Breathing Death- An Initiate's Journey Through Ghost Stories and the Tao Te Ching

Not knowing what will transpire, each post will chronicle my attempts to use a first time reading of the Tao Te Ching to inform my decisions during solo plays of Antoine Bauza's Ghost Stories. I shall read a little of the book each week and juxtapose its passages with a sort of session report. I will not read or heed any other advice on how to play the game well. I shall attempt to play on Thursday nights and post the following Friday.
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6- A baby's grip

Wanda Davies
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Ghost Stories- Normal
Because I'm spending my evenings playing Return of the Heroes in preparation for my fourth video review and because I am the sole provider of care tonight for my son and step-son and because I am naughty and do not always heed the advice of this book that has earned my respect despite my limited exposure (I only read while playing Ghost Stories), I brought the game to work today.

It is not of the Tao, I don't think to do one thing while doing another thing. It is of the Tao to allow those you are governing their freedom. Which of the above two sentences is a cop-out?

I found it all too easy to get lost in the game, as is my ritual, but the abandon was intermittent. The work load was light today, and my partner, who does a majority of the teaching, did not need me. I prepared food quickly. I cleaned quickly. I battled ghosts.

It was a quiet morning. The majority of ghosts were red. I kept them in check and built my resources. I kept the Buddha statues flowing. I washed hands and I washed tables. I sang songs and came up with a simple way to remember which monk's turn it was. My son cried because he wanted milk. More children were at the door.

Too many trips to the tea shop. The ghosts were catching up to me. I used most of my yin-yang tokens to activate the herbalist and was able to exorcise them back. We had a fire drill. The children did not want to return to the house until the pretend fire was put out.

I'm struggling to remember what I made for snack. It was yogurt and bananas, a popular item. Wu Feng came as the Army of Death (again) as it was time to assist the kids in getting their schminischmats on to go outside. I remember thinking, while tieing shoes, that I had a good chance.

It did not take long, after lunch was made and ready, for the game to end in a haunting defeat, just in time to put it away before it was time to wash hands once more.

The Tao Te Ching says that babies are flexible and so are masters. They are soft and can bend in impossible ways. My son will hold onto whatever is in front of him, he will zero in on the object of his desire, and try to walk through me if I get in his way. If I pick him up, however, and put him in front of something else, he likes that too.
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