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Just because I don't know what I'm talking about doesn't mean I have nothing to say.
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An Indexical Reality Check of 2013

Johannes cum Grano Salis
United States
Finger Lakes
New York
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"It's not hard to design a game that works, the real challenge is making one that people want to play again and again."--Martin Wallace
Microbadge: "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it." -- Ralph Waldo EmersonMicrobadge: Swimming fanMicrobadge: Parent of Two Girls and One BoyMicrobadge: Innovation fanMicrobadge: "Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify." -- Henry David Thoreau
Number of months I have owned Commands and Colors Ancients: 19
Number of complete games of it I have played: 0
Number of weeks it has been set up in the back room of my house, ready to play: 3
Number of times I have rescued it from the Goodwill Donation Bag, giving it a Stay of Execution: 1
Number of months I have thought about playing it: 19

Number of times I have attended my local 18xx Group: 5
Number of games I have played with 18xx Group: 6
Number of times we have played a game I own: 1
Number of 18xx games I own: 7
Number of 18xx games in my still-pending Deep Thought Games order: 5
Number of times 18xx Group will meet over the rest of 2013: 9
Number of Train Games they have declined to play: 5

Number of games I said I was going to buy in 2013: 0
Number of secondary market Winsomes I have bought in 2013: 5
Number of these I have played: 1
Number of Winsomes I now own, total: 11
Number of total Winsomes I have played in 2013: 1
My favorite publisher: Winsome Games

Number of games I have played against my wife in 2013: 17
Number of times my wife has requested we play a game that is unfamiliar to her: 0
Number of times I have defeated my wife in a game this year: 5
Number of minutes she has spent on Board Game Geek: 0
Number of seconds our debrief of Hex lasted: 0
Number of Winsome Games she has said she'll play: 0

Number of times per week my neighbor and I vowed to play games together this year: Once per week
Number of weeks that have passed in 2013: 16
Number of weeks I have played games with my neighbor: 7
Number of times he has requested we play a game that is unfamiliar to him: 0

Number of daughters born to guys in my Train Group today: 1
Number of members of Train Group who admitted they don't like Train Games: 1
Number of times Train Group will meet over the rest of 2013: 8
Number of games that have been specifically requested recently by Train Group: 4
Percentage of those 4 games that feature trains: 0%
Percentage of those 4 games that feature orcs: 50%
Number of Train Games that Train Group has declined to play: 3
Number of copies of Agricola owned across Train Group: 3

Number of dedicated Age of Steam groups I have: 1
Minimum number of Age of Steam plays I was hoping for in 2013: 12
Number of times my Age of Steam group has met in 2013: 1
Number of Age of Steam maps I own: 26

Size of the dream world I live in: Large
Expansion possibilities for this particular world: Infinite space still available

Days in a row my 1.5-year-old son has handed me Six, Hive, Qwirkle or Hey That's My Fish off of my shelf so we can stack its pieces and hide tiles under the couch or the rug together: 3
Number of days I will keep doing this: However many he wants
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