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The Week in Review: Ultimate Showdown, Pudding Monsters, Hroogar, and more...

Brad Cummings
United States
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The Week In Review


Ultimate Showdown
This unknown CCG stumbled into the Appstore just after the new year. It is a free to play game where you can earn currency to buy more packs of cards or you can spend money to get in game currency. Ultimate Showdown shares a lot with Magic. You have a deck of cards and resource cards that you play each turn. Each resource card will produce a set number of resources each turn and these will carry over if not spent. They can be used to place out soldiers to your side or apply augments to these soldiers. Like many other CCGs, the goal is to lower your opponents health total. Thought it borrows heavily from other games, I did find some with this app for a few hours. The games play quickly overall. My only concern is that the app seems pretty empty right now, so I hesitate to invest real world money into it. For free it is worth a look and perhaps we can jumpstart the community.
You can check out the app here.

Hroogar with Friends
Hroogar is the successor to Talisman clone Dungeons and Dice. I have never played Talisman (something I hope to correct soon) but having played Dungeons and Dice, I can say the Hroogar feels like a different experience. Progression is still the same but there does seem to be a much larger focus on monster encounters and skill leveling. While the base game is fun, the fact remains that it could really use AI opponents or async multiplayer. Async is in the works and there is currently realtime multiplayer. I honestly enjoy the RPG aspects solo, but it does lack any urgency to complete your quest. Hroogar is currently free, so I really so no reason not to check it out.
You can check out the app here.

Pudding Monsters
Cut the Rope was never an iOS game I enjoyed. The timing needed to complete the puzzles made the game tedious and frustrating for me. I did, however, really enjoy the aesthetic and I am glad they have brought the same charm to Pudding Monsters, their new sliding puzzle game. The task of this game is to slide the pudding monsters around until the all connect in one blob. New mechanics are added as you progress such as sleeping monsters, slime trails, and cloning machines. The only real complaint I have about the game is that the puzzles can be solved fairly quickly. I completed the existing 75 levels in a day. However, I did have a enjoyable time, I just wish there were more content. Pudding Monsters really is worth checking out as a stylish puzzle game.
You can check it out here.

Noble Nutlings
From time to time I will receive notes from PR individuals I know about different iOS games. Often they are games that do not fit the bill of what we cover, and thought this was the case with Noble Nutlings, something about it caught my eye. Produced by some ex-Rovio team members, this game features an expected visual style. It is a horizontal driving game that is all about controlling your speed and jumping to save time. The game uses tilt controls and has some very tricky physics. Thought it may be too tricky for me, Noble Nutlings does add to this genre through the physics and customization options. It’s Tiny Wings meets Snuggle Truck.
Check it out on the App Store.

Ra Game Center Update
I have only had the chance to play a few games of Ra since the switch to Game Center but it has seemed to breath a new life into the app. The game is not the best async experience, but it is great to have multiple games at once. If you were pushed away from Ra because of Openfeint I recommend you came back or try the app for the first time. The game is very well represented on iOS. Codito also tells me that an update is in the works that will add more features to the online experience.
You can check it out here.

Bounding Bandits
NOTE: This game now appears to be broken. It may have been something in the lastest update, but the on screen buttons no longer appear to function.
I have never played the classic Ricochet Robots but word on the street is that this is a clone of said game. It is currently free so I gave it a try. It features single player and multiplayer modes. Like Pudding Monsters is it all about sliding and timing, but the areas are much larger and more complex. Since I am not familiar with the previous game, I am not sure what if any changes have been made. But if you are a fan, this free app may entertain you while waiting for an official version.
You can check it out here.

Video Games

The Steam Sale gave me a chance to check out some interesting Indie games.

I am no fan of the MOBA genre, actually I had to google what that meant, but Aswesomnauts has been fun so far. It is a sort of 2D brawler that has capture that flag type elements. Imagine Super Smash Brothers meets League of Legends. Though it is real time, I enjoyed this as a strategy gamer because there really was a great deal of planning and coordination needed to succeed. It was easy to see advances and pushes as my team would try different strategies. I would check this out if you like quick multiplayer games.
You can check it out here.

Back at PAX Prime I was able to checkout Snapshot in action, and I have really enjoyed this puzzle game now that I can play the full version. You are a robot with the ability to take photos of objects and then place them in new locations. The art is great and the puzzles are well done. This really is a unique game and I really think it is worth checking out.
You can check it out here.

Legend of Grimrock
Another Steam sale item, Legend of Grimrock is an excellent RPG. It is very old school in its nature, but creates a great feeling of exploring a dungeon. Monster encounters are surprising and hidden secrets are fulfilling to find. What surprises me is how much can be done when so much of the game is minimalistic. Some games with high production values to compare to the simple engrossing nature of this title. I really recommend finding this one, if you have not already. I believe there is also talk of a possible iOS version.
You can check it out here.
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