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My Week with Warhammer Quest

Brad Cummings
United States
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My Week with Warhammer Quest

For the past few days I have been able to play through some of Warhammer Quest. Having never played the board game before, I do feel at quite the disadvantage when trying this new version (if anyone has a copy for trade, do hit me up). However, it is clear that Warhammer Quest on iPad is going beyond its board game roots. It is a single player experience that has players traveling around the Warhammer Fantasy world completing quests and fighting enemies. Reviewing a PDF of the classic game's rules it appears similar, but the game definitely polishes it with a video game sheen.

Warhammer Quest appears to be split into towns and the regions around those towns. Upon arriving at a village you will be given a main story quest. These main quests usually involve multiple dungeons and story events. Upon leaving any town you will also be able to go on optional side quests that generally have a specific goal or reward that you are going for. In towns you can also buy items in a shop, level up your characters, and pray to gods.

Within the dungeons you explore with your team of four heroes. They are the originals from the board game: Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard. They each have unique abilities, as many of you may know. The Barbarian can go berserk which can help him get more attacks or possibly limit him. The Wizard uses magic and the Elf can do strong ranged attacks.

Dungeons are explored tile by tile (or room by room) and each may contain monsters are could just be a hallway. Also if you move too slowly you can be randomly jumped by a group of monsters. Combat is a turn based system with all heroes moving and attacking followed by the monsters. The combat does not show you the die rolls but, rather, handles them in the background. I found combat to be really quick and clean, unlike others of this genre on iOS.

I have played for a few hours already and just touched on some of the content. There are seven main cities, and you can visit the Balklands to face off against the Skaven via IAP. Also available for purchase are new heroes like the Troll Hunter. There is plenty of content there in the standard game, but you have the ability to add on.

Graphically the game is really great. Having been a casual Warhammer player in the past, it was great to see how much care they have taken in getting the models to look like their plastic brothers. They are so well done I wish they added in some different camera angles to show them off, maybe for special abilities. The tile designs of each dungeon are also really interesting and there is quite the variety(though they do repeat occasionally).

Warhammer Quest should be arriving within a month or two, and I am looking forward to spending more time with it. It seems like an excellent marriage of the original game and modern sensibilities. This is one to keep on your list.

If you have other questions about something I didn't touch on, please put them in the comments and I will answer if I can.

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