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Dear FFG: I would like some more 40K (board games) please

Sean Franco
United States
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I'll admit it. I was a little apprehensive when I originally saw that Fantasy Flight had got the license from GW a few years ago to make original Warhammer material. Now, a few years in, I see now at my fears were all for naught. I've always liked FFG, and seeing their treatment of other adapations, why should I have worried? Battlestar Galactica captured all of the paranoia and tension of the show. Anyone who played StarCraft could easily jump into StarCraft: tBG. The same justice is done beautifully when adapting a pre-existing tabletop franchise like Warhammer.


This might be a minor nitpick, but where are my 40K games?

FFG has actually been pumping out a good deal of 40K material, but it's mostly in their RPG department: Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, and the new Black Crusade make up not only the bulk of FFG's RPG department, but also their 40K output.

What else is there? Horus Heresy is a fine game, but it's just one. There's Death Angel, but while Death Angel feels like Space Hulk and Space Hulk feels like 40K, the syllogism does not complete. Death Angel does not feel like 40K. (A fine game, mind, but it just feels separate from the mythology.)

Compare this to Warhammer Fantasy's representations at FFG. It's a boardgamer's delight: Invasion, with twenty-odd expansion packs yet; the much lauded Chaos in the Old World, with already announced expansion; and the supposedly upcoming Blood Bowl Team Manager.

The numbers comparison may not seem significant, but look at the variety of topics. WF has a Chaos game where you play a god, a card game where you play major races, and a deck-builder that deals with a slightly tongue-in-cheek spin-off of WF. 40K has a famous battle, one certainly well done, but one that does not represent the wide extent of 40K mythology the way that WF is represented.

Where are my big 40K games? Where are my six-player slugfests, where players can choose from twenty different factions? I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting something more from FFG than more RPG modules. Maybe there's something in the works right now. Maybe they'll spring a big secret on us. But I can just hope and wish for more 40K. I just need to tell them what I want.

I want more 40,000 please.

EDIT: Thank you, Relic. It's a start.
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