have an excuse to play them some more. Clever, right?
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