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A blog following the progress of the construction of chaddyboy's new game room!
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As the title of the post indicates, I just finished a project in my game room that is pretty darn cool, but darn it if it isn't a ton of work and doesn't have the possibility of going horribly wrong!

It started when I saw some articles and pictures about people doing "penny floors". This is literally tiling your floor with pennies. Stick 'em to the floor, grout them in, and seal them.

I really liked the idea, but I didn't want a copper floor, and doing a silver floor would get expensive fast with quarters, nickels, or dimes! Plus, the square footage I wanted to do would be a ridiculous number of coins, furthering the insanity of the whole project.

So, I looked around and eventually found these things called Mardi Gras doubloons.

From gallery of chaddyboy_2000

Metal, nice color, a little larger, and relatively inexpensive to buy in bulk. Sold!

So, I found an Ebay seller that could sell 15,000 coins to me in bulk, they came in the mail, and off I went!

From gallery of chaddyboy_2000

From gallery of chaddyboy_2000

I originally had bought some fiberglass mesh with an adhesive backing and starting making "sheets", but that process eventually wasn't working extremely well (some of the coins vary ever so slightly in size, making it tough for the sheets to fit together well), so I went to the process of sticking the coins directly to the floor.

One. By. One.

Before doing the sticking, I painted the floor white. I then used an industrial adhesive that comes in a caulk tube to affix the doubloons to the floor. Put a dab of adhesive on each coin and stuck it down. It took a few months of sticking down a couple hundred whenever I felt like it, which wasn't incredibly often! The above pictures show the project in-process.

Once the coins were all stuck down, I poured a two-part epoxy resin over the whole works which filled in the holes between all of the coins and sealed over the tops of the coins as well. The stuff is super clear and looks great!

So, a little under 15,000 doubloons later and all of that epoxy, you get this:

From gallery of chaddyboy_2000

From gallery of chaddyboy_2000

From gallery of chaddyboy_2000

From gallery of chaddyboy_2000

The process is pretty labor intensive and tedious, and the epoxy step is a bit nerve wracking as it can go very very wrong if you don't mix it right, but I'm super happy with the results! I'm a big fan of using color, so this suits my tastes well. Enough silver coins to keep it looking homogenous, but still lots of color. The couch and end tables I'm putting here will be solid colors for sure to keep it from getting too busy.

I also love all of the detail in the floor! There are hundreds and hundreds of different coin designs, including some pretty great ones like Mayor McCheese, the Noid (the old Dominos Pizza mascot), the Budweiser Clydesdales, etc. It's fun just to get up close and look around at the various coins!

In the end, totally worth it!
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